The 8 Ball: Prime 8 Games of 1999 – Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask, Super Smash Bros, Much more

Welcome all to a further version of The 8 Ball. This 7 days, I’m speaking about the yr 1999. The PS1 had been out for 4 a long time at this position, and the N64 had been out for 3. The Sega Dreamcast released this yr to good reception but it wasn’t intended to be. As in advance of, I tried out to decide video games that came out in The usa in 1999, I’m not interested in Japanese or European release dates. Delight in:

#8: Super Smash Bros

The thought of a mascot fighter is still a novel one particular, but Nintendo has the only roster of characters deep enough to pull it off. With a roster of only 12 characters, that may seem compact, but it was still stuffed with some of the largest characters in all of gaming. The command was really very simple, one particular button for seize, one particular for your protect, one particular for regular assaults and one particular for particular assaults. Modifiers to moves ended up based mostly on which way you ended up holding the stick. You really don’t have to understand sophisticated combos and since of that, it manufactured the activity seriously approachable. Likely again to it now, the activity runs seriously slowly and gradually, but I pretty much type of dig the calm rate of it all.

#7: Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask

Majora’s Mask is probably one particular of the divisive video games in all the Zelda franchise. I get it, the construction is seriously unusual, a ton of property are re-utilized from Ocarina, and the opening few hours are type of a slog. However, it is probably the most formidable Zelda activity, outside the house of Breath of the Wild. It seriously is not the total “run into a dungeon, get the product, eliminate the boss” method that pretty much all other Zelda video games adhere to. There are only 4 dungeons in the activity absolutely sure, but there are generally a lot more intricate than Ocarina’s ended up. The real crux of Majora’s Mask is that you seriously have to be invested in the townspeople and their lives. Each and every is on their own timetable that can be helped alongside with Link’s aid. If you just want a straight Zelda expertise, then Majora’s Mask is not seriously for you, but if you want some thing that is experimental and tried out to crack the method, than Majora’s Mask has got your again.

#6: Unreal Match

Unreal Match is probably the first Computer FPS activity I seriously got into. Part of that was since it was on my school’s LAN so computer courses ended up turned into 15+ people participating in it at once. The other portion nevertheless, was the activity was just incredibly nicely well balanced, with good maps, a excellent server browser and still some of the greatest weapons in a multiplayer shooter. Maps like DM-Morpheus and CTF-Deal with are still burned into my memory from my hours of participating in the activity. There was constantly a discussion about which was superior Quake 3 Arena or UT, and I was a UT person.

#5: Tony Hawk’s Professional Skater

Imagine me, afterwards variations of Tony Hawk will make this list, but the first activity shouldn’t be ignored. It had a great deal of excellent ranges, coupled with a solid soundtrack and good gameplay. “Yeah”, afterwards Tony Hawk video games surely refined the method, but even the first activity hand it down really nicely, letting you grind all around rails, perform massive tricks in 50 % pipes, or getting a bunch of concealed gaps for you to uncover in the many ranges. The first activity does get some details off for not getting Bam Margera in it, but hey, no activity is perfect…except those people with Bam Margera in them.

#4: Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver

From a specialized viewpoint, Soul Reaver is some dim magic that was made on the authentic PlayStation. As soon as you booted the activity up and essentially got into it, there was no load instances at all as you performed. This went a seriously lengthy way into generating Nosgoth feel like an inter-related entire world. The tunes, voice get the job done and graphics ended up really excellent, with a unforgettable opening topic from Details Culture placing a rightfully gothic mood. The gameplay held up its conclude also with some good combat, puzzle resolving and exploration for you to guidebook Raziel on his quest. The afterwards Soul Reaver video games ended up “ok”, but none of them felt as particular as the first one particular did.

