Random: Someone Claims to Have Unearthed Star Fox: Red Zone Virtual Boy Assets

Here’s one to get us all arguing about assets and fonts into the weekend – someone claims to have images of a ‘lost’ Virtual Boy game called Star Fox: Red Zone. Hm…

Someone called Sparky_78 on Reddit posted the following images; they seem to be the same person that posted the details as Kallus on Assembler Games.

SF Red Zone.jpg
Star Fox Redzone2.jpg

This is the message that apparently explains where the assets come from.


Some are convinced, though others think it’s fake (including this writer); this is from a user called VirtuousRage on PlanetVB.


Color me faithless, but I find most of these “I have lots of info, but I’m going to just trickle it out in tiny fragments” a hot load of garbage. Reminding me a lot of the whole “Polybius” arcade cabinet stuff. ( Great video on that here btw: https://youtu.be/_7X6Yeydgyg )

If you just take this “box art” example he’s provided you can clearly tell the StarFox logo is cut out from another image as you can still see some white pixels around the edges. ( Take the bottom right of the X for example. )

Also, the font used for “REDZONE” is called “Beyond” a font made in 2011 by “imagex”. (http://www.dafont.com/beyond.font) Nintendo would have to be pulling off some crazy time travel for that to happen.

Finally, I would question his story about this “box art” being used to show investors. From my experience, this is not common practice, but I think I’ve already put this to bed.

I truly will never understand how/why people like this “Issac” fellow get off on just perpetuating lies.

The idea of Star Fox on Virtual Boy isn’t new, as it reportedly did the rounds in the mid-’90s as a tech demo but was pretty much lost to the ages. For example the video below (published on YouTube in 2010) is from WCES 1995 and purports to show glimpses of the Star Fox demo and a Mario platformer that never saw the light of day.

It’s entirely possible that there was once a Star Fox Virtual Boy game in development, of course; the commercial failure of the system gave it a very short lifespan, so various projects in development may have been dropped. That doesn’t mean that ‘Star Fox: Red Zone’ as seen in these ‘assets’ is necessarily real, though.

Do you think this box art and screenshots are fascinating assets of a lost game, or fakes by someone with Photoshop and too much time on their hands? Have it out in the comments below.

For some reason, Ron Paul has taken to Fox News to skewer SpaceX

Enlarge / Former Congressman Ron Paul: Not a fan of SpaceX.

Three-time presidential candidate Ron Paul has written an opinion piece for Fox News that comes out swinging against SpaceX, accusing the company of benefiting from potentially having a monopoly on national security launches. The article also attacks US Sen. John McCain as a “lead sponsor” of provisions to give SpaceX a monopoly on launch services.

“Allowing SpaceX to obtain a monopoly over launch services harms taxpayers much more than forbidding the Pentagon from purchasing Russian products harms Vladimir Putin,” Paul writes. “If this provision becomes law, SpaceX will be able to charge the government more than they could in even a quasi-competitive market. This monopoly will also stifle innovation in rocket launching technology.”

Paul correctly notes that SpaceX has enjoyed substantial support from NASA, but, in return, the company has provided services at a significantly lower cost for the space agency. However, the irony of his “monopoly” argument is that it was SpaceX, and its Falcon 9 rocket, that brought competition into the Air Force launch services agreements. Before SpaceX was certified two years ago to compete for national security launch contracts, United Launch Alliance was the sole provider of these services for a decade. SpaceX has since provided launches at a large discount for the military.

In recent years, McCain and other senators have been pushing the Air Force and United Launch Alliance to develop an alternative launch vehicle to its workhorse Atlas V rocket, which relies on Russian-made RD-180 engines for lift. Paul asserts that the National Defense Authorization Act for 2018 represents “cronyism” for SpaceX because it “expressly forbids the Air Force from developing new launch vehicles by restricting expenditures to the development of new engines or the modification of existing systems.”

How the Air Force feels

The reality, according to Air Force officials, is that they don’t want to be saddled with the entire cost of building a new launch system to replace the Atlas V. This funding mechanism allows for United Launch Alliance to solicit engines from both Blue Origin and Aerojet Rocketdyne for its next-generation Vulcan launch vehicle. The authorization act Paul is lambasting as crony capitalism, therefore, is providing funding to United Launch Alliance to build a rocket that can compete with SpaceX on price.

