Grand Theft Auto V’s Ned Luke Stars In Home Invasion Film American Gothic

The film American Gothic, which was filmed entirely in director Stuart Connelly’s house, will arrive on VOD services on October 24. It stars Ned Luke, who played Michael De Santa in Grand Theft Auto V, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2’s Slate Holmgren.

From the Press Release:
Author Stuart Connelly had an idea: what if he shot a home invasion feature film entirely in his house? The scenes would be absolutely unique because as the homeowner, he knows every inch of the house and how he could use its eccentricities to get an advantage during a break-in.

“Instead of just imagining a generic house and thinking ‘This happens, then this happens,’ I walked through a story room by room,” Connelly says. “My house helped write the picture.”

The resulting film, American Gothic – exclusively presented by ITN Distribution and directed by Connelly – will become available on all major American cable systems’ video-on-demand platforms starting on October 24… just in time for Halloween scares.

“Hair & Makeup, Wardrobe, and Special Effects were all in the guest cottage,“ says Rochelle Boström, a New York-based actress who plays one of the farm’s owners. “The horse paddock was crew parking! No part of the property was left unused.”

Connelly calls it a “narrative experiment, a dare,” but the final product is a straight-up classic thrill ride.

Down for the experiment were Ned Luke, best known as the voice of Michael in the mega-selling video game Grand Theft Auto and Slate Holmgren, just coming off a role on Broadway starring alongside Daniel Craig. “Usually on set there’s so much waiting, driving from one location to the other,” Luke says. “On American Gothic it was one scene to the next, no downtime.”

“I wanted to write a story that used every aspect of our house, which sits on twelve acres of farmland,” adds Connelly. “But that didn’t mean it just takes place on a farm. In my mind, Hollywood films are all about magic, and the magic here was to create a highway, a forest, a house, a dungeon… all aspects of the script.” In fact, Connelly reports the film’s plot was planned out based on the layout of the 300-year-old home.

“Their powder room was built over an old basement stairwell,” Holmgren says, “and that blocked off door behind the toilet became a plot point. When I read the script I thought it was clever, but I had no idea it was a real part of Stuart’s house.”

The attention to unique detail turned into efficiency, according to producer Mary Jo Barthmaier. “If Stuart had to write that scene and find a location or build it, that would kill the budget,” she says. “Instead, it was right there, and the scene becomes something we’ve never seen in another home invasion film.”

Shooting in the indie “guerrilla style” but having access and a plan meant that American Gothic, which was made very efficiently, could seem like a much more expensive film, Barthmaier says.

According to MovieMaker Magazine, American Gothic can “hold its own against indie horror films costing 10, 20 times the money.”

And the additional time freed up by this homespun strategy allowed the production to really focus on character, a rarity with lower-budget genre fare. “It has some of the best, most complicated characters I’ve seen in movies for a long time,” says Mark Barthmaier, who heads up the cast as an escaped convict desperately looking for a hideout. “Horror or otherwise.”

The film, which won the Best Horror Feature award at the 2016 Atlantic City Film Festival, has enough twists and turns to satisfy fans of thrillers and enough scares to give the most die-hard horror freaks something to sink their teeth into.

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PayPal co-founder Luke Nosek leaving Founders Fund, reportedly for SpaceX-focused fund

Founders Fund just lost one of its founders. Luke Nosek, known for starting PayPal with Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Max Levchin and Ken Howery, is off to start something new.

Known as a member of the “PayPal Mafia,” Nosek has stayed in contact with Musk as a director of SpaceX, the space exploration company. As Axios first reported, he’s launching an investment firm called Gigafund that will reportedly help Musk’s SpaceX raise capital.

It isn’t clear if Nosek played a role in a new $350 million round of funding for SpaceX that was discovered in public filings earlier this week by the Equidate, a marketplace for private company stock.

Nosek was unable to comment for this story.

A Form D filing from Thursday indicates that $100 million has been allocated for Gigafund. Stephen Oskoui, who also worked at Founders Fund, is listed on the form.

Founders Fund partner Brian Singerman issued a statement about Nosek’s newest gig.  “Luke is leaving Founders Fund to launch a new endeavor. His unwavering commitment to entrepreneurs and passion for technology shaped the founding ethos of Founders Fund. We are grateful for his contributions and we wish him well.”

Space exploration is obviously a capital-intensive business, so it sounds like Nosek is making it his priority to help right now. According to the Axios story, Gigafund will “initially will be focused on raising capital” for SpaceX. It remains to be seen on what else it will focus.

SpaceX provided the following comment. “While we wish Luke well in his new endeavors, there is no guarantee of future investment allocations in SpaceX or any other companies associated with Elon.”

