WWE 2K18 release date COUNTDOWN: Launch times for PS4 and Xbox One, Switch to come later | Gaming | Entertainment

The general WWE 2K18 release date has been set for Tuesday, October 17, for many PS4 and Xbox One fans.

Those with Deluxe Edition of the game have already been given access, but that soon won’t matter with the final launch date confirmed.

2K haven’t specified a time when WWE fans will be able to start playing on Tuesday, although it seems likely that it will be early, due to the servers already being live.

The official Microsoft Store has the release time set for October 17, at 5am, while the game is also confirmed to have an install size of 42.41 GB.

The PlayStation Store has a slightly different listing, with a 12am Eastern Time slot posted as when things should go live on PS4.

That would still be around 5am in the UK for those hoping to get an early start.

And there’s more bad news for Steam players hoping to start early, with the WWE 2K18 PC version listed as going live in 19 hours.

It’s unclear if this countdown will reset when we midnight in the United States, or if fans will actually have to wait that long.

Fans are reporting that the WWE 2K18 Steam pre-load is now available, which should help speed up the process of jumping into the game after it does launch.

Another version of the game for Nintendo Switch is also slated to arrive, but not until later this Autumn.

It should also be noted that a microSD card (sold separately) with free storage space of minimum 32GB is required to download this game, plus 1GB on the system memory. You must have your microSD card inserted before beginning the download.

The complete WWE 2K18 roster includes popular Legends, Women Wrestlers, Tag Team partnerships, current Superstars and some of the All-time Greats.

The following Wrestlers have now been confirmed, including: Goldberg, Earthquake Jim, The Anvil Neidhart, Larry Zbyszko, Brutus Beefcake, Greg Valentine, Edge, Godfather, Eddie Guerrero, Daniel Bryan, Maryse Naomi, Sasha Banka, Bayley Ivory, Natalya, Mickie James, Becky Lynch, Tamina, Ember Moon, Kerry Von Erich – Kevin Von Erich, Jey Uso – Jimmy Uso, Mojo Rawley – Zack Ryder, Shinsuke Nakamura, AJ Styles, Bobby Roode, The Miz, Roman Reigns, The Rock, Randy Orton, Triple H, Kurt Angle, Brock Lesnar and John Cena.

New details have also been revealed about the game’s upcoming DLC and Season Pass options.

The return of The Hardy Boyz, the accelerated track to MyPlayer stardom and a slew of new moves are among the offerings included in the WWE 2K18 DLC packs. 

The WWE 2K18 Season Pass will include access to all of these announced DLC offerings, which currently number five in total.

Each are apparently designed to boost the WWE 2K18 roster, the in-game move sets and playable character attributes. 

These will begin releasing in late 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. 

Players looking to pick up all of these DLC packs and save a little money can also purchase the WWE 2K18 Season Pass, which has been priced at $29.99.

PUBG Xbox One release on track as new Battlegrounds update is revealed | Gaming | Entertainment

The PUBG Xbox One release date has yet to be revealed by BlueHole Inc., who are still busy developing the PC version.

Both version of the game are actually being handled by different teams, one in North America and another in Europe.

But a recent update is sure to make all fans happy, especially those who have been waiting for some new features.

A new PUBG update is being worked on that will add vaulting to the game, something that most fans see as an essential staple of the Battle Royale genre.

However, while Battlegrounds on Xbox One and PC is set to get this new feature, it won’t arrive on Steam for a little while longer.

In a new statement, Bluehole Inc revealed more on their plans for launch in 2017, confirming that they were still on track to launch the Xbox One preview version this year.

Here’s the latest for PC and Xbox fans: “We only have 11 weeks until the end of 2017 and we know you have many questions about our development roadmap. 

“To make sure we deliver PC 1.0 version and Xbox Game Preview by the end of this year, our development team is hard at work day and night. Today, we would like to share our plans on how we are preparing for PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview launch.

“Many of you already know the new content and features that will be available in PC 1.0 version from reading media interviews and articles. 

“Currently we have been using an internal build to develop and test new content and features including vaulting & climbing, desert map, new vehicles and 3D replay. 

