Facebook Entertainment Applications

Social networking sites are not only popular with net savvy people, but it has also become a daily diet for them. Social media is a platform to meet and chat with old friends as well as make new ones. Facebook is currently the most popular social networking platform for more than 600 million active users looking for their share of fun. Loaded with fun and excitement, the entertainment applications on Facebook are the most popular ones among FB regulars.

Facebook is a free platform, where everyone can join in for free and connect with their friends and family. Gradually it has become a more powerful resource for marketing and businesses than just networking. Facebook has emerged to be the strongest stage based on human behavior, where business houses can identify the emotion of the users and act accordingly. Given below are some of the most popular Facebook entertainment applications, which can make your Facebook experience better.

  • BandPage : Application developed by RootMusic. BandPage allows bands to make a custom center with their tour schedule, music, pictures, twitter, and wall all in one place. There are more than 21,702,265 active users per month.
  • Daily Horoscope : This Facebook application is owned by Tall Tree Games. This application checks horoscope everyday to provide you your personalized daily horoscope. The application has 9,315,598 active users per month.
  • Frases Diarias : This Facebook entertainment application was developed by Coldteam. There are 7,502,811 active users per month.
  • Band Profile : This application actually provides profile pages for musicians, who are present on Facebook. The application was developed by ReverbNation. You can promote your band using this application. You also can upload images, schedules, and music to customize your page. There are 7,396,466 monthly active users with Band Profile.
  • Zoosk : Developed by Zoosc, this application is a fun way to meet, connect, and socialize with singles in your vicinity. You just need to make a profile and start searching for your match. There are 6,479,321 monthly active users.
  • izletTV : This application is development by izlettv. There are 4,440,459 monthly active users in this application.
  • DTR Music : This application is developed by FanBridge Inc. This application is considered the easiest and most customizable app on Facebook. This page was used by famous personalities like Linkin Park, American Idol, Lady Gaga, and Gatorade to make their fan pages. There are 3,740,847 monthly active users.
  • Picnik : This application is offered by Google, Inc. This Facebook app can edit your photos without leaving the site. You can also crop, resize, and rotate the pictures. You can get 20 effects such as lomo, sepia, and borders to stylize your images. You also can connect with Picasa and Flickr with this application. Nearly 3,111,175 active users use this application per month.

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iPhone Applications For Social Media

There are more and more applications – things you can do – available for cell phone use than ever before. Apple is far and away the leader here with more than 60,000 applications available for download. There are literally billions of iPhone applications downloaded every year. And who has not heard of the rise of FaceBook, MySpace, and the new "kid on the block" – Twitter. In earlier days, you could only access these Social Media sites from a computer. No more. Now there are literally hundreds of applications available which will let you make use of Social Media Sites from your iPhone.

Finding iPhone Apps for Social Media

Okay, you're heavy into Social Media sites and you want to be able to start accessing them with your mobile phone. Where do you start looking? Try entering "iPhone Apps for Social Media" into your favorite search engine and see what you come up with. You'll get a confusing array of sites, ranging from undifferentiated lists of iPhone apps, to articles on Internet Marketing, to blog posts about selected iPhone apps, to lists of free iPhone apps, to ads for commercial apps. Wow! Digging through the top hits on your list will begin to give you an idea what's out there and some clues as to where to look further. You'll learn there is an application available –called AppsFinder – that allows you to find other apps!

Perhaps the best place to learn the benefits of an iPhone applications for a Social Media site is Facebook – one of the most full-featured and popular apps available today. Go to Facebook applications and you can learn how the iPhone apps allow you to manage a Facebook account. You can do the same with other major Social Media sites like Twitter and MySpace but the Facebook app has been around the longest.

By now you should have an idea of ​​what you can do with iPhone apps. The last – and probably the best – source for finding iPhone applications are on the Social Media sites themselves. Use your favorite site and ask your contacts there what iPhone apps they are using? How do they like them? What apps have they used and found to have little benefit? What sources for free downloads are they aware of? What new apps have they heard about? Visit the apps download site to learn a little more and then try them out. There are applications out there to meet a multitude of interests. Finding ones that are right for you may take some time, but the benefits will be well worth the time and effort invested in finding them. Good luck in your search!

Facebook Introduces Pages Manager App

Just when you thought buying an iPad was the only resort to managing Facebook pages on the go, Facebook introduces a new management app: The Pages Manager app. This application answers the prayers of page administrators everywhere, as the app makes it easier for admins to effectively manage their Facebook pages from their mobile phone. The app, which is currently only available for the iPhone, is installed separately, and is independent of the Facebook mobile app – which can help you avoid mixing “business with pleasure”.