Although Paul said Pentagon brass are concerned about the provision and its benefits for SpaceX, top Air Force officials have recently been complimentary of the rocket company founded by Elon Musk. “There are some very exciting things happening in commercial space that bring the opportunity for assured access to space at a very competitive price,” Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson testified in June, in reference to SpaceX. Gen. John Hyten, the head of US Strategic Command, also recently praised SpaceX’s approach.

It is not clear why Paul has chosen to weigh in on a complicated space policy matter such as the National Defense Authorization Act, but some clues may explain his hostility. Paul has not run for office since 2012, but at the time, two of his top six corporate donors were Boeing and Lockheed Martin, the parent companies of United Launch Alliance.

Paul also has been sympathetic to Russia in recent years, and SpaceX’s low-cost approach to launch threatens to take considerable market share away from Russian firms. For example, this year the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity has suggested the investigation into Russian meddling in US elections is a “farce” and said hostile efforts by US policymakers to sanction Russia were “irrational.”

NASA warns of glasses on market for total solar eclipse that won’t properly protect your eyes | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Thousands of people from around the world have their sights set on Kansas City and St. Joseph, where there will be prime viewing for the total solar eclipse on August 21.

The extremely rare spectacle comes with a warning from NASA. FOX 4’s Melissa Stern spoke with an optometrist about what you need to know regarding the special glasses you’re buying.

“I think there`s the potential that there could be some out there that wouldn`t be as effective as they need to be for this,” said Dr. Terry Hawks.

The last time Kansas City saw a total eclipse this close? 1806.

“When I was a kid, there was a partial eclipse, and I remember somebody brought their dad`s welding glasses. I was able to see, but this was just a part, this is supposed to be close to a total that I thought, I gotta see this!” said Tom Evans, who plans on seeing the solar eclipse.

To make sure you see the celestial spectacle, you need a pair of specialized glasses that meet certain specifications:

“Looking at the eclipse, even though the sun is hidden, you still get the effect of the rays, just like you would if you`re looking directly at the sun,” said Dr. Hawks.

He adds that it’s important you protect your eyes with eclipse glasses or filters.

“It`s kind of misleading to some people to think that they can look at that because it`s dark, and be okay,” Dr. Hawks said.

But some of those glasses may also be misleading. According to Dr. Hawks, you need to make sure your glasses have a special lens so you don’t damage your eyes. NASA is now warning that some of the glasses on the market don’t have that protection.

“I was kind of concerned about that, if we went into a store and they said, ‘hey, here`s some glasses,’” Evans said.

NASA also warns that you shouldn’t wear any of the glasses if the lenses are wrinkled or scratched.

FOX 4 checked with Price Chopper and Hy-Vee, and the glasses they are selling are ISO approved.

You can get the special glasses at the both the Powell Observatory in Louisburg, the Warko Observatory on UMKC campus or at the Astronomical Society’s website for $1. For more information on the eclipse, click this link.

Facebook vote may mean baby boy on the way will truly be ‘Raised Royal’ | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — We all know the Kansas City Royals’ slogan “Raised Royal”, but a metro boy could be “Born Royal.” It’s all up to folks on social media who are helping his parents pick his name.

The happiest news like the expectation of a child can bring a family closer together. It can also spark some pretty fun competition too. When Candice Sherman found out she was pregnant with a son, she knew she wanted his name to have a Royals connection.

“And we wanted to incorporate ‘Ace’ from Ventura. We’re a big fan of Ventura or at least my husband is, and we’ve liked the name Ryder, and so we put it all together,” said Sherman.

Ace, Ryder, and Royal! Those are all names her family liked, but couldn’t agree on what order.

“I want ‘Ryder Ace.’ I don’t want ‘Royal,’” said Stephon Davis, the boy’s father.

However “Royal” is what the baby’s grandmother wants his first name to be.

“We were arguing back and forth about the names and I was like, ‘okay, we’re going to settle this, we’re going to go Facebook,’” said Maria Frencher, who started sharing the post all over Facebook, and the family was surprised by the response.

“Now it’s been going crazy and the thing is I showed up to work and even the girls at work were like, ‘is that your mother-in-law that just posted a list of the baby names on the Royals page?’ And I said, ‘yes,’” said Sherman.

“I go on my Facebook page, it’s full. My phone is pinging 24-7,” said Frencher.

No matter what this little boy’s name ends up being, this family couldn’t be happier to meet him soon, especially considering what he’ll mean to their family.