“We have been constantly working on optimization and stabilization as well. 

“We will be able to share more about the roadmap soon, once the development has progressed further.”

Bluehole Inc confirmed that their development team is heavily focusing on developing the builds for PC 1.0 and Xbox Game Preview, both with differing goals.

For PC, the development team are only focusing on working on stabilizing the launch build, with no plans to deploy patches to live servers except for this week. 

“There will be features like vaulting and climbing which will have a huge impact on the game and need to be tested for at least a month,” the Bluehole statement adds. 

“We will be running test servers at least three times in preparation for that.

“Through these test servers, we would like to conduct large scale tests for the content and features that are not in the live build and create a foundation for a very stable official launch.”

Fans will be able to try out vaulting & climbing first in late October or early November, via the test servers, which will need to be fine-tuned for at least 2 to 4 weeks.

PS5 release date news – PlayStation Revolution coming to Evolution of Video Games event | Gaming | Entertainment

Footage from the Kickstarter funded PlayStation Revolution documentary will debut at the upcoming Evolution of Video Games event in the UK.

The PlayStation Revolution documentary is the next entry in the Bedrooms to Billions series by Anthony and Nicola Caulfield.

It will be broadcast as part of The Evolution of Gaming event, which takes place at the Science Museum on October 25. Tickets are available for £5 from the Science Museum’s website.

Attendees will also hear from panelists such as Sensible Soccer creator Jon Hare and Rebellion founders Chris Kingsley and Jason Kingsley.

The panel will talk about the arcade scene of the 1970s, the home computing boom of the 1980s, the 16-bit era, the Sega and Nintendo console wars and the birth of PlayStation.

Fans will be particularly interested to hear from former Sony Computer Entertainment president Phil Harrison and his thoughts on the future of gaming.

Hopefully this will include an insight into what the PS5 will be capable of and when we can expect a release date.

The PS5 release date has been the subject of much speculation, although the popular opinion seems to be that it will launch in either 2019 or 2020.

In comments reported by PSU, industry analyst Michael Pachter said: “I think that’s exactly when you’ll see one (PS5) 2019 or 2020, and if I had to bet, it’s 2020. 

“Sony’s making so much money with the PS4 that I think they’ll continue to milk it as long as they can milk it. 

“And I think the natural extension of that is the PS4 Pro becomes the default PS4, and they just knock that price down to $250 when they can and they keep selling it – a ton of those. 

“The PS5 is probably going to be their real 4K device, and so it just feels to me that they’re not going to launch the PS5 until sales momentum for the PS4 slows, and it just hasn’t. 

“So you certainly get through 2017, 2018, and I just don’t see it slowing in 2018 which should prop them to launch something in 2019. 

“If it slows in 2019, they’re probably launching in 2020.”

And the PS5 could already have its first blockbuster game, as Avalanche Studios hints at what’s to come for the next-gen.

While the PS5 release date remains a mystery, Just Cause developer Avalanche has provided further proof that the next-generation of consoles is coming.

And it looks like Avalanche will be at the forefront of the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The developer is advertising for staff to work on its next-gen sandbox engine.

“Avalanche Studios is currently looking for a senior programmer to join a small team developing our next generation open world / sandbox multiplayer engine,” reads an Avalanche job post.

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PUBG news – Battlegrounds studio addresses BIG PROBLEM before Xbox One release date | Gaming | Entertainment

PUBG developer Bluehole is addressing one of the game’s biggest problems in quite spectacular fashion.

Ahead of the Xbox One release date, the Battlegrounds developer is handing out bans left, right and centre.

More than 320k players have been banned from PUBG since release. This includes 20k in the last 24 hours, according to BattlEye.

“Over 322,000 cheaters have been banned from PUBG so far, more than twice as many as posted by @PLAYERUNKNOWN just a month ago,” reads a BattlEye tweet.

“We are currently banning at a rate of 6K-13K per day, nearly 20K within the last 24 hours alone. The vast majority is from China.”

The news comes as the Australian ratings board c.

This suggests that the PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds release date is imminent.

