Would Cross-Platform for PUBG Work With PC and Xbox One? I Played Against PC Players Using an Xbox One Controller

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, with 10 million copies sold so far, is one of the biggest video game releases of the year. The fact that Microsoft managed to score publishing rights for the console release on the Xbox One is a big coup. So how does the PC game translate for consoles? I recently got a chance to play PUBG with an Xbox One controller against PC players. While I didn’t get any Chicken Dinners, I have some thoughts about the new control scheme and what it might mean for cross-platform play.

Just to be clear, Microsoft didn’t confirm cross-platform for PUBG, but given Microsoft’s hard push for the feature, Brendan Green’s enthusiasm for it, and the fact that keyboard and mouse controls are heavily rumored for the Xbox One, I think it’s worth investigating.

Winner, winner

Even if cross-platform functionality never comes out, PUBG is one of the most popular PC games currently available and soon console-only players will get a chance to experience the carnage. And that’s primarily who this preview is for. Since Xbox One controller support has only been available for the PC version of the game for about a month, you might be a console player who’s been hearing about PUBG for months but haven’t played it. So if you’re looking forward to playing it with a controller this preview is for you.

Likewise, during my playtime with PUBG at an Xbox One X preview event I was told that I was playing against PC players so maybe you’re interested in reading about what a potential match might look like between a mouse-and-keyboard player and a controller user?

The answer isn’t as dramatic as you might think.


So, PUBG on an Xbox One controller how did it feel? It felt like how a third-person shooter might feel on a controller but with the exception of maybe having just barely enough buttons for all the possible actions.

Running and firing controls were all par for the course with the left and right triggers pulling up aim and fire respectively, and character movement and camera movement dictated by the two control sticks. The D-Pad let me cycle through the various weapons and items I picked up, while the option button brought up a map.The left bumper let me switch to first person mode and the right bumper let me cycle through the camera perspective. Oh and of course there were the lettered buttons of which Y let me reload, B let me crouch, A let me jump, and X let me interact with weapons and items. That also doesn’t mention that clicking the control sticks let me lean and sprint.

It’s a pretty standard control scheme, but PUBG is a game that requires a lot of input and it took a while to memorize the Xbox One controller’s setup. Some mishaps happened along the way of course like in the initial stages of the game where players are aboard a large carrier airplane and must choose when to parachute out onto the murder island. On the plane, I pulled up my map to flag a suitable location to jump to, however no matter which buttons I pressed, none of them seemed to let me set a waypoint on my map. Then I accidentally pressed the X button and out I went without a location to go to.

I’m not saying the controllers are confusing, but it did feel a little cluttered at times. I’m sure when I spend more time with it, the inputs will become like second nature. But I did find myself fumbling with my weapons at key moments of my first game, and when split second decisions determine life-or-death, chicken dinners or hunger, there’s no room for mistakes. Especially mistakes like accidentally cycling to a pistol when you wanted the smg and getting shot dead while flipping through weapons. I placed 63rd that round.

The next game was a lot faster but that’s because I made the mistake of jumping into a car. I again accidentally pressed the wrong button but this time while driving at high speeds, jumping out and injuring myself. A nearby player picked me off and I placed 82nd that time.

Map of the PUBG Gamescom Invitational

PUBG is a high-stakes, relatively fast game. 100 players jump from a plane and land on a massive island level. Armed with nothing at first, players must scavenge the island looking for weapons and armor, while trying to fend off attacks from any potential enemies. Then there’s the blue circle which starts shrinking, killing any unfortunate soul that spends too long outside of its boundaries. The circle will continue to shrink and players will continue to die until you’re the last one standing. Pretty simple right?

The beauty of PUBG lies in the fact that victory is determined by two factors: luck and skill. While controllers won’t determine the former factor, the latter can be affected by what you use to play, or at least it could. During my time at the preview event I happened to watch one incredibly tall San Francisco-based games journalist make it to rank 2 before getting cornered and killed in the game’s final stretches. So really, you can win using a controller though I personally never got far enough to see if it all came down to mouse and keyboard vs. gamepad that determined who would ultimately win a chicken dinner.

