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Developers Psyonix have announced today that the Rocket League Autumn update will launch on September 28.

It will comes a range of new changes, as well as being the point on PS4, Xbox One and PC when Season 5 ends and Season 6 will start.

It’s been awhile since the game saw a major patch released on PS4 and Xbox One, with Psyonix planning a few change before the start of October.

The new Rocket League update will debut a new ‘Events’ system, which introduces limited-time events that provide players with the opportunity to earn additional Battle-Car customisations. 

A new item will be essential to this process, with the Decryptor allowing players to unlock any unopened crate in their inventory without having to purchase a Key. 

Following the Autumn Update, players will also have the opportunity to help test two major upcoming features. First, is a brand new ‘Party’ System that PC players can help test during beta periods after the update goes live.

Second, is a new ‘Tournaments’ system that allows players to create and compete in their own tournaments inside the game client.

The Party system will launch shortly after the Autumn update goes live, while the Tournaments Beta will follow it later this fall.

Here’s a breakdown on a few other Rocket League changes coming with the Autumn update:

The Autumn Update features a ton of new content including:

  • Farmstead, a new Seasonal Arena available in Competitive, Casual, and Private matches for a limited time.
  • More than 90 free new Customisation Items available as Uncommon, Rare, and Very Rare drops after online matches or from Trade-Ins
  • The introduction of Player Banners, a new player customisation feature
  • The End of Competitive Season 5 and the start of Competitive Season 6
  • Standardization of Arenas for Competitive and Casual Online play
  • Transparent Goalposts
  • LAN Support for PC players

As mentioned above, this new patch will also usher in the start of Season 6, which will be a little different to Season 5.

“To kick off the new season, we are running a soft reset on all accounts that have previously placed in any Competitive Playlist,” a message from Psyonix explains. 

“This means every player will need to complete a set of ten placement matches per Playlist, similar to when you play in a Competitive Playlist for the first time. 

“This soft reset will help calibrate the entire player population for the new season, which will end in early 2018.”

Here are the new Season 5 rewards, as confirmed by Psyonix:

  • Bronze I or higher – Season 5 Bronze Player Banner
  • Silver I or higher – Season 5 Silver Player Banner + lower Banners
  • Gold I or higher – Season 5 Gold Player Banner + lower Banners
  • Platinum I or higher – Season 5 Platinum Player Banner + lower Banners
  • Diamond I or higher – Season 5 Diamond Player Banner + lower Banners
  • Champion – Season 5 Champion Player Banner + lower Banners
  • Grand Champion – ‘Season 5 Grand Champion’ in-game Title + Grand Champion Player Banner + lower Banners.

Running League of Legends on Acer Iconia W1-810 tablet

I am sorry for a little bit blurry picture,but i recorded this with my webcam,considering that i do not posses anything better atm.r
As you can see,League of Legends is functioning on all configurations minimal and resolution set to 1280×800 with cca times a little bit in excess of 40,at times a little bit beneath 35.I guess that setting it to decreased resolution could increase fps a little bit more.r
Acer Iconia Tab 8 W Minecraft: r
Acer Iconia Tab 8 W Unboxing :

Splatoon 2 Updates, Another ARMS Gains a New Character, and Rocket League Exclusives – NintendoFuse

Just yesterday, we posted a GameChat here at NintendoFuse on Splatoon 2. In that video, I said something to the effect of Splatoon is never done rolling out new items. They haven’t disappointed me with their newest announcements at Gamescom. Not only have we been given new Splatoon info, but they also dropped a few more news items. Here are some new things we have heard from Nintendo recently.

First off, we are getting two new maps in Splatoon 2. One for the Turf Wars or Ranked Battles, and one for the new Co-Op Mode: Salmon Run. We are getting the new map for Turf Wars/Ranked Battles this weekend and the map for Salmon Run is live now. The map for Turf War/Ranked Battles is called Manta Maria and is, you guessed it, a large boat. Not the Santa Maria, but the Manta Maria. The Salmon Run stage is called Lost Outpost, and is a little place in the middle of the water that has been revived, and I guess it is safe to do some Salmon hunting on it now. Both of these maps look pretty great, and let’s face it is always a great thing when we can get new content from Splatoon.