Though Pages Manager has a similar look and feel to the regular Facebook iPhone app, it is more focused on updating and managing pages. Similar to the Facebook app, users can choose from the list of pages they manage and begin posting from it. However, unlike the Facebook app, the main menu of Pages Manager allows users to view their lists of pages, view summaries of their pages’ insights, visit the help center, see the list of page admins, and check out the privacy and legal notices.

The Pages Manager app displays the wall of each page, and shows users how many people each post has reached and how many people are talking about it. It also makes it easy for users to like, comment, and interact with content they’ve posted.

The new app also makes it easier for pages to share, and add text to, photos. Furthermore, the apps improved functionality allows users to select the filter at the top-right-hand corner, and toggle between everyone’s posts, only the page’s posts, and hidden posts.

When users click on metrics highlighted by grey bars, they are able to see more detailed overviews of their posts in terms of reach, engaged users, and people talking about this. This is beneficial to users who want to monitor how content is doing, but who may be working remotely. From the page insights dashboard, users receive insights as to how their pages are performing in terms of total likes, people talking about this, weekly total reach, and trends in the past 14 days (highlighted by a small line graph).

While the app obviously doesn’t have all the functionality of the website, it is a great way of managing and monitoring your pages on-the-go. I downloaded the app as soon as it was made available, and while the remote access to my pages is sure to come in useful, I’m more thankful for the peace of mind accompanying the knowledge that I can efficiently manage my pages from anywhere.

Best 5 Third Party Facebook Apps for Android Devices

Many of you might be a big fan of Facebook and love using it on your tablets and Smartphones. Serving you as an excellent platform to stay connected with your family, friends, and relatives, the Facebook app is an ideal solution to keep yourself updated. In the recent past, many users denied obeying the dictatorial decision of the company that forces the users to install Messenger chat app to continue communicating with others.

Social Media enthusiasts purposely boycotted the mobile version of Facebook, the most downloaded mobile apps across iOS and Android, to show their rage to this big social network. Owing to the famous Bill Gates' quote – "Whether it's Google or Apple or free software, we've got some fantastic competitors, and it keeps us on our toes," it's true that competition lies everywhere. To fight with the authoritative decision made by the company, users started downloading another, third-party Facebook client and chatting right from the custom Facebook app.

Read the article below to find out the best 5 third party Facebook apps for Android that you can find at Google Play and explore a better, noteworthy, and free third-party social media experience.

1. Fast for Facebook

Fast for Facebook is an excellent free Android app to alter the looks and the interface of Facebook's official mobile app. With more than 7 Million downloads with 100k reviews and still counting, the app is the latest addition in the list of apps managing your account. The app is specifically developed to deliver great and absolute experience. The app allows to browse your FB newsfeed and make full use of online chat. The app also comes with the social reader feature that helps you to organize your friends list and read-share all the stories from your favorite blogs or newspapers. The app is a complete package that helps you to alter the colors, and customize the layout of the posts. It also allows you to use an extensive array of feature that is not a part of the official Facebook app. This light weighed app can be easily downloaded from the Google Play Store, and it comes with the following features:

• Creates your lists of pages and friends

• Optional Security PIN for added security

• Faster access to your main feed, notifications and lists

• Chat with your friends directly

• Optional Push Notifications add-on feature to keep you posted about latest events

• View videos from YouTube and Facebook directly

• Excellent User Interface (UI) customization

2. Friendcaster

Friendcaster comes with a ton of customization options that you'll not get in any of the third-party Facebook apps. The app is efficient in supporting the no-brainer theme on board, and it offers you greater control over customizing the behavior of your Newsfeed. Allows you to optimize sync and easily share content to an external app, Friendcaster comes pre-installed with some interesting features to enhance your in-app experience. Friendcaster is a fast, fun, and free Android app that focuses on providing a beautiful and streamlined interface with lots of unique features and true push notifications.

