Your Industry News | Motorola Solutions sets out a vision of Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society

Motorola Solutions sets out a vision of Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society

Thursday, Sep 21, 2017

The opening of Motorola Solutions’ London Innovation Centre this month will showcase how new software and services are empowering public safety
Public safety agencies are under enormous pressure in an ever-changing world. Threats are getting more complex, populations are growing, budgets are under pressure, and constant scrutiny is leading to even greater demands for accountability.
Motorola Solutions believes the right information at the right time, supported by intelligent innovations can help relieve some of this burden. Automation can trigger a series of actions to make response times quicker, and big data can be analysed for trends and behaviours, to help identify the most significant and high priority threats. The application of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in a public safety setting is transformative – enabling agencies to potentially predict incidents before they occur.
Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society

Motorola Solutions marks the opening of its Innovation Centre in London by setting out a vision of Smart Public Safety for a Digital Society.
The centre showcases technologies including CommandCentral Analytics, used to support decisions on areas to patrol; showing an application of AI working with Natural Language Processing software, to help officers interact with backend systems and retrieve critical intelligence; and Future Fire Incident Command Concept, demonstrating how the use of Mixed Reality technology by an Incident Commander at the scene can improve situational awareness and the safety of firefighters.
The event that took place explored how data and intelligent solutions can empower public safety organisations to more effectively predict and respond to incidents – even before they occur.
Motorola Solutions technologies showcased how innovations could free up time for public safety agencies. For example, in law enforcement these solutions span before, during and after an incident strengthening the chain of custody for evidence and ultimately helping improve the entire criminal justice system.
“Society is being transformed by technology, and public safety is too. Next-generation solutions can help public safety enhance workflow, boost efficiency and ultimately improve safety and outcomes,” explains Eduardo Conrado, EVP, Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer at ‎Motorola Solutions.
“Public safety organisations need not only the technology and tools to meet their evolving needs, but also a partner with specialised knowledge and experience to understand their challenges, find solutions and imagine new ways to get the job done.”
50 Years of Innovation in the UK

Motorola Solutions has a rich heritage of aiding public safety in the UK over the last five decades. Its innovations span pioneering cellular phones and systems in the mid-80s, to introducing the world’s first TETRA (Terrestrial Trunked Radio) nationwide digital radio network, which is the basis for Airwave – the network went live in 2005 based on Motorola Solutions´ TETRA technology and currently powers public safety communications in the country. 
In 1994, the company developed radio, cable and antenna systems for the newly opened Channel Tunnel between England and France, and in 1998 CityLink Telecommunications consortium, which included Motorola, was selected to replace and manage the radio transmission services for the entire London Underground Tube network.
Meanwhile, in 2004, Motorola Solutions was selected to provide over 30,000 MTH800 digital radios for Metropolitan Police Service officers to use on the Airwave nationwide TETRA communications network. London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority’s command and control system went live in May that year and Motorola Solutions supplied and implemented the system.

In 2015, Motorola Solutions was chosen to provide user services, system integration and critical functionality for the UK’s next generation LTE Emergency Services Network (ESN).

In 2016, PRONTO, a mobile applications suite provided by Airwave for workflows in the field, now underpins over a third of the UK police forces. As the technology has become more widely adopted, police forces have seen a dramatic increase in officer efficiency – from vehicle registration checks and issuing speeding tickets, to testing for the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Motorola Solutions moved its Europe, Middle East and Africa regional headquarters to the heart of London in 2017.

“Over the past 50 years, we have developed close relationships with many public safety organisations and commercial customers in the UK,” said Phil Jefferson, vice president for Western Europe and North Africa, and country manager UK and Ireland at ‎Motorola Solutions. “We are proud to support the UK users with our communications, services and applications that will help make public safety and commercial users even more effective in their work to protect and assist UK citizens.” 