That wasn’t even the end of it from Splatoon 2. They are also giving us a new weapon in a week called the Forge Splattershot Pro and it also comes with a special that we have never seen before: The Bubble Blower. It will be released on September 1, just in time for the new Splatfest. I have to be honest, the Bubble Blower doesn’t look too great to me, just seems a little slow for how I like to play Splatoon, but I am excited to try it out next week. Even if I don’t use it much, I am excited about all the variety that is coming to Splatoon 2. What do you think about the Splatoon 2 updates headed our way in the next week or so?

Next up: Arms. Yes, that game many of us have forgotten about since Splatoon 2 has come out. It is still a lot of fun. We are getting a new character and she is a clown. Her name is Lola Pop. She seems to be pretty fast and when you block with her, her pants expand and create a barrier to stop you. I think it is great to have a new character, we need something to bring more people back to boxing with those arms. There will also be another Global Testpunch this Friday-Sunday for anyone who has not played the game yet. I was a little surprised to see that they were doing another Testpunch, but I guess it makes sense for anyone who doesn’t already have the game. Just put a demo out there for all-time Nintendo.

And finally, for all of you Rocket League fans, we got to see some new cars today that will work with the Nintendo Switch version. There is a Mario car, Luigi car, and my personal favorite the Samus/Metroid car. I am looking forward to scoring some goals with that sweet Metroid ride.

So, what do you think about some of these news items from Nintendo recently?

League of War is Coming to PlayStation VR – VRFocus

The strategy genre has received something of a boost from the increasing popularity of virtual reality (VR). That trend looks set to continue, as San Francisco-based developer MunkyFun have announced that its popular mobile strategy franchise League of War will be coming to PlayStation VR with League of War: VR Arena.

Probably best known for its iteration on smartphones, titled League of War: Mercenaries, the developers are bringing the strategy experience to PlayStation VR. Players will be able to fight against human or AI opponents, building, placing and directing units to the battlefield to take out the enemy.

League of War: VR Arena will allow players to control 12 units, including tanks, soldiers, flamethrowers and helicopters, of which four can be deployed at any one time. Strategy comes in selecting the best deployment and placement and careful managing of resources. Using the PlayStation Move controllers to direct the action, like a general overseeing a strategy table. A single player campaign mode and quick-play Arcade mode will both be available at launch.

League of War: VR Arena is designed to be a powerful experience that puts players in charge of a high tech, aggressive army on a living, tabletop-style battlefield,” said Nick Pavis, CEO and Co-Founder of MunkyFun, Inc. “As you throw your units into battle, strategically choosing between quick strikes and slower but more powerful units, your opponent does the same, creating a pulse-pounding mix of strategy and action that is highly engaging on PlayStation VR.”

MunkyFun are anticipating a release date some time in Autumn 2017. A price point for the title has yet to be confirmed.

VRFocus will bring you further information on League of War: VR Arena and other PlayStation VR titles as it becomes available.

Thousands watch Major League Gaming’s ‘Super Bowl’ of Call of Duty

Competitors introduced Sunday at Amway Center, have been fulfilled with chanting and cheering raucous lovers, as smoke formed a silhouette guiding them.

Aggressive video gaming is serious company — and it pays nicely.

Some of the world’s best players squared off for the Call of Responsibility World League Championship on Sunday, with the profitable crew established to pocket a $600,000 purse. The tournament performed on the PlayStation 4 console is regarded the pinnacle of Call of Responsibility gaming.

“This is the Super Bowl of this activity,” mentioned Mike Urban, a 21-12 months-outdated admirer from Clermont.

In full, $1.5 million was awarded this weekend.

Main League Gaming’s big function could develop Orlando’s esports rep »

Though the tournament brought out players from 32 of the greatest groups in the planet, the spectacle kept even casual lovers like Urban’s father, who is also named Mike, entertained. The elder Mike Urban does not perform games but mentioned he watches his son perform.

