Six Sigma and Its Key Elements

Six Sigma is basically a business process that allows companies to improve their profit margins. Six Sigma stands for Six Standard Deviations. Six Sigma methodology provides the techniques and tools to improve the capability and reduce the defects in any process. (Sigma is the Greek letter used to represent standard deviation in statistics) from mean.

The origins of this process lie in Motorola, in its manufacturing division, where millions of parts are made using the same process repeatedly. Everyday Six Sigma evolved and can now be applied to other non manufacturing processes as well. But today it can be applied to many fields such as Services, Medical and Insurance Procedures, Call Centers and even in the Information Technology Sector. Six Sigma at many organizations simply means a measure of quality that drives for near perfection. Six Sigma is a disciplined, data-driven approach and methodology for eliminating defects and mistakes which may creep in every day businesses.

Six Sigma is a structured and disciplined, data-driven process for improving business. It focuses on how we can improve our competitiveness in the market by increasing customer satisfaction, enhancing employee involvement, instilling positive change into our culture and extremely creating bottom and top line growth. At the highest level, Six Sigma is all about satisfying customer needs profitably. It is a highly disciplined methodology that helps develop and effectively deliver near-perfect products and services.

Six Sigma has proved itself by showing results world wide and by generating substantive business returns. Six Sigma has become vital for all company and organizations world wide. Those who are well trained in Six Sigma, can be sure to reach good decision making and leadership positions in the corporate ladder.

The Key Elements of Six Sigma
Customer requirements, design quality, metrics and measures, employee involvement and continuous improvement are the main elements of Six Sigma Process Improvement.

The fundamental objective of the Six Sigma methodology is the implementation of a measurement-based strategy that focuses on process improvement and variation reduction through the application of Six Sigma improvement projects. There are two main Six Sigma sub-methodologies that are employed specifically the DMAIC and DMADV. The Six Sigma DMAIC process stands for define, measure, analyze, improve, control. It is generally used for improving the system for existing processes falling below specification and looking for incremental improvement. The Six Sigma DMADV process is define, measure, analyze, design, verify. It is used to develop new processes or products at Six Sigma quality levels. It can also be employed if a current process requires more than just incremental improvement. Both of these Six Sigma processes are executed by Six Sigma Green Belts and Six Sigma Black Belts, and are overseen by Six Sigma Master Black Belts.

Unlock the Power of Your Cell Phones

The technology advances in cell phone have bought many new features to average mobile phone users – VoIP, camera cell phone etc .. To differentiate its services from the rest of market, one service provider often offers the best quality in one or a few services. And cell phone users are unfortunately locked to one service provider. To unlcok the power of your cell phones, you'd want to unlock your mobile phones so that you have the liberty to use the best services from any wireless providers. You may want to do this too if you travel internationally on a regular basis.

GSM and CDMA are two types of common digital mobile phone services. CDMA is used more common in US, but other countries in the world uses primarily or only GSM. Cell phone unlock only for GSM type of phones. If you have a T-Mobile, Cingular, or M-mode type service with AT & T, then you have GSM service.

Cell phone unlocking is 100% legal since you're the owner of the phones and they're your personal properties. Most companies do not want you to know this because they want to keep you as customers. There are many different ways for cell phone unlocking. Each cell phone is identified by an unique and specific serial number, and there's a corresponding cell phone unlock code for each serial number. Many GSM cell phone can be easily unlocked with cell phone unlock codes. There are dozens of websites which offer cell phone unlock codes for $ 5- $ 10 each, and the website will help you unlock your mobile phone and switch services. Other types of phones (like the Motorola versions) need extra work. These phones typically have operating software that is hard to crack, so you're required to connect your phone to another unit. Those services are offered for a very affordable price too.

