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Pokémon Generation 7 IS FINISHED! Pokemon Nintendo Switch 2018 Is Coming

Pokemon Generation 7 is Finished! Pokemon Generation 8 looks to be ready for a 2018 Pokemon Game. There is no New Pokemon merchandise left for Pokemon Sun and Moon, so… Read more »

Pokémon Red/Blue Remakes for Nintendo Switch: The Best Option?

Why, hello there! There’s something I have come to the realization of after some thinking… Kanto remakes should be the next Pokemon games, not generation 8 or Sinnoh remakes. Listen… Read more »

Top 10 – Upcoming Nintendo Switch games 2018

Top 10 – Nintendo Switch games of 2018. Nintendo has sold over 10 million Switch consoles this year which makes the system a huge hit. With Mario Odyssey and Zelda… Read more »