Still, I don’t think it would be the end of the world if Microsoft and Blue Hole decided to let Xbox One PUBG players and PC players fight it out against one another, especially in a game as determined by luck as much as it is skill. While it’s probably fair to say that at towards the end game the great equalizer is skill, the Xbox One controller won’t necessarily determine the victor. Especially if Blue Hole is looking into ways that might overcome the differences between mouse-and-keyboard and gamepad controls like they say they are.

As one of the hottest games of the year, and the Xbox’s big exclusive (rumors are that it will be timed or in a limited capacity), PUBG might be the perfect petri dish to test competitive cross-platform play. Personally, I think it’s a functionality worth pursuing for the both of them.

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We need small players to help shape the future of AI

Google, Alibaba, Facebook, Baidu, and other tech giants are leading the charge in developing and acquiring AI companies and talent. Many observers have expressed concern that the big players are dominating what will be one of the most important fields in technology. Unlike past waves of technological development, the AI boom could shut out startups and entrepreneurs. I’ve written about the potential for AI to create a stratified society, but I am optimistic about the ability of smart, savvy visionaries to build leading AI technologies without backing from major tech companies.

AI startup ecosystem

AI is a buzzword right now. If you take a 10,000-foot view of the startup world, you will see a lot of “AI” companies. Many of these are truly building or using AI tools across one or multiple verticals. Other, more traditional companies are just trying to jump on the AI bandwagon. There are currently 3,119 companies listed under AI on AngelList. This is just one data point that shows how prevalent AI is in the innovation ecosystem. But this stat only scratches the surface. Let’s dig into what it takes to build an AI startup. We’ll then explore whether it is possible to grow into an independent, next-generation tech giant, or if being acquired by deep-pocketed tech incumbents is the only play.

Having or building the right tools

The first step in building an AI startup is creating an AI. A company can build its own AI from the ground up or utilize open source tools that it builds on top of. This process is similar to past generations of tech development. However, the path taken has a strong impact on a startup’s potential value and the likelihood it will remain independent over time. For companies that opt to build their own AI from the ground up, the process can be painstaking and slow. One of the biggest challenges is getting enough smart AI programmers to build it.

Companies like Google, Baidu, and Tesla have snatched up many of the best minds in AI. So what is a startup to do? Many emerging groups are founded the old-fashioned way. They’re built with smart, savvy tech leaders who aim to create their own enterprise. Iris AI is doing this for scientific research, Dataminr is doing this for news, Deep Genomics is focused on genetic impacts at the cellular level, and a host of other companies are creating interesting homegrown AI-related tech.

One noteworthy venture is Deeplearning.ai, which Stanford professor Andrew Ng launched on Coursera. While not directly an AI company, Deeplearning.ai seeks to train “blue collar coders” in a similar vein as Fast.ai. The idea is to take the best of the academic and commercial worlds in deep learning and train as many people as possible to build the skills required for AI-related jobs. You can expect more AI startups to be launched as matriculation begins in earnest.

Companies that want to ramp up quickly or do not have the brainpower to build AI from the ground up can leverage open source tools. The best AI is clearly not open sourced right now, but Google’s Tensorflow and Berkeley’s Caffe are examples of available open source libraries. Other companies — like Intel with its Nirvana initiative — are taking a more holistic approach (of course hoping you will use their hardware).

So which way do you go if you are a startup? Simply put, if you build your own AI, you likely have a higher potential value and ability to remain independent than if you leverage open source tools provided by a major tech giant.

Training the machine

Building the right tools is only the first step. Next, you will have to train them. Some open source tools include access to sample datasets, but this is a requirement for the startup itself. There really is no substitute. The larger the dataset to which a machine learning or neural network has access, the better you can train it and the more accurate it becomes. This virtuous circle is important. Startups need to have a strategy for data access, whether it be proprietary or open source, if they are going to build useful AI.