#3: Planescape: Torment

I have truthfully hardly ever been into D&D and by affiliation D&D video games. It took me a lengthy though to even heat up to Planescape as nicely, I set up/uninstalled it at minimum 3 or 4 instances in advance of it seriously clicked with me. There is a really lengthy intro to the activity and essentially having to the meat of it can take time but you will be in the end rewarded for your tolerance. Planescape is not about conserving the entire world or slaying the evil baddie, its central purpose is for your character (The Nameless Just one) to determine out how to die. He’s an immortal, and at the start of the activity, he wakes up on a mortuary slab with no recollections with a floating cranium full of insults as your first social gathering member. The activity is full of unforgettable characters, owing to the stellar composing, and the D&D-infused gameplay generally upholds its conclude of the deal as nicely.

#2: Soulcalibur

Soulcalibur technically came out in 1998 in arcades, but I’m speaking right here about the Dreamcast activity that was by Considerably the greatest Dreamcast start activity when the procedure came out. A buddy and I foolishly bought Hydro Thunder and many copies of Sonic Experience (the copies wouldn’t even boot suitable) when we got our Dreamcast’s on start working day. We ended up idiots. The first Soulcalibur is not only still a excellent combating activity, it is still the greatest activity in the “Calibur” franchise, not counting Soul Edge. Every single character is unique, with various moves, strengths/weaknesses and weapons. Ivy has the common sword-whip but her moves have to have precision & organizing, though Tali can leap all around the stage to confuse players, or somebody like Nightmare can just take away a chunk of wellness with one particular hit from his substantial sword. The Dreamcast variation was considerably superior than its arcade origins with vastly upgraded visuals, as nicely as a lot more modes to make it not just a carbon-duplicate of an arcade activity but some thing a lot more worthy of a $50 value tag.

#1: Suikoden 2

It could not be a wildly held viewpoint but I firmly imagine that Suikoden 2 is the greatest RPG on the PlayStation. It could not be the most graphically spectacular activity in the entire world, but that’s not seriously the position of the activity. The position is to have a cast of appealing and numerous characters up from a despicably evil character. The crux of the conflict nevertheless is not your character vs. Luca Blight, but your character vs. his childhood buddy Jowy and how the activity manages to craft a tale from two greatest good friends into two enemies foremost armies from one particular a further. If you insert in dozens of mini-video games from a cooking opposition, to gambling, to investigating the many characters, and you can see why the activity is so beloved by specified enthusiasts. Here’s a brief bit of trivia, I own a Japanese duplicate of MGS 1 and it included a demo disk of Suikoden 2. That must explain to you how significantly stock Konami place into the activity.

For opinions, list which 1999 video games you favored and why.

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Prime 8 Games of 2000

Zenmuse x7, camera super 35 mm per il drone DJI Inspire 2

Da DJI arriva quella che potrebbe essere  la prima videocamera digitale Super 35 al mondo ottimizzata per la cinematografia aerea professionale. Sviluppata appositamente per il drone Inspire2,  ha ottiche in carbonio per menatenere basso il payload e quindi ottenere maggiore autonomia in volo. Nuovo anche il sistema colore, sviluppato in collaborazione con Techicolor.

“La Zenmuse X7 offre tutto ciò di cui hanno bisogno coloro che generano contenuti professionali, per creare filmati aerei impressionanti e vividi, proprio nel modo in cui lo desiderano”, ha dichiarato Paul Pan, Senior Merchandise Supervisor di DJI.  Tante le novità, dal sensore  Super 35 fino al supporto, dalle lenti al sistema di colore.

Più libertà espressiva

La Zenmuse X7 è dotata di un sensore video Super 35 a 14 quit dinamici, 23.5×15.7 mm  con 24 milioni di pixel effettivi, per ottenere un livello di dettaglio notevole sia con poca luce sia con luce forte, grazie al sistema di cattura immagini a bassa rumorosità che migliora l’adattabilità preservando i dettagli in aree sia di forte che di bassa luminosità. Questo si traduce in una risoluzione mai ottenuta prima con una camera DJI integrata in un drone, e precisamente  6K CinemaDNG Uncooked o 5.2K Apple ProRes fino a 30 frame al secondo, che salgono a poco meno di 60 frame al secondo con il 3.9K CinemaDNG Uncooked o 2.7K ProRes, sempre facilmente integrabili nei flussi standard di write-up produzione.

