CALL OF DUTY: WW2 – Pelicula completa en Español 2017 [1080p] out?v=_I-BClNSq-o

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Historia completa de Get in touch with of Duty: Globe War II WW2, en Español Castellano, juntando todas las escenas, cinematicas y gameplay a partir de mi guia del juego para PS4 (all cutscenes game film).

La campaña tendrá presente la ocupación de Francia, la ocupación de Bélgica y el cruce desde el río Rin hasta Alemania.? La historia abarca desde entre 1944 y 1945, aunque también aparecerán otros eventos ocurridos entre 1940 y 1944 para ayudar a entender a los personajes y la historia.
En la campaña specific tendrá lugar la acción de dos soldados de la 1.ª División de Infantería: El soldado de 19 años de primera clase, Ronald Red Daniels (Brett Zimmerman) y su mejor amigo Jewish American (Jonathan Tucker) pero también contará con la participación de Rousseau, una maquis líder de la Resistencia francesa, el mayor Edgar Crowley, británico oficial de la Dirección de Operaciones Especiales, el sargento William Pierson (Josh Duhamel) y el teniente Joseph Turner (Jeffrey Pierce).

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Autonomous Cars — Waymo Moves To Detroit, NVIDIA Claims Full Autonomy In 4 Years

October 31st, 2017 by Steve Hanley 

When it comes to autonomous and electric cars, there is cognitive dissonance in the automotive world. Most major manufacturers — especially in the US — pooh pooh the idea of electric cars. They insist the internal combustion engine will be around until at least 2050. They moan that nobody wants to buy electric cars, the charging infrastructure needed is to support them is rudimentary, and that electric cars pollute just as much as conventional cars. On the other hand, every car maker in the world is rushing ahead with plans to bring self-driving cars to market. Do they think the world is desperate for self-driving Chevy Suburbans or Honda Civics that rely on old fashioned piston engines and 14 speed transmissions? Apparently so.

Waymo autonomous car in Michigan

Waymo Invades The Heart Of Car Country

Google was among the first companies to invest heavily in self driving technology. Google reinvented itself a while back and is now called Alphabet and the self driving car program has been renamed Waymo. Google/Alphabet/Waymo has decided not to pursue the dream of manufacturing automobiles, perhaps as a result of watching Elon Musk and Tesla struggle to do so. Instead, Waymo is now concentrating on developing autonomous driving systems it can sell to legacy automakers.

In pursuit of that goal, it is moving some of its operations to Detroit — the spiritual home of the US auto industry — according to The Verge. Waymo established a beachhead in car country when it opened a 53,000 square foot autonomous driving technology center in Novi, Michigan last year. Part of the reason for the new location in Detroit is to test its self driving systems in winter conditions. Another reason may be to let the mainstream players know that Waymo is breathing down their necks. The message may be, “Why spend tons of money building your own self-driving systems when we can do it for you better and cheaper?”

“For human drivers, the mix of winter conditions can affect how well you can see, and the way your vehicle handles the road,” said John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo, in a blog post on Medium. “The same is true for self-driving cars. At Waymo, our ultimate goal is for our fully self-driving cars to operate safely and smoothly in all kinds of environments.” Waymo has already done some winter testing in and around Lake Tahoe.

Waymo is already testing self-driving cars in Mountain View, Austin, and Kirkland, Washington. In Phoenix, customers can sign up to use one of the specially equipped Chrysler Pacifica minivans for day trips. The latter city is also playing host to Waymo’s ride-hailing pilot, in which real people can sign up to use the minivans for daily trips. The Information reports Waymo’s first commercial ride hailing service featuring driverless cars could begin operations before the end of this year.

NVIDIA Predicts Autonomous Cars In Four Years

Self driving cars will need an enormous amount of computing power. Processing all the digital information available from digital sensors like radar, lidar, ultrasonic devices, GPS, and cameras requires trillions of calculations per second. NVIDIA is a leader in making computers for self-driving vehicles. According to Reuters, CEO Jensen Huang told an audience in Taipei recently, “It will take no more than 4 years to have fully autonomous cars on the road. How long it takes for the vast majority of cars on the road to become that, it really just depends.”

NVIDIA has worked closely with Tesla on its Autopilot technology and has developed it PX2, a self contained, liquid cooled “supercomputer in a box” the company says has the power that autonomous cars will need to achieve true Level Five self driving capability. It is continuing to develop its technology to make its products more powerful, energy efficient, and cost effective.

NVIDIA is also deeply involved in the field of artificial intelligence. “There are many tasks in companies that can be automated — the productivity of society will go up,” Huang claims. Not everyone is so optimistic, particularly those who predict computers and AI will soon be able to do most of the jobs human beings do today, leaving large swaths of society with no way to earn a living. Is the glass half full or half empty? To quote Jensen Huang, “It really just depends.”

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Wikipedia Updated Its App With Full iOS 11 Support For The Latest iPhone And iPads

iOS 11 brought quite a handful of major changes to the table. Not only did it contribute to several variations in the performance department, the update also tweaked the platform visually. It has been more than a month since the upgrade was available to the general public. The company also released subsequent updates for the operating system that carried bug fixes for various issues. As of now, we are expecting the company to release iOS 11.1 that features various forward-facing additions. App developers are also updating their apps to take full advantage of the new features. Similarly, Wikipedia has also updated its app with iOS 11 support for iPhone and iPad. Let’s check out more details on it.

Wikipedia Updated Its Mobile App With iOS 11 Support Featuring Full Compatibility With iPhone And iPad.

As we have mentioned earlier, Wikipedia has updated its app with full support and compatibility with iOS 11. Wikipedia app for iOS adds various new features and also takes advantage of the Smart Invert mode in iOS 11. Starting off with some of the most basic features, the app includes simple sharing options and improves the “share-a-fact” shareable cards.

Now moving on to the new Smart Invert mode support, it basically inverts the colors of the display which are not so hard on your eyes. Smart Invert is the closest you can get to the dark mode in iOS 11. It reverses the colors of the display but keeps the images and media as they are. iOS decides itself which assets on the display should be inverted. Even though it’s not perfect at this point, but it gets the job done to the most extent.

One thing to note here is that Apple already provides a way for developers to select certain assets in their apps that the Smart Invert mode should not invert. At this point, there are several major apps which are already taking advantage of the Smart Invert mode.

With Wikipedia, Smart Invert will allow you to read the text clearly and the super white theme of the application will not strain your eyes. So it’s definitely good to see the feature added in the new update. The best part about the Wikipedia is that it is fully compatible with the iPhone and iPad. The app is available in the App Store for free, so do give ut a swing.

This is it for now, folks. What are your thoughts on the new Wikipedia update for its mobile app? Do you think the Smart Invert mode in iOS 11 is a useful tool? Share your views with us in the comments section below.

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