PlayStation All Stars Battle Royale 2 Could Be Announced Tomorrow


Even though it didn’t quite sell as well as Super Smash Bros. did for Nintendo, Sony still found some viable success from PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale when they released it a few years ago. And even though the development team at SuperBot Entertainment has moved on to other things, there’s always the possibility that we could see the series make a comeback. And some reports indicate we could be seeing it revealed as soon as tomorrow during the company’s Paris Games Week presentation.

A report indicates that an insider has gotten a look at a potential sequel for All-Stars, one that reintroduces a number of characters that have made the series popular, along with newer favorites that have since been introduced to the world of PlayStation.

According to the insider, the game features various characters in the demo, including:

  • Kratos (God of War)
  • PaRappa (PaRappa the Rapper)
  • Crash Bandicoot (Crash Bandicoot)
  • Spyro the Dragon (Spyro the Dragon)
  • Ratchet & Clank (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Nathan Drake (Uncharted)
  • Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn)
  • Morgana (Persona 5)
  • Noctis (Final Fantasy XV)

In addition, these characters are also rumored to be in the game, but take it with a grain of salt:

  • Lammy (UmJammer Lammy)
  • Dante (Devil May Cry)
  • Klonoa (Klonoa)
  • A Yakuza Character [Not stated which character]

There was also a description of some stages that will be in the game, including ones with crossover potential:

  • Mementos (Persona 5/WipeOut)
  • Wumpa Island (Crash Bandicoot/Horizon: Zero Dawn)
  • PlayStation Arena
  • Tearaway Stage (Crossover with Vib Ribbon)

There were also some first details on how certain characters play, as detailed below:

Crash Bandicoot:

  • Regular attacks will consist of a moveset being based around the Crash of the Titans entries (Punches & Kicks)
  • Side attacks will consist of a moveset being based more around the original trilogy (Spin attack, Belly Flop, Wumpa Bazooka, Sliding)
  • The Super Attack for Crash will be the Aku-Aku mask allowing Crash to run through all the other fighters
  • Crash will also perform his victory dance while the others will clap in the background (on the victory screen)


  • Regular attacks will include of his sword as a melee weapon
  • His Slingshot will feature as a mid-ranged attack
  • He has the ability to transform into the cat bus from Persona 5 as a side attack (Similar to Wario’s Motorbike attack from Smash Bros.)
  • His other special attacks consist of his Persona attacks
  • His super move will depend on getting a fighter within range and will lead to the Phantom Thieves holding the fighter at gun point. The player caught in the attack will have 3 options; Give up a life, Give up a life to Morgana or Suffer an All-Out Attack from the Phantom Thieves.

These modes are also included, according to the leak:

  • Arcade Mode – Similar to the previous installment; will have small story cutscenes, rival battle and a boss battle for each character; The final boss is apparently significant to PlayStation History.
  • Online Modes will remain the same although will also add a new clan mode.
  • Unlockables will also be very similar to the first game minus the minion characters.

The game is reportedly in the works over at the Game Arts studio, with some consultants from SuperBot on board.

Now, take all of this with a grain of salt. Sony hasn’t said a word about All-Stars for years, and despite its appeal with Sony fans, it only shipped about a million or so copies after it released. Of course, it’s a new market now, as the PlayStation 4 is capable of so much more – and a new All-Stars would be a popular hit at PlayStation Experience.

We’ll let you know what the team officially reports tomorrow live from Paris! In the meantime, you can check out the original All-Stars for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita now.

The Substandard on Arby’s, Getting old Action Stars, and the Apple Look at

The most up-to-date episode of the Substandard is a meaty one—we go on at length about sandwich joints and sandwich meats. Sonny discovers a steakhouse, JVL discovers Arby’s, but Vic discovers a woodshop class. We also explore getting old motion stars—Sonny evaluations The Foreigner. Furthermore Vic appears like Edward Longshanks, JVL loves his new enjoy, and Sonny urges listeners to “get out of this hellhole while you can!”