Per le lenti intercambiabili Zenmuse X7 utilizza  il DJI DL-Mount, una flangia dalla distanza focale ultra corta per lenti 16 mm, 24 mm, 35 mm e 50 mm, tutte con apertura massima di F/2.8 e realizzate in fibra di carbonio, il che le rende durevoli nel tempo e soprattutto leggere. Per consentire la regolazione delle impostazioni avanzate ed eventuali perfezionamenti, le lenti 16 mm sono dotate di un filtro interno ND 4, mentre le lenti da 24, 35 e 50 mm sono caratterizzate da otturatori meccanici.

Maggiore flessibilità in write-up-produzione

DJI ha anche introdotto un nuovo sistema colore, il DJI Cinema Color Program (DCCS) per venire incontro alle esigenze dei clienti che fanno riprese per serie Television, pubblicità, documentari e altro.  “Per la Zenmuse X7, abbiamo elevato la nostra scienza del colore a un altro livello – continua Paul Pan – Ci siamo consultati con Technicolor, l’autorità mondiale sulla scienza del colore chief nel mondo. Sotto la loro guida, i nostri ingegneri hanno sviluppato una curva ottimizzata per la X7 che consente più latitudine senza sacrificare la qualità dell’immagine”.

Il DCCS mostra un nuovo spazio di colore D-Log Curve e D-Gamut RGB per offrire una maggiore flessibilità e various opzioni di colore durante la fase di write-up-produzione. Il D-Log estende ulteriormente la serie dinamica, mentre lo spazio di colore D-Gamut RGB preserva maggiori informazioni sul colore per supportare gli scenari cinematografici più impegnativi, fornendo colori accurati per una veloce e facile fase di write-up-produzione.

Il nuovo EI Method mima il modo in cui una videocamera si muove, per aiutare i cineoperatori a catturare quante più informazioni possibili in ogni scena, bilanciando dinamismo e rumore con various curve logaritmiche a favore dell’adattabilità durante la fase di write-up-produzione.

Il sistema di gimbal Zenmuse X7 pesa solo 631 grammi con le lenti 16 mm. Il tempo di volo del drone DJI Inspire 2 con la Zenmuse X7 può raggiungere i 23 minuti. 

Confronto con la Zenmuse X5S

Prezzi e disponibilità

La videocamera Zenmuse X7 ha un costo di 2.999 Euro. Le lenti da 16 mm, 24 mm e 35 mm saranno disponibili al prezzo di 1.499 Euro ciascuna e quella da 50 mm per 1.399 Euro. I clienti potranno acquistare un combo di lenti Zenmuse X7 che include things like tutte e 4 le lenti al costo di 4.899 Euro. Le spedizioni della Zenmuse X7 partiranno agli inizi di novembre 2017 dal sito, nei negozi DJI, negozi al dettaglio autorizzati DJI  e rivenditori DJI.

Il DJI Treatment Refresh sarà disponibile per il gimbal Zenmuse X7 esattamente come per il drone Inspire 2. 

636 visite

DJI Rilis Kamera Super 35 untuk Encourage 2

Jakarta – Tak puas dengan ZenMuse X5 yang memakai sensor micro four third, kini DJI merilis Zenmuse X7 yang memakai sensor Super 35 yang lebih besar.

X7 diklaim DJI sebagai kamera Super 35 pertama yang dioptimasi untuk aerial cinematography. Seperti X5, X7 juga didesain khusus untuk Encourage 2, sistem kameranya bisa diganti-ganti, dari X3, X5 dan kini X7.

