PlayStation 4 Firmware Update 4.74 Now Out; Removes 5.00 Beta Access

A new PlayStation 4 firmware update is now live in all regions, according to several online reports.

The new update, update 4.74, doesn’t add any major feature or enhancements, with the official patch notes only citing the system performance improvements Sony seems to add with every new update. Strangely enough, the update forces out of the beta those testing the soon to be released 5.00 firmware update.

The PlayStation 4 5.00 firmware update will introduce plenty of improvements and new features, such as an overhaul of the account system, improved Friend List management, updated Broadcast features, message and notifications improvements and Quick Menu updates.

Family on PSN

We’re overhauling the current master/sub-account system, and introducing the new “Family on PlayStation Network.” This new system will offer a more flexible experience for families on PS4 by making it easier to setup PSN accounts for children and customize parental control settings. Below are the new features that will be introduced with family on PSN:

Family Manager, Parent/Guardian

Family on PSN will allow multiple adults to be part of a single family. The Family Manager can promote another adult inside the family to a Parent/Guardian, who can then customize parental control levels of children’s accounts.

Individualized Parental Controls

Before this update, the same parental controls were applied to all users on the same console, including adults. But with 5.00, all controls (including game age ratings) can be individually attuned for each child.

The PlayStation 4 firmware update 4.74 is now live in all regions. Firmware update 5.00 will release on a yet to be confirmed date.


iTunes 12.7 Released, Removes App Store


Apple has released iTunes 11.7 for Mac and Windows users, a point release update that brings some notable changes to the music and media player app.

The new version of iTunes adds support for iOS 11 while simultaneously removing the iOS App Store from being included in iTunes. Additionally, iTunes 12.7 removes the ability to sync iOS apps and ringtones on an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch via iTunes on the desktop. Instead, Apple wants you to manage and download iOS apps from the iPhone or iPad itself via the native iOS App Store application.

Users can download the latest iTunes release from the software update mechanism of iTunes itself, via the Mac App Store Updates tab, or from the iTunes download page here.

The release notes accompanying the iTunes 12.7 download are as follows:

The new iTunes focuses on music, movies, TV shows, and audiobooks. It adds support for syncing iOS 11 devices and includes new features for –

– Apple Music. Now discover music with friends. Members can create profiles and follow each other to see music they are listening to and any playlists they’ve shared.

– Podcasts. iTunes U collections are now part of the Apple Podcasts family. Search and explore free educational content produced by leading schools, universities, museums, and cultural institutions all in one place.

If you previously used iTunes to sync apps or ringtones on your iOS device, use the new App Store or Sounds Settings on iOS to redownload them without your Mac.

When you launch iTunes 12.7 you will see a pop-up window with an alert informing the user that iTunes has been “updated to focus on music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, and audiobooks” and telling the user to use App Store or Sound Settings in iOS to deal with apps and ringtones.

iTunes message removing App Store

It’s worth mentioning that iTunes 12.6.x is currently compatible with iOS 11, though that may change when the final version of iOS 11 is released to the public on September 19.

iTunes 12.7 for Mac removes iOS app store

iTunes 12.7 for Mac removes iOS app store | Macworld<!– –><!–

itunes menu 127


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iTunes 12.7 for Mac was released on Tuesday with a major change in the app. Apple has redesign iTunes so that it focuses on sales of music, movies, TV shows, audiobooks, and podcasts. It no longer has an App Store for buying apps for your iPhone or iPad.

itunes 126 app store Apple

One last look of the App Store in iTunes 12.6.

This means that in order to buy an iOS app, you must do it on the iOS device itself. You no longer can buy an iOS app within iTunes, and then load the app to your device when you perform a sync.

Apple announced last month that iTunes U content can now be found in the iTunes’ podcasts section.

If you purchased ringtones through iTunes, Apple says that you can download them through your iPhone using the App Store app, or through Settings > Sounds > Ringtone > Store.

itunes 127 featuresApple

Apple’s release notes on iTunes 12.7.

