Pokemon Go Ex Raid Battle update – Niantic extends Legendary Mewtwo beta test | Gaming | Entertainment

Pokemon Go fans hoping to take part in Ex Raid Battles could receive an invite this weekend.

According to Forbes, Niantic is sending out another wave of invites this weekend, giving fans another chance to catch Mewtwo.

Niantic also appears to be expanding the scope of Ex Raid Battles, as Trainers have reportedly starting seeing Ex Raids in locations like Sprint and now Starbucks.

“If you didn’t get a chance to capture Mewtwo in Pokémon GO last weekend, you might – might – be getting another chance soon,” the post reads.

“There is apparently another wave of invites going out this weekend, though the actual scope remains a bit hard to figure out. 

“At the moment, we still seem to be seeing a heavy focus on sponsored stops, presumably in an effort to give those sponsors a little more return on their reportedly high-priced contracts.

“Last week, it was all about Sprint, but now things seemed to have expanded to Starbucks, which multiple users are reporting seeing on their EX Raids.”

Ex Raid Battles are exclusive Raids available only to players with an invite.

Invites are sent out 24 hours in advance, and players only have a limited time to defeat can capture Mewtwo.

Then there’s the small matter of capturing Mewtwo if you’re successful in defeating the Legendary Pokemon.

Mewtwo is said to have a 6% capture rate, which makes those Premier Poke Balls extremely valuable.

A Pokemon Company spokesperson recently told Bloomberg that Niantic isn’t even close to being finished with Pokemon Go.

In addition to Gen 3 Pokemon and Ex Raid Battles involving Legendaries like Mewtwo, Niantic is also working on player-vs-player combat and trading.

That’s according to Pokemon Company CEO Tsunekazu Ishihara, who said: “We’ve only accomplished 10% of what Pokemon and Niantic are trying to do.

“So going forward we will have to include fundamental Pokemon experiences such as Pokemon trading and peer-to-peer battles, and other possibilities.”

Pokemon GO News: Raid Update from Niantic solves fans annoying bug

Pokemon GO developers have sneakily released a new update to the game and it fixs one longstanding problem with raids that’s been irritating fans for some time.

The problem, previously noted on The Silph Road Pokemon GO Sub-Reddit, revolved around the nearby raid logo blocking the countdown timer, making it difficult to see the remaining time a Raid is available without physically tapping the gym Photo.

However, it looks as though the Niantic development team have been keeping an eagle eye on the Silph Road Sub-Reddit, because a few days later, Niantic appears to have fixed the problem server side.

Some users are reporting that the nearby raid marker now appears above the countdown timer, rather than overlaying on top of the countdown timer.

The fix will no doubt prove useful for regular Pokemon GO Raiders who’ll no doubt be frusted at not knowing exactly how long is left on a given raid.

In the meantime though there’s still be no word on when Niantic intends to roll out Mewtwo EX raids beyond their beta testing period.

Talking about EX Raids previously, Niantic had said:

“Exclusive raids will periodically appear at Gyms around the world; however, unlike existing raids, Trainers will be invited to join an Exclusive Raid Battle.

“To receive an invitation to participate in an Exclusive Raid Battle, Trainers must have successfully completed a raid recently, by defeating the Raid Boss, at the Gym where the Exclusive Raid Battle will be taking place,” continued Niantic.

“The invitations will include an advance warning of when the Exclusive Raid will take place, giving them ample time to coordinate with other Trainers before taking on the powerful Raid Stay tuned for more information.”

It’s also important to remember that this first EX Raid is simply the start of Niantic’s beta testing for the games new feature.

“We’ll also begin an EX Raid Battle (formerly Exclusive Raid Battle) field-testing phase at select Gyms before the feature is made available globally.

“We have collected some valuable early feedback on the new EX Raid Battle feature and will look to further test and hone the experience through the feedback of the dedicated global Trainer community.

“During the field test, we’ll be making periodic adjustments to EX Raid eligibility requirements, frequency, times, locations, and durations with the goal of making the EX Raid Battle feature engaging, rewarding, and most importantly, fun for Trainers who regularly participate in Raid Battles.”

Given Niantic appear to have already done some testing, it might not be long before EX Raids are rolled out to the rest of the players in the world.

When they do, you’ll want to refer to our Mewtwo Raid boss guide which you can see here.