Raising capital

Now that you have a plan to build your tech and train it on a dataset, how do you fund yourself? AI is one of the hottest sectors to deploy capital in right now. Traditional incubators such as 500 Startups, Techstars, and others are either directly investing in AI or partnering with tech players to invest in AI. Google and Mark Zuckerberg are backing the Vector Institute in Toronto, Paul Allen is in the game in Seattle, and Nvidia has its Inception program, to name just a few.

For the more traditional VC investment model, AI luminaries such as Kai Fu Lee are driving forward with AI-focused funds (in this case through Sinovation Ventures). Corporations like Toyota (with its $100 million Silicon Valley-focused fund) are also backing the sector.

It is never easy to bootstrap a business and get it to actually take off, but If you are an AI company, the odds are in your favor. AI technology is trending and there are many pockets of capital available to innovators within the space.

Going it alone versus going in-house

This brings us to back to our main topic. You’ve built your tech, trained your AI, and established funding, but can you grow your startup into the next Google or Tencent? Is an acquisition your best option? The AI startup space is extremely active in terms of aquisitions. Most quality companies are quickly snapped up by one of the tech giants to prevent others from getting access to their tech and brainpower. Thus far, no pure play AI companies have gone public. But this is not necessarily a failure of the AI space to produce viable companies. Many of the companies that could be game-changers are only in the early stages of their development. Over the next few years, almost every company will become an AI company. This means there will be many public companies with AI at their core.

How long will it last?

You can build a successful AI startup in your garage (or your local coworking space), but how long will it remain independent? In the current environment, there are plenty of independent AI startups. There are also plenty being snatched up by the big tech players. Whether new AI-driven tech giants will emerge remains to be seen. My gut tells me that smart and savvy entrepreneurs will find a way to overcome talent availability issues and data access issues to build their tech and train up their AIs. I believe this will enable a few of them to successfully take their place as new global leaders. Tech giants of the world beware.

Ed Sappin is CEO of Sappin Global Strategies (SGS), a strategy and investment firm dedicated to the innovation economy.

Pokemon Go Exploit Lets Players Reroll Raid Bosses For Higher CP

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A Pokemon Go glitch has been discovered that allows players to swap out their raid boss for one with a potentially higher power level.

The exploit in question was recently discovered by a Pokemon Go Trainer after noticing a visual bug that occasionally takes place during the catch phase of raids. With a bit of time and an understanding of the raid system, players can work together to take home a stronger Gengar or other raid bosses.

There are a couple of guidelines that players must adhere to in order to generate a raid boss with a higher CP level, but for those that are focused on maximizing the power of their Pokemon, the time put into the exploit could help build a more enviable team.

Jose Mourinho slams Man United players for Basle display

Jack Gaughan for the Daily Mail

Jose Mourinho accused his Manchester United stars of disrespecting Basle on Tuesday, claiming they were more interested in fancy flicks and ‘PlayStation football’ than killing the tie off.

United were cruising to victory thanks to goals from Marouane Fellaini and Romelu Lukaku but Mourinho was left angry at a lack of professionalism before Marcus Rashford’s third.

‘After 2-0 I think everything changed and we stopped to play, stopped to think, stopped to play seriously,’ Mourinho fumed. ‘We stopped to make the right decisions on the pitch and we could put ourselves in trouble.

Jose Mourinho accused his Manchester United stars of disrespecting Basle in their 3-0 win

Jose Mourinho accused his Manchester United stars of disrespecting Basle in their 3-0 win

Jose Mourinho accused his Manchester United stars of disrespecting Basle in their 3-0 win

The Portuguese berated his players for not killing the tie off when the score was 2-0

The Portuguese berated his players for not killing the tie off when the score was 2-0

The Portuguese berated his players for not killing the tie off when the score was 2-0

‘Bad decisions, fantasy football, PlayStation football, tricks and when you stopped to play as a team and when you stopped to play seriously I don’t like and you gamble a little bit.

‘The players probably felt that the game was under control with the 2-0 but football is football and you have to respect your opponent.’

