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It’s as of now over a month when Facebook authoritatively reported ‘Hashtags’ include (twelfth June 2013) yet it is as yet very little being used. With the happening to Hashtags on Facebook, numerous computerized advertisers anticipated the new component as a danger to Twitter. By one means or another, Twitter is as yet the best with regards to Hashtag Promotion of a brand or an item.

Despite the fact that Facebook is having more clients in India Twitter is having more intuitive TG and subsequently, ‘Hashtag advancement’ is unquestionably more fruitful there. Something else is that utilizing a Hashtag should be possible for a brand or a general client on Facebook yet then Facebook does not give a ‘Pattern’ window where clients can see the most discussed subjects and brands that are contending to bring their image name at the best.

‘Hashtags’ give the office to see exchange under the specific theme yet ‘Patterns’ give the sentiment rivalry among the brand darlings and brands who need to see their item name drifting at the best. Along these lines, it is all the more rousing and energizing; likewise, Hashtags are by one means or another inadequate without Trends. In addition, by and by Facebook Hashtags don’t have weight inclination and investigation supplier where one can know what number of the post sees originated from the hashtag stream. Facebook is having greatest portable clients and shockingly, this component is by and by inaccessible for them. One can’t scan for hashtags on the versatile application and distributed hashtags in notices are additionally not interactive from portable variants. Along these lines, as I would see it, Facebook Hashtags needs bunches of change keeping in mind the end goal to be a win.

In spite of the fact that Hashtags are likewise running on Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+ yet it is related with Twitter in the brains of general clients. Obviously, there is one incredible favorable position of happening to Hashtags on Facebook that coordinated correspondence can be conveyed advantageously on all the computerized stages by a Brand.

In any case, Facebook has replicated many highlights of Twitter and other informal organizations in past like Verified Account, Follow Feature, List Feature (Google+) and Public Posts and every one of the highlights certainly helped in enhancing the stage. Be that as it may, Hashtag Feature on Facebook needs numerous changes for running effective advancement battles

How To Set Up Google Home Calls Using Your Phone Number

Google announced at their event on October 4th that Google Home (via Google Assistant, of course) would now allow all users to append their phone number to their account for making outbound phone calls.

Previously, this feature was a bit gimped in the fact that it would show unavailable or unlisted on the other end of the line when you placed a phone call.

At first, that limitation didn’t seem like too much of an issue, but I found it to make calling with Google Home almost useless when contacting other people.

Sure, calling for a pizza worked just fine, but people and their mobile phones were a totally different beast. I don’t know about you, but I don’t make a habit of picking up the phone for unlisted or unrecognized numbers.

I’d wager you don’t, either.

That’s All Changed

Since the event on Wednesday, Google Home lets you append your personal phone number to the outgoing call so others know who is calling.

Better yet, Google’s voice recognition can tell who is placing the call and append the correct number. If my wife says “call Joe Smith”, Google will make her number visible to Joe Smith. If I make the same request, my phone number would show.

It is easily one of the best uses of Google’s ability to detect the user based only on their voice.

How To Get It Working

While this feature is awesome and useful, it isn’t exactly clear how to set it up. Let’s go through it real quick.

First, go to your Google Home app on a phone or Chromebook.

Next, hit that hamburger menu in the upper-left corner.

Next, touch More settings.

After that, scroll to the bottom and select Calls on speakers.

Now, select Your own number. It will say something about showing up as unlisted, but click EDIT and then Add or change phone number.

Type in your phone number and hit verify. You’ll get a text to verify this is your phone number. Enter in that code and click Verify one last time.

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That’s it! You’ve now set your account to call out using your phone number as the caller ID. We’ve tested and verified this works perfectly and, even between different male voices, Google Home can distinguish who is making the call and append the correct number every time.

This one feature has made Google Home a viable phone call machine in our home now. The kids can easily call grandparents or either of us without much fuss at all, and we don’t have to have a cell phone tied up to do it.

Things like this will be the reasons people have not only to buy a Google Home, but actually use it on a regular basis as well.

Study Finds Significant Number of Macs Running Out-of-Date Firmware Susceptible to Critical Exploits

A new research paper from Duo Security, shared by Ars Technica, reveals that a significant number of Macs are running out-of-date EFI versions, leaving them susceptible to critical pre-boot firmware exploits.