“We have a 2-year-old son named Gunner who was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy, and we were kind of told he wasn’t ever going to walk, and so ever since then we kind of hoped for another boy for this to kind of be his little buddy, but he’s surpassed everything and is walking great,” said Sherman.

Dad has hopes that “Royal” will be more than just a name for his new son.

“Maybe he might end up being a Royal, an actual player. Work with him on that you never know,” said Davis.

For now, the three just want you to hop on Facebook and help them figure out what he’ll be called. Candice’s due date isn’t until August 17th, but says she’s given birth early before, and feels like it could be any day.

Contact Maria Frencher on Facebook to vote.


Echo Fox Confirm New Call of Duty Lineup | Esports News & Videos

The North American Very last Opportunity Qualifier for the Simply call of Duty Earth Championships 2017 usually takes spot on July 27th and on July 15th, Echo Fox confirmed their roster.

The firm owned by previous NBA winner Rick Fox have been included in the Simply call of Duty scene since Black Ops 3 but have but to uncover any variety of good results, despite a amount of large-profile signings.


We noted on Monday July 10th that FaZe coach and analyst James ‘Replays’ Crowder would be returning to compete right after retiring in the course of the Black Ops 3 time. The Innovative Warfare world winner is teaming up with Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni, Tanner ‘Mosh’ Clark and Mike ‘MRuiz’ Ruiz.

The workforce will compete in the double elimination event at the MLG Arena in Columbus, Ohio, on Thursday July 27th, a person working day before the CWL Worldwide Professional League playoffs for Phase Two.

In order to qualify via the winner bracket, Echo Fox will have to have to get down Holler & Co before dealing with off against a popular Staff Kaliber (providing they make it past FallenGodz).

The announcement regarding the confirmed lineup was manufactured via the Echo Fox web site. Methodz gave this assertion regarding his new workforce.

“I’m genuinely psyched to be teaming with Replays once more. We had the possibility to workforce below FaZe two times and he’s probably a person of my favorite teammates I have had. Getting him on this roster is big and I’m stoked for the potential with him.

Mosh was on the roster for most activities this year and I’m seeking forward to owning him back again with us. He’s also a person of my closest mates in gaming and I’m glad we’re each in the placement to engage in with every other once more.

MRuiz has constantly been a stand out participant to me personally when he was on E6. He has a ton of expertise and brings a ton of uncooked talent to the desk. I feel he’ll be a great addition to the workforce and I’m glad we were being able to seize him.”


Echo Fox Simply call of Duty:

  • USA Chris ‘Replays’ Crowder
  • USA Anthony ‘Methodz’ Zinni
  • USA Tanner ‘Mosh’ Clark
  • USA Mike ‘MRuiz’ Ruiz

If Echo Fox qualifies for the Simply call of Duty Earth Championships, they’ll compete among August 9th and 13th at the Amway Center in Orlando, Florida. The $1.5 million prize pool will be made the decision via a round robin team stage, adopted by a double elimination bracket.

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Simply call of Duty, CoD Earth League, Transfers


Replays returns from retirement, joins Echo Fox for the $1.5 million Call of Duty World League Championship

Only a several experienced gamers can say that they are a Simply call of Responsibility entire world champion—and a person of these gamers has appear out of retirement to pursue his second championship ring.

James “Replays” Crowder is officially unretiring to sign up for Echo Fox’s Simply call of Responsibility crew, the corporation verified with Dot Esports previously now.

Replays will enjoy together with Anthony “Methodz” Zinni, Tanner “Mosh” Clark, and Mike “MRuiz” Ruiz as they try to qualify for the $1.5 million Simply call of Responsibility World League Championship in August.

Relevant: Replays: “I’m a aggressive particular person no make a difference what I’m doing”

Echo Fox’s new Simply call of Responsibility lineup will initial contend at the CWL North American Previous Chance Qualifier on July 27, where 16 non-pro league groups will struggle for the very last 8 spots at the largest match of the yr.

Even though Replays will be competing in his initial LAN party considering that April 2016, the Simply call of Responsibility veteran has remained in the scene as an analyst and coach for FaZe Clan. Now, having said that, the 2015 Simply call of Responsibility entire world champion has determined to appear back again in pursuit of that second ring.

Methodz, the captain of Echo Fox, described his final decision to variety this new lineup in advance of future month’s Simply call of Responsibility World League Championship.