PUBG was given an MA15+ rating in Australia, which is the second strongest classification a game can receive.

Interestingly, the classification page reveals that PUBG will launch with a lengthy new title on Xbox One.

The ratings page lists PUBG as “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: The Ultimate Life & Death Fight”.

Hopefully the multiplayer shooter will be ready for the launch of the Xbox One X on November 7.

Battlegrounds takes place on a remote island where 100 players compete to be the sole survivor.

Similar to games like DayZ, players must gather supplies, armour and weapons in order to defeat other players.

And in a unique twist, the battleground actually gets smaller as games go on.

“Players will enter a last-man-standing battle where they try to locate weapons, vehicles and supplies in a graphically and tactically rich battleground that eventually forces players into a shrinking play zone as they engage in a tense and spectacular fight to the death,” reads a Bluehole statement.

PlayStation News: PS5 Release update, PS4 Pro 4K Game update, NEW PSVR and PS4 controllers

PlayStation News: PS5 Release Date, new PSVR revealed, PS4 Pro games & new PS4 padsSONY

PlayStation News: PS5 Release Date, new PSVR revealed, PS4 Pro games & new PS4 pads

The PS5 could have another blockbuster game on the cards and in development as we speak.

It’s already knowns that some developers are planning for life down the road with Sony’s next console.

Fairly recently Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi revealed that when it came to working on GT Sport the assets for the game were well over-spec, right up to 8K.

Finder.com also noted that during a studio tour of Polyphony Digital, Yamauchi mentioned that they’re creating assets for GT Sport for future releases of PlayStation consoles.

Then Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata recently stated that Square Enix is already looking at games development for future projects way beyond the scope of whats possible with existing console tech.

Now it looks as though Avalanche Studios – who’ve previously released the Just Cause series and Mad Max – have hinted at another next-gen title.

“Avalanche Studios is currently looking for a senior programmer to join a small team developing our next generation open world / sandbox multiplayer engine,” reads an Avalanche job post.

The developer has also further explained some of the core things it will be prioritising for its next-gen games engine.

“As a Senior Multiplayer Programmer you will influence the architecture and drive the implementation of all multiplayer technology in the Avalanche Apex engine.

“This is a great opportunity to work with some of the most complex and rewarding challenges in game development today; Open worlds, sandbox gameplay and highly destructible multiplayer environments.

“As with most multiplayer development, a keen sense of fun gameplay and that 6th sense for what gives the perfect “feeling” are both key aspects for this role.”

Whether this is for a new project, or something else in the Just Cause series remains to be seen for the time being, but hopefully as development continues more details will be revealed.

Elsewhere in PlayStation news, we’ve seen that Gran Turismo Sport will offer a variety of graphical options for players on PS4 Pro – and one of those modes seems much better than the other.

Gran Turismo is a game series famed for its graphics, and the studio behind the title is pushing that even further with the release of GT Sport. 

And that philosophy of graphical support extends even further to players on the PS4 Pro.

The game will offer two modes on a PS4 Pro: Prioritize Quality and Prioritize Framerate.

Prioritize Framerate will run the game at 1080p and 60fps, while Prioritize Quality will apparently run the game in dynamic resolution checkerboarded at ‘up to’ 4K… but will also run at 60FPS.

So there are very few reasons you’d stick with the Framerate option when the Quality option seems to always do a better job?

“The best I can tell, the difference is that the replays run in 30fps on Quality Mode, but a full 60fps on Framerate mode.” writes

“But I don’t think that’s enough incentive to not go with Quality, especially since it also seems to offer supersampling for owners of 1080p TVs.”

Gran Turismo Sport launches on the PS4 family of consoles on October 17.

Sony has also released some new pictures of the new PSVR unit this week, too, as the virtual reality hardware celebrates its first birthday.

The peripheral turns a year old this week, and in that year, Sony tracks the hardware as selling ‘one million units and counting’ – it’s certainly better than the majority of its VR competitors, but the hardware still isn’t performing as impressively as Sony would like.

Sales may improve with the release of the new SKU and while the majority of the headset is mostly the same, there have been a few notable improvements.

