ZTE Could Beat Samsung With Its Own Foldable Phone

Samsung isn’t the only company working on a folding phone apparently. While rumors about Samsung’s folding phone that you hold like a book are heating up, another phone maker may be about to unveil a folding design, with the device arriving as soon as next month.

ZTE's Blade Z Max is pretty big, but ZTE could be working on a phone with a foldable display. (Credit: Tom's Guide)ZTE’s Blade Z Max is pretty big, but ZTE could be working on a phone with a foldable display. (Credit: Tom’s Guide)That’s the word via VentureBeat, which is reporting that ZTE is working on an dual-screen phone with AT&T that would fold out to form a 6.8-inch phablet. An anonymous source knowledgeable of its design told VentureBeat that the Axon Multy — the phone’s apparent name — will feature two 1080p panels on both the the front and the rear. When folded together on a vertical axis, they’ll form a 2160 x 1920 display.

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Because the device can be used in multiple orientations, there’s only one camera, supposedly rated at 20 megapixels.

The hardware underpinning the unique form factor sounds a little more dated. The Axon Multy could feature the Snapdragon 820, the leading mobile processor from Qualcomm in 2016. The phone will also reportedly feature 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. A 3,120 mAh battery will power the two displays, but the phone still measures less than 10 millimeters thick when folded, according to the report.

ZTE’s reported partnership with AT&T could be one of the more interesting tidbits about the Axon Multy’s development. AT&T could tout the foldable phone as a companion to its DirecTV entertainment bundles.

We could find out very soon if this folding phone is for real. ZTE is holding an October 17 press event, and phone leaker Evan Blass, who wrote the VentureBeat report, thinks the ZTE Multy could be on the agenda. He expects the phone to cost around $650.

ZTE’s timing is key, as a number of companies are experimenting with flexible displays. Last year, Lenovo offered us a glimpse of one such concept designed to be worn like a bracelet. The United States Patent and Trademark Office published an application for a book-like iPhone several months later. In January, the Korea Herald reported LG was even further along toward production than Samsung. This year marked the arrival of bezel-less devices, but at this rate, 2018 could be the year of the foldable smartphone.

You Can Make Cell phone Calls Direct From The New Apple Look at

Lastly! Immediately after ready for all the cool stuff we saw on ‘Beyond 2000’ to turn into a reality, Apple has sent. Not pretty with a Go Go Gadget arm, but with a enjoy you can use to choose and make phone calls on, no make any difference how considerably away your handset is.


In previous iterations of the Apple Look at you could choose mobile phone phone calls if your mobile phone was inside of a sure radius. Now, thanks to a distinctive manufactured teeny little e-sim card (with the exact same quantity as your mobile phone) inside of the enjoy, Optus and Telstra users (with Vodafone becoming a member of shortly) can use their enjoy as a mobile phone any where in Australia, even if their handset is in yet another state.

This suggests you can choose the dog for a stroll and go away your mobile phone at dwelling on charge all though not jeopardizing lacking that significant connect with you might be ready on. You won’t be able to go away your mobile phone at dwelling and choose the enjoy to Bali nevertheless as it won’t get the job done as roaming. Sorry.

As with the Apple Look at Collection 2, the new Collection 3 is also h2o resistant, indicating you can properly go away your mobile phone at dwelling and just wear your enjoy to the seashore. No a lot more trying to cover your mobile phone underneath your towel though you go for a dip, and certainly, you can choose a connect with though you might be out swimming.

The new Apple Collection 3 has a bunch of other cool functions, far too. Coming shortly is the capacity to accessibility 40 million (!) tunes from the enjoy, so you can pair it with your wireless headphones and go for the longest operate off your daily life — no a lot more having to strap your mobile phone to your arm and no a lot more playlists on repeat.


For the 1st time Siri speaks on this new enjoy, far too, applying the in-built speaker. Tracking activity, which include flights climbed and outdoor workouts, has been improved thanks to the new barometric altimetre inside the enjoy.

It also functions an updated Heart Price application, offering even a lot more insight to your heart rate. You can decide on to receive a notification when your heart rate is elevated earlier mentioned a precise threshold though inactive. This is handy when, say, you’ve got experienced a couple of far too lots of coffees or you’ve got unexpectedly been named into the boss’s business. Or, it may possibly be a indication of one thing a lot more really serious (at which issue you should go see your doctor).


