This Grand Theft Auto Online Player Meets With Community Members In Person

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The cool thing about playing in online communities is that you meet some really great people. This is particularly true with Grand Theft Auto Online, as it’s easy to form a crew and click with them once you complete several missions within the game.

Kotaku recently reported on such a crew, known as the Hillbilly Agenda, who actually act more as a family than a gaming clan getting stuff in the game. And they’re actually so close, the leader of the crew goes out of his way to meet others in person in real life, provided they’re loyal to said crew.

The crew actually consists of 30 players who mostly reside in the Tennessee area, and they’re looking for others to join them as they make their way across the game. While it hasn’t been established for long, it’s made up of members that look after one another.

A group called NoClip recently covered the adventures of the leader in a documentary series, who calls himself KnoxNerd, as he travels across the globe to meet these members in person and award them with gifts for being so loyal to the crew. As you can see in the picture above, these consist of fake vanity plates, similar to the ones featured in the game.

So how does KnoxNerd do this? With his own personal plane. He goes by the name of Warren Scott, and he’s actually shown quite a bit of devotion to his team, taking over 13 trips out of state and delivering over 30 license plates in all. You can watch the video below and see what this journey is all about, courtesy of NoClip’s YouTube channel.

Now, how does KnoxNerd know who his most loyal players are? Through stat tracking, according to the Kotaku piece. He’s able to see just how many hours players log in to Grand Theft Auto Online, as well as their rank and money earned. “Also, I’m a nerd,” he noted.

(Photo: Kotaku)

It’s definitely a great way to reward community within the game, and leaves you wondering just where Hillbilly Agenda will strike next. We’re eager to see where they go from here.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now as part of Grand Theft Auto V, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Local News: City public safety committee meets with Motorola about radio system (10/29/17)

Dyersburg Mayor John Holden opens the City’s Public Safety Committee meeting Friday morning at the PDC.


On Friday morning, the City of Dyersburg Public Safety Committee, along with various city officials and department heads, including Dyersburg Police, Fire, and 911, met with members of Motorola at the Professional Development Center to discuss the status and future of the Dyersburg Radio System. Motorola officials presented options going forward, as the system is set to go out of support at the end of 2018.

City of Dyersburg Mayor John Holden welcomed those in attendance then turned the meeting over to the Motorola representatives.

Motorola representatives then made a presentation to the city of a P25 Radio System upgrade to join TACN (Tennessee Advanced Communications Network). The TACN radio system was launched in 2015 by the state.

“If you join the state system, you’d be one of many entities that would now be a part of the state,” said Motorola representative April Onyango. “So, any radios on the system would not only allow you to talk within your city, but throughout different parts of the state.”

The proposal also noted that Dyersburg would connect to the Jackson quadrant on the state system, but would do so with what Motorola would call the Millsfield RF site.

As part of the proposal, Onyango mentioned that the city would receive new APEX 6000XE radios.

She also mentioned that benefits would include county and statewide coverage, statewide interoperability, day-to-day operations on TACN, pay $200 per radio to the state of Tennessee annually, and that the total cost of joining the state would be lower than maintaining the city’s own system.

“I want to make sure that everybody understands that the system is not owned by Motorola,” said Motorola representative Jeff Miller. “It is owned by the State of Tennessee plus where the locals have added on to it – they own their pieces of it. We just maintain it as a partnership with the state.”

“Would there be a cost for this new system?” asked Alderman and Committee Chairman Bob Kirk.

“Yes, it would be,” responded Onyango. “Number one to get you current, but then after that the bulk of the responsibility would fall on the state.”

Discussion concerning the cost of the previous update in 2011 ensued, along with the use of current radios on the TACN system.

Sean Eriksen of Motorola presented numerous products including various models of communication devices to those in attendance.

The committee did not take action during Friday’s meeting. Mayor Holden thanked everyone for attending and noted that the city officials and committee members would discuss what they had learned further.

With no further business, the meeting was adjourned.

10 nm BEOL Meets 14 nm Elements

Samsung has added a new manufacturing technology into its roadmap. The 11LPP fabrication process is designed for mainstream and higher-end smartphone SoCs. The technology will come online next year and will build upon the company’s 14- as well as 10 nm-branded process technologies.

The Samsung 11LPP process is another hybrid process technology designed to speed up migration from one node to another by Samsung Foundry. Notably, the new node is not another 14LPP-based offering featuring 20 nm BEOL (back end of line) interconnects. Instead 11LPP is based on Samsung’s 10 nm BEOL and therefore enables smaller chips than technologies based on Samsung’s 14 nm-branded offerings. Meanwhile, the 11LPP still uses some of the elements featured by Samsung’s 14LPP fabrication process.