Sensor Super 35 yang dipakai bisa merekam online video 6K CinemaDNG Uncooked, 5,2K Apple ProRes dengan body fee 30 fps. Bisa juga merekam online video 3,9K CinemaDNG RAM atau 2,7K ProRes dengan body fee 59,94 fps.

Soal dynamic assortment, X7 juga punya rentang yang sangat tinggi, mencapai 14 halt. Rentang ini lebih tinggi ketimbang X5, karena ukuran sensornya memang lebih besar. Artinya, X7 bisa merekam pada kondisi yang kontrasnya tinggi, seperti cerahnya langit dan bayangan yang ada di daratan.

Dengan format sensor yang baru ini, X7 tentu membutuhkan lensa yang baru juga. Untungnya DJI pun merilis empat lensa baru yang bisa digunakan di mounting DL yang dipakai di X7. Lensa-lensa tersebut adalah 16 mm yang dilengkapi filter ND 4, dan lensa 24 mm, 35 mm dan 50 mm yang dilengkapi shutter mekanik.

Untuk mempermudah pengolahan videonya, DJI pun merilis sistem baru bernama DJI Cinema Colour untuk melakukan coloration grading. Sistem ini juga kompatibel dengan DJI X5S, demikian dikutip detikINET dari Petapixel, Kamis (12/10/2017).

Meski sensornya besar, bobot X7 dengan lensa 16 mm masih terbilang ringan, hanya 631 gram. Dengan bobot itu, Insipire 2 diklaim bisa terbang selama 23 menit.

Zenmuse X7 dijual dengan harga USD 2.700, sementara untuk lensa 16 mm, 24 mm dan 35 mm masing-masing harganya adalah USD 1.300, dan lensa 50 mm harganya USD 1.200. Ada juga paket X7 dengan semua lensa yang harganya USD 4.300, dan semua barang ini mulai dikapalkan pada awal November 2017.(asj/rns)

What it’s like to use Samsung’s super ultra-wide CHG90 monitor

Samsung has taken displays to the next level with its new super ultra-wide monitor. It’s called the CHG90 GLED Gaming Monitor, and it’s a lot different than other displays.

The monitor has a 32:9 aspect ratio, which means it’s twice as wide as a regular 16:9 monitor. The monitor allows the viewer to see twice as much as a regular monitor — meaning video game players would have a huge advantage with this monitor.

Our own Antonio Villias-Boas got his hands on the device to test it out. Here’s what you need to know. The following is a transcript of the video.

Antonio Villas-Boas: If you ever felt like your screen was just too small for what you’re doing then this would be the answer.

So, if you think about it this way, the monitor you’re using right now, most likely is 16:9. That’s a standard widescreen monitor. This thing …  is 32:9 So, it’s exactly the same aspect ratio as if you put two monitors together.

So, there are two things that come to mind when it comes to video games. One is the passive, sort-of peripheral vision thing. You just sort of let it fill your peripheral visions and it really sucks you in a little more. The other thing about playing video games on this monitor is actively using the super-ultra width on either side that you could use to your advantage in a game. You can see an enemy on the screen where you would never have seen an enemy before on a regular, sort of, 16:9 monitor. ‘Cause you just, you just have extra real estate. It’s as simple as that.

So here’s the thing about playing video games on such a wide aspect ratio. Not all games have the ability to fill up all that screen. Game developers have to build that into the game. And only a few have so far. I played Battlefield 1 for example. I feel like it’s probably a quick fix. We’ll see, you know?

Another cool thing about Samsung’s monitor is that you can hook up two different computers to it and have them be on the same monitor. You can play a video game on one half of the screen and then you can have a YouTube video playing on the right side of the screen.

