Google, Nest Share Vision for Home-Technology Pros

For the first time at a major trade event, Google and Nest shared a booth at CEDIA 2017, the trade show for home-technology integrators.

Also for the first time, product managers from both companies sat down with CE Pro to discuss not only their new products, but also their vision for the smart home and the technology pros who service them. 

Mark Spates, who heads up the smart home for Google, and Mike Soucie, product lead for Nest, explained how the two companies are working more closely than ever to present a cohesive product line to consumers and pros alike.

For the past year or so, the companies have been “working collaboratively on aligning roadmaps, aligning product visions,” Soucie says, adding that marketing and promotions are coming into alignment as well, especially when it comes to the pro market.

“I think the best thing that we can do as two companies working together,” he says, “is create the best-in-class, most compelling consumer experience out there. And if we do that, what we’re going to do is create the mass market demand for our products.”

Google’s Mark Spates, Nest’s Mike Soucie at CEDIA 2017

Integrators can exploit that demand, Soucie says, “because there is still a level of complexity that only integrators and partners can really solve.”

Nest helps dealers reach end users through the Nest Pro finder service and end-user marketing services.

At the show, Nest demonstrated its full line of smart devices, including thermostats, cameras, and smoke/CO detectors, highlighting two of its latest additions: the upscale Nest Cam IQ and the down-market Nest Thermostat E.

Consumers “need a do-it-for-me person to really guide them through, advising on the right product mix for their particular needs.” 

— Mike Soucie, Nest

The new camera in particular epitomizes Nest’s collaboration with its sister company, incorporating Google’s FaceNet technology for facial recognition. Shortly after CEDIA, the two companies announced an upgrade that would add native Google Assistant to the cameras, as well as integration with Google Chrome to “cast” surveillance images to the TV. 

“So now you’re taking this amazing software that we’re building at this kind of OS level,” Spates says, “and we’re starting to go really deep with the best products in this market.”

It’s not just Nest and Google itself “going deep” with Google technology. Third-party vendors like JBL now are starting to incorporate Google Assistant into their speakers. Others (to be announced soon) are exploiting additional Google APIs for image recognition and other features.

“In Google’s history, it’s all about open platforms and having the developer community,” Spates says. “So we’re here to start that relationship with a lot of pro installers and developers.”

New products and services will emerge from the integrator community as more manufacturers take advantage of these APIs and software developers’ kits (SDKs), both Spates and Soucie say.

In the meantime, there are plenty of Google and Nest products to specify today – products that continue to get smarter and smarter over time.

Even for consumers drawn to popular DIY products, they still “need a do-it-for-me person to really guide them through, advising on the right product mix for their particular needs,” Soucie says. “There’s really a great opportunity because it’s a brand new addressable market that this pro audience isn’t used to addressing.”

Integrators can become Google and Nest dealers by visiting

Check out the 19-minute video, which details:

  • New and existing products, including Google Wifi, Nest Cameras, multi-voice recognition, more
  • Thread and Weave home-automation technologies
  • Working towards AI
  • Plans for adding more local intelligence to smart devices
  • Security and privacy
  • Benefits of the Nest Pro program

Stay tuned for the complete article on Google & Nest at CEDIA 2017, coming soon. 

Nest E Review: Should you buy E or Nest Learning?

A review of Nest Thermostat E, a cheaper alternative to the Nest Learning Thermostat. Video reviews the different between E and Learning as well as an overview of key features including the ability to create a schedule, compatibility with third-party devices like Amazon Echo, and energy savings.

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A smart thermostat is a great investment, and now it’s cheaper than ever

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61OlIVCeC L._SL1000_AmazonOne of the biggest barriers to smart home tech is its price. 

There are ways to start your smart home without breaking the bank, but you have to get creative.

One of my favorite smart-home accessories is the Nest Thermostat, and its new sibling the Nest Thermostat E has many of the same features for a far lower price. Both models are widely regarded as the best smart thermostats you can buy.

The biggest immediate difference with this E model is its screen. Instead of having a full color LED display, the Nest Thermostat E has a custom “frosted” one that shows only the current temperature and whether you’re conserving energy. It’s more basic, but you still see all the information you’ll need to know. 

While it looks different, the Nest Thermostat E acts just like the standard Nest Thermostat. You can still control the temperature with your voice if you have the Google Home or an Amazon Echo. You can also use Nest’s app on your phone if you don’t have a smart speaker, and you’re still able to turn the temperature up or down by turning the ring around the thermostat to the left or right. The Nest Thermostat E employs all the same energy-saving features to help save you money each year. Basically, it’s a Nest. 

The one other consideration to make when you’re deciding between the standard Nest Thermostat and the Nest Thermostat E is compatibility with your heating and cooling system. According to Nest, the original model is compatible with “95% of 24V heating and cooling systems,” while the E model “works with most 24V heating and cooling systems.” You should check your system’s compatibility here before buying one.

If your system is compatible, and price is the only factor that’s held you back from buying a Nest in the first place, I can’t recommend one highly enough. Every time I’m faced with an old school thermostat I remember why I invested so heavily in the Nest Ecosystem. Both of these smart thermostats are featured in our buying guide to the best smart thermostats.

Anyone looking to make their home smarter without breaking the bank should consider the Nest Thermostat E a good investment. It’ll make your house a little less complicated, and may very well pay for itself over the course of a few years.

Nest Thermostat E, $169, available at Amazon

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Nest Thermostat E

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Nest is Getting Serious With the Google Assistant

During yesterday’s Google event, Nest made a surprise appearance to talk about how they plan to integrate the help of Google Assistant into a bunch of their products. We’re talking about commands that’ll allow you to view cameras on TVs, set your home up the way you like it as you go to bed, or even let you know who is standing at your front door. Later this year (for some), those three new integrations of the Assistant and Nest will essentially give you voice control over your entire Nest-infused house hold.

For one, you’ll be able to say, “OK Google, show me my backyard” and TVs with Chromecast will then pop-up a feed of your Nest Cam from the backyard, assuming that’s where you have one. But this could work if you have a Nest Cam in a bedroom or front door as well. You get the idea.

The second integration will be Google Assistant’s new routines function that allows you to use commands to set off a string of events. Nest’s example is of you heading out for the day, so you would say something like, “OK Google, I’m leaving.” That would trigger your Nest Cams to turn on, your Nest Thermostat to turn down, your smart lights to turn off, and your Nest Secure alarm system to activate. Routines will come soon to Google Assistant, but the power of them will be awesome. Think about going to bed or arriving home, where a single command would let you turn down the lights, set a night time temperature on your thermostat, and maybe even play your kid’s favorite bedtime song.

And finally, Nest says that its new Nest Hello video doorbell will be so smart with with Google Assistant, that it’ll start recognizing faces as people approach and then broadcast to your house, who is at your door. That’s kind of creepy and also pretty awesome. Ahhhh, our AI future.

// Nest

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