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Toasty! – More Blaze More Wins – Heroes of the Storm Hero League

I feel bad uploading so many Blaze games… WAIT I DON’T! Blaze is amazing, fun and good. Please play him! Follow the stream on Twitch to watch Live! twitch.tv/kiyeberries mon-sat… Read more »

Heroes Of The Storm: Showcase: Maiev

This is My “Playthrough” of Heroes Of The Storm where I try to showcase each character in Blizzard’s MOBA on PC. This video is intended as a commentary and guide… Read more »

ZUSAMMEN – Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Community Commentary German 5v5 #028

So könnt ihr mir Replays schicken: Heroes of the Storm™ ist ein aufregendes Online-Teamkampfspiel mit euren Lieblingscharakteren von Blizzard. Baut Helden aus allen Blizzard-Universen auf und passt sie entsprechend eurer… Read more »

♥ Hybrid Hanzo Build – Heroes of the Storm (HotS Gameplay)

Hanzo is busted. Current Heroes of the Storm Playlist ► Heroes of the Storm (HotS) is a raucous online team brawler starring your favorite Blizzard characters. I’ve been streaming a… Read more »