Pokemon GO Raid Boss Guide 

For details on each of the games Legendary Pokemon, such as their IV’S, Best Movesets and how to successfully defeat and counter them in raid battles, simply click on the link below for more details.

• Articuno

• Moltres

• Zapdos

• Lugia

• Entei

• Raikou

• Suicune

• Mewtwo

Destiny 2 Raid and Nightfall Strike Weekly Reset: Keys COUNTDOWN before Leviathan changes | Gaming | Entertainment

The Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid launched last week, giving fans access to the largest endgame activity available in the sequel from Bungie.

As you’ll know if you’ve taken on the new Destiny Raid, there’s plenty to explore and a lot of places where you can find your fireteam running into trouble.

While it was recently revealed that one such team were able to beat the Leviathan in under six hours, most don’t have that chance.

Players will be mostly focused on beating bosses and areas so they can earn keys to open the best loot chests.

Fans can actually go back to the Raid throughout this week to try and find which key goes where, but that will be coming to end pretty soon.

That’s because when Bungie’s Weekly Reset rolls round, those Raid keys will disappear from your inventory.

That means players have until Tuesday to grab whatever they hope to earn before losing everything.

“Leviathan Raid Keys will be removed from Player Inventory with each Weekly Reset,” Bungie confirmed earlier this week.

The Destiny 2 Weekly Reset arrives at the same time each week, meaning you won’t have to log onto Reddit to find out.

For Destiny 2, the weekly reset will occur every Tuesday, at these times during Daylight Savings: 2 AM PT / 5 AM ET / 10 AM BST / 7 PM AEST.

It should also be noted that the official Destiny 2 Weekly Reset also affects Nightfall Strikes, Rituals, and also acts as the countdown to complete these tasks.

If you complete them before the reset, you will have to wait until the following Tuesday to start them again and collect new rewards.

This is also when a lot of the game’s Milestones get refreshed, which means Weekly Challenges, Destination Flashpoints, Call to Arms, Clan XP and Clan XP rewards.

The latest from Bungie:

Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)

  • Reset will be at 2:00 AM Pacific (9:00 AM UTC) while Daylight Saving Time is active from March to November.

Pacific Standard Time (PST)

  • Reset will be at 1:00 AM Pacific (9:00 AM UTC) while Daylight Saving Time is inactive from November to March.

Bungie have also confirmed that some activities and features, such as Clan perks, will be reset with the beginning of new Destiny 2 Seasons. 

For those interested in jumping into the next Nightfall Strike to arrive on Tuesday, it will be The Exodus Crash, while the Flashpoint will be on IO.

For anyone who has not completed the current endgame activities from the list above, you only have until early on Tuesday morning to complete them, or risk missing out on the rewards.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide: Emperor Calus

After completing all of the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid’s Calus’ challenges and running through the Castellum for the final time, you will find yourself on the big, goopy ramp up to Emperor Calus’ throne room. Have your entire Fireteam press their noses up against the door and watch the quick cutscene play.

Once inside the throne room, take a second to familiarize yourself with the environment.

  • The room is fairly slanted, with its lowest point around where you spawn and Calus’ lounging above a raised platform.
  • Around the center of the room, there are four plates, each with the familiar markings from the other encounter: sun, hound, axes and cup.
  • If you are a veteran Destiny player, you will also notice the spawn doors for enemies, one at each of the highest points on the left and ride side of the arena and one right under Calus’ podium.

This is a multi-phase fight, so we will take it one step at a time. This fight is very difficult and will take time to grasp. Similar to other final raid encounters, like Oryx in King’s Fall raid, Calus requires absolute perfection from six people. Once that simple feat is accomplished, the boss will die.

When you are ready to fight the boss, shoot the goblet out of Calus’ hand.

When Calus stands up, a legion of Cabal will erupt in waves from the three doors, with each wave being identical. The first several enemies will be Legionaries, Psions, Phalanxes and War Hounds. Once enough of them have come through, a very powerful Imperial Incendior will enter the arena (this powerful Cabal will change type each wave but will remain powerful). Have one or two of your teammates use a roaming Super to defeat as many of the powerful Cabal as possible.

As if things couldn’t be worse, Calus will also be shooting a giant laser beam at a random raid player. If that player just happens to be you, hide behind one of the many barriers and shoot enemies from there.

Once the room is clear, run around and grab ammo. After a few moments of silence, Calus will clap his hands together, teleporting you and your entire Fireteam to a Dark Dimension. The Fireteam will now be on some kind of horribly jagged slide, and at the end there is a giant, spiritual version of Calus’ head.