How to upgrade to iTunes 12.7

  1. On your Mac, launch the App Store app in your Applications folder.
  2. Click on the Update button at the top of the app.
  3. The app will use the internet to look for new updates. If you don’t see the iTunes 12.7 update, try reloading the page by pressing Command-R.
  4. When you’re ready, click the Update button next to the section about the iTunes 12.7 update. If the iTunes app is open, your Mac will tell you that the installation cannot proceed until you close iTunes. Click Continue to have your Mac close iTunes and continue with the upgrade.
  5. The installation will take a few minutes. You should not need to restart your Mac, unless you also decided to click the Update All button, which installs any other OS updates available.
  6. When you launch iTunes 12.7 you’ll see a disclaimer about the changes.
    itunes 127 disclaimer Apple

FaceApp Removes Ethnicity Filters Just Hours After Release

On Wednesday, FaceApp released a string of ethnicity filters, such as Asian, Caucasian, Indian, Black and so on, allowing users to change their appearance. However, after massive backlash from users, the feature was discontinued on the same day, but the damage is already done.

Image: IMGUR

Neural network wasn’t at fault this time

Earlier this year, users forgave FaceApp once after the “hot” filter was released, which could be used to lighten the skin tone. At the time, the company was quick to take down the filter, with CEO Yaroslav Goncharov apologizing for it, saying that it was an “underlying neural network.” However, the ethnicity filters this time cannot be even distantly related to an artificial intelligence mistake.

This time again, Goncharov was at the front to defend the decision, stating that there are no positive or negative connotations linked to the filters. The CEO told TechCrunch that these filters are designed in a way that they are equal in all aspects.

However, following massive amounts of criticism, the CEO later said that the “new controversial features will be removed in the next few hours.” The CEO told CNNMoney that the feature would be removed from the company’s servers entirely so that users will not have to update their apps to remove the new option.

Racial parodying has proven costly for many other apps too. Last year, Snapchat was also subjected to backlash for creating filters which could change a face into a black or yellow face. But for those thinking that Snapchat learned its lesson, it did not. In August of the same year, Snapchat released another controversial feature known as the “anime” option, which turns the faces of people yellower and makes their eyes narrower and their teeth bigger. As expected, the company was again reprimanded for the filter, notes Slate.

FaceApp not learning from mistakes

Earlier this month, the company added paid selfie styling effects which allow users to beautify the appearance of their selfies. Paying for beautifying apps does not sound very convincing, given the fact that there are hundreds of such apps that offer a series of effects for free.

However, it is worth noting that FaceApp introduced some of the most radical filters, such as gender swap, which was quite popular. Goncharov has not disclosed any new usage metrics for FaceApp, but last week, the company said since its initial release in January, it has had more than 45 million downloads.

At the time, when asked if they have fully fixed the race controversy issue, Goncharov said that removing algorithmic bias needs continuous monitoring.

“When dealing with such complex algorithms and neural networks, it would be naive and even irresponsible to declare such an issue completely fixed. It is an ongoing process,” Goncharov told TechCrunch.

Further, the CEO said that FaceApp takes these issues seriously and keeps this in mind at all phases of the product cycle, i.e., creating data sets and training neural networks, quality assurance, and processing customer feedback. He further stated that the style filters are meant to preserve ethnicity origin, and tests conducted shows that they are doing quite well.

However, the latest ethnicity filters do suggest that Goncharov and his company have not learned from their past mistakes.

Samsung adds and swiftly removes sexist Bixby descriptor tags

Samsung’s new voice assistant Bixby has finally arrived, and unfortunately, it was accompanied by sexist descriptions for its male and female voice options.

Under “language and speaking style” in the Bixby menu, as several have pointed out on Twitter, the female voice was accompanied by descriptive tags such as “chipper, clear, and cheerful,” while the male voice was described as “assertive, confident, and clear.” After it was spotted and dissent circulated online, Samsung said it would remove the gendered hashtags, telling Gizmodo it is “working diligently to remove the hashtag descriptions from the Bixby service,” and it is “constantly learning from customer feedback.”