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Twitter Advertiser Index: Motorola, Vivo, Micromax, Renault, Tata Sky

The weekly Twitter Advertiser Index lists the brands which have generated most engagement with users on the platform

The index looks at the live list of all advertisers on the platform and measures the total number of user engagements with all the tweets that they sent out that week – specifically this is a sum of all the replies, retweets and favourites across all tweets that week.

1) @motorolaindia

@motorolaindia launched their latest smartphone #MotoG5sPlusLaunch over a live event that was broadcasted on Periscope. Followers were encouraged to watch the event and at the same time, they also posted a series of tweets that showed off the special features and functions of the phone using different Tweet types like Polls, Conversational Card and video. The video included all necessary details of the phone a user would need to know of when purchasing a mobile phone and this garnered the highest engagements.

Link to tweet with highest engagement

2) @Vivo_India

About a week before launching their newest mobile phone #VivoV7Plus, @Vivo_India got their followers hyped up for the release with a couple of campaigns including #VSee7. In #VSee7, followers were urged to take a selfie of themselves with the number 7, in any way possible. Fans go creative, with one even painting the number 7 on his face. The best entries would win the brand new phone.

Link to tweet with highest engagement

3) @Micromax_Mobile

As India played against Sri Lanka #IndvsSL in the #MicromaxCup, @Micomax_Mobile got Twitter talking about it with the #CaptionTheMoment activity they ran around the match. 4 photos from the match were posted on Twitter and followers were asked to come up with the best and most creative captions for each of the photo. Participants stood chances to win a new #MicromaxPhone and 2 autographed bats.

Link to tweet with highest engagement

4) @RenaultIndia

@RenaultIndia announced that their new automobile Renault Captur will be coming soon in a tweet that was accompanied by a mysterious photo of the car. The photo only showed the silhouette of the car and @RenaultIndia mentioned that it is essentially a premium SUV with strong crossover DNA. The simple tweet and photo combination received lots of engagement as it leaves people intrigued and wanting to know more.

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5) @TataSky

@TataSky’s tweet this week that got lots of engagement was from the #MahaMozhi series, where caricatures were posted of Mahabali, the Asura King with other characters in various scenarios. Followers were asked to come up with the best entry to what Mahabali might be saying in these instances, like one with Indian singer Usha Uthup and another with Indian actor and director Soubin Shahir.

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The Solution to Europe’s Disjointed Call of Duty Circuit | Esports News & Videos

For years, the main aim for Europe as a area was to elevate its biggest to heights that could match people of the champions of North The united states. All the things else was secondary to chasing the peak of world-wide competition.

During the Infinite Warfare period, having said that, that aim was commencing to be recognized. It would even now be preposterous to propose there was parity among the regions at the highest amount, but at a person point in the period Splyce had been legitimately preventing to be named the most effective staff in the globe. CWL Anaheim saw two EU groups end in the top rated 3, and the likes of Red Reserve, Fnatic, and earlier in the period Infused/Millenium joined Splyce and Epsilon in finding up top rated-8 placements at significant situations.

The upper echelon of European Phone of Responsibility has never been in a greater put, and there’s no motive for that advancement to slow down if people groups carry on to be specified the very same possibilities in the coming period. That would make area, having said that, to commence to imagine about addressing some of the locations of probable development that could formerly have been overshadowed by the pursuit of excellence at the top rated.

1 spot that stood out as a probable challenge in the previous period, if remaining unaddressed, was the fate of people groups that skipped out on pool play spots and, eventually, the Global Pro League. The difficulties is that when the region’s most effective have much more prospect than at any time right before to both working experience and prove them selves on the major levels towards top rated North American competition, people that skipped out had been remaining with small to play for.

With considerably less large-profile or knowledgeable groups usually acquiring small possibility of crossing the pond to pursue Pro Factors in the US, sure times in the circuit gained disproportionate importance to a team’s possibilities. Slip up on a couple of critical situations, and there’s small possibility of becoming included in a lot of the circuit.