“Well, thinking of it is the very last and largest party of the yr, I needed the greatest roster attainable heading into the LCQ,” Methodz told Dot Esports. “I considered a lot of selections, but this lineup stood out in the two expertise and LAN functionality. I needed gamers that I know will demonstrate up to the party and do properly.”

Methodz has seen good results in the past by teaming with Mosh. The two most a short while ago played together in the opening months of the Infinite Warfare year, with their greatest putting becoming a major 16 finish at the CWL Las Vegas Open up in December.

“Playing with Mosh yet again is wonderful,” Methodz explained. “He’s likely a person of my closest buddies in gaming, so I’m glad we’re the two in a spot where we can operate towards a typical purpose.”

But very similar to Mosh, Methodz has also teamed with Replays on two different situations formerly. They initial joined forces on FaZe Clan in Black Ops II for the 2013 MLG Spring Championship, where they positioned major 6. Methodz and Replays reunited on FaZe Clan after yet again 6 months afterwards, and positioned major 8 at UMG Philadelphia 2014 for Simply call of Responsibility: Ghosts.

While it is been more than a few-and-a-half a long time considering that they very last teamed together, Methodz even now retains Replays in substantial regard.

“Replays is likely my preferred teammate of all time,” Methodz explained. “We’ve seen a very little bit of good results when teaming in the past, so I’m excited we have the probability to do it yet again, with no my age becoming an challenge this time. I understood he’d deliver reliable interaction and reliable match know-how to the crew, as properly as the uncooked ability he has. Contemplating he’s a 2015 entire world champion, I’m glad he’s returning by my facet for Champs.”

Relevant: It’s been 2 a long time considering that Denial upset OpTic and went on to gain a person of the greatest CoD championships ever

Now that their lineup has officially been verified, this new Echo Fox squad can continue on to get ready for the CWL NA LCQ. Even though this particular crew-of-four hasn’t been taking part in together for very extensive, Methodz is familiar with that his squad has a superior probability to realize success on July 27.

“Our largest energy now as a crew is our slaying electrical power,” Methodz explained. “When we’re getting our kills, it is insanely tricky to conquer us. We undoubtedly will need to operate on a several hills on a several distinctive maps, as properly as Research and Demolish, but I believe we’ll be good appear LCQ time.”

With two months remaining right up until the CWL NA LCQ commences in Columbus, Ohio, it is very clear that Methodz and the relaxation of Echo Fox know what they will need to operate on to get ready for the largest match of the yr.

And with a previous Simply call of Responsibility entire world champion now on his crew, Methodz has major hopes for the new squad.

“Our expectations are straightforward genuinely,” Methodz explained. “Qualify for Champs, and then gain Champs.”

Echo Fox’s new lineup will be a major contender for a person of the remaining spots at the Simply call of Responsibility World League Championship—and with the veteran management of Replays, the alternatives for this crew appear to be countless.

Facebook, Twitter, and Snap are offering Fox millions for World Cup highlight rights

The next World Cup, set to be hosted in Russia, is still a year away, but Facebook, Twitter, and Snap Inc. are already gunning to purchase video rights from exclusive rights holder Fox Sports, according to a report from Bloomberg today. Given the global audience of the event, and its rising viewership here in the US, social media giants are eager to fashion themselves as the destination for game highlights. All three companies are reportedly prepared to pays tens of millions of dollars, Bloomberg reports.

It’s still unclear whether Fox, which paid $400 million for broadcast rights for the 2018 World Cup, will license video to a single company or allow multiple companies to share exclusive footage. Live sports remain one of cable’s, and broader TV industry’s, last remaining defenses against the rise of on-demand streaming services. It’s clear Fox could earn substantial revenues from tech and digital media companies by offering rights to an event as all-consuming as the World Cup.

Facebook and Twitter are already deep in a multi-year process of transforming their services into destinations for both user-generated and professionally crafted video. Twitter has bold plans to turn its platform into a 24-hour live video service, and it’s already cut deals in the past with the NFL and other broadcasters to make inroads in that department.

Facebook, on the other hand, has invested heavily in turning its platform into a place for all different types of video, from VR content to 360-degree videos to live broadcasts from news organizations and celebrities. Now, Facebook wants to compete with the likes of Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix in the original video arena as well. Snap, which has long experimented with original video from creators in its Discover tab, managed to secure rights to highlights from the Olympics last year, making the World Cup a logical next step.

