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Nintendo Direct March 8th 2018 – Discussion w/ RogersBase

The latest Nintendo Direct is FILLED with updates and news for upcoming 3DS and Switch titles. Join Roger & I as we chat all about it in this new discussion!… Read more »

Pokémon Red/Blue Remakes for Nintendo Switch: The Best Option?

Why, hello there! There’s something I have come to the realization of after some thinking… Kanto remakes should be the next Pokemon games, not generation 8 or Sinnoh remakes. Listen… Read more »

Opinión Nintendo Direct Mini (Hyrule Warriors en Switch, Mario Tenis Aces…)

El pasado día 11 de Enero apareció por sorpresa, aunque después de tantos rumores no tanto, un nuevo Nintendo Direct en el que se habló de todas las novedades para… Read more »

Nintendo Direct Mini 1.11.2018

Nintendo Direct mini featuring the latest Nintendo Switch games. Stay tuned for some exciting surprises and updates! Got a favorite from the Nintendo Direct mini? Well, click to it! 0:19… Read more »