It made for all-or-practically nothing times for a lot of groups, resulting in an incredibly steep climb to the elite amount – people hoping to split by way of in essence had to do so instantly and continually if they had been to achieve a lot working experience of competing in close proximity to the top rated.

The critical in this article is in sustainability. Right now, it is terrific that the most effective European groups are accurate contenders at the highest amount of worldwide competition, but in purchase for the area not to stagnate there have to constantly be possibilities to acquire more youthful or considerably less knowledgeable talent and bridge the hole among the newbie and specialist amount.

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The alternative is not to go back to different regional leagues as took put in Black Ops 3 and Highly developed Warfare, having said that. In purchase for Europe to manage its present-day position, its champions require to have the prospect, as in this previous period, to participate in just about every significant competition.

In the coming years, thus, including a action among the elite worldwide amount and the newbie amount in Europe could perfectly develop into essential. The most basic way to address this issue would most likely simply be to insert a secondary league (most likely primarily operate on the web) in Europe, in a comparable fashion to people operate by Gfinity all through Highly developed Warfare.

A broader and much more attention-grabbing alternative, having said that, could most likely be located by getting inspiration from the not too long ago-declared changes to Riot Games’ European League of Legends Championship Series.

In which formerly there was a one, centralized league for the area, there will shortly be 4 different leagues primarily based in distinctive international locations, each individual of which will feed into a put together tournament in a comparable fashion to the way the Champions League functions in football.

The benefit to such a circumstance for Phone of Responsibility would be the prospect to give tier-two domestic squads consistent competition, not only as simply anything to play for but also as a arduous strategy by which the European agent for the Global Pro League Relegation in the mid-period, for example, could be chosen.

A program of that fashion in comparison to a straightforward, central league, having said that, could also allow advancement further than just in the United kingdom and commence to acquire, or re-acquire in some scenarios, other domestic scenes in the area and give them a route back to worldwide competition.

Logistically speaking, it would most likely present a means by which domestic infrastructure – the Spanish Superliga, for example – could be integrated into a much more cohesive world-wide program of competition. Separating into sub-regions for on the web play, in the meantime, likely allows to stay away from some of the historic complaints of connections impacting final results.

Obtaining a clearly-outlined route to the upper tiers of competition is anything that has usually been lacking in Phone of Responsibility, especially for European groups. With most of the game’s major levels to be located in North The united states, vacation by itself is usually prohibitive to most European groups and players outdoors of the region’s elite, when the threat of falling brief of a excellent plenty of outcome is much too big a hazard to make a trip value the financial investment.

To a degree, it could be questioned no matter if the very same logic could be used in Europe by itself. The United kingdom has dominated – historically and to an even larger extent not too long ago – both in phrases of staff accomplishment and the spot of noteworthy situations in Europe. For a lot of continental groups, most likely there is an component of becoming locked into domestic competition by itself.

Obtaining secondary domestic leagues that feed into a central European competition, having said that, could most likely present groups from continental Europe a route to competing further than their domestic borders, an prospect to cultivate talent that could if not never just take the essential action into worldwide tournaments.

Normally, such a program would need an financial investment of assets by the Phone of Responsibility Entire world League in purchase to established up, but when on the surface area the groups and players that would benefit could not be the blockbuster names of Phone of Responsibility, financial investment of this sort could perfectly be incredibly essential at some point. The elite tier of the sport has never been in a greater put, and by natural means, this really should just take the highest precedence. but a sustainable esport is possible to need development at a grassroots amount as perfectly.

Picture Credit history: BBC

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Phone of Responsibility, Features


Pokemon Go news: Big Mewtwo update for fans following Raids reveal | Gaming | Entertainment

It has now been confirmed in a new Pokemon Go news update that more Mewtwo Raids are starting to appear around the globe.

Having only been available in certain locations worldwide, more Trainers are receiving invites for EX Raids.

For anyone who doesn’t know, an EX Raid is an invite-only timed event, which gives players around 24hrs to prepare for a Mewtwo boss battle.