To begin with, the headphone jack has moved from its place on a cable to being integrated into the headset itself in the back of the unit.

Secondly, there’s a thinner single cable carrying data traffic to and from the Processor Unit, making the whole thing a little bit more lightweight.

The biggest update to the whole device is that the headset now supports HDR – something the PS4 and PS4 Pro both support.

This is thanks to a new passthrough unit being sold with the headset.

Before, you had to choose between playing a game in SDR in the headset or in HDR on your television.

The new PSVR unit follows a trend in Sony products – it’s slimmer and more lightweight than its predecessors – and can be seen in a post over at VRFocus.

The PlayStation blog has also revealed 60+ new PlayStation VR games coming this year and into early 2018, which you can see in full here:

Finally, for this week, the PS4 has seen its family of controllers grow with a series of interesting and exciting new pads.

Three new officially licensed PlayStation 4 controllers have been revealed: the Nacon Wired Compact Controller, @PLAY Wired Compact Controller, and HORI Wired Mini Gamepad.

The Nacon Wired Compact looks the most like the original PS4 pad, but has bigger face buttons and a slightly more retro design.

It will be available in Orange, Blue, Grey, Black and Red and will be released in November. 

The @PLAY Wired Compact has a setup that’s closer to the original 360 pad than anything else (apart from the grips). This will be released to market in December, in Blue, Red, White and Dark Grey.

The final – and smallest – pad is the HORI. It’s been specifically designed for players with smaller hands and will release in Black, Red and Blue.

It’ll release on November 9th.

Pokemon Go Gen 3 release CONFIRMED: Halloween 2017 event news reveals launch plans | Gaming | Entertainment

For those who might not have known, there has been a growing stack of evidence that suggests a Pokemon Go Gen 3 release was set to launch around Halloween.

We first received an update from the Pokemon Company, talking about how Pokemon Halloween 2017 could include “new” Pocket Monsters to catch.

Then there was the recent interview with Niantic CEO, John Hanke, who confirmed that the Pokemon Go Gen 3 launch was the company’s next big project.

And now more news has been revealed via the latest Pokemon Go update.

Dataminers have already found plenty of evidence that Niantic were planning a Gen 3 launch soon.

And now it seems it’s all but confirmed that the upcoming Halloween event will provide the launchpad.

Earlier updates made to Pokemon Go secretly included Gen 3 data that would be needed for the launch.

The only thing missing was the audio files, which have now been confirmed as part of the latest patch for the game.

But something more important has also been found, the wallpaper for the upcoming Pokemon Go Halloween event includes Gen 3 Pocket Monsters.

It should be noted that the new Pokemon Go Halloween event looks set to only include Ghost and Dark-type Pocket Monsters.

Gen 3 Ghost Types include Shuppet, Banette, Mega Banette, Duskull and Dusclops, which is a nice selection for a limited time event.

Here’s more from the team at the Pokemon Go Hub on the subject, including a new badge being found, among other bug fixes.

“It’s happening – we now have almost all of the required Generation III files in the APK! We’ve done a quick data mine and our suspicions were confirmed: Gen III Pokémon audio clips are now in the APK, but more importantly… Gen III is coming this Halloween,” the PoGo team explain.

“As a bonus, a new Badge entry was added in reference to the Gen 3 Pokédex entries, a brand new Halloween 2017 loading screen and support for in-game night time Halloween music were added. 

“You can see screenshots of the code and the wallpaper below. And yes, Gen III is coming for Halloween, as featured in the new loading screen.

“We don’t want to overhype this release, but there is only one thing that’s missing before Gen III can be fully released: new moves/abilities. All of the other static assets are in there, which leaves us at a tipping point.

“As far as other changes go, there are huge chunks of code changed left and right, almost exclusively as bug fixes but also as new debugging and tracing tools. It seems that Pokémon GO is maturing as a platform more and more.”

Last year’s Pokemon Go Halloween spookfest kicked off on October 26th and ended on November 1.

It seems Niantic could follow the same dates for in 2017, although no announcement has been made so far.