The security firm analyzed 73,324 Macs used in production environments and found that, on average, 4.2 percent of the systems were running the incorrect EFI version relative to the model and version of macOS or OS X installed.

The percentage of incorrect EFI versions varies greatly depending on the model. The late 2015 21.5″ iMac had the highest occurrence of incorrect EFI firmware, with 43 percent of systems running incorrect versions.

EFI, which stands for Extensible Firmware Interface, bridges a Mac’s hardware, firmware, and operating system together to enable it to go from power-on to booting macOS. EFI operates at a lower level than both the operating system and hypervisors, providing attackers with a greater level of control.

Successful attack of a system’s UEFI implementation provides an attacker with powerful capabilities in terms of stealth, persistence, and direct access to hardware, all in an OS and VMM independent manner.

Duo Security found that 47 models capable of running OS X Yosemite, OS X El Capitan, or macOS Sierra, for example, did not have an EFI security patch for the Thunderstrike exploit publicly disclosed nearly three years ago.

The research paper noted that there seems to be something interfering with the way bundled EFI updates are installed alongside macOS, while some Macs never received EFI updates whatsoever, but it doesn’t know exactly why.

There seems to be something interfering with the way bundled EFI firmware updates are getting installed, leading to systems running old EFI versions. We are not able to give an exact reason why, but there are significant discrepancies between the firmware version that is actually running on real world production systems and the version that is expected to be running, given the OS build. This means that even if your Mac is still receiving security patch support, there is a non-trivial chance that your system is not running the latest version, even though you thought it was installed.

While its research paper is focused on Apple, Duo Security said the same if not worse EFI issues likely affect PCs running Windows or Linux.

In response to the research paper, Apple said it appreciates the research on the industry-wide issue and noted that macOS High Sierra automatically validates a Mac’s EFI on a weekly basis to ensure it hasn’t been tampered with.

We appreciate Duo’s work on this industry-wide issue and noting Apple’s leading approach to this challenge. Apple continues to work diligently in the area of firmware security and we’re always exploring ways to make our systems even more secure. In order to provide a safer and more secure experience in this area, macOS High Sierra automatically validates Mac firmware weekly.

In a related blog post, Duo Security said users should check if they are running the latest version of EFI on their Macs, and it has released a tool to help do so. It also recommends updating to the latest version of macOS High Sierra.

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Keen entrepreneurs focus on building solid associations with their client either through substance promoting or customary cooperation with the client. Correspondence has advanced quickly that client benefit additionally needs to enhance to stay up to date with the cutting edge correspondence channels. Despite the fact that organizations regularly utilize online networking destinations to pull in clients and fabricate nearness, they additionally demonstrate some potential as a client benefit entry.Convey Instant communication at the point when clients are disappointed or when they have questions, they need answers instantly. They don’t have the tolerance to be set on hold or sit tight 24-48 hours for a reaction from your organization. Annoy clients will become significantly more angry with consistently that they sit tight for a determination Web-based social networking gives a prompt type of correspondence. When somebody says your image or post a remark on your Facebook page, your staff will get a notice and they can make quick move and guarantee the client that this issue is being chipped away at when all is said in done, individuals, like to converse with another person instead of imparting their worry through messages or IVR. Through online networking, you can address your client’s issue by and by. Moreover, it enables your group to quickly deal with any negative criticism so it doesn’t heighten. It additionally gives you the capacity to react progressively.


Someone registered my phone number..

Yeah so I checked Fb for any accounts registered with my number and found a random account with no pictures, no posts, and no friends , I was forced to make an email for the account to remove my number but my mail.com email isn’t receiving email confirmations. Have been blocked twice now. I need support

OnePlus is Bringing a Number of their Applications to the Play Store

For a long time, OEMs have relied on pushing out OTA updates to bring new features of some pre-installed applications to their users. This allowed for those applications to continue receiving new features and bug fixes while still maintaining their system application status. However, a lot of them simply do not need to be installed as a system application so we’ve been seeing a trend of these OEM applications being uploaded to the Play Store. Today, OnePlus has announced they are bringing four of their in-house applications to to Google Play so they can push out updates faster to their users.