Players must make it back to the Gym they received the invite from at the time specified to have a chance of taking on the rare psychic-type Pocket Monster.

Like with all Raids, there’s no guarantee that after you beat Mewtwo you’ll be successful in catching it and adding it to your own roster.

But while the challenge is tough, Trainers are reporting on an increasing scale that they have been invited to take on Mewtwo.

The field tests are appearing at more locations in Europe, which have mostly been confirmed as sponsored Gyms like Starbucks.

Here’s the latest from the Pokemon Go Hub team: “The only area where EX Raid invitations were reported in non-sponsored Gyms is in Chester, UK where the great Heritage Event took place. If you haven’t raided at one of the sponsored Gyms inside Unibail malls, it’s not possible to receive an invitation.

“We have solid reasons to believe that EX Raid testing will intensify and soon expand outside sponsored locations in Europe and Asia, as the current test includes almost exclusively sponsored Poké Stops. 

“This is a pattern that’s emerged from previous Niantic’s releases in EU and Asia: sponsors get it first, then the rest of the Gyms / Stops.

“Australia is not included in this Raid Test, but we’ve got reports of new cities in the US and Japan getting EX raids in this wave. Shouldn’t be too long before they come to Australia either.”

It follows the news that fans have apparently found a glitch that can help provide more options when it comes to Combat Power.

According to the latest Pokemon Go news from Trainers, it’s possible to reroll a Pokemon’s CP, following the Raid Boss Battle.

This apparently requires two Trainers to be part of the Pokemon Go Raid to work.

By having one Trainer force close their Pokemon Go game before the raid boss is defeated, it means they miss out on the end of the battle.

The other Trainer who stays in the fight can then check out the CP, close their own game and then reopen it to see what the other Trainer would have received.

Here’s a rundown of events as described by those who did it:

  • Two trainers entered a lobby to fight a Gengar.
  • Midway through the battle, Trainer 2 closed his app. He did not leave the group.
  • Trainer 1 finished the battle.
  • Trainer 1 received a CP of 1468.
  • Trainer 1 crashed the catch screen, reloaded, and saw a CP of 1460.
  • This means that Trainer 2 Would have received a CP of 1460, had he stayed in the battle.
  • The second Trainer now has the option to click the gym where the raid occurred and encounter the Gengar with a CP of 1460, or they can wait 15 minutes before clicking. 

Because when the timer runs down, this trainer will then be allowed to fight the Raid boss again, as if he never participated in the first battle.

“In this case, he fought the Gengar again, and upon completing it, received a CP of 1476,” the original Reddit poster explains.

“To be clear: He chose to decline the 1460 Gengar, waited 15 minutes, then fought it again, which rerolled the CP. And, in this case, he received a better Gengar.”

Samsung Galaxy S7 at Rs 29,990 on Flipkart is a steal deal but there’s a catch : News, News

Online retail website Flipkart will be offering the Samsung Galaxy S7 phone at a reduced price of Rs 29,990 during its promotional Big Billion Days sales event. Although Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sales event has already kick-started, the reduced prices on electronic goods like mobile phones can be availed only from tomorrow, that is September 21. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will receive a whopping Rs 16,010 price cut, during its promotional Big Billion Days sales event, bringing the cost of the phone down from Rs 46,000 to Rs 29,990 according to Flipkart. There’s a catch however.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 which was originally launched at a price of Rs 48,900 in March 2016 is now selling, across the board, for a price as low as Rs 39,400. Back in August, the Galaxy S7 got its first official price cut , bringing the price of the phone down to Rs 43,400. What I am trying to say here is that while Flipkart may be offering a hefty discount on the Samsung Galaxy S7, it isn’t as hefty as it’s claiming it to be. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is now selling for Rs 39,400 across online channels (and offline stores) ranging from Samsung’s own store to Amazon India, a platform that itself is set to host its own promotional sales event starting from September 21.