The other use for this monitor apart from gaming is productivity. You can just have so many apps on one screen. We’re doing so much more with our computers. Just more, and more, and more.  Just keep on piling on the apps … piling on the multitasking. People, I feel, have a need for more screen real estate I can see this being a really useful thing. But, at $1,500, it is quite expensive. Maybe look at a cheaper solution like you can hook up two $200 monitors together and get a much cheaper option if you want more screen real estate. But if you’re a video gamer, and you have money to spend, and you have all the highest and latest computer parts, and the most powerful computers for playing video games, you may want to look at this monitor. It’s really, really nice.

KGI: iPhone 8 Plus selling better than expected as iPhone X delay pushes ‘super cycle’ into 2018

KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo is today out with a new investor note in which he further analyzes the iPhone X supply chain and production struggles. Kuo also looks ahead to 2018, noting of when Apple will hit full production of the iPhone X as well as what’s in store for the 2018 iPhone…

Spigen TEKA RA200 Airpods Earhooks Cover

Kuo says the “true super cycle” for the iPhone won’t actually take place until 2018. While many analysts have predicted that the launch of the iPhone X will prompt a super cycle for the end of 2017, the KGI Securities analyst says supply shortages will push that increased upgrade cycle into next year.

As he’s said in the past, the biggest bottleneck Apple faces in iPhone X production is the front-facing TrueDepth camera that allows for Apple’s Face ID technology. Those issues, however, should be resolved in 2018.

Furthermore, the 2018 iPhones will see a “longer sales period” than the 2017 iPhone X due to the improvements in availability as Apple perfects the production process. This implies that Kuo sees the 2018 iPhone X models being readily available right at launch, as opposed to the significant delays plaguing the current generation.

All in all, Kuo predicts 210 million to 220 million iPhone sales in 2017, while 2018 will see Apple ship between 245 million to 255 million units.

As for the iPhone 8, Kuo says the supply chain sentiment is “more conservative” as of late due in large part to the fact “visibility is still low for new products in 2018.” Once the holiday rush is over, he predicts a sharp quarter-on-quarter decline for iPhone 8 sales due to cannibalization from iPhone X. In the meantime, iPhone 8 Plus sales have been “better than expected” thus far.

Finally, Kuo predicts that 2018 iPhone models will “retain selling points found on the iPhone X.” With this paired alongside improved production, he says he’s optimistic on prospects for iPhone suppliers heading forward.

Kuo has vocalized iPhone X production concerns several times in the past and today’s report does much of the same. He previously lowered his iPhone X predictions from upwards of 45-50 million units down to 40 million units with Apple making under 10k units per day.

Check out 9to5Mac on YouTube for more Apple news:

Mario journeys across the country to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Odyssey

Mario journeys across the country to celebrate the launch of Super Mario Odyssey

Before Mario explores the many wild and wonderful Kingdoms of the Super
Mario Odyssey
game when it launches exclusively for the Nintendo
Switch system on Oct. 27, he is taking off on a cross-country tour to
explore some wild and wonderful locations in our world. Mario’s
real-life odyssey starts in Los Angeles at Universal CityWalk on Oct. 10
and ends in New York on Oct. 26, with many exciting stops in between.

By visiting one of the many stops on his journey, fans will have the
chance to meet the Mario costumed character, take photos with him and
his amazing decked-out trailer, and get hands-on time with Super
Mario Odyssey
on Nintendo Switch.

For the first time, the costumed character will even include Cappy,
Mario’s new companion in Super Mario Odyssey who enables
him to capture various objects, animals and enemies. Cappy also gives
Mario new moves like cap throw, cap jump and capture, which define this
new adventure and provide a fresh take on the classic Super Mario

Mario will travel in style in a custom trailer featuring Super Mario
artwork, including a giant inflatable Cappy! At the
scheduled stops noted below, fans can visit the trailer, take the
Nintendo Switch game for a spin and even snap a memorable photo with
Mario and his trailer.