Apple Look at Collection 3 with mobile starts off at $559 and comes in gold, silver or house gray aluminium, or silver or house black stainless steel. Without having the mobile operation it starts off at $459 and comes in gold, silver or house gray aluminium. The two measurements stay the 38mm or the 42mm.

Advise a correction

Dad’s horror after Samsung mobile phone bursts into flames as he drove along a dual carriageway burning his hands and filling car with thick smoke

A DRIVER narrowly avoided a horror road smash when his mobile phone caught alight and filled his car with choking, acrid smoke.

Ciaron Jackson said his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge, which was placed in a central console, reached searing temperatures as he drove along the dual carriageway.

 Ciaron Jackson said his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge burst into flames while he was driving

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Ciaron Jackson said his Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge burst into flames while he was driving
 The burnt phone was picked up by Samsung to investigate

News Group Newspapers Ltd

The burnt phone was picked up by Samsung to investigate

Terrified Ciaron said he was forced to toss the smoking handset out of the window as thick, eye-watering fumes engulfed the inside of his motor.

The phone left painful burns on his hand, but the 28-year-old said he counted himself lucky as he usually keeps his mobile in his pocket while driving.

He said: “I was driving on my way to work on the dual carriageway, doing 50mph, when my car filled with thick, white chemical smelling smoke.

“It was my Samsung Galaxy that was smoking – to the point where it’s melted my bank cards.

“I had to throw the phone out of the window.

“It’s lucky my wife and child were not in the car.”

 Ciaron burnt his hand tossing the phone out of the car window

News Group Newspapers Ltd

Ciaron burnt his hand tossing the phone out of the car window

Amazingly, Ciaron, from Bridgend, South Wales, only suffered excruciating scorch marks to his fingers in the terrifying brush with death on September 7.

He was travelling along the A473 in rush hour traffic on his way to work at a loans firm in Cardiff.

The married father, who has a five-year-old son, said he had only owned the handset for about nine months.

When he returned to the spot where he threw it out of his car, chillingly, all that was left of the smartphone was a melted, black plastic mess.

He added: “If that was in my pocket – I normally carry the phone in my pocket – it could have been a different story.”

Ciaron said he complained to Samsung and the Korean electronics firm arranged for a courier to collect the destroyed gadget.

A spokesperson for Samsung said: “There are no known issues with the Galaxy S7 edge. Samsung stands behind the quality and safety of the millions of Galaxy S7 family phones in the market.

“Until Samsung is able to examine any device, it is impossible to determine the true cause of any incident.

“Customer safety remains our highest priority and we will work with any customer who has experienced an issue with a Samsung product in order to investigate the matter.

“We have provided a replacement device as a gesture of goodwill and we are examining the customer’s device that we have now obtained.”

Samsung files patent for a mobile phone with a foldable SCREEN

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Samsung and Phonestore asked to pay ₹50K for defective phone and ₹7K for harassment

A District Consumer Redressal Forum has directed Samsung India and retailer Phonestore in Daryaganj to pay ₹50,577 as compensation to a consumer on the grounds that they sold a defective Samsung handset to him.

Ajay Khosla had alleged that the phone had started malfunctioning within two months of the purchase.

In his complaint, Mr. Khosla claimed that the handset had started to get excessively heated and ultimately stopped working.

He further alleged deficiency of services on the part of the service centre as they returned the handset to him without repairing it.

“The complainant has filed a copy of the cash invoice, which shows that the handset was purchased by him and was under warranty at the time of handing it over for repairs to the authorised service centre,” read the order.

No appearance

The district forum observed that neither Samsung nor the retailer who sold the handset had appeared before the forum despite being served notices. “None of the opposite parties have chosen to file any reply or contested the claim of the complainant,” the court observed.

Calling it a deficiency in service, the court said: “The complainant has proved purchase of mobile phone. As the case of the complainant has not been controverted by the opposite parties, we have no reasons to disbelieve the complainant.”

‘₹7,000 for harassment’

‘Directing the respondents to refund the original price of the handset, the court ordered a compensation of ₹50,577 to the complainant. Further, the district consumer forum ordered an additional compensation of ₹7,000 for mental torture, harassment and cost of litigation.

In the order, the court said: “All the above amounts shall be payable by all the opposite parties jointly”.

The Doogee S60 is ‘the one who reinvents rugged phone’

There are a few rugged smartphones on the market, like the Galaxy Active series or the LG X Venture. But maybe those aren’t tough enough for you. Do you need a phone that will survive “fields, underwater and other outdoor environments”? What about one that is “manly, strong, and special in market”? If so, the Doogee S60 might be for you.

