Nobody will give you a free iPhone X for liking a Facebook page, so stop falling for these scams – BGR

I get it, the iPhone X is incredibly expensive at $999. And that’s just the starting price that gets you a measly 64GB of storage. But most buyers will not have to pay the price outright. There are plenty of financing option to help them deal with the wallet hit, including the iPhone Upgrade Program and various carrier offers.

But remember, iPhone fans, there’s no such thing as a free iPhone X. As a general rule of thumb, nothing in life is free. One way or another you’re going to pay for it. Falling for social scams that entice you to follow a Facebook page, YouTube channel or Instagram account, however, isn’t going to get you an iPhone X. Someone is taking advantage of you, and you won’t come away with a free phone.

There are many scammers out there looking to take advantage of the new iPhone release by promoting fake “free iPhone” offers. And the iPhone X could not be a better tool given that it’s the most expensive iPhone ever released.

According to ZeroFox, there are 532 fraudulent iPhone social accounts right now, and the number is going up.

What the purpose of these fake free iPhone offers on social media? The creators are looking to increase their follower counts. Some of the people looking to score a free iPhone X or iPhone 8 will follow, like, or share social content to have a chance of winning. However, the owners of these fraudulent social pages are only looking to quickly boost the number of followers, and then repurpose the page for something else.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free iPhone X for a like, share, or follow!

Other free iPhone offers will actually instruct users to share personal information that may be then used to steal a person’s identity.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free iPhone X for a like, share, or follow!

ZeroFox also says that free iPhones offers may also trick gullible users into clicking on malicious links and falling for phishing schemes. It goes without saying that you should never click on these links or install any apps if prompted to do so.

Remember, there is no such thing as a free iPhone X for a like, share, or follow!

Oh, and while we’re at it, nobody is looking to ditch old iPhone stock, including Apple. One of the great things about the iPhone is that it’s a valuable device. Even older models retain their value, so nobody will “ditch” them.

That’s not to say there aren’t genuine iPhone promotions that offer free iPhone models. However, before trying your luck, make sure you’re dealing with a verified company rather than an impersonator or some random person. In many cases, there may be certain conditions that must be met to make you eligible to win a free iPhone. If you’ve been a sucker for one of these fake offers in the past, you might consider going through the entire ZeroFox article and sharing it with friends. You will not win a free iPhone X offer if you do, but there’s still plenty of value in helping people steer clear of scams.

Also, consider reporting the fake pages and websites to the appropriate companies. It’s effortless to do so if we’re talking about Facebook pages or other social media accounts.

Finally, remember, there is no such thing as a free iPhone X for a like, share, or follow!

Massive bug with liking pages

Me and some friends have noticed that occasionally a bug has happened, where a friend will like a page, you like that update on your feed, and several hours later if you look again it says they liked some other random page. The people who liked it or reacted are exactly the same, and the time of the liking is the same, except usually the page will be completely unrelated. Asking the person who supposedly liked the page, they said they had no idea what the other page they supposedly liked was, and only remembered liking the original page. I checked each page individually, and confirmed that it said they had liked the page. Is this some sort of bug, or is Facebook swapping over pages somehow so both are liked in some way? Really have no idea what’s happening.

Blizzard tricked me into liking Heroes of the Storm

I participate in a ton of Overwatch. The well known FPS bought its hooks into me just about a calendar year back, and it really is been my go-to recreation at any time due to the fact. So when Blizzard declared the 2nd iteration of its cross-recreation Nexus Challenge, wherever you could participate in Heroes of the Storm online games with close friends in get to unlock benefits in Overwatch, together with a absolutely wonderful police officer skin for D.Va, I was significantly less than thrilled. I do not even participate in D.Va, but I essential that skin, and playing a bunch of HotS online games did not sound like a enjoyment time.

I first performed Heroes of the Storm for the duration of the game’s complex alpha. The edition I performed then is not markedly various from the recreation today—there are a ton more characters and maps, and several abilities have been tweaked and improved, but the main recreation is the similar. At the time, HotS was my first MOBA, and the style just did not do anything for me. I performed a handful of online games, bought bored, and by no means gave it a shot once again.

Rapid forward to Heroes of the Storm two., the game’s triumphant ‘relaunch.’ The main recreation is still the similar, but a great deal has been overhauled with the game’s character development and cosmetics method. Now, instead of cosmetics remaining practically fully locked at the rear of a paywall, they are doled out by way of loot packing containers that are rewarded, rather frankly, all the time. The update also added emojis, banners, sprays, and few other varieties of cosmetics to vastly increase how gamers can categorical on their own mid-match. 

But most significant was the aforementioned Nexus Challenge I essential to complete for that sweet sweet D.Va skin. You see, to unlock each and every tier of benefits in Overwatch (the D.Va skin unlocks at tier two, although tier 4 gets you 10 Overwatch loot packing containers), you have to participate in five online games in Heroes of the Storm although in a bash with a person on your close friends record. It truly is a outstanding go on Blizzard’s aspect, simply because it would not just get more people hoping out 1 of the firm’s significantly less-well known online games, it forces them to knowledge that recreation at its most fun—being performed with close friends. 

My first few matches on returning to HotS did not go perfectly. I joked with my co-workers that acquiring that coveted D.Va skin was likely to be a slog, as I was pretty poor at the recreation and not enjoying it a great deal. But then I went to basically complete the quest. A few close friends ended up extended-time HotS gamers (and variety sufficient to oblige my utter deficiency of MOBA potential), so we hopped into a bash and queued up for struggle. 

As it turns out, HotS is variety of excellent. Playing with close friends produced acquiring slaughtered each teamfight a great deal more pleasant, and they ended up able to impart some a great deal essential wisdom my way. I located a hero that clicked for me (Nova), started out studying how to effectively lane (not quick as Nova), and most importantly, figured out that I really should definitely not assault these a few enemy heroes by myself. It was all falling into spot.

The Nexus Challenge finishes tomorrow, locking away the Oni Genji and Officer D.Va skins till, presumably, Blizzard decides to do an additional Nexus Challenge. (Oni Genji was formerly readily available only as a result of the first Nexus Challenge, but the skin was produced readily available once again this time around.) I have extended due to the fact finished the quests and unlocked that wonderful D.Va skin, but I am still enjoying Heroes, and if my close friends record is any sign, I am not the only 1. I am still awful, to be certain, but I am acquiring improved and still playing. In point, I have not even opened these 10 Nexus Challenge Overwatch loot box benefits however. Damn it Blizzard, you bought me.