Mourinho claimed his side were ‘under attack’ before the Champions League’s opening night, insisting they do not hide behind injuries, although he had a full squad training at Carrington on Monday.

The Portuguese also reiterated that United are at a severe disadvantage in this competition and they lie behind Europe’s elite after a number of huge scores across the continent.

Marcus Rashford ensured victory, but Mourinho claimed there were too many 'bad decisions'

Marcus Rashford ensured victory, but Mourinho claimed there were too many 'bad decisions'

Marcus Rashford ensured victory, but Mourinho claimed there were too many ‘bad decisions’

Mourniho believes English sides are 'in the second level' of European clubs compared to others

Mourniho believes English sides are 'in the second level' of European clubs compared to others

Mourniho believes English sides are ‘in the second level’ of European clubs compared to others

‘We had yesterday a huge attack on some of our important players and we didn’t cry,’ Mourinho added.

‘For these teams – Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich – the Champions League starts in February. Now is just the warm-up.

‘In February, when us English teams are trying to survive after the winter period, they are fresh and ready after this warm-up.

‘We are in the second level. The second level is “let’s qualify, let’s make the points” and if we make the knockout phase let’s enjoy playing against the big guys.’


Injustice 2 Black Manta release date: Xbox One DLC live as PS4 players wait | Gaming | Entertainment

Injustice 2 Black Manta fans on Xbox One are reporting that the new character is now available to download.

The same has not been confirmed for PS4 players yet, although it could happen at any point from this time on.

PS4 fans have seen their wait times last a little longer than their console counterparts in the past.

One fan commented on the recent trend online, explaining: “The last three DLC characters have came out at 11:00 am EST so it’ll probably be the same here, so around 11:00 am, restart your console and manta should be available to download.”

Black Manta is just the first of a new wave of DLC Fighters which make up the second DLC collection from NetherRealm Studios.

But however long it takes to appear on PS4, Injustice 2 fans will see the launch of Black Manta on September 12, at least for those who own a Special Edition of the game.

It’s likely that the general release of Black Manta will occur the following week, although more is expected to be announced later this week.

Fans may have also noticed that Black Manta has his own character selection slot, that’s currently blacked out on PS4.

The official DLC description from NetherRealm reads: “As forces converge upon Atlantis and its King, a current of vengeance flows through the ruthless undersea mercenary known as Black Manta. 

“Sworn to avenge the death of his father, Black Manta has long waited in darkness for his moment to strike.”

Black Manta will be followed by the release of MK’s Raiden and Dark Horse’s Hellboy, both of which will arrive separately in the coming months.

Hellboy is a character created at Dark Horse comics, a half-demon occult detective who may or may not be the Beast of the Apocalypse. 

There are, at this moment, 13 Hellboy graphic novel collections, several spin-off titles (BPRD, LOBSTER JOHNSON, ABE SAPIEN and WITCHFINDER), 3 anthologies of prose stories, several novels, 2 animated films and 2 live action films starring Ron Perlman. 

And the version of Raiden coming to Injustice 2 is likely to be the one from Mortal Kombat X, who was having a bit of trouble in his own universe.

Shinnok’s attack on Earthrealm included his army of Netherrealm demons, as well as the Earthrealm kombatants that were killed during Kahn’s invasion.

FIFA 18 Demo release date CONFIRMED for PS4 players, same time as Xbox One | Gaming | Entertainment

Strangely, there hasn’t been a confirmation from EA Sports directly and as such, we’ve had to check the official Microsoft Store for further details on when the FIFA 18 Demo release date will be arriving on Xbox One.

What we do know is that PS4 players will be able to access the free playtest on September 12, on PS4, reportedly at 1am, BST.

This has now been confirmed as the same time as the Xbox One, as listed on the Microsoft Store.

“You’ll be able to play Kick Off mode with a selection from the world’s biggest clubs and stadiums, and preview of the next chapter in Alex Hunter’s story, The Journey: Hunter Returns ahead of the game’s official launch on 29th September,” Sony confirms.