The actual discount on offer, therefore, comes out to be Rs 9,410 and not Rs 16,010. Flipkart is also offering a couple of more benefits, such as up to Rs 3,000 off on exchange and a guaranteed buyback of up to Rs 15,000 should you be looking to sell it off within 8 months. 

Catches aside, the Samsung Galaxy S7 at Rs 29,990 on Flipkart is still quite a steal deal. The Samsung Galaxy S7 is a beautiful phone with a high-end premium design, a hallmark Super AMOLED display, top-notch hardware and outstanding cameras (both front and back).

The Galaxy S7 boasts of a glass and metal design and a front-mounted fingerprint reader. The phone comes with a micro-SD card slot for expandable storage and IP68 certification which makes it dust and water-resistant for over 1.5 metres and up to 30 minutes. It comes with a 5.1-inch Quad-HD Super AMOLED display with a 1440×2560 pixels resolution. The display also comes with an always on functionality.

They Galaxy S7 is further powered by an Exynos 8890 processor clubbed with 4GB of RAM and 32GB of internal storage. The dual-SIM phone runs Android 6.0 Marshmallow based TouchWiz UI (upgradable to Android Nougat) and supports 4G LTE connectivity option. It is backed by a 3,000mAh battery with support for fast and wireless charging.

On the camera front, it comes with a 12-megapixel rear (with f/1.7 aperture and optical image stabilisation) and 5-megapixel front shooter combo.

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Splyce Announce New Fourth for Call of Duty: WWII Team | Esports News & Videos

Splyce Announce New Fourth for Phone of Obligation: WWII Crew

Splyce has revealed that they will formally be bringing on Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren to their Phone of Obligation: WWII roster for the approaching season.

Established to release on November 3rd, CoD: WWII has quickly become one of the most expected titles in franchise history, due to the return of ‘boots on the ground’ combat following a few several years of ‘advanced movement’ mechanics.

With the Infinite Warfare season coming to a shut, quite a few teams and gamers inside the community have began to have interaction in ‘rostermania,’ with many large-stage moves by now getting location.

Circumstances these types of as Crew EnVyUs dropping a few gamers, Brandon ‘Sharp’ Rodgers coming out of retirement with a workforce of veterans, and a new European powerhouse squad currently being shaped less than Crimson Reserve have by now been verified, with a variety of rumors however floating all over.

However, the release of Trei ‘Zer0’ Morris from Splyce led community users to speculate who would acquire up the spot on the top-tier roster.

Affirmation that Tommey would without a doubt be getting that fourth spot together with Ben ‘Bance’ Bance, Jordan ‘Jurd’ Crowley, and Dylan ‘MadCat’ Daly was introduced by way of the Splyce internet site on September 19th.

“Call of Obligation: WWII releases on November 3, 2017. It will come with a new season of expert play in the Phone of Obligation World League. Before this 12 months, Splyce introduced the first component of the roster variations with the departure of Trei “Zer0” Morris. Nowadays, the roster is completed with the arrival of Tom “Tommey” Trewren.

An England indigenous, Tommy commenced his professional Phone of Obligation career in excess of 9 several years in the past. His trademark adaptable aggression will be right at home with the rest of the Splyce squad.”


As a genuine veteran of the scene with experience considering the fact that Phone of Obligation: 4 in 2008, Tommey joins the squad immediately after his overall roster was released from Fnatic following a disappointing complete at CWL Champs 2017.


Splyce Phone of Obligation

  •  Dylan ‘Madcat’ Daly
  •  Ben ‘Bance’ Bance
  •  Jordan ‘Jurd’ Crowley
  •  Tom ‘Tommey’ Trewren


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Phone of Obligation, Splyce, Transfers, WWII


Pokemon Go NEWS – Niantic update adds FREE item that TRANSFORMS your Trainer | Gaming | Entertainment

Pokemon Go fans will soon receive a new wardrobe item that will transform Trainers.

As part of an imminent Niantic update, Pokemon Go fans will receive the free Global Goals T-shirt.