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The most up-to-date episode of the Substandard is a meaty one—we go on at length about sandwich joints and sandwich meats. Sonny discovers a steakhouse, JVL discovers Arby’s, but Vic discovers a woodshop class. We also explore getting old motion stars—Sonny evaluations The Foreigner. Furthermore Vic appears like Edward Longshanks, JVL loves his new enjoy, and Sonny urges listeners to “get out of this hellhole while you can!”

The Substandard is sponsored by the Greenback Shave Club. Get their $5 starter box (a $15 worth!) with absolutely free transport by browsing

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Five Stars Created During the Advanced Movement Era of Call of Duty | Esports News & Videos

As Call of Responsibility WWII strategies, there’s lots of speculation relating to what influence – if any – a return to boots-on-the-floor battle will have on participant performances.

Earlier, we took a search at 5 gamers who experienced been star gamers of the first boots-on-the-floor era, but experienced noticed their particular person performances go through to a specified extent, and for the most portion their general achievement, on the arrival of Highly developed Warfare and the innovative motion era.

What about gamers likely the reverse way, having said that? What of these who have risen to the finest heights through the innovative motion era, but really don’t have boots-on-the-floor pedigree?

There is no particular purpose to feel that any of these gamers will experience a major fall in overall performance on the arrival of WWII, over and above imprecise speculation that lacking experience on the floor could be a opportunity challenge. In the broader context of their legacies, having said that, their achievement more than the coming yrs will inevitably be when compared to their innovative motion times, and any destructive discrepancies might not be viewed so charitably as with these who ended up negatively impacted by the arrival of jetpacks.


Sam ‘Octane’ Larew

Octane is arguably the finest participant the innovative motion era manufactured. He founded himself as a major talent through the Highly developed Warfare season, generating his way onto an remarkable if routinely unlucky EnVyUs for the latter portion of the season, and ending his breakout yr with a third-spot finish at the MLG Earth Championship with an Elevate squad that includes three-quarters of Infinite Warfare’s Luminosity.

It was on Black Ops 3, having said that, that Octane actually separated himself as one particular of the finest gamers in the globe, in specific standing out through the very first 50 percent of the season. Above that time, Octane’s squad, then Increase Nation, ended up OpTic Gaming’s closest rivals, profitable the considerably dubious Totino’s Invitational and UMG South Carolina to kick off the season, and coming within a one spherical of taking the NA CWL Stage A person Playoffs as properly.

Infinite Warfare noticed most likely Octane’s finest peak nevertheless, having said that. Soon after a solid if not extraordinary begin to the season for Octane’s squad, now participating in below Luminosity following a one roster swap, in the center of the season LG caught fireplace and grew to become the finest crew in the globe. Reaching consecutive finals and profitable CWL Anaheim, the team’s achievement was driven to no smaller degree by Octane’s extraordinary variety, dominating respawn and participating in a major function in turning all-around the team’s previously lackluster Look for and Destroy.

Of all the star gamers born in the innovative motion era, Octane should be the most reputable, getting peaked greater than any other and managed a position between the quite finest in the globe for longer. Owning established the bar exceedingly high more than the final several yrs, having said that, Octane absolutely does have a large amount to are living up to in the coming season.


Ulysses ‘Aqua’ Silva

Owning built his LAN debut in the vicinity of the begin of the Highly developed Warfare season, Aqua’s increase to prominence was totally meteoric. Actively playing on a crew of principally rookie gamers below Workforce Revenge, Aqua and co ended up a thing of a shock at the NA Regional Qualifiers for the Call of Responsibility Championships, the place they concluded sixth. It was a monumental underdog operate, then, for the squad to arrive at the grand finals of the main celebration, slipping to Denial but yet gorgeous the globe.

Aqua promptly identified himself as a hugely-valued elite participant. At points through the rest of the season he would compete below Prophecy, Workforce EnVyUs and Epsilon, all of which impressed at moments. Reuniting with his Revenge crew-mates below Elevate for Black Ops 3, Aqua was a consistent characteristic of the major-three at major activities.