“Player Personalities give some of the biggest stars in the world the distinct traits of their real-world counterparts, Team Styles let players mimic their favourite clubs’ distinct on-field tactics, and Immersive Atmospheres bring some of the football world’s most famous stadiums to life during matches.

“Plus, enjoy the brand-new broadcast overlays for La Liga and MLS, as well as vibrant and region-specific sights and sounds that make football’s biggest stadiums come to life.”

It was thought that the FIFA 18 demo was set to launch on Xbox One, due to a leak on the console’s official store.


That listing showed the official release date as September 15,  so it’s currently unclear if Xbox One players will have to wait longer.

The official teams list has also been confirmed for the FIFA 18 demo and can be found below:

Play as one of these 12 top football clubs in Kick Off mode:

  • Manchester United
  • Manchester City
  • Real Madrid CF
  • Atlético de Madrid
  • Juventus F.C.
  • FC Bayern Munich
  • Paris Saint-Germain F.C.
  • LA Galaxy
  • Toronto FC
  • Boca Juniors
  • C.D. Guadalajar
  • Vissel Kobe

There are also four stadiums currently confirmed as playable in FIFA 18, these include:

  • Santiago Bernabéu
  • La Bombonera
  • StubHub Center
  • King Fahd Stadium

As mentioned above, players will also be able to experience the first part of the new Journey Mode, featuring Alex Hunter.

“Preview the next chapter in Hunter’s story in the Demo as he goes global alongside a star-studded supporting cast featuring Cristiano Ronaldo, Antoine Griezmann, James Harden, plus new playable characters,” the Sony statement adds.

“The future is bright, and the world is talking about Hunter… but life in football isn’t always fair.”

Destiny 2 racks up 1.2 million players online

Destiny 2 is the latest game with a concurrent users figure more than 1 million. Bungie touted more than 1.2 million enjoying the game yesterday morning.

It’s noteworthy that this is a console-only figure. Destiny 2’s PC launch date is still more than a month away (Oct. 24). PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds — which is still in early access — went over 1 million concurrents at the end of the week and is still holding that position, well above the concurrents for Valve-made Dota 2 and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Who knows what will happen at the end of October. It’s tough to tell if the obsession with Destiny 2 will take hold in the same kind of numbers after more than a month on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The first game didn’t launch on PC, of course, so it’s not like there is anything to compare it to. The PC edition will not support mods, either, which crosses off a big appeal of playing on that platform.

This isn’t unprecedented; it just happens to be two big-names games catching fire at the same time. League of Legends has boasted of an eight-figure daily active user count for about five years now. Minecraft has seen million-player days, too. Overwatch recorded more than 7 million players in its first week and went over 30 million earlier this year — though that is the lifetime population of gamers in Overwatch, not a concurrent or daily figure.

It’s true that we hear this news mainly when a studio is proud of its work; no shame in that. And publishers, particularly Activision, have bragged about player numbers to their investors in lieu of going on the record with sales data for a few years now. But it’s safe to assume Destiny 2 has made a nice chunk of cash not even a week into its launch, and is looking at more over the next six weeks. As for PUBG, what the heck is gonna happen when that thing comes out of early access (the end of this year) and then launches on Xbox One (next year)?

[Updated] Destiny 2 players are mad that cosmetic shaders are now single-use

Update: Destiny 2 director Luke Smith has addressed the single-use shaders controversy on Twitter, though he doesn’t indicate whether it’ll change or not. “Shaders are earned through gameplay: levelling, chests, engrams, vendors,” he wrote. “We expect you’ll be flush w/ Shaders as you continue to play.

“When you reach level 20, Shaders will drop more often: vendor rewards, destination play and endgame activities. Shaders are now an ongoing reward for playing. Customization will inspire gameplay. Each planet has unique armor and Shader rewards.

“With D2, we want statements like ‘I want to run the Raid, Trials, or go back to Titan to get more of its Shader’ to be possible.”