This is when you will split your team in half:

  • Punchers will return to the real world and fight Cabal
  • Readers will stay in the dark dimension and fight Calus’ giant head

If you have been designated by your raid group as a Puncher, run forward and grab one of the three teleportation orbs in the Dark Dimension. This orb will send you back to the throne room. Assuming the other two Punchers made it to their designated orbs, there should now be three of you back where you started.

Similar to running as a Shooter in the Gauntlet, Punchers must defend themselves from enemies while also communicating with their counterparts in the Dark Dimension. However, this time you will be dealing with the same Cabal waves as in Phase 1, but there are only three of you. Additionally, three War Councilors, each with their own symbol above their head, will spawn on the three plates. This is ties into the Dark Dimension.

Each of the three Dark Dimension dwellers will see a different symbol displayed on Calus’ head. They will individually call out the symbols that they see. One of the Punchers will then take a break from fighting Cabal to find the odd-symbol-out. Go to the War Councilor displaying that symbol and punch them in the face. For example, if Readers call “axe, cup, hound” you will punch sun. This will kill them and allow your Dark Dimension Readers to progress. Do this three more times.

Eventually, once the Readers have reached their end, Calus will begin channeling a giant ball of energy above his head. This will slowly deal damage to all those in the throne room. While he is doing this, he is covered in a glowing shield. The Punchers need to join forces together and all shoot Calus until his shield pops. If your team is very high light, you can do this rather quickly. However, for reasons that will be explained shortly, you want this burn phase to go on for as long as possible without dying.

Once he drops his orb, the Readers will rejoin you and it will be time to damage the boss.

When Readers are teleported into the Dark Dimension, they have a pretty simple job: crouch and hold back. After a few moments, ideally after the Punchers have left, Calus’ giant head will begin sucking air into his mouth, pulling all the Readers to their deaths. However, there is a little purple bump on the ground. This will stop you from sliding forward and allow you to stay still.

While the purple bump will not exist forever, it will keep you relatively safe for the moment. As Calus begins sucking in air, watch the center of his forehead. For each of the three Readers, Calus’ head will show a different symbol. Select an order of Readers to call out their symbol and have each Reader call out what they see in order. This should be done as quickly as possible as it will help your Punchers determine who to punch.

Once the Punchers have defeated the correct War Councilor, another purple bump will spawn a little ways down the slide. After about 15 seconds of him sucking in air, the first purple bump will disappear and you will begin sliding toward him. As long as the Punchers have done their job (meaning that you have also done yours), the new purple bump will catch you and hold you in place again. Read out the symbols just like last time. Repeat this until you reach the end.

However, this section is far more complicated than that, because Readers have more to do than just read. After the symbols appear each time, a Psion Reflection will show up on the left and right side of the ramp. These must be killed immediately, otherwise they will channel an ability that, if completed, will wipe the raid instantly. Starting when the second symbol shows, three real Psions will also spawn, equipped with nasty, purple grenades that can lift you into the air, causing Calus’ to suck you up.

The strategy for dealing with these Psions takes a lot of practice, and even when you get it down it is still a struggle. Defeat the normal Psions as they spawn, as they can kill you instantly with their grenade. Once they are down or hiding, kill the left Psion Reflection first (as it spawns first) and then the right one. If done correctly, you should be able to take all five enemies out with one magazine each.

As if the enemies weren’t enough, the terrain itself is also trying to kill you. The first time through the Dark Dimension per encounter will have the slide be relatively normal, aside from a few ramps here and there that will, of course, launch you into to Calus’ mouth. However, the second time through and beyond, some of the stones will be removed, forcing you and your teammates to huddle up and shimmy as a unit. Movement is very difficult while sliding, so you must line yourself up before the barrier drops to ensure that you have smooth ground to ride on. If you have a ramp or hole in your way when you slide, the raid is likely over.

Once you slide four times and read four times you will be very close to Calus’ head. While there is no symbol this next time, the enemies still spawn. Kill the Psion Reflections first this time, as killing them will cause Calus’ to stop sucking in. Get rid of the rest of the Psions and prepare to go skeet shooting. Calus’ will begin vomiting skulls (yes, really) toward you and your allies.