To test if your cell phone has been unlocked successfully, the easiest is to take the SIM (subscriber information module) card from another cell phone and see if it works in the one you have unlcoked. If an error is displayed, you'll need to do the cell phone unlock again. If it still does not work after this, you may need to send the phone to a company that offers the mobile phone unlocking service. No matter how experienced you are with cell phones, mobile phone unlocking is tremendously painless. To use your cell phone in another country, all you need is a pre-paid SIM card.

Unlocked Cell Phones

Many novice cellular users who have attempted to change service providers have found themselves frustrated when trying to change service providers. The majority of cell phones are locked by the company who issues the phones by using a special Subscriber Identification Module (SIM) card to encode their proprietary access code.

A locked cell phone has a code embedded into the SIM card that locks it to a specific provider. The owner of the cell phone does not have access to modify this software setting on the SIM card, thus the subscriber becomes tied to the phone service carrier. Many people find it incredibly difficult to change their locking feature. The biggest advantage of an unlocked cell phone is that it allows you to switch providers on the fly by simply inserting a new SIM card.

Some people have the ability to unlock their current cell phone and generally all that’s needed is a computer, their phone handy, and internet access. You can unlock them if it has that ability by contacting your service provider and for a small fee they will give you the access code. There are also software programs that will unlock your phone for you. You can find many online by doing a search.

These cellular phones can be used with various GSM-compatible carriers worldwide. The majority of cell phones can be used within the US with carriers such as T-Mobile, Cingular/AT&T, and other providers and many other GSM service providers around the world. GSM which leads the world as the fastest growing advanced digital technology available today. Utilizing the cutting edge technology of GSM, they provide integrated voice mail, high-speed data, fax paging, and short message services capabilities. Users can call home, across town, across the continent, or around the world provided there is cellular coverage available. Many of the popular manufacturers are Nokia, Motorola, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, LG, and Alcatel.

There are many different types of unlocked cell phones that can fit any individual user’s need. Nokia, Motorola, and Sony Ericsson have some of the most popular diverse unlocked cell phones. Nokia which is one of the leading manufacturers in music, navigation, video, television, imaging, games, and business mobility through cellular devices releases new models nearly every quarter.

The Nokia N95 8GB cellular phone which starts at the price of $689.99 from most retailers is a wonderful phone from the Nokia line. If you love to play games and music on your cell phone than you should consider a Nokia N81 8GB cell phone. Nokia E65 Quadband GSM cell phone is the perfect for cellular users in need of mobile business capabilities. It features an array of radiant colors for someone wanting a colorful phone. The Nokia E61i GSM Smartphone has incredible email features that any user addicted to their email must have. Nokia 7390 L’Amour cell phone is designed to fit the more classic cellular user with an elegant fold design incorporated. Wireless communications pioneer Motorola’s top phones are designed to fit any individual needs, for example the Motorola W375 Triband GSM model, or the Motorola V31 RaZR GSM. The Motorola A1200 Quadband Smartphone and the Motorola KRZR K1 Quad band cell phone which all retails between $130 and $328. Sony Ericsson who are known for their excellence in imaging and design created the Sony Ericsson z-558i Triband with touch screen hand writing recognition features. The Sony Ericsson z-710i Quadband is an amazing value with 3-click music download features, and Bluetooth all in the $200-$350 price range at retailers.

Motorola Rizr Series: The Hi-Tech Slim Slider for Savvy Users

Basking in the success of the RAZR series, Motorola has launched the RIZR series.
The Motorola RIZR Z3 Black is an ultra-slim cell phone, and Motorola's first slider handset to be available globally. This high-end RAZR-inspired phone, the Rizr Z3 offers an innovative slider design with really impressive features. Also called the MOTORIZR, it sports an innovative mobile package for those interested in media, design, style, and functionality.