Original story:

Destiny 2, while so far incrementally improving on the original in almost every way, dropped the ball with its fashion community shortly after its recent console launch. Formerly permanent inventory items you could swap in and out at will to change your guardian’s color palette, Destiny 2’s shaders disappear after a single use. 

It’s upset an otherwise enthusiastic community, expressed most visibly on the popular Destiny subreddit. Reddit user WeilageM supports their frustration in a detailed post, with one point in particular standing out: “You’re going to be collecting armor and weapons in this game, and you’re going to need a shader for each and every piece.”

Shaders are applied to individual pieces of armor and weaponry this time around, which is a welcome change, but because players swap between so much gear so often, guardians are going to be a motley mess unless there’s an abundance of shader drops. I’ve only been playing for a few hours, but I’ve run across dozens of new pieces of gear, but no shaders whatsoever. Tim has been playing the final game for a while now, and while he says that he’s not experiencing a shader drought, he frets over using any that he likes for fear of changing his mind or finding a better piece of gear he’d rather apply it to.

If the most hard-earned shaders are consumable too, then the message to players seems to be that their accomplishments are equally as fleeting.

Reddit user Skywalker_DSP points to the Eververse, Destiny’s in-game loot box shop, as being responsible for the change. “The only possible reason to make them single use is to sell them via Eververse, a step too far in my opinion. Sucks having something we had being taken away!”

While it’s common practice for multiplayer games to charge for cosmetic flourishes, none to my knowledge make them one-time-use items. There’s reward in assembling a wardrobe of colors and textures. In the original Destiny, I’d swap shaders several times a session, sometimes to express myself, sometimes as a tactical PvP consideration. A bright pink Hunter is a walking target in the Crucible.

It’s possible to find shaders in random drops too, but due to their consumable nature and the lack of a dedicated shader vendor, some players will inevitably turn toward the Eververse where it’s possible to gamble on a one-time-use item that ties their outfit together.

In the same thread, Reddit user Zentillion expresses fear that Destiny’s more difficult-to-obtain items will suffer under the same conditions. “I’m just worried about raid shaders.”

Me too! Destiny 1’s raids offered up unique shaders that communicated your accomplishments without a word. For some clans, they became something like football uniforms—what you suit up in the day of the big game. If the most hard-earned shaders are consumable too, then the message to players seems to be that their accomplishments are equally as fleeting. 

There’s no kind reason I can cook up as to why the change was made, other than to force players to consider their fashion choices more carefully, and maybe as a result, to feel more attached to their guardian’s style. But all the big neon signs in my mind point to money. No doubt, Bungie has every right to monetize Destiny 2 however they choose. The issue here is that one of the most expressive aspects of character creation is now severely bottlenecked by players’ time, and possibly, their wallets. 

Five Potential Players for the Splyce Call of Duty Team | Esports News & Videos

For the duration of Infinite Warfare period, Splyce achieved better heights than any European crew has prior to.

The addition of Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris to the squad introduced kickstarted a run that observed them elevate the trophy at Phase 1 of the International Professional League and make a different grand finals appearance at CWL Anaheim.

The team’s final results have been rather so breathtaking in the remaining events of the period, but it continue to came as a surprise to several that at the finish of the period the crew has made a decision to aspect strategies with Zer0. With the crew remaining the favorite to be the dominant squad in Europe and a contender on the international phase, the issue of who will be Zer0’s alternative is in a natural way one that will shape the coming period.

In the age of superior motion, the evident selection may have been to choose the biggest slayer readily available, but WWII is bringing with it a paradigm shift, and as this kind of it is not rather so very clear what way the squad may decide on to move in, or what qualities they worth optimum in a probable teammate.

Forward of the team’s announcement, we have taken a glimpse at some of the choices that may be on the table for the new Splyce fourth.



If Splyce have been to just recruit the prime-undertaking European participant of Infinite Warfare that was not previously on their crew, they could most likely do no improved than David ‘Dqvee’ Davies.