The pair sat in the concourse of Amway Center minutes before famed groups OpTic Gaming and Workforce EnVyUs squared off for a spot in the finals.

“They put a good deal of dollars into this, and the commentators are definitely good,” mentioned the elder Mike Urban. “I like competitiveness in something … these guys are the stars of their sport.”

His son added, “When OpTic is enjoying, it is remarkable … they are absolutely admirer favorites.”

The group numbering many thousand backed that up at an function exactly where tickets commenced at $53.99, according to Amway Center’s web site.

They chanted in assist of OpTic and held signals with messages of assist to gamers, these as Scump, who commentators identified as a “legend” in the Call of Responsibility gaming planet.

Commentators voices boomed during the center, guiding viewers via the games and techniques.

As gamers captured a important aim or scored a vital eliminate, lovers would rise to their ft and yell assist.

In the long run OpTic Gaming defeated Workforce EnVyUs to earn the $600,000, as nicely as the coveted championship trophy and rings.

The levels of competition started Friday and ended Sunday, with gamers from North The us, Europe and Asia competing.

Matteo Faithfull, who games underneath the title “Royalty” on the net, and his loved ones traveled down for the weekend from Toronto.

Faithfull competes on a crew with a few Us citizens, and they perform alongside one another on the net for about 6 hours per night time.

While his crew, Enigma6, was removed Saturday afternoon, he was back again to see who would be named champions.

“The atmosphere right here is mad,” mentioned Faithfull, 20. “Even though you’re putting on a headset, you can listen to the group scream … it is pleasurable. It is absolutely diverse than most events.”

Faithfull performed hockey competitively until he was 17, all the whilst enjoying Call of Responsibility in his free of charge time.

1st, he gained tiny tournaments in Toronto as a teenager and continued progressing at the activity.

As he manufactured much more dollars, his moms and dads started traveling with him to much more prestigious tournaments with increased payouts, and he turned qualified at 18.

His mom, Teresa, mentioned she largely understands the activity but nonetheless can’t deal with the strain of watching him contend.

When he performs, she mentioned she has to leave and speed.

“It’s really loud in there,” she mentioned of the main area. “I can’t believe that the desire in esports.”

Have a news suggestion? You can call Ryan at 407-420-5002, email him at, follow him on Twitter @byryangillespie and like his protection on Facebook @byryangillespie.

Call of Duty Team Forced to Forfeit World League Championship Match Due to Controller Issues

To end a run in a $1.5 million prize pool match is difficult more than enough, but being forced out because of to a controller concern is heartbreaking. And that’s how Elevate’s run arrived to a shut in Simply call of Duty’s 2017 Globe League Championship.

For context, Elevate was in a match versus Mindfreak Black with the scoreline at 1-2, respectively. Elevate started off the third map strong, gaining a 30 in addition stage gain around Mindfreak, but that’s when points took a flip for the worse.

Zach ‘Zed’ Denyer, one of Elevate’s vital players, began to experience controller troubles. According to Elevate CEO Brandon Hatfield, Zed let the referees know of the condition as quickly as achievable, but they couldn’t do anything at all. MLG’s rules explicitly say that controller troubles are the players’ responsibility, and if there are any troubles, it is on the player and workforce.

That stated, MLG allows the opposing workforce the solution of granting a map replay. “Mindfreak had the solution to replay the video game, from the commence – very simple as that,” Hatfield mentioned in a Twitlonger tweet. “The Mindfreak players wanted to replay the video game only if they ended up given a lead (~60 points if I am being informed the right way). The Elevate players wanted to replay the map, but MLG would only allow a clean map restart, due to the fact it is a respawn map.”

Sadly, mainly because of the existing ruleset, and Mindfreak’s problem for a rating gain, no compromise could be located. In the end, the MLG officers dominated the past map in favor of Mindfreak Black resulting in a 3-1 sequence gain.