The S60 (no, not that S60) has a super durable design made of “a special material” and is covered in a gold finish, because who says tough phones have to be ugly? The front has a 5.2″ HD display with Gorilla Glass 5. The S60 is powered by a MediaTek Helio P25, which “features a powerful performance” and is “rarely found in a professional rugged phone.” After all, everyone knows that the Galaxy Active phones would be much better with a MediaTek chip. Doogee does what Samsundon’t.

Doogee really wants you to know this phone is perfect for outdoor use. In fact, the multitude of built-in sensors include a compass, gyroscope, baroreceptor, and coulomb meter. All of these “helps when you are exploring the fields.”

If you aren’t already rushing to grab your wallet, you should know that Doogee is making a “Game of Throne Edition” of the S60. No, I’m not kidding, and I’m pretty sure HBO doesn’t know about it. You can win one from the contest on Doogee’s website, and each unit has a GoT quote embedded on the back. One of them says “Hordor.”

I highly recommend reading the Engrish mess of a press release below. You can buy the S60 from AliExpress right now for $299-$339.

STOCKHOLM–(BUSINESS WIRE)–What should a rugged phone be? With more and more people getting interested in outdoor exploration and outdoor sports, the needs for a powerful rugged smartphone is increasing. DOOGEE, the professional smartphone manufacturer, has been marching into the promising market and recently, their new rugged phone S60 was unveiled.

Design: manly, strong, special, with IP68
As a rugged phone, Doogee S60 had achieved IP68 protection, and the body is designed with special material and enhanced craftsmanship for drop and shock resistance as well. S60 is covered by a gold finish with black plastic cushion around the corners. Almost the whole back cover is made of aluminum alloy, a highly intensive aerospace grade material which is much stronger than other materials.

In the display aspect, S60 narrow down the bezels and get a unique 5.2” FHD display. The screen is protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Overall, S60 is manly, strong, and special in market.

Most powerful ever
The rugged phone features a powerful performance with octa-core MTK Helio P25, which we rarely found in a professional rugged phone. And the 6GB of RAM is worth being mentioned, too. It runs on Android 7.0 Nougat out of box, and 64GB/128GB of internal storage.

5580mAh battery is definitely a killing part of S60. The massive battery can sustain for a moderate use of three days in this phone. Moreover, the advanced fast charging technology up to 12V-2A is applied to S60, which gives 30% power in 10 minutes charging. Wireless charging and OTG are supported, making S60 a backup power bank.

S60 is using the Sony® IMX 230 sensor with an incredibly big 1/2.4 inch of CMOS size, a popular camera sensor which were applied in Huawei, Xiaomi flagships. The camera supports PDAF and OIS technology, which are working together to improve focus speed by 100% and create crystal-clear photos.

As a rugged phone, S60 is designed to work in fields, underwater and other outdoor environments. So the GPS and GLONASS navigating system are essential. There are many useful sensors built-in, such as compass, gyroscope, coulomb-meter, baroceptor, which helps when you are exploring the fields. Moreover, NFC is supported, just as a physical PTT (Push to Talk) button and SOS button are put in the side of S60.

DOOGEE S60 has launched in the official page now: http://www.doogee.cc/sale/s60/

Someone registered my phone number..

Yeah so I checked Fb for any accounts registered with my number and found a random account with no pictures, no posts, and no friends , I was forced to make an email for the account to remove my number but my mail.com email isn’t receiving email confirmations. Have been blocked twice now. I need support

Friday 5: Getting to know the Moto G5S Plus, Motorola’s best budget phone yet [Video]

Motorola has consistently been putting out great phones in the budget category since the original Moto G, and the new Moto G5S Plus looks to continue that trend with a metal body and a spec bump over the Moto G5 Plus we reviewed earlier this year. As we unbox the phone and start prepping for our full review, this week’s Friday 5 is all about its most noteworthy features.


Just like its predecessor, the Moto G5S Plus costs just $230. Considering the outstanding build quality, including a metal body, chamfered edges, and delightfully clicky and solid buttons, the design of the G5S Plus is leaps and bounds ahead of the other phones in its price range.

Dual cameras

The Moto G5S Plus is one of the cheapest phones we’ve ever seen tout a dual camera system. Inside its circular camera bulge rest two 13 MP sensors, allowing users to play with monochrome photos and artificial depth of field effects. The Moto Z2 Force impressed us with the image quality from its dual cameras, so we’re excited to see how well this system translates to a phone that costs significantly less.