In the past, especially during the 2014 World Cup, users would repost footage from sports channels and broadcasters, running afoul of copyright and trademark laws and sending wave after wave of takedown notices at social account holders. Now, it’s clear these companies want to stay ahead of that issue by giving users easy and legal access to this footage. By doing so, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap are also making sure their apps are seen as the best and most accessible way to consume news, entertainment, sports, and commentary from your friends and strangers — all in one place.

Update 5:08PM ET, 7/6: Clarified that Snap Inc. too is trying to secure World Cup highlight rights from Fox.

PlayStation Vue to bring 17 local Fox affiliates to its streaming service

PlayStation Vue adds 17 Fox affiliates to bundle

As virtual MVPDs continue their push to sign local affiliates of major broadcast networks, PlayStation Vue remains one of the leaders in that crucial department. The skinny bundle said it has added 17 more Fox affiliates this week in such major markets as Denver, Seattle, Cleveland-Akron, Pittsburgh, Portland and St. Louis.

Affiliate deals are key differentiating factors in the crowded field of vMVPDs because many customers with traditional bundles could hesitate when considering making a switch if they will experience major gaps in local coverage or tentpole broadcast events like sports. Hulu’s entry this spring raised the bar in this area, rolling out Hulu Live everywhere by virtue of Fox Broadcasting being one of the company’s co-owners.

Vue is the main distribution arm for Sony, which notably lacks major networks, long a hindrance in its overall TV strategy. It has been aggressive in signing affiliates. In January, it added 20 CBS affiliates, and within a year of launch had all of the Big Four network O&O stations, something some skinny players still lack.

From the stations’ perspective, there is a lot to balance as they negotiate with vMVPDs. Station groups have divergent strategies, with some prizing fully live OTT broadcasts and others opting for an on-demand scenario or driving viewers to their own apps and websites. Still, three of the four major broadcast networks have now reached agreements with their affiliates that should result in an uptick in deals with vMVPDs.

Marketing and promotion for vMVPDs can nevertheless hit snags due to spotty local market availability. When last fall’s epic World Series between the Chicago Cubs and Cleveland Indians reached game seven, Sling ran a promotion encouraging viewers to sign up in order to be able to watch the game. The ad included the requisite “where available” caveat, but anyone who missed it could have signed up and not found the game.

Here are the Fox affiliates Vue just added: 

  • Baltimore – FOX 45
  • Cleveland-Akron (Canton) – FOX 8
  • Columbus, Ohio – FOX 28
  • Denver – FOX 31
  • Hartford & New Haven, Connecticut – FOX 61
  • Indianapolis – FOX 59
  • Kansas City, Missouri – FOX 4
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin – FOX 6
  • Nashville, Tennessee – FOX 17
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania – FOX 53
  • Portland, Oregon – FOX 12
  • Sacramento-Stockton-Modesto – FOX 40
  • Salt Lake City – FOX 13
  • San Antonio – FOX San Antonio
  • San Diego – FOX 5
  • Seattle-Tacoma – Q13 FOX
  • St. Louis – FOX 2

Facebook and Fox Sports team up to stream Europe’s elite soccer competition

Fox Sports and Facebook have partnered to stream UEFA Champions League games via Facebook Live.

In an announcement on Tuesday, Fox Sports said that matches would be streamed in the U.S. on its Fox Sports Facebook Page, while the Fox Deportes Facebook Page would carry games in Spanish. The streaming will begin in September, during the competition’s group stage.

“Facebook is a social media powerhouse and a great partner to help us grow soccer in the United States,” David Nathanson, Fox Sports’ head of business operations, said in a statement.

“As people spend more and more time on mobile devices and social networks, offering matches on this platform is a natural extension,” he added. “This year’s UEFA Champions League final saw 34 million people have 98 million interactions on Facebook, so we are thrilled to be able to offer top-notch content to their immense soccer community.”

The Champions League is Europe’s elite soccer competition, and sees the continent’s most prestigious clubs face off against each other. Real Madrid are the current holders, while past winners include Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Barcelona.

Dan Reed, Facebook’s head of global sports partnerships, described the Champions League as “one of the biggest football tournaments in the world,” and added Facebook was “thrilled to partner with Fox Sports to deliver live matches to fans on Facebook in the U.S. next season.”

“This collaboration unlocks new distribution for Fox, giving the network a national platform for matches that won’t always be televised,” Reed added. “And with different matches broadcast in English and Spanish on Facebook, our community of fans will have plenty of action to cheer on and chat about once the group stage kicks off in September.”

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