When Bixby was first announced, many were excited about Samsung’s choice of name, as historically, virtual assistants not only have female names but default to female voices (think: Alexa, Siri, Cortana, and Google Home). As explored by both The Wall Street Journal and The Atlantic last year, humanizing our assistants with name or a gendered voice helps people warm up to interacting with robots.

Here’s the thing: while some will persist that a couple of hashtags are a tiny issue, they’re also haggard reinforcements of gender stereotypes which makes them objectively sexist. It’s tiring having to constantly remind others that women in tech, in the workplace, in society have been personally battling diminutive language, generalizations, and workplace behavior on a day-to-day basis for ages. It’s also tiring seeing companies like Samsung continue to casually reinforce these stereotypes. While “cheerful” is a positive word, in this context, especially against the male “assertive” descriptor, it feels like the hashtag equivalent of being told to smile.

Samsung also doesn’t have the greatest history when it comes to portrayals of gender roles in its commercials and content. Their Galaxy S4 launch event featured skits so sexist, ABC’s Joanna Stern said, “I guess that tells you a bit about how tech companies continue to think about marketing to women.”

A 2013 ad for the Samsung 840 WVO Solid-State Drive shows a Pleasantville-like housewife in a kitchen saying she uses her computer to “look at pictures or videos of my children from family trips, use the internet, and help my children with their homework. And that’s about it.” Meanwhile, several men are featured managing “manly” problems like reformatting, backing data up, and file transfers. Our doe-eyed housewife, when presented with the SSD, says “What?” and “I don’t know how to [change the drive].” Ah, silly woman!

Samsung also published a new ad for today’s Bixby launch, showing users how to tinker with settings. Here, a man is cooking (how progressive!) and quickly becomes exasperated when his (presumable) girlfriend grabs his phone to check out the new voice assistant. She’s primarily interested in taking selfies with the right lighting and quickly screws up all his phone’s settings. “It’s… it’s okay,” he stammers with a blank look. “I… I can set them back.” (There’s also a casual reference to discovering he’s cheating on her at the end.)

Hey Samsung, a message: I’m assertive, I know my way around a computer, and right now, I’m definitely not cheerful. Do better.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare Update Removes Kill Trading and More

Continuing the common weekly patch routine, Phone of Duty: Infinite Warfare gained a further patch nowadays, July 14, that incorporates extra than just the standard bug fixes.

Infinity Ward resolved to clear away all kill trades from normal and aggressive matches. Despite the fact that kill trading was a very asked for characteristic from the neighborhood, there had been “unexpected consequences on the Scorestreak procedure and Hardcore modes.” As a final result, kill trades had been taken out from all community playlists, but they are even now readily available for customized matches.

In addition to the elimination of kill trades, the patch also introduced a couple weapon modifications. Infinity Ward nerfed the Akimbo price of fireplace for the Hailstorm – Ordinance to match the fireplace price of other pistols, and there had been a handful of insignificant fixes for the M.2187.

Listed here are the entire patch notes for Phone of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s July 14 Update:

Table of Contents

Destroy Buying and selling

Destroy Buying and selling was taken out from all community playlists.

Developer comments: In June of this year, we enabled Destroy Buying and selling in community matches. Undertaking so gave us the capacity to test this characteristic on a significant scale. Given that then, we’ve heard a ton of participant comments, and have viewed a handful of unexpected consequences on the Scorestreak procedure and Hardcore modes, so we’ve resolved to clear away the characteristic from community playlists nowadays, Friday, July 14th. On the other hand, you will even now be in a position to accessibility the characteristic in customized matches.

As we’ve claimed lots of moments right before, a person of the greatest issues about the Phone of Duty neighborhood is the overflowing amount of money of comments and strategies that occur our way. Your strategies and thoughts aid us a ton as we carry on to make improvements to and aid the sport, so we couldn’t be extra grateful. Be sure to hold the discussion going and we’ll see you online!