Games with Gold October 2017 UPDATE: New Xbox games release COUNTDOWN | Gaming | Entertainment

The Games with Gold October 2017 lineup may have been a little overshadowed by the PlayStation Plus roster this month, however, that doesn’t mean there weren’t some good picks.

At the moment, fans can download both Gone Home and Oxenfree on Xbox One, and now the countdown can begin for the next batch of games.

Gone Home: Console Edition: “Interactive storytelling is at the heart of this award-winning, genre-defining game. Imagine coming home after a year abroad to find none of your family home. As you move through the house, interact with keepsakes and photographs and other clues to uncover what happened. From the creators of the recently-released Tacoma on Xbox One.”

There’s also Rayman 3 HD available to those hoping to expand their Xbox One Backwards Compatibility lineup.

But soon there will be the monthly refresh, giving fans just little over a day to grab whatever titles they don’t already have in their library.

Oxenfree will be replaced on October 16 with The Turing Test, which will be available until November 15.

The Turing Test: “Engage your logic skills for this first-person puzzler set on Jupiter’s moon, Europa. In The Turning Test, use your Energy Manipulation Tool (EMT) to transfer power in and out of many machines and giant structures that can help you as the narrative-focused story evolves.”

Rayman 3 HD is also being replaced, with Medal of Honor: Airborne replacing it on October 16, available until the end of the month.

Medal of Honor: Airborne: “How you decide to approach Medal of Honor: Airborne starts the moment you jump out of the plane. Control your drop as you navigate to a desired insertion point to put yourself in the thick of the fight. 

“Then navigate through the war-torn villages and towns to gain an advantage over your enemies on rooftops, balconies and other ruins.

“With customisable weapons and free-roaming objectives, and local and online co-op, this is a fantastic shooter to add to your library.”

The full Games with Gold lineup for October 2017 includes:

  • Gone Home: Console Edition: Available October 1 to 31 on Xbox One
  • The Turing Test: Available October 16 to November 15 on Xbox One
  • Rayman 3 HD: Available October 1 to 15 on Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Medal of Honor: Airborne: Available October 16 to 31 on Xbox One and Xbox 360

For anyone interested in building their gamerscore with the current crop of Games with Gold titles, Microsoft have confirmed that a total of 3200 are available this month.

Xbox One X games news, release date reveal, PS4 and Nintendo Switch boost | Gaming | Entertainment

The Xbox One X release date has been set for November and looks to set to have plenty of games to offer.

While the upgraded Microsoft console will not have its own exclusive titles, it will provide a better gaming experience for those with 4K TVs.

Other titles, such as ARK Survival Evolved, want to take advantage of the added firepower to include better draw distances and other technical improvements.

But while this all sounds great, Microsoft have also warned that the console will not be for everyone.

Xbox boss Phil Spencer confirmed to Gamespot that the Xbox One S model will remain the best-selling console of this generation.

“Xbox One S will be the market leader for us. It’s the more affordable console. It plays all the same games, Spencer revealed during the Brazil Game Show. “It will be the console that sells.”

“Whether you’re on a 1080p TV or a 4K TV, you’re going to have a great experience. But it’s not for everybody. It’s like when we built the Xbox One Elite controller, we didn’t try to say to everybody, ‘If you need an extra controller, go buy the Elite controller.’ 

“We sold a ton of those controllers. We know in the gaming segment, there are a lot of people who play games casually and there’s also people where gaming is their number one hobby.”

Dead by Daylight developer Behaviour Interactive has good news and bad news for fans, as speculation about the next DLC character rumbles on.

The bad news is that the multiplayer horror game won’t be coming to Nintendo Switch

Lead designer Mathieu Cote told DualShockers that the controls and technical requirements would make it difficult to port the game over.

Control issues were also a factor in the decision not to release Lawbreakers on Nintendo Switch.

It’s better news for prospective Xbox One X owners, who have been told to expect enhancements.

This includes performance boosts, which should improve the frame rate and resolution.

There’s also a chance that we’ll see another DLC character released in the coming weeks and months.

Like any major console launch, stock is going to be an issue when it comes to supplying everyone.

And it looks like things will not be any different for Microsoft Xbox One X release.