The new item will be released in a bid to raise awareness of the Global Goals initiative for Sustainable Development.

“In September 2015, 193 world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, which set out to end extreme poverty, inequality and climate change by 2030,” reads a Niantic statement.

“Earlier this year, we announced a set of Pokemon GO game locations in collaboration with Global Goals during the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland.

“Each of these 17 PokeStops represented the individual Global Goals, shedding light on the causes that they stand for and on our mission to foster discovery around the world.”

The next step for Niantic is the release of the Global Goals T-shirt.

“Soon, we’ll be adding an all-new avatar item to your wardrobe–the Global Goals shirt,” the statement continues.

“This free shirt gives you and the millions of Trainers around the world the opportunity to stand with us as we look to show our support for initiatives that make the world a better place like the Global Goals.

“We hope everyone will join us in having their avatar wear the Global Goals shirt proudly to show their support and spread awareness for these critically important Goals.”

The news comes as Pokemon Go prepares to benefit from the release of new AR technology in the upcoming range of iPhones.

The cameras on the iPhone 8 Plus are said to have been custom tuned for AR.

But despite the improvements to AR, Niantic boss and Pokemon Go creator John Hanke still thinks the technology is limited.

In fact, Hanke thinks that AR glasses are the future of augmented reality.

“Glasses are coming,” he said. “They are hard and it will take a while but we will get them and once we do, we won’t go back.”

“Imagine buildings, offices, homes, cities and transportation with live, dynamic interfaces customized to you and what you want to do.

“The billions of dollars a year that we spend on physical signs, directories, schedules, and all of the other ‘UI’ that we need to navigate the physical world won’t be needed and will be replaced with digital overlays with far greater functionality.

“And yes, colourful animated creatures can inhabit our backyards and parks, waiting to be discovered.”

SpaceX bloopers video: ‘How NOT to land an orbital rocket’ | National News

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) — SpaceX has put together a bloopers video showing “How NOT to land an orbital rocket booster.”

Set to John Philip Sousa’s rousing march “The Liberty Bell,” the two-minute video posted Thursday shows rockets exploding at sea and over land. The opening blast, from 2013, is even synchronized to the music.

SpaceX chief Elon Musk can afford to poke fun at his early, pioneering efforts at rocket recycling, now that his private company has pulled off 16 successful booster landings. The most recent occurred last week in Florida.

“We messed up a lot before it finally worked, but there’s some epic explosion footage,” Musk said recently on Twitter.

In one video shot, Musk looks over a rocket’s charred remains with the caption: “It’s just a scratch.” After another huge fiery explosion, this one on the company’s barge, the caption reads: “Well, technically, it did land … just not in one piece.”

Musk tweeted Thursday that when the Falcon rocket’s upper stage and the cargo enclosure can also be retrieved and reused, launch costs will drop by a factor of more than 100.

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For now, SpaceX’s first-stage boosters— 15 stories tall — separate shortly after liftoff and fly back to Cape Canaveral Air Force Station or an ocean platform for a vertical touchdown. Until the company’s recovery efforts — unique among rocket makers launching spacecraft into orbit — these segments were discarded at sea. A couple of these recycled rockets already have launched a second time.

The video ends with scenes of the first successful booster touchdown at Cape Canaveral in 2015 and the first one on an ocean platform in 2016.

“The Liberty Bell” march was the theme music for the old “Monty Python” comedy TV series.

Nintendo Switch games news – SHOCK new Xbox One crossover, as Halo comes to Switch | Gaming | Entertainment

Microsoft has managed to get the Halo franchise on Nintendo Switch… but there’s a catch.

Master Chief will be appearing as part of the Halo Mash Up Pack in the Nintendo Switch version of Minecraft.

It’s all thanks to the Better Together Update, which enables cross-platform play between Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows 10, Android, iOS and more.