Standard Fixes and What is New

  • Genesis is now back in rotation.
  • CTF has been taken out and Epic Gun Recreation has been extra (thru July 21st).
  • Weapons:
    • Hailstorm – Ordinance: Akimbo price of fireplace has been diminished to match the price of other pistols.
    • M.2187: Fastened troubles with some challenges not performing as intended.
    • M.2187: Adjusted the Wise Demonstrate attachment from 8 to 5 pellets (does not adjust the performance of the attachment).
  • Gamers had been in a position to be part of the Competitive playlist working with FTL Payloads and Qualities (Period Shift, Perception, and Super Demand), which are now restricted to match the CWL ruleset.
  • Uplink: Deal with for an issue where the drone could fall among the hay stacks outdoors of the barn and pressure a time out on Throwback.
  • Extra the Proteus, Trek-50, and M.2187 to Gun Recreation and Epic Gun Recreation.
  • Deal with for gamers getting in a position to use the secondary modes on hybrid weapons like the Type-2, RPR Evo, and the EBR-800 in the Competitive playlist.
  • Different map fixes.

Assault of the Radioactive Issue

  • Pack-a-Punch Axe now keep track of development properly for bounties.
  • Traps now properly keep track of development for bounties.
  • Prices fuses can now be turned in even though keeping an upgraded weapon.
  • Different weapon bug fixes (Proteus, Volk).

Phone of Duty: Infinite Warfare’s July 14 Update is at this time readily available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox 1.

Call of Duty Infinite Warfare’s June 8 Update Finally Removes Snaking

Continuing their weekly update developments, Infinity Ward rolled out a patch today, June 8, for Get in touch with of Obligation: Infinite Warfare which fixes the exploit recognised as “snaking.” By promptly transferring among crouched and vulnerable positions, gamers could getting invulnerable and however be ready to peek over the best of terrain. It even received so lousy at just one level that aggressive groups made an agreement under no circumstances to use snaking in Get in touch with of Obligation Globe League.

You can obtain the comprehensive patch notes for Get in touch with of Obligation: Infinite Warfare’s June 8 Update under:

Standard Fixes

  • Numerous map fixes
  • Resolve a bug for the X-Eon’s vertical kick
  • CWL Only: Planting and defusing bombs will no for a longer time increase to your Payload meter. These steps will however give Scorestreak details
  • Prep for this weekend’s showcased manner
  • Mounted an animation challenge exactly where promptly transferring among vulnerable and crouch stance wasn’t updating the character design state at the appropriate price (snaking)

Here is a online video of what takes place when you try out to snake just after present day update.

In other Get in touch with of Obligation news, Activision announced more multiplayer information for Get in touch with of Obligation: WWII in advance of E3. The new Divisions aspect will exchange the recent develop-a-class process that Get in touch with of Obligation has used across numerous of the series’ iterations. Rather, you are going to now decide on among just one of 5 Divisions: Airborne, Mountain, Infantry, Armored, and Expeditionary Drive. Every single of the new courses have access to weaponry distinctive to their Division as effectively as quite a few perks that affect your role in the team.

It can be nonetheless to be identified if Divisions will affect matchmaking or the formulation of groups when you perform Get in touch with of Obligation: WWII’s multiplayer, but Sledgehammer Games will announce more during E3.

Get in touch with of Obligation: Infinite Warfare’s June 8 Update is currently readily available on PlayStation four, Xbox One particular, and Laptop.

Facebook removes viral post about how you can help save NHS £80m a year

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Facebook has removed a post which had been shared 120,000 times and informed people about one simple – and cheap – thing we should all be doing to help save the NHS £80m a year.

The social media giant said the post had been removed because it ‘wasn’t in line with their policies’, reports Mirror Online.

Ella Fielding, from Sunderland, originally wrote on Facebook back in March 2016, urging people to buy over-the-counter paracetamol instead of relying on NHS prescriptions .

She said that this month, the page had reached a massive 120,000 shares, but that it has now been removed by Facebook .