“It is a certainly heartbreaking condition for any player on the shedding side,” Hatfield continued. “Do I would like Mindfreak would have replayed the map? Yeah, totally – its the proper matter to do. Its a shame they took that gain. I really don’t really treatment what any one states to me. It was not an honorable gain. I was raised otherwise I guess. Regardless, I really don’t want to blame the org or players much too significantly. In the end, this is much too major of a match for complex troubles to establish the result. I would like this video game had a way to pause. I would like MLG had various rules. I would like a great deal was various about this video game and scene in basic.”

With the 2017 Globe Championship being the past major celebration for Simply call of Responsibility: Infinite Warfare, we will have to see what Activision and Sledgehammer Game titles plan to do with WWII’s esports.

Premier League: Mohamed Salah living out Liverpool PlayStation dream

The Egypt international admits that he used to play as the Reds in his younger years, as he prepares to make his Premier League debut for the club

Mohamed Salah admits that a £36 million move to Liverpool has allowed him to fulfil the PlayStation dreams of his childhood.

The Egypt international has become the Reds’ record signing, with Jurgen Klopp bringing the former Chelsea man back to the Premier League from Roma.

He is set to make his competitive debut for the club at Watford on Saturday, with Liverpool aiming to make a flying start to their 2017-18 campaign.

Whatever the result, though, Salah is delighted to have been offered the opportunity to represent a club that he has always held in high regard.

The 25-year-old forward told Soccer Saturday: “It is a great club. It was a dream for me when I was young to play here one day.

Mohamed Salah Liverpool PlayStation

“When I had the chance to come, I was thinking about whether I should stay in Rome or move here but because when I was young, it was a dream to me, I took the decision to come back.

“I would play as Liverpool on the PlayStation so I am happy to be here now. I was playing with a team like Steven Gerrard, Sami Hyypia and Jamie Carragher. I liked the team and the way they were playing. I was seven or eight years old so I was playing just to enjoy myself.

“I’m always looking for where I can improve myself so here, because of the city, because of the fans, you can feel the emotions and everyone wants to win something. Everyone is happy for me and I can feel that, even in the friendly games.

‘Salah will make defenders despair’

“I am very happy to be here and I would like to help the team so I am very excited to start in the Premier League games and I think we can win something this year together.”

Salah’s previous spell in England delivered just 19 appearances – including 13 in the Premier League – and only two goals.

His struggles at Chelsea have not weighed on his mind, though, with there a determination on his part to prove his worth and build on his success in Italy.

HD Mohamed Salah Liverpool celebrate

Salah added: “It was always in my mind to come back. I like the challenge, I like English football and I want success here.

“I was not playing at Chelsea so I took the decision to go somewhere else. I went to Fiorentina and did six months and with Roma, I was there for two seasons so it was a good challenge for me. I had a good time with Roma and I did well so it was a good time to come back.

Barca money beats loyalty in Coutinho case

“As a person, as a man, even on the pitch you can see that I have a lot of experience now. I played in Italy, I was in Switzerland, I came to England then I went back to Italy so it’s a big change in my life.

“I think I have improved everything. I think now, compared to three or four years ago, I can defend more, I can play more tactically, I can finish better than I could before.

Article continues below

“I scored about 40 goals with Roma so that’s quite good. I always like to improve myself.”

The Call Of Duty World League 2017 Championship Explained

Over 19,000 Simply call of Obligation players competed during the yr, which can make the game the best console eSport to day. Only 32 groups have emerged to facial area off at the 2017 Simply call of Obligation Entire world League (CWL) Championship, Offered by PlayStation 4. The championship tourney starts these days at the Amway Heart in Orlando, Florida. Hosted by Important League Gaming Corp. (MLG) in partnership with Activision Publishing, the world’s finest groups from North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific area (APAC) will compete for their share of the $1.5 million function prize pool, the title of 2017 CWL Champions and to be named the finest Simply call of Obligation team in the globe. This week’s championship also completes the greatest yearly prize pool in Simply call of Obligation historical past with $4 million in overall prize dollars.

All the relevant facts are in the infographic above, but if the impression won’t load for you, we’ve acquired the group breakdown at the base of this publish for your viewing enjoyment.

