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Published 20/09/2017

Destiny 2’s Titan is one of four planets you will visit and explore to take on a number of Titan activities and daily Titan challenges.

The second planet you visit in Destiny 2, you visit this fairly early on in the story, at the start of the campaign mission, Hope. You are first sent to visit the planet alone, where you’re tasked with clearing out some troublesome Hive enemies. Once you’re done with that introductory mission, you’ll be able to talk to the planet’s overseer, Sloane, and explore the Titan patrol space freely.

Whether you are exploring during the story or attemping to reach max Power Level in the end game, there’s plenty on offer on Titan, small as it may be in size.

For other planetary guides meanwhile, we’ve put together pages on the EDZ, Nessus, and Io, with plenty of detail on activities for each.

Destiny 2 Titan activities explained

The planet Titan offers a number of set activities you can view on the map as you play through the game’s story and beyond.

Landing Zones / Fast Travel points:

  • Siren’s Watch (unlocked automatically)
  • The Rig (complete campaing missions Utopia and Titan)


Adventures are mini-story missions with simple objectives in return for randomised (but capped) gear. As always, make sure you tackle Adventures at their recommended Power level.


Exotic weapon quests

As well as Adventures – which unlock over the course of the story – once you have completed the main story there’s a new ‘Enemy of my Enemy’ story mission.

This questline appears on Titan with a recommended Power Level of 270. Once complete, you’ll unlock the first step in getting the elusive Rat King quest.

Lost Sectors

Titan has just a couple of Lost Sector mini-dungeons, but with Challenges often asking you to complete one a day, it pays to know where they are and how to complete them.


Public Events

Being the smallest area, Titan also has the fewest Public Events of any area, with just two. Use your map to see where and when these begin, and don’t forget to try and trigger the Heroic Public Event variant to unlock more rewards.

  • Destroy the Arsenal Walker
  • Witches Ritual

It’s worth paying attention to the location of the current week’s Flashpoint – if it is Titan, then you’ll unlock a Powerful Gear Milestone after a number of Public Events completed.

Region chests

Not unlike the ‘golden chests’ from the first Destiny, each planet has a number of one-off chests you can discover and open. Each one contains three Tokens for that planet, some Glimmer and a chance at a loot drop (up to the 260/270 cap). Though they are marked on the map, our Destiny 2 Region Chests page explains their exact positions.


The more activities you play, the more Tokens you earn to level up the planet’s Faction.

Alkane Dust, Arcology, and other activities on titan

As well as the above set activities, there are other ‘random’ attractions to look out for as you explore Titan that won’t appear on the map. Each one gives you more opportunities to find Arcology Tokens and other loot.

Alkane Dust: Similar to the original Destiny, there are planetary materials to look out for as you roam. These appear at random on the edges of pathways, buildings or perched on structures.

Like chests, by default they won’t appear on your heads-up display and it’s only when you are up close that you can collect them.


If you are farming them for a Challenge, then the easiest way is to roam around, using your Sparrow where you can, and keep your eyes peeled for glowing objects, or simply do other activities or Challenges, and you’ll naturally come across them. Alkane Dust is used to level up the Titan Faction at vendor, Sloane.

Patrol missions: Once you complete the Patrol side-mission after Fury’s story mission, you can trigger Patrol Missions while exploring the Patrol space.

These task you with simple objectives – kill in a number of enemies, observe an area, kill a higher level character – with each one giving you a Token.

We recommend doubling up these with Public Events so you can complete two activities at once, though remember most Patrol Missions must be completed within the area you collected them in.


Loot Chests – Alongside one-off Region Chests are random chests that spawn throughout the planet. Like Alkane Dust, they tend to appear at random on the edges of walkways or sitting under structural outrcroppings, so be sure to keep a keen eye on them.

High powered enemies – As you roam, you’ll be notified that a ‘high level enemy’ has spawned in the area. This is a lone yellow bar enemy that’ll take a beating before it goes down.


If you do so, it’ll drop a loot chest containing a Token. They only appear for a limited time, so be sure to track it down before it disappears.

Destiny 2 guide, story walkthrough
Class changes, Exotics, levelling and more explained.

Destiny 2 guide, story walkthrough

Want more on Destiny 2? Our Destiny 2 guide tells you everything else there is to know on the game so far, including Lost Sectors, Treasure Map locations, Heroic Public Events, and Flashpoints on EDZ, Titan, Nessus and Io. Elsewhere we explain how to Power level to the 265, 300 and 350 Power caps, as well as what to spend Glimmer on, how to join Clans and how Mods, Infusion, and Engrams and Legendary Shards work, Crucible tips, a Destiny 2 Exotics list, details on the Nightfall schedule, Trials of the Nine and the weekly reset, how to unlock classes and subclasses, and how to complete the Destiny 2 Raid.

Hive Knights, Fallen enemy locations and other Titan Challenges explained

Each day at 10am UK time, the server will ‘reset’ a number of activities in the game. The foremost of these are each activities Challenges, giving you a new checklist of objectives to complete as you explore the Titan Patrol space.

You will be given three to complete each day. The following is not an exhaustive list as new Challenges may emerge as days go on, but will give you an idea of what to expect and how to complete them.