SpaceX has already raised $1.5 billion to date. In addition to Founders Fund, Google and DFJ are among its known investors.

CubeSats, a type of research spacecraft, are also being built at other startups in Silicon Valley. Planet has raised over $180 million in funding for its space satellites.

Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Thor Appearance Awaiting Confirmation; Delay Is Caused By Perfecting Features : Games : Gamenguide

  • Kingdom Hearts 3 - All Trailers
  • “Kingdom Hearts 3” release date has still not been confirmed. However, with the list of possible characters to come, delay may be all worth the wait.
    (Photo: Asleep in the Fantasy/YouTube Screenshot)

“Kingdom Hearts 3” release date is expected to happen anytime within the year. However, a prequel game is expected to come before Sora and the companions are unveiled.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” Release Date

No official “Kingdom Hearts 3” release date have been announced by neither Disney nor Square Enix. Fans, however, are thinking that it is logical to expect the title within the year. This is based on the announcements that “Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue” and “Final Fantasy XV” from the same company are to be released before February, IGN reported.

Following “Kingdom Hearts 2,” spin-offs were released one after another, but none came close to a full “Kingdom Hearts” scope. With the most awaited release of “Kingdom Hearts 3,” fans are reportedly excited to experience a number of Disney features, as well as Marvel and “Star Wars” acquisitions.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” maker Square Enix has also yet to confirm the appearance of Luke Skywalker, Indiana Jones, Iron man, Thor, and the introduction of the world of Pixar. With all of the unconfirmed details, one thing has remained truthful; the game with be an exciting RPG integrating Disney features.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” Gameplay

The “Kingdom Hearts 3” unrevealed gameplay is said to take inspiration from a few of its spin-offs like the “Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance” and “Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep.” With the delay, it has become apparent that Square Enix took most of its time in honing and expanding the new features, CNET reported.

Amongst the most anticipated is the Attraction Flow. It is a composed of super moves, which are all based on Disney theme parks’ classic rides. One revealed trailer even showed the popular teacup ride. Attraction Flow, however, is not readily available because it is said to require special conditions to trigger moves.

“Kingdom Hearts 3” though will feature Sora and her new ability to wall run. This specific skill is expected to feature Goofy, Donald, and the character’s reaches in terms of looking for locations or more clues for goals. Watch Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer, E3 2015 here:

Luke Roberts Smart Lamp Release Date, Price and Specs

The Luke Roberts Smart Lamp.

Chris Monroe/CNET

It seems like color-changing smart lights are everywhere you look at CES, but a $700 hanging lamp from an Austrian startup I’ve never heard of before still managed to catch my eye.

That Vienna-based startup is named Luke Roberts, and its smart lamp is called, fittingly enough, the Luke Roberts Smart Lamp (it was originally called “Fluxo,” but it hit a trademark issue shortly before launch). It’s an Indiegogo success that lets you cast light of any color in any direction by picking a shade in the companion app, then swiping your finger across your phone’s screen like a paint brush.

Though it isn’t cheap, it’s a pretty impressive product with plenty of color-changing horsepower. Inside are over 300 light-emitting diodes — for comparison, a color-changing Philips Hue LED only has a few dozen. The lamp’s co-creators, Lukas Pilat and Robert Kopka (get it?) claim that it will put out 2,000 lumens of full-color light above the fixture, and another 3,000 lumens of white light that gets cast downward.

You can “paint” the lamp’s light across specific parts of the room using its companion app.

Chris Monroe/CNET

You can pick and choose where that light goes, too. If you only want light in one spot of the room, just swipe in that direction on your phone. If you want red light on one side of the room and blue light on the other side, you can do that, too.

The obvious question is whether or not this lamp will work with any larger smart home platforms, especially since it’s meant to play such a central role in your home. The lamp uses Bluetooth LE to connect with your phone, which limits its range, but that wouldn’t keep it from connecting to a Bluetooth-compatible hub.

Compatibility with
Apple HomeKit
is another possibility. HomeKit is the set of smart home protocols built into iPhones and iPads, and compatible devices enjoy native, unified controls in Apple’s Home app, along with Siri voice controls. HomeKit already has a couple of Bluetooth gadgets to its name (and can even use Apple TV to extend their range outside of the home), and it’s already been shown to work especially well with color-changing lights like Philips Hue and Nanoleaf Aurora. It’s this lamp’s optimal landing spot.

Still, I want to see it finish shipping out to its surplus of backers, first. The lamp’s creators tell me that they’re on track to meet that goal in March. Until then, units are available for preorder at a discounted price that comes out to about $500 (or £410/AU$690, converted roughly).