This slider phone glides open easily with a simple push. Once opened, MOTORIZR reveals a clean look and a 5-Way keypad. On the back of the slide, Motorola has hidden a small surprise. When you slide the MOTORIZR open, a small, cute, silvery pattern is revealed. This pattern is a so called "tattoo", which Motorola attaches to every phone disregarding network or phone color.
The Motorola RIZR Z3 mobile phone has a nice TFT 256K color display with a 176 x 220 pixel resolution for bright and clear viewing. The most outstanding feature of Motorola RIZR Z3 is the small 2 MegaPixel camera / Flash / Zoom / Video Recorder. The camera works in landscape orientation, just like any other regular digital camera, making it really easy to use. A dedicated shutter button for the camera is placed on the sides of the phone and this camera has a much better image quality. The bright LED flash camera enables you to take pictures in night mode. The camera can also be used for video capture and playback. The phone is also perfect for anyone that loves listening to music. Available for the regular user is the built-in music player that supports many formats as MP3 / AAC / AAC +.

The Motorola RIZR mobile phone has 20MB internal memory and an extra microSD card slot so it can be expandable to 512MB. Data transfer utilities like GPRS, EDGE, Bluetooth, and USB 2.0 interface ensure that you stay connected anywhere in the world. Similar to GSM KRZR, it is quad-band, so it is good for people who travel abroad, as they may roam seamlessly across countries and continents. The supported band types are GSM 850/900/1800 / 1900MHz equivalent to the networks it can function in.

The mobile phone would be available in classic black and blue colors.

The fresh looking Rizr speakerphone has a nice sound, very similar to the speakerphone on the Razr and can be very useful in loud places. The Lithium-Ion battery allows for up to 9 days stand by and about 3 hours of talk time.
It is aa bit heavier than the Motorola RAZR mobile phone weighing about 115 grams.
MOTORIZR Z3 Black and the MOTORIZR Z3 Blue make use of the latest version of the Motorola UI that has been seen in other devices. MotoSYNC, a system for synchronizing phone data with Microsoft Exchange Server, is integrated into the phone.
J2ME games to lighten your mood.

Motorola ic902 Review – A Review of the Motorola ic902 Cell Phone

The Motorola ic902 cellular phone offers sleek, stylish design in flip phone form. The unit is dressed in deep black and weighs 4.76 ounces. The ic920 runs on a iDEN 800 (Tx: 806-825 MHz – Rx: 851-870 MHz) frequency and has a iDEN 800 / CDMA 1900 Network. The high performance battery promises up to approximately 147 hours of standby time and up to approximately 210 minutes of talk time.

Productivity and lifestyle features with this mobile phone are generous. They include multi-language support, quick flip button and a handy speakerphone. In addition the Motorola ic920 boasts internal and external color displays and cycling wallpapers for aesthetically pleasing details.

The Motorola ic920 is ideal for people on the go. The unit offers cutting edge AgION Antimicrobial Technology2. Bluetooth stereo wireless technology is integrated into the system and the media system offers the latest in mobile multimedia communications.

There are plenty personalization tools available in the ic902. Users can choose from several download options including MIDI and MP3 ring tones, screensavers, WAV files as well as downloadable Java technology enabled applications. The unit can be further personalized with the customizable main menu order and customizable navigation keys and profiles.

Messaging features include multimedia messaging services (MMS), mobile origin-short messaging services (MO-SMS) and two-way text messaging. T9 predicted text allows for lightning-fast entries. Voice, Next and text message alerts decrease the probability of missed correspondences.

The Motorola ic902 comes equipped with Openwave 7.02 Internet browser, a wireless modem and mini-USB connectivity. The 2.0 MP camera, video camcorder, music player with stereo speakers are fun features that are certain to entertain. Sprint Power Vision is enabled and users enjoy the benefits of access Nationwide Sprint Network and Nextel Walkie-Talkie Network both in one compact flip phone.

Add the integrated assisted GPS navigation to this seemingly infinite list of features for this mobile multimedia communication device. The Motorola ic902 cell phone handset is a well-stocked piece of equipment that offers a lot in a small package.