Last October Samsung began to produce ICs using its 10LPE (10 nm low-power early) manufacturing tech and these days Samsung is getting ready to start producing semiconductors using its 10LPP (10 nm low power plus) process. The company uses both fabrication technologies to make leading edge SoCs for smartphones and other devices, whereas mainstream, low-power and compact chips are to be products using its 14 nm-branded technologies.

The 11LPP will fill the gap between the 10 nm and 14 nm-based offerings. The technology is designed primarily to increase transistor density and provide further improvements on the frequency, transistor count and, to some degree, power consumption fronts. Samsung promises that it will deliver up to 15% higher performance compared to the 14LPP at the same transistor count and power. Furthermore, the 11LPP will enable up to a 10% area reduction at the same transistor count when compared to the 14LPP. In addition, the 11LPP will enable higher transistor density when compared to the 14LPP fabrication process.

Advertised PPA Improvements of New Process Technologies
Data announced by companies during conference calls, press briefings and in press releases
vs 28LPP
vs 14LPE
vs 14LPP
vs 10LPE
vs 14LPP
Power 60% 40% 30% ~15% ?
Performance 40% 27% >10% ~10% 15%
Area Reduction 50% 30% 30% none 10%

Sometime next year, the company intends to start producing its most advanced SoCs using its 8LPP technology featuring EUV for select layers and thus speeding up their cycle times. Meanwhile, the introduction of the first commercial EUV process is not going to stop evolution of DUV technologies. In the coming quarters, Samsung intends to introduce its 14LPU and 10LPU fabrication processes for ultra-low-power applications as well as its all-new 11LPP, which will enable existing customers to shrink their SoCs.

Samsung expects to begin production using its 11LPP manufacturing technology in the second half of 2018. Exact 11LPP high-volume manufacturing schedule of Samsung’s customers depends on their plans.

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Apple Check out Meets Challenge With Fitbit Ionic

Even even though it has not develop into a mainstream customer product, the Apple Check out is still the ideal-providing and most critically acclaimed smartwatch on the industry. But that could all transform with the Fitbit Ionic, a $299 smartwatch that is scheduled to be unveiled on October. People today has the news.

“Fitbit now has a significant smartwatch, and PEOPLE’s obtained all the particulars. Not like the Fitbit Blaze and Fitbit Surge, the company’s other exercise-concentrated watches, the extensive-awaited Fitbit Ionic is their first solution to help third-party applications — putting it on the taking part in subject with merchandise like the Apple Check out and Garmin Forerunner.”

The write-up provides that health and fitness and exercise are still the principal focus of the Ionic, and the health and fitness tracking capabilities are boosts from earlier Fitbit watches. This time, the new Fitbit will allow for third-party applications.

In accordance to CNBC, Fitbit CEO James Park is unfazed by Apple. As a substitute, he remaines really psyched about the prospective buyers of Fitbit’s most current smartwatch.

“We have an amazing brand, we have a massive group of customers – about 50 million registered customers who are cross system appropriate – so all these assets I assume situation us really very well in the class,” Park is quoted as stating.

Fitbit's new smartwatch.
Fitbit has develop into a big name in the smartwatch field. [Image by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images]

Engadget says the Fitbit Ionic is a very well-rounded smartwatch.

“Judging from the couple of days I have had an early variation of the Ionic, it seems to have the potential to resuscitate Fitbit’s waning small business,” claims columnist Cherlyn Loww, including that the product curves all over your wrist really comfortably.

Fitbit’s new observe has prompted a lot of pleasure on Twitter.

It is rumored that Apple will launch the Apple Check out 3 all over the same time that the Fitbit Ionic arrives. In accordance to Business Insider, the new 2017 Check out is established to have created-in LTE connectivity. That usually means you won’t have to be in the vicinity of your phone to do online-similar activities and you can even do text messaging. Having said that, never anticipate to make independent phone phone calls from the observe.

While a voice company that replaces the iPhone’s contacting features is possible, MacRumors claims that it appears like Apple is functioning on strengthening the person knowledge of details transmission as the principal precedence for the new Check out. Hence, there will not be any LTE call capabilities when the observe arrives. This has prompted a lot of disappointment for those people hoping Apple would catch up with Samsung, who features the Equipment S3 smartwatch with LTE phone capabilities.