Reports today are claiming that retailers are getting a much more limited supply than they have requested, meaning things could get a little tight.

Trade Magazine MCV UK has spoken to several retailers over the situation, stating: “Speaking with four other retailers, both indies and major chains, there was a general feeling that stock was in short supply when compared to the Xbox One’s launch.”

And speaking to Exertis, the current distributor, it was revealed that allocation is indeed limited ahead of the console’s November release date.

“We are seeing very high demand for Xbox One X and while we are doing our best to keep up with that demand, unfortunately it is the case that, as with any new console launch, there is a limited amount of stock available,” Exertis told MCV UK. 

“This is not specific to independent retailers and we are finding that every retailer would wish to have more Xbox One X stock for launch, which is reflective of the strong pre-order performance we are seeing.

“What we are doing is working very hard to keep supply flowing in the weeks immediately following launch, and we are hopeful that additional stock will be available in the subsequent weeks.”

The Xbox One X is already known to be one of Microsoft’s most successful console pre-order campaigns, although no exact figures have been shared.

Forget PS5 release date and SNES, this will challenge Xbox One X and Switch next year | Gaming | Entertainment

The PS5 release date has yet to be announced by Sony, who have only gone as far as to say that they are planning a new console launch to follow the PS4 and PS4 Pro.

And when that might happen is still very much up for debate.

Some analysts believe that we’ll see an actual PlayStation 5 launch late in 2018, while others have pegged it back a few years.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter certainly believes that next year will be too early for an announcement.

While it would help to offset the gains Microsoft will earn from the Xbox One X launch and perhaps hold off the growth of Nintendo Switch sales, there would also be a few major downsides.

One would be killing off the PS4 Pro prematurely, which Pachter believes will extend the life of the PS4 brand by some way.

Speaking on The 1099 Podcast, Pachter revealed why he thought Sony were perfectly placed to extend their market dominance with the PS4 Pro, which wouldn’t subside until 2020.

“Sony is making so much money with the PS4 that I think they’ll continue to milk it as long as they can milk it,” Pachter explained.

“And I think the natural extension of that is the PS4 Pro becomes the default PS4, and they just knock that price down to $250 when they can and they keep selling it — a ton of those. 

“The PS5 is probably going to be their real 4K device, and so it just feels to me that they’re not going to launch the PS5 until sales momentum for the PS4 slows, and it just hasn’t. 

“So you certainly get through 2017, 2018, and I just don’t see it slowing in 2018 which should prop them to launch something in 2019. If it slows in 2019, they’re probably launching in 2020.”

If this proves true, it leaves the way open for both the Nintendo Switch and Xbox One X to push forward with sales, as well as another possible console from Nintendo, which looks set to continue the tradition of classic mini gaming machines.

The SNES Classic has been a huge success – with fans hoping to buy the pint-sized console finding stock in short supply.

The classic gaming machine has been out for almost two weeks, and stock is getting snapped up whenever it’s become available.

GAME is now one of the only UK-based retailer that has been taking orders, with stock becoming available yesterday.

It sold out within half an hour.

And Following on from the huge demand for the NES and SNES Classic Minis, it looks like Nintendo are set to follow it with another retro revival.

The Japanese gaming giant have filed a patent for the design of their iconic 1989 handheld – the Game Boy.

The filing was posted by Twitter account @trademark_bot and was filed back on September 15.

This was two weeks before the release of the SNES Classic Mini.

A similar trademark for the NES controller was also filed ahead of the reveal of the NES Classic Mini.

The filing has fuelled speculation that Nintendo could be lining up a Game Boy Classic Mini next.

And if that proves true, it could be a big gamechanger.

While both the NES And SNES have done well, a fully fledged handheld retro console would likely smash previous records.

It would open the way to some truly classic Game Boy classics to be re-released in a big package.

But the scope doesn’t end there.

It could make the new device much more costly and a bit more controversial than the others, but having a classic Game Boy console with a backlight option could prove very popular.

While Nintendo won’t want any new retro console to compete with their existing Nintendo Switch, having a Game Boy to enjoy again on your commute could prove too much to resist for many.