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Price comparators: Google's "suspicious practice" to escape EU sanctions

Assented to a record $ 2.4 million fine for abuse of dominant position with its Google Shopping price comparator, the group is accused of cheating by creating fake rivals to… Read more »

Facebook defends itself after the damning New York Times investigation

Directly targeted, Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg had to explain several revelations, including the employment of a public relations company with controversial methods. Facebook still in turmoil. A long investigation… Read more »

Banned by Facebook, Alex Jones found a way to relay his speeches on the network

The American conspiracy theorist Alex Jones has, in theory, no longer any means of spreading his hate speech on Facebook. Yet his supporters continue to spread his messages on the… Read more »

Facebook completely reorganizes its virtual and augmented reality division

Facebook has announced an internal restructuring within Oculus teams that will be divided by areas of expertise rather than by products. A little more than ten days after the surprise… Read more »

Apple will no longer communicate the number of iPhone it sells each quarter

The maker of the iPhone Thursday presented its financial results, warning that its sales for Christmas could be below the expectations of analysts. Few companies can afford the luxury of… Read more »

Google employees protest several cases of sexual harassment

Thousands of employees of the Web giant have demonstrated around the world, while their employer has hidden several cases of harassment involving leaders. "Hello! I'm not at my office because… Read more »

Google Pixel & Pixel XL Review Devices

Review Google New Google Pixel! ————————————————– —————– To request the device @chipsstore on instagram http://amzn.to/2fdv5Nm ————————————————– —————- Support for channel shopping through Amazon.com http://amzn.to/1SnGCYw ————————————————– —————- All you need to… Read more »