In Infinite Warfare, the main of the Elevate squad, Aqua incorporated, moved to Increase Nation, the place Aqua would at final gather his very first trophy at the very first celebration of the yr, CWL Vegas. Finally, the Infinite Warfare season was a blended bag of outcomes for Increase, but Aqua remained fantastic through, a legitimately elite participant for the full yr.

Owning experienced these types of an quick and emphatic leap to the major of opposition on the arrival of Highly developed Warfare, Aqua would most likely be the quintessential “jetpacker”, ended up these types of a title to bear out and Aqua to battle drastically in the coming season.

Browse additional:


Pierce ‘Gunless’ Hillman

For the sake of averting repetition, Gunless listed here is considerably performing as a stand-in for the younger trio of the eUnited squad that this yr broke into the elite. Gunless, Alec ‘Arcitys’ Sanderson and Preston ‘Prestinni’ Sanderson are all between the most thrilling climbing stars of the previous several yrs, but their tale is mostly identical throughout the board.

For Gunless himself, there is the specific pounds of getting been thrown into the conversation as the finest participant in the globe. Throughout eUnited’s peak, he was singled out as their star participant, and regarded as for a title that quite several gamers have at any time been shortlisted for so early in their careers.

To a degree, some of that hoopla wore off with his go to FaZe, which manufactured considerably lacklustre outcomes and was surrounded by a cloud of controversy by both equally the mechanics of the go by itself, and the reality that James ‘Clayster’ Eubanks, one particular of the finest gamers of all time, was the participant dropped to make space for Gunless.

FaZe was, having said that, arguably a crew that was doomed from the outset. The crew was by now in drop when Gunless joined – therefore the roster adjust – but it seemed that a solitary change was not sufficient to return the crew to their former heights. Gunless himself doesn’t automatically ought to have to bear the blame for a predicament that might have been impossible to save.

Going into WWII, having said that, Gunless will have to conduct if he wishes to reclaim – or even hold onto – that exalted status. The draw back of peaking so high so promptly can be that in the celebration these types of overall performance is not managed, a player’s reputation can be tainted by the “overrated” tag, and even legitimate excellence diminished retrospectively in community opinion. With the hazard of remaining branded a “jetpacker” also current in this year’s transition, how Gunless is in the end remembered might properly count mostly on how he performs in the coming season.


Jordan ‘General’ Typical

Though Typical is the only participant on this record without a major championship to his identify, throughout the two whole seasons he’s competed for, he’s demonstrated an immense degree of particular person ability.

Typical very first broke out through Highly developed Warfare, at UMG California, the place his Enigma6 squad – a crew of entirely amateur gamers at the time – managed a third-spot finish.

It was in Infinite Warfare, having said that, that Typical grew to become a lasting characteristic of the upper tiers of opposition, routinely positioning among the major-8 and major-16, participating in both equally seasons of the World Pro League and peaking at a sixth-spot finish at CWL Anaheim, which noticed the crew eradicate OpTic Gaming. All over, Typical managed star concentrations of overall performance, a large resource of fireplace-electrical power for the squad. Relative to his placements, Typical arguably experienced the best peak of perform in the globe.

As he heads into Call of Responsibility: WWII, Typical will not only have to exhibit that he can adapt to a boots-on-the-floor activity – as the captain and proprietor of Enigma6, he has full manage more than his crew, and has place with each other a crew of younger and comparatively unproven abilities. There will be a major tension on Typical to conduct if Enigma6 are to succeed.


Ben ‘Bance’ Bance

So far, Bance has experienced an totally glittering occupation. Owning built his split-out domestically through the Highly developed Warfare season, by the finish of Black Ops 3 he experienced founded himself as most likely the finest participant in Europe and one particular of the most formidable in the globe. A member of Splyce for the full season, Bance’s teams reached the finals of ESWC and the EU CWL Stage A person Playoffs, gained the Gfinity Summer season Masters and established a new high h2o-mark for European Call of Responsibility on the international stage by ending 2nd at the Call of Responsibility Championships.