She told “That post reached 120,000 shares today [May 18] and Facebook decided to remove it, stating it wasn’t in line with their policies.”

She told “That post reached 120,000 shares today [May 18] and Facebook decided to remove it, stating it wasn’t in line with their policies.

Ella's original post was taken down after 'someone complained'

Ella’s original post was taken down after ‘someone complained’ (Photo: Facebook)

“I’m not sure what policy it contravenes but it’s obviously still a subject people are interested in but it’s obviously still a subject people are interested in as it had 30,000 shares in just two days this week,.”

Ella’s original post was uploaded alongside a picture of Tesco paracetamol .

It read: “This paracetamol is 25p but it’s as low as 16p in Home Bargains.

“When you choose to get paracetamol for ‘free’ from the pharmacist or GP it actually costs the taxpayer & NHS about £10.

Ella has since added a new post conveying a similar message

Ella has since added a new post conveying a similar message (Photo: Facebook)

“If you want to help save the NHS choose to refuse free paracetamol when you can xx”

Ella claims that the original post was brought to the attention of Facebook because “someone complained”.

She has since uploaded an image of the old post, and written a new status conveying a similar message.

In the new post, she wrote: “Our NHS spends more than £80million a year on paracetamol at an average cost of £3.67 per prescription – up to 22 times more than buying over the counter for as little as 16p.

“If you’ve been prescribed a small amount & can afford to buy please do to help ease the financial strain on our NHS & to ensure resource is there for those who need it most.”

Last year, government figures revealed the NHS spends more than £80million a year handing out paracetamol at an average cost of £3.67 per prescription – up to 22 times more than some of the cheapest over the counter pills.

In 2014 the Telegraph reported more than 22 million subscriptions were issued for the painkiller – a 13 percent increase on the £73million written in 2013.

Between 2010-14 the government spent at least £282million divvying out the drug to 85 million people, despite cheaper alternatives being readily available in shops across the country.

A glance at online retail prices of the painkiller show Asda selling a 500mg pack of 16 for 19p, Tesco for 25p, and Sainsbury’s and Boots charging 50p and 49p respectively.

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Alma Road to close as a result of crash – live updates

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Crash leaves main road into Plymouth city centre partially…

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‘Suspicious’ fire at Union Street flat in early hours of this morning removes Apple Pay as payment choice for laundry orders, citing problems outside its control

Apple Pay has been expanding at a relatively brisk pace over recent months, with the payment platform expanding to new countries, new apps, and more. This time, however, Apple Pay has actually been removed as a payment option from popular delivery services platform, with the company citing issues out of its control…

Spigen TEKA RA200 Airpods Earhooks Cover

First noticed by AppleInsider, this week removed Apple Pay as a payment option in its iOS app for laundry orders. The company announced the change in an email to customers who had previously used Apple Pay, explaining that the service was removed “indefinitely as a payment option for laundry orders.”

Interestingly, says that when using Apple Pay, it is not able to ensure the “level of service” that it strives towards and says the problems are out of its control. To make it up to Apple Pay users, says it is giving users $10 of their next laundry order.

Below is the text of the email being sent to previous Apple Pay users:

Dear ___,

We noticed that you have used Apple Pay on our iOS app on a laundry order in the past few months. While this will still remain a payment option on for non-laundry orders, we have removed it indefinitely as a payment option for laundry orders. With the payment method we were not able to ensure the level of service that we strive towards here at and have removed it due to problems outside of our control.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and would like to offer $10 off your next laundry order.

Some have speculated that the reasoning for removing Apple Pay as an option for laundry services is because of the weight estimation that it users. For instance, when a user orders a “wash and fold” service, the user must input the weight of the laundry load. The load is then weighed by the store and if it weighs more than the user had claimed, the price is adjusted.

Thus, the transaction amounts being changed is likely a common occurrence and likely adds another step when going through Apple Pay.

Did you use Apple Pay with’s laundry service? Let us know in the comments.