We won’t see a time in which OEMs will push all of their 1st-party applications to the Play Store, but it certainly makes sense for a lot of them. Using this new OnePlus announcement as an example, there just isn’t a reason for them to limit updates for the Weather or Gallery applications to OTA updates. This results in it taking the company longer to get bug fixes and new features out to their users and that can be a big deal if someone has been putting up with an annoying bug within the application.

The company is calling these Individual Application Updates and it is being made available for owners of the OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T and the OnePlus 5. This new transition includes the OnePlus Launcher, OnePlus Community, Weather and their Gallery applications. So not only should we see these applications updated faster, but the company should also be able to push out more updates than we’re used to.

Some users have already reported seeing multiple OnePlus apps suddenly update through the Play Store, but now we have an official list with the full roster. We’re told that the Launcher will be the first of these that receives the next update from the Play Store. They said this should happen later this week and it comes with the following changes. . .

  • Optimized home screen folder icon, with a preview of the first four icons in the folder.
  • Redesigned style to mark folders that have already been opened.
  • Double finger touch support, allowing you to hold an item while sliding on the home screen.
  • General bug fixes.

Source: OnePlus

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Facebook is an informal community benefit site propelled on February 4, 2004. This is a rundown of programming and innovation includes that can be the Facebook site and are accessible to users of the online networking website.Facebook was as of late esteemed at $201.6 billion, making it the 22nd biggest organization on the planet. The dominant part of its esteem is gotten from ads. With a specific end goal to produce more publicists, Facebook constantly includes highlights that may be irritating to some of its users yet are alluring to promoting organizations.

A few times, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has been reprimanded for presenting highlights that exclusive indicates the system as being confused and for trampling upon your entitlement to security. Business Insider investigates the 10 of the best highlights of Facebook.



Need to know who among your friends are praising a birthday? For the individuals who need to refresh their social life, Events is the component for you. Without it, you would not realize what is new with your friends.

Course of events

With the new Timeline highlight, pictures, new friends, and other substance are streaming easily in a more extensive, twofold barrel waterway. Like most re-plans, Timeline was met with blended reactions. Yet, a few people like it superior to anything the old divider which was excessively confined.

Login Problems … Facebook Password Reset

Social Plug-ins

Need to remark on an article that you read about Barrack Obama or Lebron James? With Facebook social modules, it is currently conceivable to make a remark on different destinations, for example, the New York Times and Global Grind. You should simply sign into your Facebook account and your remark will be straightforwardly posted on the site where you made the remark.

Install in-Post

This is the place Facebook scores a noteworthy favorable position over Twitter. When posting articles, recordings, and pictures on Facebook, the connected substance is conveyed appropriately in the post. Along these lines, you don’t need to make another snap.


Kill Push Notifications

With a little change on the settings Tab of your Facebook application, you can without much of a stretch turn off push notices. All things considered, you don’t need to be constantly educated about what is new with your companions and what is keeping them occupied. Anyway, it could be a welcome to play Candy Crush or Farmville.


Relationship Status

With this new element, it would be considerably less demanding to decide if the person or a young lady you met as of late is single, drawn in, wedded, or in an open relationship. You should simply welcome them to wind up plainly your Facebook companion. Once affirmed, you can without much of a stretch take a gander at their profile and check their relationship status.

Facebook Messenger

For a few people, messages flying up now and again can be irritating. In any case, things being what they are others like the visiting stage. Today, it is currently one of the best 75 most downloaded applications in the App Store.

The “Like” Button

Loved the photo or remark that your companion simply posted? Indeed, it used to be that you have to sort words, for example, “As,” “Better believe it,” or “Yes” to favor of a remark. Presently, you simply need to tap on the Like button.

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News Feed

This was one of the new updates that were met by dissents from its adversaries. Zuckerberg reacted serenely. Presently, utilizing Facebook will never be the same without the News Feed in our dividers.


Without a doubt, this is the most prominent component of Facebook. Propelled in October 2005, Photos was the brainchild of Napster fellow benefactor, Sean Parker, and was built by Scott Marlette. Presently, it is giving Instagram a keep running for its cash.