While this seems bad it is actually very good. For each skull that you kill, you will gain a stack of the Force of Will buff, which increases your damage drastically. keep killing for as long as you can, getting your stacks higher and higher. Once the Punchers lower Calus’ shield, he will stop vomiting in the Dark Dimension and a orb will spawn that can return you to the throne room. Grab the orb and head back.

Being the Reader takes a lot of practice and can be very frustrating at times. We ran into weird physics interactions when sliding, several of which appeared to be bugs. Bugs or no, the fight is winnable, so you need to make sure that you are perfect to mitigate any possible chance of weirdness. That being said, being a Reader means that sometimes things will go bad. You have to be OK with that just as your Punchers most be understanding of it.

We do have a few tips to make your time easier. First, as we said earlier, crouching makes sliding around while being pulled in far more manageable, so try to always be crouched. Pulling back can also save your life if you are hit with a Psion grenade and your Punchers mange to punch in time. The barrier can and will catch you. Finally, when shooting skulls, try dropping a Titan Rally Barrier, so that the Readers don’t need to reload. Using this tactic combined with our Readers prolonging the burn phase, we were able to reliably grab 70+ stacks of Force of Will.

This is the part where you all kill the boss. Now that all of you are together again, group up and, as six, jump onto the left plate that is closest to center (the axes plate). Be sure that each member is standing on the plate and drop everything you have: Warlock Empowered Rifts, Titan Rally Barricades, anything and everything that will help increase your teams damage.

As soon as your feet hit the plate, begin shooting Calus in the head. While it can be great to have high damage, low impact weapons like Coldheart here on one or two people, at least four others must be using high impact weapons. Think of guns like snipers, fusion rifles, hand cannons or anything else with a high impact stat. If you have enough damage and impact you will stagger the boss, up to a maximum of two times per plate, which will increase the amount of time you can deal damage to him before he tries to kill you.

Eventually, Calus will raise his fist into the air and cause flames to erupt around the plate you are standing on. As soon as you see his arm move, get off the plate and move to the cup plate instead. Continue damaging him and moving from cup to sun to hounds when he raises his arm.

Once the bosses reaches 23 health, his skin will explode, revealing that Emperor Calus’ is in fact a robot and creating a new critical spot on his chest. While this is all very cool, do not stop shooting him. In his robo phase, he will instead shoot you with a big gun when he wants you to leave. As soon as you see the laser site target you, run to the next plate.

When you have run out of plates, the fight will start over at Phase 1 and a new wave will begin. You can attempt the damage phase up to four times per run, although we beat Calus’ in just two using our extended skulls strategy. Damaging Calus’ is also something that takes practice requires a diverse loadout of weapons. The exotic fusion rifle Merciless was invaluable for us, as was the Celestial Nighthawk Golden Gun. Coldheart and high impact sniper rifles were also very helpful.

Once you get Calus’ health all the way down to nothing, the fight will have one final thing for you to do. Because this is a Destiny 2 raid, Calus’ will give one final shot at trying to kill you. He will begin channeling a giant orb in his arms, like he did for the Punchers in Phase 2. This time, his shield is far bigger and if the channel completes, he wipes your raid. Wail on him with everything you have, switching weapons rather than reloading and just trying your damnedest to kick his ass. If you can pump enough bullets into him before his channel ends, Calus’ will fall and you will have the opportunity to claim your reward.

However, before you enter the treasure chamber, walk up to Calus’ as he has a few choice words for you before he goes. We won’t spoil the treasure room for you here, as you now know everything you need to actually kill him.

Congratulations Guardian, you have destroyed Destiny 2’s greatest threat and claimed its sweetest loot. Time to come back and do it all again next week. Good luck.


Pokemon Go news: Major Raid update ahead of Niantic’s Mewtwo event | Gaming | Entertainment

For those who have to travel someway to get to their nearest Pokemon Go Raids, it can end up being a pretty disappointing trip.

Arriving only to find a selection of low-level targets, or some that you already have, can make it a pain to grow your lineup.

But now fans have apparently found a glitch that can help provide more options when it comes to Combat Power.

According to the latest Pokemon Go news from Trainers, it’s possible to reroll a Pokemon’s CP, following the Raid Boss Battle.

This apparently requires two Trainers to be part of the Pokemon Go Raid to work, although there’s more than one method changing things that happen at the end.

By having one Trainer force close their Pokemon Go game before the raid boss is defeated means they miss out on the end of the battle.