“It’s been a fantastic yr for the Simply call of Obligation Entire world League with a lot more players competing than ever right before across the professional and amateur circuits,” mentioned Rob Kostich, govt vice president and common supervisor, Simply call of Obligation.  “And by means of our partnership with MLG, we’ve also ongoing to raise the bar in function broadcast creation offering hundreds of hours of content for viewing on  From the millions of followers who enjoy and observe globally, it all comes down to this, an epic week featuring the best 32 groups competing at the optimum stage.”

This yr marks the initial time that the CWL Championships are held on the East Coastline, the match attributes all of the best qualifying groups from across the globe dependent on CWL Pro Factors, including CWL World-wide Pro League Phase 1 Playoffs winner Splyce and CWL Anaheim Open up Champions Luminosity. CWL World-wide Pro League Phase 2 Playoffs winners, OpTic Gaming will also get the stage in an all-out clash for the championship.

Right here are the teams for the 2017 CWL Championship:


Team A Team B Team C Team D
OpTic Gaming Staff EnVyUs EUnited Luminosity
Epsilon Esports Elevate Mindfreak Rise Country
Echo Fox Projekt Evil Staff Infused Supremacy
3sUp Mindfreak Black Deadly Gaming Staff Vitality


Team E Team F Team G Team H
FaZe Clan Fnatic Splyce Enigma6
Crimson Reserve Evil Geniuses Ghost Gaming Cloud9
Allegiance Str8 Rippin Millenium Staff MRN Black
Period Eternity Tainted Minds Staff Kaliber Rogue

Supporters can perspective all the action this week on the net at The match concludes on August 13th.

(Previous Updated August 9, 2017 4:38 pm )

Call of Duty World League (CWL) Championship 2017, Presented by PlayStation®4, Begins Today in Orlando

SANTA MONICA, Calif.–()–Over 19,000 Call of Duty players – the world’s largest console esport –
competed throughout the year and only 32 teams have emerged to face off
at the 2017 Call of Duty World League (CWL) Championship, Presented by
PlayStation®4, beginning today at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida.
Hosted by Major League Gaming Corp. (MLG) in partnership with Activision
Publishing, Inc., the world’s best teams from North America, Europe, and
the Asia-Pacific region (APAC) will compete for their share of the $1.5
million event prize pool, the title of 2017 CWL Champions and to be
named the best Call of Duty esports team in the world. This week’s
championship also completes the biggest yearly prize pool in Call of
Duty history with $4 million in total prize pursing.

“It’s been a great year for the Call of Duty World League with more
players competing than ever before across the pro and amateur circuits,”
said Rob Kostich, executive vice president and general manager, Call of
Duty. “And through our partnership with MLG, we’ve also continued to
raise the bar in event broadcast production delivering hundreds of hours
of content for viewing on From the millions of fans who play and
watch worldwide, it all comes down to this, an epic week featuring the
top 32 teams competing at the highest level.”

Marking the first time that this event for the world’s largest console
esport takes place on the East Coast, the 2017 CWL Championship features
all of the top qualifying teams across the world based on CWL Pro
Points, including CWL Global Pro League Stage 1 Playoffs winner Splyce
and CWL Anaheim Open Champions Luminosity. CWL Global Pro League Stage 2
Playoffs winners OpTic Gaming will also take the stage in an all-out
clash for the championship.

Here are the groups for the 2017 CWL Championship:








OpTic Gaming Team EnVyUs EUnited Luminosity
Epsilon Esports Elevate Mindfreak Rise Nation
Echo Fox Projekt Evil Team Infused Supremacy
3sUp Mindfreak Black Lethal Gaming Team Vitality





FaZe Clan Fnatic Splyce Enigma6
Red Reserve Evil Geniuses Ghost Gaming Cloud9
Allegiance Str8 Rippin Millenium Team MRN Black
Era Eternity Tainted Minds Team Kaliber Rogue

For those interested in attending the CWL Stage Two Playoffs, General
Admission (GA), three-day tickets, are currently available
for $53.99 (plus fees and taxes), while supplies last. The
tickets will also be offered on a first-come, first-served basis at the
Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. Fans can view all the action this week
online at

For the latest intel on the Call of Duty World League Presented by
PlayStation®4 and for live broadcasts check out:,,,
or follow @CODWorldLeague on Twitter, Instagram
and Facebook.