Super Mario Odyssey is all about travel, exploration and
that feeling you get when you discover something new and exciting,” said
Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America’s President and COO. “Mario’s
interactive journey in the real world is a great way for fans to get
excited for the game’s launch by getting hands-on time, as well as
following Mario as he explores and discovers locations all across the

Mario will be making five major stops across the country that fans can
visit, but he will also be making some stops to sightsee and take
photos, just like any tourist … who also happens to regularly travel
through giant warp pipes. Each of these special stops on Mario’s odyssey
will look familiar to anyone who plays Super Mario Odyssey, as
they are all inspired by Kingdoms in the game. When he visits big
cities, for example, the Metro Kingdom might come to mind, while his
stop at the beach will remind fans of the scenic Seaside Kingdom (sans
Cheep Cheeps, of course). Photos from these locations will be posted on
Nintendo’s Twitter,
Instagram and Tumblr
accounts, so make sure to follow along!

The Los Angeles kickoff event will be held at Universal CityWalk, with
plenty of opportunities to play the game and take photos with Mario –
the only celebrity in the city that knows how to triple jump. The final
stop in New York will culminate with an event to celebrate the launch of Super
Mario Odyssey
. Taking place in Rockefeller Center, next to the
Nintendo NY store, the event will feature game-play sampling and photos
with Mario, as well as some additional surprises and guests. As Mario
would say: “It’s-a the place to be!”

Mario, Cappy and the game are scheduled to visit the following
locations, which are all open to the public on a first-come,
first-served basis.

Kingdom Address Date/Time
Los Angeles Kingdom Universal City Walk
100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City,
CA 91608

Located at 5 Towers at Universal CityWalk.

Oct. 10
3:30-6 p.m.
Dallas Kingdom State Fair of Texas
3921 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd.
TX 75210

Located in Chevy Park Plaza (enter at gate 11),
across from the Chevy Ride & Drive.

Oct. 18
10 a.m.-9 p.m.
Chicago Kingdom Navy Pier
600 E. Grand Ave.
Chicago, IL 60611

in Polk Bros Park, Navy Pier’s front gateway, between Illinois and
Grand avenues.

Oct. 21
12-6 p.m.
Philadelphia Kingdom Philadelphia Museum of Art
2600 Benjamin Franklin Pkwy.
Philadelphia, PA 19130

Located below the “Rocky Steps” of the
Philadelphia Museum of Art.

Oct. 24
12-6 p.m.
New York Kingdom Rockefeller Center
10 Rockefeller Plaza
New York, NY 10020
Oct. 26
8-10 p.m.

In New York, the first 200 people in line will gain access to the event
and be the first to purchase the game at midnight. (Sadly, no Goomba
stacks will be admitted.) After that, the general public will be able to
purchase the game at the Nintendo NY store.

Super Mario Odyssey launches exclusively for Nintendo Switch on
Oct. 27. A bundle that comes with the Nintendo Switch system, a download
code for the game, Mario-themed red Joy-Con controllers and a special
carrying case will also hit stores on the same day at a suggested retail
price of $379.99. For more information about Super Mario Odyssey, visit

Remember that Nintendo Switch features parental
that let adults manage the content their children can
access. For more information about other features, visit

Game Rated:

Comic Mischief

Destiny 2 dev calls out some tiny, but super cool enemy details you probably missed

It’s easy to lose sight of the little details in Destiny 2 as you try to grind your Power level up over 300. But Destiny 2 combat designer David Bocek made a compelling case for slowing down and really appreciating the world – in particular, the diverse enemies that try to make your Guardian’s life as short and difficult as possible (you’ll want to kill them before you can stop to admire them).

When a Reddit user spotted the Cabal logo branded into the hind leg of a War Beast, Bocek followed up with some more details about the alien canine. He didn’t actually work on the design himself, being in Bungie’s shooty-fighty-feel-good department; he’s just a self-described “lore junkie” and a big fan of Destiny’s artists.