The other Trainer who stays in the fight can then check out the CP, close his own game and then reopen it to see what the other Trainer would have received.

Here’s a rundown of events as described by those who did it:

  • Two trainers entered a lobby to fight a Gengar.
  • Midway through the battle, Trainer 2 closed his app. HE DID NOT LEAVE THE GROUP!
  • Trainer 1 finished the battle.
  • Trainer 1 received a CP of 1468.
  • Trainer 1 crashed the catch screen, reloaded, and saw a CP of 1460.
  • This means that Trainer 2 Would have received a CP of 1460, had he stayed in the battle.

The second Trainer now has the option to click the gym where the raid occurred and encounter the Gengar with a CP of 1460, or they can wait 15 minutes before clicking. 

Because when the timer runs down, this trainer will then be allowed to fight the Raid boss again, as if he never participated in the first battle.

“In this case, he fought the Gengar again, and upon completing it, received a CP of 1476,” the original Reddit poster explains.

“To be clear: He chose to decline the 1460 Gengar, waited 15 minutes, then fought it again, which rerolled the CP. And, in this case, he received a better Gengar.

“This can be repeated multiple times in each raid. You just need enough people to run the experiment over and over. And each time you run it, whichever player is the one to finish the raid will NOT have a chance to reroll.”

And while this will sound pretty fiddly for most, it could come in pretty useful when it comes to the eventual launch of Mewtwo EX-Raids, worldwide.

Legendary Raid description, via Silph Road:

  • Begin a legendary raid with 10 people.
  • Get the boss to near death.
  • Have 9 people close the app. Do not leave the group!
  • Have the remaining trainer finish the battle, go to the catch screen, and crash the catch screen.
  • Upon reloading the remaining trainer will see the privileged number.
  • If the privileged number is GOOD (perfect, or near-perfect), then everyone who closed the app can immediately click the gym. They each have a 1/9 chance of having the good CP. This is DRASTICALLY better odds than a random roll.
  • If the privileged number is BAD, then everyone who closed the app can wait 15 minutes, before running the raid (and the whole process) again.

As you might expect, getting this to work in the wild would mean a lot cooperation among a Mewtwo Raid group, as well as the chances of things going wrong by closing the game going up.

Niantic have yet to confirm a solid release date for their new Mewtwo Raids, although more locations are popping to try out the new feature.

It’s hoped that EX-Raids may leave the beta phase by last September, although it’s unclear just how much more work may be put into them before launch. 

Destiny 2 Leviathan raid guide: The Gauntlet

After completing the Royal Pools, the Pleasure Gardens and the Castellum (numerous times), you will find yourself in Calus’ final challenge room in Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid: The Gauntlet. The Gauntlet is a large, circular room with pillars, doors and a central hub room. On the outside walls, you can see a track running behind the barriers. Once you follow the hallway and ride the elevator up, prepare to race. The Gauntlet mixes the perfectionist aspect of the Royal Pools and the communication aspect of the Pleasure Gardens, although less is required of each.

Start by splitting your team off into groups of two and four once again:

  • Shooters will stand on their pillar and shoot the gates for Runners
  • Runners will run around the track and communicate with their Shooters

We are going to break this encounter up into phases and roles.

Each Shooter will be assigned to a pillar, each of which corresponds to the same familiar symbols in the other fights: hound, axes, sun, cup. Have the four Shooters jump on their pillar to push it down into the ground to start the fight. Runners should stand around the white teleportation machine by cup and hound.

When the fight begins, waves of Cabal will begin to run through all eight doors in the room. Kill the cabal quickly so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Once all of the Cabal are dead, four Imperial Centurions will spawn, one on each side. Kill them quickly and have the Runners prepare to stand by their teleportation device while the Shooters stand on their pillars.

Have the Runners grab the Psionic Charge, which will spawn on the teleportation device shortly after the Centurions fall, to move into the next phase.

When the Runners get teleported onto the track, you will need to pair off into duos with the other Shooters. Axes needs to go to cup and sun needs to go to hound. Cup and hound stay put. Look at your Shooter buddy and memorize their name and face. This is your Shooter buddy for this phase and all others like it

Each Shooter squad will have a specific Runner that they must communicate with. This will be the same every time and is determined by where the Runner picks up their charge. So you will have cup Runner and hound Runner. Choosing Runners who have very different voices from each other is advised here for the sake of clarity

Once you have your buddy and know your Runner, assign one Shooter in a pair to stand on the plates and the other on the ground. Jump on your plate (cup/hound first) and listen for your Runner to call out two of three locations on a grid: top, middle, bottom. The Shooters must coordinate with each other and shoot the two called locations on the large arrow wall in front of them at the same exact time. The easiest way to ensure success here is to have one Shooter always take the highest location called and the other always take the lowest. Once both Shooters have shot two arrows simultaneously, the gate for the Runner will open.