As Eurogamer points out, this will include DLC like the Halo Mash Up Pack, which is currently available on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Microsoft addressed cross-platform DLC in a recent Better Together blog post, admitting that while it is open to the idea, some content packs would require permission from different platform holders.

Presumably this means there’s still a question mark over the Mario Mash Up Pack appearing on other consoles.

“Custom skins are awesome, and we know you love them!” reads a Microsoft post.

“Getting them to work on consoles requires some work on the platform holders’ side to enable things like this. We’re working with them to get everything in place to enable this in a future update.”

The Better Together update is the biggest Minecraft update ever.

Currently in the beta phase, it will launch with 34 new features, and is getting close to a final release.

Sony is the only major platform holder that hasn’t signed up to the Better Together update.

Sony’s Jim Ryan recently defended the decision for PS4, PS4 Pro and PS Vita not being part of the cross-play.

Speaking to Eurogamer, he said: “We’ve got to be mindful of our responsibility to our install base. Minecraft – the demographic playing that, you know as well as I do, it’s all ages but it’s also very young.

“We have a contract with the people who go online with us, that we look after them and they are within the PlayStation curated universe.

“Exposing what in many cases are children to external influences we have no ability to manage or look after, it’s something we have to think about very carefully.”

Pokemon Go NEWS – Halloween 2017 event, Legendary update, Niantic reveals future of AR | Gaming | Entertainment

Pokemon Go fans can expect another Halloween event for 2017.

The Pokemon Go Halloween celebration was one of the first in-game events to be introduced to the Niantic app last year.

And according to Slashgear sources, the Halloween event will return in October 2017.

Last year’s Halloween event saw an increase in Ghost Type Pokemon like Ghastly, Haunter, and Gengar.

As the report points out, these three Pokemon are likely to be joined by Gen 2 Pokemon Misdreavus.

The site also suggests that Dark Pokemon will see increased spawn rates during the event, but why stop there?

Multiple Ghost Type Pokemon made their debut in Gen 3 (see the gallery below), which makes Halloween the perfect time to introduce a selection of brand new Pokemon to the game.

Pokemon Go is about to be transformed thanks to new technology available in the iPhone X, 8 and 8 Plus.

The cameras on the iPhone 8 Plus are said to have been custom tuned for AR.

But despite the improvements to AR, Niantic boss and Pokemon Go creator John Hanke still thinks the technology is limited.

In fact, Hanke thinks that AR glasses are the future of augmented reality.

Hanke thinks that while devices like Google Glass were massively flawed, AR glasses are the way forward.

“Glasses are coming,” he said. “They are hard and it will take a while but we will get them and once we do, we won’t go back.”

Hanke said that once the social implications of such a device are ironed out, AR glasses will transform the way we interact with the world.

“Imagine buildings, offices, homes, cities and transportation with live, dynamic interfaces customized to you and what you want to do.

“The billions of dollars a year that we spend on physical signs, directories, schedules, and all of the other ‘UI’ that we need to navigate the physical world won’t be needed and will be replaced with digital overlays with far greater functionality.

“And yes, colorful animated creatures can inhabit our backyards and parks, waiting to be discovered.

“Games beyond anything we can imagine today will be played out. Not by humans wired into Matrix-style pods, but by human beings walking, running, exploring, talking and connecting in the real world.”

Pokemon Go has received a handy new update that makes it easier to search for Legendary Pokemon.

In addition to various big fixes and performance updates, the new update lets you search for defender and Legendary Pokemon.

This could save Trainers a lot of time when searching for the right Pokemon for the job.

Pokemon Go news patch notes in full:

  • Items received from spinning Gym PokéStops and completing Raid Battles are now displayed in the Journal.
  • Improved Pokemon Collection screen search functionality by allowing Trainers to search using “defender” and “legendary”.
  • Resolved a bug which caused Pikachu hats to disappear from the in-game model and icon.
  • Resolved a bug which caused some icons to disappear when scrolling through the Pokédex.
  • Various bug fixes and performance updates