Having said that, the new Apple Check out is envisioned to not only offer enhanced GPS capabilities, but the battery life is envisioned to make improvements to as very well. There are a lot of who declare that the present Apple Check out doesn’t offer exact exercise tracking capablities — at the very least when in contrast to other watches on the industry. Having said that, a number of sites say that Apple has read the issues and is functioning on massively strengthening the Watch’s exercise precision.

Have the advancements in smartwatches convinced you to get a person still? If so, which smartwatch would you instead have — the Fitbit Ionic or the Apple Check out 3? Enable us know your thoughts in the remarks area.

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When Need for Speed meets Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty

Sadistic villains, a breathtaking open-word and enough guns to send John Rambo packing.

Yep, it’s another Far Cry game – albeit one with a few new tricks.
Ubisoft has ditched the lush beaches and Himalayan mountains in favour of the comparatively barren, ‘Hope County’, Montana.


Here, a deranged pastor called Joseph Seed is violently trying to convert residents and stop them from having any contact with the outside.

This is where you come in.

 Car chases, guns and lots of violence - Far Cry 5 has them in all in spades
Car chases, guns and lots of violence – Far Cry 5 has them in all in spades

Play it your way
In the demo we played at Gamescom, we had to free a settlement from enemy clutches.

Although it was a relatively small play area (it was a demo after all), it demonstrated just how much freedom Ubisoft has given the player – catering equally to those who like to run in all guns blazing and the more measured, stealthily-minded gamer.

Nearly all objects and buildings can be scaled, perfect for those who like to snipe from afar.

Bullets hit enemies with a satisfying ‘thud’ – not dissimilar from Ghost Recon: Wildlands – while red barrels and petrol tanks are ‘strategically’ placed close to large groups of sentries – perfect for those ‘Hollywood-style’ action moments.

 The trusty hound was by far the best companion to take on missions
The trusty hound was by far the best companion to take on missions

Bring a pal

For the first time in the series, you’ll be able to tackle the campaign with a pal online.

Co-op was obviously a huge part of Wildlands but it lacked a compelling narrative – something the Far Cry team has always delivered on.

This should help give it the edge. Oh, and you can create your own character, too – gender and appearance included, of course.

You’ve got company

Similar to Far Cry: Primal, you’re able to bring along a companion during missions.

These range from a pilot, who’ll provide cover from above, to – our favourite – a trusty dog, who’ll maul enemies to death and retrieve guns for you.

Each buddy has their own strengths and weaknesses.

While the hound is great on stealth missions, the plane is perfect for those who prefer and run and gun.

Speaking of which…

 You can go fishing if all the violence gets too much, such is the level of detail
You can go fishing if all the violence gets too much, such is the level of detail

There are so many guns

As is the case with nearly every Far Cry game (bar Primal) there’s a huge amount of weapons on offer.

While the demo only showed us a few, it’s clear what Ubisoft has in store in the full game.

Weapons range from sniper rifles to machine pistols, revolvers, knives and baseball bats.

Our favourite, though, is the dynamite. Simply light it then throw it as far as you can before the fuse runs out. The blast radius is massive so beware.

Weapons will be able to be customised with silencers and other attachments, catering to everyone’s play style.

Killer looks 

Of course, none of this matters if it’s not great to look at – and in this respect, Far Cry 5 really delivers.

It’s powered by the Dunia engine – the same one behind the last few games, albeit a refined, tweaked version.

The result is an incredibly vibrant world, packed with intricate details. If you’re bored of the fire fights, you can park up by a river and go fishing, for example.

 Hope County has been overrun by violent thugs - your job is to kill them all
Hope County has been overrun by violent thugs – your job is to kill them all

Far Cry 5 looks its best when there’s lots going on – with hardly any slowdown even during the most hectic of gunfights.

Draw distance is impressive, too – with Hope County’s barren plains visible for miles and miles.

For the very best visual experience, make sure to pick it up on PC, Xbox One X or PS4 Pro – they’ll all support 4K.

Getting around

Planes are the big addition this year – with aerial combat shaping up nicely

The big addition Far Cry 5 is planes.

While Far Cry 4 featured a petrol-powered gyro-copter, it was slow and not particularly thrilling to pilot.

Although we’ve only seen screenshots showing aerial combat in the game, we’re already very excited.

Expect dogfights and bombing runs a plenty.

Not that planes are the only means of getting around Hope County. Huge ‘Optimus Prime’ style trucks, muscle cars, boats and all-terrain vehicles will all be for up for grabs – each handling differently.

We can’t wait.

Far Cry 5 is released on Xbox One, PS4 and PC on February 27.