As the Runner goes, so must the Shooters, have the person who stands on the pillars move immediately to the next one in a clockwise manner. The Shooter who was standing on the ground must run as well, but they need to kill a Psion in a immunity bubble (like the Councilors in the Castellum) that spawns under the arrows before they join their duo partner. Shoot the arrows, stand on pillars and punch Psions. Repeat this process until your Runner makes it out.

When the Runner slams, the whole thing starts over gain. Repeat the opening section and the race again. However, on the third time through, the pillars will begin to move, so the pillar Shooter must be accurate.

Once you grab your Psionic Charge, you will be teleported onto the race track and be held behind a barrier for a short amount of time. Look to the nearest gate of nine circles. As long as your Shooters are standing on the pillar, one of the nine circles will be red rather than blue. Tell your Shooters the two horizontal lines that do not have the red in them. For example, if the center most circle is red, you will say “top and bottom.”

Begin running toward the gate, careful not to touch it too quickly. Once the Shooters do their shooting, the gate will turn green and there will be a silver orb inside of the once-red-circle. Jump through the circle and collect the orb, maintaining momentum. Continue running forward and make another call. Jump through and collect the orb. If you fail to collect the orb twice in a row, you will explode and losing progress this run as well as your life.

Once you have jumped through four gates, you will make it to the finish line. A giant orb is here to ensure that you don’t explode on your way out. Pass the finish line and you will be teleported into the main area again. Run into the center room and slam your Psionic Charge into one of the nine elevator mouths.

You will now repeat the entire encounter again, including the race. However, the second and third time through the race, Calus will create pits in the floor, making it possible to fall to your death mid run. Do your best to be careful and jump accurately to avoid these pit falls.

Once the Runners have slammed three times, six Psionic Charges will pop out of the middle. Each player must run to the center and grab a Charge. Everyone will be teleported onto the race track and locked in the barrier. The holes are still there as are the pits. Only four orbs will spawn per gate so communication is key.

Let your original Runners go first and have them bypass the first orbs. The Shooters will run next, each of them grabbing one of the orbs in the circle. The Runners should only grab an orb every other time, meaning that it should alternate between Shooters and Runners getting orbs. Once at least three players have slammed the final three mouths, the encounter is over and you win.

However, be aware that the race takes more than thirty seconds, meaning that if anyone dies early on in the final race, the the darkness will consume the entire raid before anyone can pick that player up. The really tricky part of this section is having all six players survive until at least the end jump. But as long as you don’t die to the timer and at least three players get through, you will be showered in loot.

Congratulations Guardian, you have defeated the final of Calus’ three challenges. Now it is time to meet the Emperor in person.


How to Reroll Raid Bosses for Higher CP

Pokemon GO fans who have been getting involved in the game’s new legendary Pokemon raids will all know the pain of finally defeating the powerful raid boss, only for it to drop in Capture Points (CP) dramatically when it comes to catching it. Now, a new tried and tested method allows players to exploit a visual bug in order to reroll the Pokemon, in the hopes of getting a more acceptable power level.

The visual bug was first discovered as a strange but ineffectual way to raise CP levels. When victorious in a raid battle, the boss Pokemon‘s allocated CP will be displayed for each player but each device will roll a different number. If at least two players are taking part in the raid, having one close and re-open the app on the catch screen gives Pokemon GO trainers a chance of appearing to recieve the same CP as their fellow player, instead of the original score.

Pokemon GO EX Raid Battle testing

Using the above method is just a simple glitch which will not actually change the Pokemon‘s strength when caught, but there’s a way to use this to a player’s advantage. To genuinely alter a Pokemon‘s CP, players can force close their app just before the raid boss is defeated, causing the encounter to finish without them.

A trainer who stays in the fight can then close their app once the CP has been generated and re-open to discover what power level the other player would receive, should they choose to re-enter the raid. If they aren’t happy with the number, all they have to do is wait 15 minutes for the raid to reset, then defeat the Pokemon once again for a CP reroll.