“Did you ever notice that when you shoot off the War Beast’s helmet, you can see the tube openings that have been put into their head where they get their ‘bane juice’ (technical term) pumped into their brain to make them all crazy aggressive and such?” Bocek said. “The warbeast hide is also what the other Red Legion units use to make a flexible armor for themselves, which is why you can see it on their arms stitched onto the black padding and stuff around their joints.”

Bocek left a few more comments that underscored the struggle of the Fallen in Destiny 2.

“For another example (on combatants at least): hard to notice without having them side to side, but the docking caps that the Fallen put on the Dregs have been removed in D2, and their [second set of] arms have started to grow back,” Bocek wrote. “An element of their willingness to forgo their traditions, which shows that they are in a state of real desperation.

Another response: “There’s a lot of stuff still from D1 that I really like, like the Wire Rifle scope having 2 lenses since the Fallen have 4 eyes, but for D2 one neat addition to the Fallen (if I remember correctly) is that the Exploder Shanks are all busted up and broken looking. It’s like they took a Shank that got beat up a bit, strapped some bombs to it and sent it out for the one last fight it had in it.”

I can only imagine the sorry scene back on the Ketch when a couple of Fallen dregs had to tell their Captain that they’d run out of Exploder Shanks. “They all exploded,” the dregs must have chittered pitifully. Then after a four-armed beating they limped back to the workshop and started strapping bombs to the janky old Shanks that managed to survive their last deployment.

A different kind of detail that may help you appreciate the game in the new light is Destiny 2’s secret Strike intro about puppies. Yep, this game has layers

Take a trip to the 90’s with Super NES Classic Edition

Take a trip to the 90’s with Super NES Classic Edition

Until now, you’ve just been playing with power. But starting tomorrow,
you’ll be playing with SUPER power. That’s because the retro-tastic Super
Nintendo Entertainment System™: Super NES Classic Edition

system is hitting stores at a suggested retail price of $79.99. The
system comes with 21 pre-installed Super NES™ games, many of which are
considered some of the greatest video games of all time. All-time
classics like Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda:
A Link to the Past
, Super Metroid, FINAL
and Donkey Kong Country are on the
same mini system as Star Fox2, which has never
been released before!

“Super NES Classic Edition is perfect for any Nintendo fan, retro gamer
or anyone who just wants to play some really fun video games,” said Doug
Bowser, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Sales and
Marketing. “And at a reasonable price, the system will be a great
addition to any holiday shopping list.”

Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super NES Classic Edition has the
same look and feel of the original system – only smaller – and comes
pre-installed with 21 games:

  • Contra III: The Alien Wars
  • Donkey Kong Country
  • EarthBound
  • Final Fantasy III
  • F-ZERO
  • Kirby Super Star
  • Kirby’s Dream Course
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
  • Mega Man® X
  • Secret of Mana
  • Star Fox
  • Star Fox 2
  • Street Fighter® II Turbo: Hyper Fighting
  • Super Castlevania IV
  • Super Ghouls ’n Ghosts®
  • Super Mario Kart
  • Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
  • Super Mario World
  • Super Metroid
  • Super Punch-Out!!
  • Yoshi’s Island

Given this stellar lineup, the most difficult aspect of the system will
be deciding which one of these games to play first. Each and every one
is a classic, and they cover so many different genres. Fans of fighting
games, action-adventure games, platformers and massive RPGs all have
something to get excited about. And with Star Fox 2, which has
never been released outside of this collection, even the most die-hard
and dedicated Nintendo fans will have something to play for the first

While playing all these retro games is nostalgic and fun, Super NES
Classic Edition comes with some modern conveniences that enhance the
overall game-play experience. By using the easy-to-use Rewind feature,
you can replay challenging sections by rewinding about a minute or more
based on the type of game and your last suspend point. (Up to four
suspend points can be saved for each game.) To add a little visual
flair, you can even wrap a cool border around your game with the new
Frame feature. Some of the frames change color based on the game being

Included with Super NES Classic Edition are one HDMI cable, one USB
charging cable with AC adapter and two wired Super NES Classic
controllers, perfect for playing multiplayer games. Some of the games
with multiplayer options include Street Fighter II Turbo: Hyper
Fighting, Super Mario Kart, Contra III: The Alien Wars
and Secret
of Mana

While Super NES Classic Edition is sure to be a hot commodity, Nintendo
will ship more units of the system on launch day in the U.S. than were
shipped of the NES Classic Edition™ system all last year, with
subsequent shipments arriving in stores regularly. Nintendo also plans
to ship the retro-inspired product into 2018.