Some of the exceptional features include:

• Access to full news feed with six beautiful pre-installed themes

• Support multiple accounts and basic activities like comment, like, and share posts

• Quick and easy setup assistance for notifications

• 'Zip It' feature to hide posts from your feed

• Saved Posts allows a user to save favorite posts for later use

• Swipe through photo galleries with slideshow view

• Enjoy a conversation anywhere with threaded messages and chat

3. Flipster for Facebook

Flipster for Facebook, a third-party client, is easy to use app that comes bundled with numerous customization options to customize the font, its size, and the overall theme. The app allows you to access all of your saved pages, groups, events, and messages directly. Serving as an excellent alternative to the official Facebook app, the app offers full access to the most important Facebook features. The app is highly optimized for mobile devices, since, loads its notifications, and news feed with a faster pace.

Some of its exciting features are:

• 18 beautiful themes, 30 fonts and 6 font sizes

• Particularly designed for mobile device, hence, supports faster-loading screens

• Does not allow the website to access your private information such as contacts, text messages, emails, and calendar

• Like posts, comments, and photos

• Upload / Download photos from albums

• Chat and manage private messages

• Search friends, people, pages and everything else

• Use more than 400 Emoji in chat, comments, and posts

4. Minimal News for Facebook

Minimal News for Facebook is an amazing app alternate that offers you an easy, fast, and worry-free entry into the social networking platform. This web-based app uses an in-app browser that provides an access to the app-chat and various features of the official app. Chatting with your friends is now easier with this app. Counted amongst the fastest mobile timeline / news reader apps with clean and minimalist design, the app is a lighter and faster alternate to other annoying, bulky official apps.

Browse through the exciting features:

• Access your app login account wherever you go

• Works well in places with little or weak Internet signal

• Stay connected to your friends without additional data charges

• View stories, status updates, timelines, images, videos, notifications, and messages to organize your social life

• Lets you preview a small version of the image without downloading it

• Chat with your friends using Facebook Messenger function supported with emoticons

5. FBM for Facebook

FBM for Facebook is a third-party client that allows you to change the theme, customize the tabs, and select the content that can be displayed in each menu section. Using the Facebook's mobile website written format, the app is a replica of the official app with some advanced features incorporated with it. The app allows you to access notifications, contact sync, and directly upload photos / from your any Android-powered mobile device. Some of the features incorporated within the app are:

• Full Technical Support

• Touch Optimized UI

• Supports Check-in features to track your movements (GPS must be enabled)

• Allows you to upload photos

• Push Notifications to keep a track on your friend's activities

Apart from the above mentioned apps, Online Notifier, and SocialCamp: Facebook & Twitter, are some of the other Android apps to enhance your online experience. You can also purchase pro versions of the Fastbook Pro, Fast for Facebook Pro, and other paid apps to access the advanced features that are not incorporated in the free versions. Do not forget to check the developer's information and the user reviews before you install the app on your mobile devices.

Facebook Apps for iPhone – Enhance Your Connection With iPhone Facebook App Development

When it comes to social networking sites then Facebook is the pat answer. Facebook has brought the world at one place. It is the master of social networking sites and has a maximum number of users. If you want to have a strong online exposure then Facebook is somewhere the best place for it. Whether you want to promote your business or share some information, it is the fastest way to aware people of the latest happenings. Just imagine! If the applications of Facebook are combined with the features of iPhone then it can certainly result into wonders. But the question is that is iPhone Facebook app development possible? Can the complications of the two ultimate technical wonder be overcomes?

Well then here is your answer. The complications of both of them have been overcomes by the iPhone app developers. They have been able to combine the features of Facebook and iPhone and give some amazing Apple iPhone Facebook apps. Apple's iPhone has high-speed connection and amazing web browsing features. The customized Facebook apps would work smoothly on your smartphone. There are many types of applications that can be developed by using iPhone. You can get music apps, dating apps, educating apps, business apps and many other Facebook apps for your iPhone.

The collaboration of Facebook apps with iPhone is certainly a neck breaking task and requires exceptional knowledge and expertise for the task. The iPhone Facebook app development gives you the opportunity to enhance your connection. You can entertain yourself, keep yourself updated and can do all your required tasks through these apps. Many people think that the only use of such applications is to improve your business and use them as marketing techniques. But This is not the only motto of the apps, it is meant to increase the functionality of the social networking site.

The Facebook apps for iPhone increase the usability of both Facebook and iPhone. You can use the interface and platform of iPhone and the embedded applications of Facebook to get the maximum attention for your work, sites or any other page that you have created. But you know very well that you can not do it all by yourself and that you would be requiring help. So start the internet and browse for some good online iPhone development companies. You will find many good companies who have the proper resources for this work. You can go through the portfolio of these companies so that you can get a better overview.