Activision and MLG (both part of Activision Blizzard) join forces with
PlayStation®4 to bring Call of Duty World League to a global audience,
with the goal of providing fans the best Esports experience at live
events and broadcast on
Activision Publishing, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Activision
Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI).

About Activision Publishing, Inc.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, California, Activision Publishing,
Inc. is a leading global producer and publisher of interactive
entertainment. Activision maintains operations throughout the world and
is a division of Activision Blizzard, Inc. (NASDAQ: ATVI), an S&P 500
company. More information about Activision and its products can be found
on the company’s website,
or by following @Activision.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-looking Statements: Information in
this press release that involves Activision Publishing’s expectations,
plans, intentions or strategies regarding the future including
statements about the features and event timing of the 2017 CWL
Championship, are forward-looking statements, that are not facts and
involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Factors that could cause
Activision Publishing’s actual future results to differ materially from
those expressed in the forward-looking statements set forth in this
release include unanticipated product delays and other factors
identified in the risk factors sections of Activision Blizzard’s most
recent annual report on Form 10-K and any subsequent quarterly reports
on Form 10-Q. The forward-looking statements in this release are based
upon information available to Activision Publishing and Activision
Blizzard as of the date of this release, and neither Activision
Publishing nor Activision Blizzard assumes any obligation to update any
such forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements believed to
be true when made may ultimately prove to be incorrect. These statements
are not guarantees of the future performance of Activision Publishing or
Activision Blizzard and are subject to risks, uncertainties and other
factors, some of which are beyond its control and may cause actual
results to differ materially from current expectations.

ACTIVISION and CALL OF DUTY are trademarks of Activision Publishing, Inc.

MAJOR LEAGUE GAMING and MLG are trademarks of Major League Gaming Corp.

All other trademarks and trade names are the properties of their
respective owners.

2017 Call Of Duty World League Championship Kicks Off This Week

Screen Shot 2017-08-07 at 4.55.56 PM

The remaining tournament for Phone of Responsibility: Infinite Warfare is just all-around the corner, and the best teams in the entire world are prepared to contend for some significant bucks.

Activision has announced that the Phone of Responsibility: Entire world League Championship will kick off this 7 days, starting off August 9th at 10:00 AM EDT and functioning all weekend extensive, with 32 of the ideal Phone of Responsibility teams getting on a person another in the hopes of winning far more than $1.5 million in prizes.

The tournament bracket can be witnessed beneath, and, as you can see, a variety of best teams are getting section in it, which include Team EnVy, Evil Geniuses, Fnatic and a handful of other individuals. It’s definitely tough to see who will consider the best location this calendar year, but it’ll be fascinating to see how it all goes down.


All matches will be streamed on the formal MLG.television set Phone of Responsibility internet site, and will run from August 9th via the 13th starting off at 10 AM EDT each and every day. A handful of talents will be on hand to deliver recaps of each and every party, as nicely as dwell commentary through each and every match-up.

The value pool will offer you $600,000 for very first spot, while 2nd will obtain $200,000 and 3rd will get $100,000, respectively. The relaxation will be divided up to the relaxation of the teams, ranging from $80,000 to $10,000, dependent on exactly where they spot.

Subsequent this tournament, Activision will no doubt shift on to some variety of Phone of Responsibility Entire world League functions surrounding Phone of Responsibility: WWII. Sledgehammer Games often noted that the activity intends to have some significant esports help, even though it didn’t precisely split down all those ideas. We’ll likely see what Activision has in thoughts most likely all-around the commencing of up coming calendar year, when it will begin to lay down the basis for a tournament cycle surrounding that distinct activity.

For now, a great deal of persons will be tuning in to see Infinite Warfare in motion, as teams go head to head and check out to prove who’s the ideal when it arrives to Phone of Responsibility. We desire all the opponents the ideal of luck!

Phone of Responsibility: Infinite Warfare is obtainable now for Xbox Just one, PlayStation 4 and Laptop.