This new method can be repeated as many times as possible before the raid runs out, but most players will probably see it as a bit of a hassle, especially on the tougher legendary battles. When it comes to ultra-rare Pokemon like the new, exclusive Mewtwo raids however, trainers might be a little more willing to spend extra time in the hopes of getting a better catch.

Pokemon GO is out now for Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide: Pleasure Gardens

Once you have opened the hound door after your first return to the Castellum in Destiny 2’s Leviathan Raid, you will head down a hallway and into the Royal Gardens, a lush jungle filled with Cabal War Beasts. When you first pop in, you will be hit with some visual overload, with light beams hitting platforms and fog everywhere. You will come to learn this room very well soon, so focus on clearing out the Loyalist War Beasts and the Beast Handlers before you go exploring.

Once all the enemies are down, you will notice two large crystals spawn at the back of the room, near the gigantic Calus statue. At the foot of the statue, there is a large, round door with three lights on it. This door leads to the Safe Room, which is crucial mechanic in this encounter.

Before the fight starts, break your team up into groups of two and four:

  • Four Roamers will grab spore balls and sneak around
  • Two Spotters will jump on platforms with crystals and guide the Roamers

This encounter is fairly simple to explain but incredibly difficult to execute properly due to the high amount of communication required. The gist is simple: Spotters grab crystals and stand in the light while Roamers sneak past patrolling hounds to reach glowing spores. When the Roamers make it to the spores, the Spotters channel light onto the spore to make them explode, granting a damage buff to the entire party. Do this as many times as you can before the hounds begin attacking you out of restlessness (a timer) or someone getting caught. Kill all hounds to win.

Let’s break it down by group.

When the fight starts, the Roamers should be standing on top of the Safe Room door, preparing to drop in. When the crystals are grabbed, the hounds will be unleashed and the Safe Room will open to your team. All four Roamers need to hop down and grab a spore ball from the back of the room, holding it in your hand. Once you have a spore, group up into a tight pack of four and wait for your Spotters to call out locations.

There are eight spore locations on the map:

  • Middle left
  • Middle right
  • Far right
  • Upper right
  • Bottom right (next to the Safe Room)
  • Bottom left (next to the Safe Room)
  • Far left (under the plates)
  • Upper left

Walk around the jungle toward the spore that your Spotter is calling out to you. Stay in a pack together to be sure that all spore ball holders make it to the glowing spore at the same time. If spore holders wait by a glowing spore too long without the Spotter shooting it, it will go away and no buff will be granted. Listen to your Spotters call out the hound locations and use your radar to keep a sense of where they are at all times. Never cross in front of a hound and be very careful when moving around the sides or closely behind. Only sprint when there are no hounds nearby.

Once the pack has reached a spore, huddle up together and call for the Spotter. When the Spotter shoots the spore, you will gain three stacks of Empowering Spores per spore ball hit, which should ideally be all of you (12 total stacks). Repeat this process until one of your team is caught or the hounds begin howling after becoming restless.

Spotters have the easiest but most unique job in this encounter. Ideally, your Spotters should have very good Power weapons, as they have the easiest access to ammo refills.

  1. Grab the crystal to start the encounter and jump to one of the platforms with a pillar of light on around your assigned side. (Spotters should be assigned right or left side of the map based on their crystal pickup location.)
  2. Immediately start looking for the one glowing purple spore on your side and call out its location to your Roamers.
  3. While you are waiting for them to move, keep an eye out for hounds and communicate with your allies about their locations.
  4. Once the Roamers are all in place and packed in tight, use the right trigger to shoot a beam of light at the spore, causing it to grant the Roamers stacks of Empowering Spores.
  5. Your Roamers will then rotate to the other side of the map and become the other Spotter’s problem (or visa-versa depending on if you are popping the first spore or second).
  6. Once two spores have been detonated, each side will gain a new location. Help your Roamers navigate their way to the spore and repeat the process as many times as possible.

The only other thing that Spotters have to deal with are the Beast Handlers that come out each time a spore is destroyed. Some will be snipers and stand on the doors on the left and right of the arena, attempting to kill your Spotter partner. Others will jump into the arena and chase after your Roamers. These Beast Handlers are actually very easy to deal with if you are looking for them. Simply aim with your crystal and shoot them like you would a spore (they die very quickly and also drop guaranteed heavy ammo). Just remember that you must be standing in a beam of light to shoot.