For more information about Super Nintendo Entertainment System: Super
NES Classic Edition, visit

ESRB for Super NES Classic Edition:


SNES Classic: The 5 best games on Nintendo’s mini $80 Super Nintendo

The adorably small, nostalgia-laced Super NES Classic Edition is finally here, and it’s got a mess of killer games built in. 

But what to play first?

Super NES Classic EditionJust some of the many, many games that come with the Super NES Classic Edition console.Nintendo

That’s the question! Luckily, we’ve ranked the top five below in an entirely subjective way that’s sure to please everyone. 

5. “Super Metroid”


Whether or not “Super Metroid” is the best “Metroid” game ever made is up for debate. That said, it’s a damn fine game that set many of the standards for the rest of the series. 

If you’ve never played “Super Metroid,” prepare to be delighted — it’s a challenging, memorable action game that requires deft skills and quick wit to tackle. You play as Samus Aran, a female bounty hunter in a crazy robot suit who’s tasked with saving a baby Metroid from the grips of evil space pirates. Space pirates! 

More important than the surprisingly complex plot, “Super Metroid” is a tremendously engaging, smart game that holds up astonishingly well in 2017.

4. “Contra III: The Alien Wars”


There’s a reason people hate “Contra,” and it’s not because the series is bad — it’s because it’s notoriously difficult, and “Contra III: The Alien Wars” is no exception. 

The same run-and-gun gameplay from the first few games returns in “Contra III,” but it’s got far more nuance and graphical fidelity than previous series entries on the original Nintendo Entertainment System. As endless hordes of aliens rush, shoot, and repeatedly attempt to murder you — often successfully — you’ve got a mess of ridiculous weapons at your disposal to take them out first. 

Yes, “Contra III: The Alien Wars” is hard as hell. Yes, it’s often insanely frustrating. But also wow it’s tremendously fun to play, and a strong reminder of how foundational so much of the Super Nintendo’s catalog remains.

3. “F-Zero”


Long before “Wipeout” took video game racing to the future, Super Nintendo classic “F-Zero” was conveying a ridiculous sense of speed on crazy-looking, challenging tracks. Bump into the wall? You lose “energy,” which can only be re-filled by driving over energy refill areas. Bump into another racer? You might be sent careening off in the wrong direction. 

Unbelievably, “F-Zero” in 2017 feels amazingly fresh, fast, and frantic (the classic three Fs, obviously). More than just a great racing game, it’s got one of the best soundtracks of all-time in any game.

1. “Super Mario World”


You knew this would be number one, right? “Super Mario World” is still, to this day, the very best “Super Mario” game ever made. It’s also the best Super Nintendo game! Really!

That statement includes all the 3D games, the spin-off series, and whatever other game you want to dig up with the famous mustachioed plumber. “Super Mario World” is absolutely gigantic. Never before was the scale of a “Super Mario” game quite so expansive, full of secrets and off-path ghost houses and top-secret levels full of bonus power-ups.

“Super Mario World” is the quintessential “Super Mario” game, perfecting the character’s movement and defining many new standards in the series (from the addition of Yoshi to the concept of a Ghost House, and its many exits). It showcased the power of the Super Nintendo, a game console still steeped in deep reverie by millions, and was the first truly epic-feeling adventure for Mario.

It’s no surprise then that it’s the best game of a list of killer games on the mini Super Nintendo— it’s one of the best games ever made