Network support

Unlocked phones are relatively common in the US these days, but even most high-end unlocked phones only support GSM networks like AT&T or T-Mobile. The Moto G5S Plus has support for all four major US carriers, meaning that even Verizon and Sprint customers can get in on this deal, along with customers on prepaid subsidiary networks like Boost or Cricket.


Motorola phones often impress us with their endurance, and though we haven’t yet had time to put the Moto G5S Plus through its paces, it looks promising on paper. The 3,000 mAh battery should be plenty to last throughout a day, especially when combined with the power-efficient Android 7.1, and Motorola includes a Turbo Power charger in the box for a quick refill when necessary.


It’s hard to complain about missing features in such an inexpensive phone, but everyone’s priorities when buying a phone are different, so it’s important to know what the Moto G5S Plus is missing. There’s no NFC, meaning you won’t be able to make mobile payments through Android Pay, and while the metal design is sturdy and attractive, it prevents the phone from supporting wireless charging.

The phone charges through microUSB rather than the more modern USB-C (though those with a stockpile of older cables probably won’t mind this), and like every other Moto phone, the G5S Plus has a splash-repellant coating, but no full-blown water resistance.

The Moto G5S Plus is available for pre-order now on Motorola’s website, and will officially go on sale September 29. Check back soon for our full review to see if it’s worth your money.

kingdom for a phone – The Hindu

In July this year, luxury handset manufacturer Vertu declared bankruptcy. Since 1998, the UK-based company has been synonymous with extravagant mobile phones. Starting at 1.5 lakh and going all the way in excess of 25 lakh the phones were hand assembled using materials ranging from Ostrich leather and pure gold to diamonds. Perks like these made Vertu phones a choice for a select few, mostly movie stars, businessmen and… farmers from Gujarat.

Like Pravin Joshi, a cotton farmer and trader from Ahmedabad, who rather proudly shows off his Vertu Signature Touch — a shiny titanium-encased Android smartphone that costs around 7.5 lakh. “I just did not want an iPhone, everyone has one,” says Joshi. The phone came with a dedicated 24/7 concierge service, but that isn’t top priority for him. “I particularly liked the camera and ringtones of this Vertu,” he explains, referring to the Hasselblad-certified camera and the ringtones composed exclusively by the London Symphony Orchestra.

Dreaming big

Joshi didn’t just buy a Vertu — he also became an influencer, minus the Instagram handle, convincing his friends to buy one as well. “I was amazed after using Pravin’s phone,” says Joshi’s friend, Kamlesh Vora. “I was on the lookout for a jeweller to customise my phone, but after hearing about the extensive customisation I could do with a Vertu phone, I immediately ordered mine with an engraving of my daughter’s name, ” says Vora, who owns date farms on the outskirts of Bhuj, in Kutch.

After four of his friends bought Vertu phones from the same store in Mumbai, the boutique manager promised Joshi a visit to the Vertu factory on his next trip to England. “I just hope they come back into business soon,” he adds.

The phone is a big deal for Joshi, for whom even going to a restaurant for a meal with his family was a rarity, 15 years ago. His life changed when the contract garment manufacturing boom led to a rise in cotton prices. It fuelled his growth from a small farmer with two acres to a landowner with multiple farms outside Ahmedabad. Today, his cotton trading company supplies to giants like Walmart, GAP and Zara, to name a few.

Like Joshi, there are many farmers from Gujarat who have seen their aspirations turn to reality thanks to rapid industrialisation and the growth in agriculture. A previously neglected sector, farming has prospered for some, in the last decade or so, thanks to a couple of years of generous monsoon and an improvement in power infrastructure. While the recovery of cotton in the last decade is responsible for creation of a lot of wealth, it’s also landowners who have seen land prices skyrocket thanks to the push for industrialisation.

Four-wheeled pride

But it’s not just Vertu phones, another luxury item that seems to have caught the locals’ fancy is the Audi car. Commonly known in Gujarat as the ‘char bangli vadi gaadi’ (“the four bangled car”, a colloquial reference to their logo) is often showcased as the vehicle of the elite in local TV soaps and it even has pop songs dedicated to it.

Manikant Shah, a chilli farmer from Rajkot, had been wanting to buy an Audi, but didn’t want the hassle of driving all the way to Ahmedabad to service it. So when Audi opened a sprawling new 1,00,000 square feet showroom and service station in Rajkot, he booked himself a ₹65 lakh SUV in the very first week.