This period observed Dqvee make his name as a standout participant not just in Europe, but internationally. As Epsilon raced to maintain up with the accomplishments of Splyce, Dqvee was arguably the most important driving force at the rear of the crew, assisting them to victories at CWL Birmingham and CWL Sheffield, together with a 3rd-put complete at CWL Anaheim.

If Splyce have been wanting for a like-for-like alternative, Dqvee would also healthy the monthly bill as well as any individual, with the two himself and Zer0 this period carrying out their best function with an AR in hand.

Apparently sufficient, Dqvee and Ben ‘Bance’ Bance actually received their 1st championship jointly at Sleeplessness55 in Advanced Warfare, the only celebration on which Dqvee has competed alongside any of the current Splyce members. The pair have separately absent on to significantly better good results, but with the two standing out as some of the best European gamers of the past yr most likely a reunion is on the cards.



As shortly as rumors of a alter to the Splyce squad started to circulate, so way too did speculation about the attainable return of one of Europe’s most famous gamers: Callum ‘Swanny’ Swan.

Irrespective of using a hiatus from competitors for the Infinite Warfare period, Swanny has by no means been much from the minds of followers eagerly awaiting a return. 1 of Europe’s most productive gamers, prior to stepping away from the game he was dominating European Black Ops 3 alongside Dylan ‘MadCat’ Daly and Jordan ‘Jurd’ Crowley, their Millenium squad successful the two stages of the European Phone of Duty Globe League.

Even though the possibility of a participant using a yr away from competitors and stepping straight away into the prime squad in the region upon return would be fairly amazing, if any participant in Europe is revered sufficient to pull it off it may well be Swanny.



Alongside Bance, Rhys ‘Rated’ Cost was a aspect of what stays one of the biggest final results for a European crew in Phone of Duty history, when the Splyce squad of Black Ops 3 achieved the grand finals of the Phone of Duty Championships.

After this kind of a landmark consequence at the finish of Black Ops 3, Infinite Warfare was not so kind to Rated in terms of final results. The Orbit crew that fashioned all-around his 50 % of the BO3 Splyce squad received the CWL London Invitational, but could by no means accomplish rather as well as expected internationally.

A move to Elevate didn’t strengthen final results, and getting returned to the now-Pink Reserve squad, the period would finish in heartbreak as Rated and co missed out on the playoffs of the two Phase Two of the International Professional League and the Phone of Duty Championships due to team-phase tie-breakers.


Yet, Rated’s specific type remained reliable, putting up impressive performances at quite a few events even where by his crew-mates struggled. A lasting feature of the optimum amount of European Phone of Duty over the very last couple years, Rated has demonstrated that with the ideal gamers all-around him he can be productive the two domestically and internationally.

Even though his biggest achievements have appear in the jetpack era, Rated is not with no boots-on-the-floor experience, getting began competing in Black Ops 2 and broken into the European elite in Phone of Duty: Ghosts. With his history of good results alongside Bance, there

Read much more:



With WWII bringing the Phone of Duty franchise back to a boots-on-the-floor, Splyce may not just be wanting for much more firepower – the trio is previously much more than capable of slaying.

Alternatively, most likely the crew will glimpse to increase a participant with old-college pedigree, a participant who can slot into the roster and bring versatility, veteran smarts, and increase a different authoritative voice in management or system.

If that is the kind of participant Splyce are wanting for as Phone of Duty returns to its classic type, they may possibly well take into account Thomas ‘Tommey’ Trewen. 1 of the most veteran gamers in European Phone of Duty, Tommey features dozens of championship titles to his name, several of which came alongside MadCat and Jurd.


In Infinite Warfare, Tommey relinquished his placement at the suggestion of the spear for European Phone of Duty, instead primary a crew of a lot less professional gamers in Fnatic to final results that may have seemed virtually unattainable at the beginning of the yr.

Traditionally, having said that, Tommey has by no means been out of put on a crew of European all-stars, and most likely WWII may see him re-be a part of that corporation with Splyce.