In Infinite Warfare, the hottest version of Splyce forged new floor for the region by getting the very first European crew to earn a major international celebration on US soil, taking the trophy at the World Pro League Stage A person Playoffs. The crew proved it was no fluke by generating the finals of the next celebration, CWL Anaheim, and in their operate among the formation of that specific line-up and that 2nd finals overall look came closer than any European crew at any time has just before to remaining named the finest crew in the globe, missing out by the narrowest of margins to Luminosity for that title.

Each iterations of Splyce rely between the finest teams Europe has at any time manufactured, with the most new arguably topping that record. Bance has been a crucial component through, one particular of the most reputable stars on the crew, usually eclipsing far additional veteran crew-mates. If he proceeds to conduct the way he has more than the innovative motion era the moment the activity returns to the floor, Bance could quite properly go down as the finest European Call of Responsibility participant of all time.

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Call of Responsibility, Characteristics


Grand Theft Auto V’s Ned Luke Stars In Home Invasion Film American Gothic

The film American Gothic, which was filmed entirely in director Stuart Connelly’s house, will arrive on VOD services on October 24. It stars Ned Luke, who played Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Slate Holmgren.

From the Press Release:
Author Stuart Connelly had an idea: what if he shot a home invasion feature film entirely in his house? The scenes would be absolutely unique because as the homeowner, he knows every inch of the house and how he could use its eccentricities to get an advantage during a break-in.

“Instead of just imagining a generic house and thinking ‘This happens, then this happens,’ I walked through a story room by room,” Connelly says. “My house helped write the picture.”

The resulting film, American Gothic – exclusively presented by ITN Distribution and directed by Connelly – will become available on all major American cable systems’ video-on-demand platforms starting on October 24… just in time for Halloween scares.

“Hair & Makeup, Wardrobe, and Special Effects were all in the guest cottage,“ says Rochelle Boström, a New York-based actress who plays one of the farm’s owners. “The horse paddock was crew parking! No part of the property was left unused.”

Connelly calls it a “narrative experiment, a dare,” but the final product is a straight-up classic thrill ride.

Down for the experiment were Ned Luke, best known as the voice of Michael in the mega-selling video game Grand Theft Auto and Slate Holmgren, just coming off a role on Broadway starring alongside Daniel Craig. “Usually on set there’s so much waiting, driving from one location to the other,” Luke says. “On American Gothic it was one scene to the next, no downtime.”

“I wanted to write a story that used every aspect of our house, which sits on twelve acres of farmland,” adds Connelly. “But that didn’t mean it just takes place on a farm. In my mind, Hollywood films are all about magic, and the magic here was to create a highway, a forest, a house, a dungeon… all aspects of the script.” In fact, Connelly reports the film’s plot was planned out based on the layout of the 300-year-old home.

“Their powder room was built over an old basement stairwell,” Holmgren says, “and that blocked off door behind the toilet became a plot point. When I read the script I thought it was clever, but I had no idea it was a real part of Stuart’s house.”

The attention to unique detail turned into efficiency, according to producer Mary Jo Barthmaier. “If Stuart had to write that scene and find a location or build it, that would kill the budget,” she says. “Instead, it was right there, and the scene becomes something we’ve never seen in another home invasion film.”

Shooting in the indie “guerrilla style” but having access and a plan meant that American Gothic, which was made very efficiently, could seem like a much more expensive film, Barthmaier says.

According to MovieMaker Magazine, American Gothic can “hold its own against indie horror films costing 10, 20 times the money.”

And the additional time freed up by this homespun strategy allowed the production to really focus on character, a rarity with lower-budget genre fare. “It has some of the best, most complicated characters I’ve seen in movies for a long time,” says Mark Barthmaier, who heads up the cast as an escaped convict desperately looking for a hideout. “Horror or otherwise.”

The film, which won the Best Horror Feature award at the 2016 Atlantic City Film Festival, has enough twists and turns to satisfy fans of thrillers and enough scares to give the most die-hard horror freaks something to sink their teeth into.

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