Why the Q5? “The Audi Q5 looks very good,” explains Shah, adding that the road leading towards his farm isn’t that great, but the Q5 “drives smoothly over the bumps.” A practical man, if there was ever one. But it’s not just farmers who have a change of fortune — landowners of previously cheap plots in rural Gujarat found themselves rich thanks to rapid industrialisation that started a decade ago.

Like the Vadodara-based Manjula Mehta, a home-maker and mother of two. Mehta lucked out in early 2007 when a piece of land she bought with friends turned out to be where Tata Motors wanted to build their Nano factory in Sanand. “My kitty friends and I contacted some brokers and after a couple of months we bought six bighas (1.5 acres) of land after pooling in ₹10 lakhs each,” explains Mehta.

Lucked-out land

“Our land was right next to the proposed Tata plant, so we sold our land for ₹2 crore.” That’s probably what a modern day fairy tale sounds like, except in Mehta’s case, it turned into reality. With her bumper prize, the first thing Mehta did was buy — of course — an Audi car to surprise her husband on his 55th birthday. “I had never bought a car before, I just went to the Audi showroom and asked for one worth ₹50 lakhs” explains Mehta. That sure was one lucky husband.

The people of Gujarat have always been known for their conservative approach to spending, but with the cotton boom and land prices skyrocketing, the dry State has seen enough millionaires per square foot to rival Silicon Valley. And while there is no shortage of options for the rich to spend their new wealth, most of their decisions are based on what their friends and relatives are doing.

“With the growth of social media everyone wants to be the first, whether it is to visit an exotic foreign destination, get a new watch or a handbag,” says Krupa Solanki who organises private sales of luxury handbags in Ahmedabad, where brands like Dior and Burberry find many takers. Not surprising considering how over the past decade, everyone from Audi to Rolls Royce have set up shop across Gujarat and more brands are on their way.

And with the proposed Bullet train project set to connect Ahmedabad with Mumbai, there’s no telling what’s going to catch the average rich farmer’s fancy.

Google Paid HTC $1.1 Billion To Turn Itself Into a Phone Maker

After years of half-heartedly and occasionally hamfistedly building gadgets, Google’s finally all-in on the hardware game. Google will announce a number of new products on October 4, reportedly including two new phones, a smaller version of the Google Home, and a high-end laptop. And on Wednesday, the company announced an agreement with struggling manufacturer HTC that will import a team of engineers over to Google, to help close the gap between Mountain View’s hardware ambitions and its present reality.

The tie-up’s not quite the acquisition that had been rumored, but rather a “cooperation agreement.” Google is hiring a team of HTC employees—about 2,000 people in all, members of HTC’s “Powered by HTC” division—most of whom have already been working on Google’s Pixel phones. Those employees will stay in Taipei, Taiwan, where HTC is headquartered, but they’ll become full-on Googlers. In exchange for those workers and a non-exclusive license for some of HTC’s intellectual property, Google’s paying HTC $1.1 billion. Both sides hope to close the deal by early 2018. Even after the arrangement is finalized, HTC will continue making its own phones, and building Vive VR products.

According to one source, the agreement essentially shortcuts the acquisition process. Google doesn’t need an entire company; it just needs engineers that can help it tightly integrate Pixel hardware with its homegrown software. So rather than deal with enveloping HTC whole cloth, it can simply pay for and quickly get the team it needs. A team which, again, already makes Google hardware. In some ways, all that changes is the ID badge.

Moto Memories

But the ID badge matters. Google learned this the hard way. When it plunked down $13.3 billion to buy Motorola in 2011, the marriage seemed to make sense. Motorola offered a patent portfolio that would help Google fight in an increasingly litigious mobile industry, plus plenty of cash and assets. Those were all more important, and less exciting, than another little part of Motorola’s business that Google picked up: the hardware team. It seemed that finally, after years of watching other companies make Android phones that paled next to the iPhone, Google was taking its fate in its own hands.

The beautiful coupling of hardware and software, of course, didn’t happen. Google made a big show of not favoring Moto in any way, walling the company off from the very software makers it needed to produce truly great products. “Motorola will remain a licensee of Android and Android will remain open,” Larry Page wrote in a blog post announcing the acquisition. “We will run Motorola as a separate business.” The real problem, according to former employees, was that Google just wasn’t serious about making hardware. It saw itself as a platform company, not a phone company.

