This Grand Theft Auto Online Player Meets With Community Members In Person

(Photo: Kotaku)

The cool thing about playing in online communities is that you meet some really great people. This is particularly true with Grand Theft Auto Online, as it’s easy to form a crew and click with them once you complete several missions within the game.

Kotaku recently reported on such a crew, known as the Hillbilly Agenda, who actually act more as a family than a gaming clan getting stuff in the game. And they’re actually so close, the leader of the crew goes out of his way to meet others in person in real life, provided they’re loyal to said crew.

The crew actually consists of 30 players who mostly reside in the Tennessee area, and they’re looking for others to join them as they make their way across the game. While it hasn’t been established for long, it’s made up of members that look after one another.

A group called NoClip recently covered the adventures of the leader in a documentary series, who calls himself KnoxNerd, as he travels across the globe to meet these members in person and award them with gifts for being so loyal to the crew. As you can see in the picture above, these consist of fake vanity plates, similar to the ones featured in the game.

So how does KnoxNerd do this? With his own personal plane. He goes by the name of Warren Scott, and he’s actually shown quite a bit of devotion to his team, taking over 13 trips out of state and delivering over 30 license plates in all. You can watch the video below and see what this journey is all about, courtesy of NoClip’s YouTube channel.

Now, how does KnoxNerd know who his most loyal players are? Through stat tracking, according to the Kotaku piece. He’s able to see just how many hours players log in to Grand Theft Auto Online, as well as their rank and money earned. “Also, I’m a nerd,” he noted.

(Photo: Kotaku)

It’s definitely a great way to reward community within the game, and leaves you wondering just where Hillbilly Agenda will strike next. We’re eager to see where they go from here.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now as part of Grand Theft Auto V, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Call of Duty WW2 Funny Moments – Derpy Killcams, Emblems & Shane The Noob!

COD WW2 Humorous Times – Derpy Killcams, Emblems & Shane The Noob!
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Pnda Gaming’s Call of Duty Team Drop a Player | Esports News & Videos

Pnda Gaming’s Simply call of Responsibility Workforce Fall a Participant

The Pnda Gaming Phone of Obligation workforce has introduced they are on the lookout for a new player in advance of CWL Dallas.

The commence of the new year often sees a superior degree of roster variations and it seems the Pnda team will be searching back on the industry immediately after just two months collectively.

The group was only introduced on November 3rd, but a Tweet on Friday November 15th it was verified they’d be looking for a substitute for Anthony ‘DraMa’ Padilla.

Jason ‘Prophet’ Nicoletti and Ethan ‘FA5TBALLA’ Wedgeworth ended up part of the Pnda Gaming group who virtually experienced for the CWL World wide Pro League during Infinite Warfare.

While they went their independent ways soon after Dallas, they obtained again alongside one another for the CWL Championships the place they placed 25th to 32nd less than Projekt Evil.

For Get in touch with of Duty WWII they teamed up with Aaron ‘TuQuick’ Chang and DraMa, but Prophet confirmed they are not hunting for a new fourth.


The workforce won’t have far too prolonged to locate a replacement as they go into the CWL 2K event on Sunday November 19th. The second of a few on the internet 2K competitions, they’ll help make a decision the groups who’ll make pool perform for CWL Dallas.

The $200,000 event will consider put between December 8th and 10th in Texas with around 200 groups in attendance.


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Apple Observe Sequence 3 Nike In addition Edition [Unboxing & Review][by GameOverDE] out?v=VRqiEkkaIzM

Apple hat die dritten Technology der Apple Check out auf den Markt gebracht. Als Stolzer Besitzer der ersten Technology, hab ich mich entschieden auf das neue Model zu wechseln. Da es ein paar Punkte gibt die meine Apple Check out nicht mehr oder noch nie ausführen konnte. (Wasser dicht ist zum beispiel ein Punkt, ich traute mich ja kaumHände zu waschen mit ihr)
Es gibt die View auch mit LTE so könnte guy sie komplett ohne Apple iphone nutzen. Doch leider hat das ganze einen Harken, mehr dazu im Movie.

Da ich schon ein Unboxing zur ersten Generation gemacht habe, hab ich mich auch wieder dazu entschlossen, hier zu ein Video clip zu machen.

Viel Spaß beim schauen.