Go Intercontinental

Even though it is tough to nail down a specific prospect with so several rosters continue to up in the air, and several groups possibly previously fully commited at the rear of the scenes,  the possibility of wanting outdoors of Europe for a fourth participant may not be thoroughly outlandish.

Splyce proved this yr that they could be a legitimate contender at the really optimum amount, at one issue vying with Luminosity to make a assert as the best crew in the entire world. As they head into WWII, this is a squad that ought to be anticipating to continue that run and obstacle for titles once once again.

The possibility to participate in alongside this trio is an present that most gamers, of no matter what nationality, would be silly to change down. Nevertheless it would definitely be anything of a curveball, with so several talented gamers coming up in North The us this yr, the doorway may possibly well be open to Splyce to select up a star from throughout the pond if they so sought after.

Intercontinental squads are not unheard of, but if Splyce have been to get this route we could be wanting at the 1st to genuinely obstacle the really best in the entire world.

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Phone of Duty, Features, Transfers


Overwatch update: PS4 and Xbox One players receive new patch | Gaming | Entertainment

UPDATE ONE: Blizzard have now confirmed what they have changed in the latest Overwatch update for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

In a new statement, the development team revealed that they’ve added the ability for players to earn an additional loot box this week.

Blizzard have also confirmed that this fix isn’t retroactive, so players will need to win another game of Deathmatch once this update has completed in order to collect that second loot box.

Here’s more from Blizzard; “We’re in the process of deploying an update on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One that will allow players who earned a loot box by completing last week’s featured Deathmatch card to earn ANOTHER loot box reward for completing this week’s featured Deathmatch card. This update in rolling out in all regions as we speak. 

“As many of you know, players are awarded a loot box whenever they win their first game in a new Arcade mode. Normally, players can tell if one of these loot box rewards is available by looking for a reddish-orange icon in the lower-right corner of a card in the Arcade menu. If the icon is there, a loot box reward is up for grabs. If not, the reward has already been collected or that particular mode isn’t eligible. 

“Last week, when Deathmatch went live, we highlighted the mode with a card in the Arcade that featured our brand-new Deathmatch map, Château Guillard. This week, the card features the entire suite of Deathmatch maps. While the map pool has changed, the cards are actually the one-in-the-same and thus were intended to share a loot box reward. As a result, players who completed last week’s Deathmatch card weren’t eligible for this week’s reward, but would still see the icon. 

“Rather than simply removing the icon from the Deathmatch card for players that collected the loot box reward last week, we’ve now added the ability for players to earn an additional loot box this week.”

ORIGINAL: A new Overwatch update appears to have been launched tonight on PS4, PC and Xbox One, although nothing major has changed.

Players have reported receiving a message concerning a new update for Overwatch but when they’ve gone to patch their game, it turns out that there already up-to-date.

While Blizzard have yet to launch any patch notes, it appears that this latest Overwatch patch is very small.

This could explain player confusion, as it wouldn’t take PS4, PC and Xbox One players very long to download a hotfix.

It may not even be big enough to need a new numbering of the game build, hence why it appears that nothing has changed.

One thing that players are reporting is that the new update may have fixed the game’s problem where players were unable to earn a loot box from the first win in Deathmatch mode.

Reliability Engineer, Jeff Brill, recently confirmed that this was one of the recent bugs being watched by Blizzard.

“Thanks for the reports, we’re looking into this,” he told fans on the forums.

New Overwatch patch notes will hopefully launch in the next few hours to confirm just what might have changed and what was included in the latest Overwatch update.

It follows news that Overwatch developer Blizzard may have found its new Doomfist, as fans demand the release of Junkertown’s Junker Queen.

With the Junkertown map release date potentially just days away, fans have started a campaign to get a new character added to the roster.

The Junker Queen can be seen in Junkertown posters and heard over the loudspeakers in a recent trailer.

Fans have flooded social media with drawings of the Junker Queen and requests that Blizzard adds her to the game.

Not since Doomfist has an unreleased Overwatch character received this much love from the community.

Fingers crossed Junker Queen becomes a playable character in the future.