‘I don’t even think anyone’s pissed at this point. I think they’re resigned.’ —Avi Greengart, GlobalData

Today, though, the time seems right for Google to assert more control over the Android ecosystem. Android dominates so completely that even if, say, LG feels threatened by Google’s hardware aggression, it has virtually no recourse. “At least until the next big technology wave comes, and probably even then, we’re likely stuck with iOS and Android,” says Avi Greengart, who tracks devices and platforms for analysis firm GlobalData. “I don’t even think anyone’s pissed at this point. I think they’re resigned.” Plus, Google made these ambitions clear a long time ago; the Pixel already exists, and it didn’t drive anyone out of business yet.

And in a lot of ways, HTC fits Google far better than Motorola ever did. The two companies have a long history of working together: In addition to the Pixel, HTC manufactured the very first Android phone, the G1. HTC has also had a long run of success as a white-label manufacturer building devices for other companies, and even made a few of the best early Android phones, like the ceramic One X. Even its current device, the HTC U11, ranks among the best Android phones on the market.


If all goes well, the new team of former HTC-ers could finally centralize and simplify Google’s manufacturing, which has previously sat somewhere on the spectrum between “complicated” and “chaos.” The company built phones with Huawei and LG, routers with TP-Link and Asus, augmented-reality gear with Lenovo, and lots of in-house products with various contract manufacturers. While Apple preaches the integration of hardware and software, Google’s been all over the place.

Tighter control over manufacturing affects more than just the bottom line. “Bringing that design capability in-house would likely allow Google to design exactly the phones it wants to, giving it both more freedom and a greater ability to optimize designs to get exactly what it wants and needs from the hardware,” says Jan Dawson, chief analyst at Jackdaw Research. New technologies like augmented reality and virtual assistants, especially, require massive power and optimization. Apple’s ARKit works so well in part because of Apple’s new A11 Bionic processor, and its dedicated GPU and neural-processing chips. If Google wants Google Assistant and ARCore to work seamlessly, it needs to make sure the underlying hardware can support them. And even if its traditional Android hardware partners churn out workhorse devices, Google risks that Samsung and others (but mostly Samsung) will eventually want push everyone to Bixby and the Gear VR instead.

As always, a shift like this takes time to fully shake out. It’ll likely be a couple of years before we see what happens when Google lets a bunch of HTC employees hang out in the Googleplex with Android engineers. There are lots of unanswered questions, too: What does this talent drain do to HTC’s existing products, from its phones to its Re cameras to the scale and fitness band it built with Under Armour? What does this mean for a company like LG, Google’s supposed partner for the Pixel 2 XL? One thing we do know, more surely than ever: Google’s a hardware company now. And it’s coming for everybody.

UPDATE: This story has been changed to reflect the number of HTC employees joining Google.

Vertu’s latest luxury Android phone is built for jetsetters

As for fit and finish, everything is as you’d expect. The Constellation, like Vertu’s other handsets, will be hand-built in England and is crafted from anodized aluminium and finished with leather sourced “from a specialist, family-run tannery in Italy.” An inset ruby located on the side of the phone doubles as a button that offers access to Vertu’s 24-hour Concierge service, for when you need help with a very important booking.

The Constellation’s performance shouldn’t be ignored, either. It features a 5.5-inch (2,560 x 1,440) WQHD AMOLED display that, with over 3.6 million pixels, clocks in at an impressive 538 PPI. Vertu is sticking with premium elements, including sapphire, which adds extra protection with its 140 carat scratchproof finish. Under the hood lies a Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, 4GB of RAM, a healthy 128GB of storage (including microSD support), a 3220mAh battery and support for USB-C and wireless charging.

Vertu has also crammed in Dolby Digital Plus virtual surround sound and front-facing stereo speakers, which are located at the at the top and bottom of the device “to achieve the best possible stereo separation.” The 12-megapixel sensor in the Constellation’s rear-facing camera is capable of giving Google’s Pixel phones some competition, housing “large” 1.55µm (micro) pixels, which will give it an edge on most smartphone cameras in low-light conditions.

The phone itself runs a customized version of Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow and Vertu hasn’t given me any indication that the handset will receive an upgrade to Nougat. In the past, it was suggested that the company’s new owner, Hong Kong’s Godin Holdings, may look to integrate its own suite of security software, but the Constellation will fully encrypt calls using tech from Silent Circle, at least for now.

Vertu says the Constellation will go on sale in boutiques from mid-February, but it has yet to decide on a price. Bear in mind, all Vertu phones run into the thousands, and this will likely be no different.