Once one of your teammates have been spotted, you damage the hounds or the hounds get restless, they will begin howling and the damage phase will begin.

Regardless of your role before, you are dealing damage now. Your team gains bonus damage based on how many stacks of Empowering Spores you were able to get, so keep that in mind when fighting. Spread out and find a hound (they hang out by the spores that you can shoot). Hit them with everything you have to lower their health but do not kill them.

After about 20 seconds or so, every member of the Fireteam needs to make their way back to the Safe Room and jump in the cylindrical door under the statue. Beware of the other hounds let into the arena, because while they don’t pose much of a threat to your health, they will knock you around and make getting to the Safe Room harder.

Once the hounds have been howling for 30 seconds, the door will seal and anyone left outside will die. Once the door opens up again, the Spotters need to jump up and grab their crystals, starting another round.

You can get into the Safe Room three times, meaning that you have four total phases to kill the hounds. Killing a hound makes the paths easier to navigate but causes the hounds to become restless far faster. To counteract that problem, do not kill the hounds — just lower their health to about one shot or so. Spend the first two or three rounds lowering their health and the final round executing the hounds.

To kill them efficiently, use close range weapons like fast-firing shotguns, swords or the Merciless exotic fusion rifle if you have it. Otherwise, drop grenades that continually do damage and use your Supers on them to take them out fast. If you are playing a Sunbreaker Titan, you can use your Hammer Strike melee to weaken them, causing them to take even more damage.

Once all six hounds are dead at once, the encounter will end and your chest will spawn by the Safe Room. Congratulations Guardian, you just completed the most demanding fight in the Leviathan raid. Return to the Castellum after claiming your reward.

Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide: Castellum return

After the encounter in the Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid’s Royal Pools, the Pleasure Gardens and the Gauntlet, your Fireteam will return to the Castellum and must complete the Standard encounter again to open the next door. However, you will no longer be starting on the sun platform. Instead, you will need to complete the Castellum on the hound platform for the Pleasure Gardens, the axes platform for the Gauntlet and the cup platform for Emperor Calus.

If you are unclear on how to complete the Castellum encounter, we already have you covered in our Castellum guide.

Luckily, the encounter does not change, although it does seem like both the adventurers and the defenders will have more enemies to deal with at once. However, it doesn’t get much harder for the adventurers, and collecting the Standards will just take more time. Instead, it is the defenders that get the short end of the stick here. What makes this return difficult is actually the placement of the doors and the cover (or lack thereof) around them, rather than the encounter itself.

This section comes right after the Royal Pools and is by far the hardest of the Castellum runs, especially for the defenders.

The hound door is located in the indent on the middle, left side of the room, under the central awning. This pit provides little to no cover for the defenders, meaning that the four remaining members need to play it safe when dealing with the Standard Liberators and other enemies.

If you need cover, you can hide behind some of the nearby walls, but you have to be certain that you have vision of the hound platform, to be sure that nobody is coming to steal a Standard. Titan Barricades are great for this section as you can block enemy vision on a side for a short time.

After completing the Pleasure Gardens you are given a nice break with this Castellum, as it is the easiest one in the raid. Located at the bottom of two stair cases, the axe door offers a lot more cover and two easy funnels for the enemies to go through. As a Defender, kill the enemies just like you did on the sun platform earlier, by letting them come to you.

After running the Gauntlet, you will return to the Castellum to face the final challenge here. You need to hold the cup platform in order to open the cup door. This is located on the far left side of the room and is about so-so in terms of difficulty. While there is decent cover in this are for Defenders, the main issue comes with how many enemies get thrown at you at once. Stay on the plate and behind the walls, peak out when you can and burst the Standard Liberators with Power weapons and Supers. If your Adventurers go fast, you shouldn’t have a problem here.

Pokemon Go Exploit Lets Players Reroll Raid Bosses For Higher CP

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A Pokemon Go glitch has been discovered that allows players to swap out their raid boss for one with a potentially higher power level.

The exploit in question was recently discovered by a Pokemon Go Trainer after noticing a visual bug that occasionally takes place during the catch phase of raids. With a bit of time and an understanding of the raid system, players can work together to take home a stronger Gengar or other raid bosses.

There are a couple of guidelines that players must adhere to in order to generate a raid boss with a higher CP level, but for those that are focused on maximizing the power of their Pokemon, the time put into the exploit could help build a more enviable team.