  • Scourge of the Fallen: Defeat 75 Fallen Enemies – Fallen are most commonly found near the external parts of the Siren’s Watch area on Titan. Remember completing other activities will help you unlock these, so concentrate on other Challenges and you should get most of your way through this without needing to grind.
  • Arcology Scavenger: Gather 10 Alkane Dusts – As mentioned above, these are found at random throughout the planet. It’s one of the tougher Challenges due to its unpredictable nature, but we’d suggest performing other Challenges and Public Events, and you should come across them naturally without hopefully needing to grind.
  • The Grand Melee: Defeat 5 Hive Knights: – These are the greyish, tall, bulky walking foes you encounter as part of the Hive. You can find these out in the wild – sometimes as more powerful yellow bar enemies – but your best chance of finding them is doing the Witches Ritual and Arsenal Walker Public Events that spawn near The Rig and Siren’s Watch respectively.
  • Arcology Reclaimer: – Kill 40 enemies in the New Pacific Arcology. This is simple enough really, just travel to the nearby fast travel point and venture inside looking for foes!
  • Lost Sectors: Lost a Lost Sector in a specific area – Simply head to the specified area, then find and complete one of these mini-dungeons, with the Challenge completing when you pick up the loot at the end. If you’re struggling, our Lost Sectors page can help you find one.
  • Event Horizon: Successfully complete a public event – You will find where and when these occur on your map. Don’t forgot to attempt to trigger the Heroic Public Event for bonus rewards – though it’s not required for this Challenge.
  • Walking the Beat: Complete 3 Patrols – First unlock Patrol Missions as part of Cayde’s Patrol Milestone set of quests, and pick up and finish three of these mini-missions. We recommended grabbing a kill or drop-based Patrol and then undertaking a nearby Public Event to tick off two activities at once.

Additional reporting by Matthew Reynolds.

Insider Stock Selling Explained: The Nvidia Corp. Case

Prominent insider shareholders of Santa Clara-based Nvidia Corp. (NVDA) have been selling stock over the last three months raising the question, is insider selling a bad sign for investors? Nvidia, which primarily designs graphic processing units for the gaming industry has been one of the hot stocks of 2017, rising by 55 percent since January.

In June, Nvidia Director Robert Burgess sold 50,000 shares at an average price of $158.08, for a total value of $7.9 million, according to a SEC filing. More recently, Director A Brooke Seawell sold 30,000 shares at an average share price of $170.19, a total value of just over $5 million. Burgess and Seawell now own a combined total of 30,857 shares. In the last three months, insiders have sold over 400,000 shares at a total value of $61.8 million, according to Nasdaq data.

According to FactSet data, insiders make up 4.86 percent of company ownership, which has been on the decline in recent months.

The string of insider selling is following an overall trend of outflows. On Thursday, the company recorded net outflows of $39.78 million according to online publication Dispatch Tribunal. (See also: How Broadcom Will Beat Nvidia.)

Is Insider Selling a Bad Sign?

For stock owners, news that insiders are selling can be frightening. Why are they selling? What do they know? In 2010, holders of the second biggest company in the U.S., Google Inc. (GOOGL) were given a scare when they woke up to the news that “Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin plan to steadily sell off up to 10 million shares of stock over the next five years, according to a SEC filing.” However, since then shares in the California-based tech giant have nearly doubled, so it turns out their panic was misplaced. (See also: How To Sell Stock In Your Company)

Situations where investors should not be alarmed are when insiders announce they plan to sell a number of shares over a longer period, such as the Page and Brin example. In addition, if the stock has had a significant rally an inside investor may think it’s prudent to take some profit. Finally, if it is just one insider that is selling, investors should not be too concerned. (See also: Insider Selling Isn’t Always A Bad Sign)

On the contrary, if multiple insiders are selling stock at the same it may be a sign that they know something. Additionally, if owners have a history of selling before the stock falls it may also be a red flag.

Take Away

While owning shares in a company where insiders are selling their stake may put investors in a precarious position, in general, this is not a time to panic. Maybe they have an overall view of the wider stock market, which is not a company specific news, or maybe they just want to fund a summer vacation.

With heightened regulation in markets and disclosure policies, it is safe to say if an insider selling his or her shares and the stock falls sharply, they could be in bigger trouble than you: the investor.

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors – locations and their repeatable loot rewards explained • Page 1 • Eurogamer.net

Published 10/09/2017

Destiny 2 Lost Sectors are something new to Bungie’s space-faring sequel – mini-dungeons that you can find as you explore each Patrol area, each with a manner of things to shoot and find.

There are a total of 27 spread across Earth, Nessus, Titan and Io and each one offers varying levels of challenge – including lots of enemies and a dungeon mini boss).

What are Lost Sectors in Destiny 2?

Lost Sectors are mini-dungeons tucked away off the beaten path in the game’s many Patrol areas. As you are exploring, you will find a symbol painted on a wall like this, indicating that one is nearby:


From there, the dungeon is close, you just have to find the entrance, which is where our series of links below come in.

Once you’re inside, you then have to clear the dungeon of its enemies, including a named boss. Doing so will allow you to open the Lost Sector chest at the end and take its loot.

The game’s first EDZ mission will give you a taste of this, taking you into the basement of the church where one of the Trostland Lost Sectors can be found.

Lost Sector locations

Below is an in-progress list of Lost Sectors and their locations.

The game doesn’t provide a Power level suggestion for completing each one, but if you are in that area for another objective, chances are you are powerful enough to take it on – there’s no need to unlock them otherwise.

However, some can be very difficult, so don’t worry about getting them out of the way from the beginning. Try tackling them in a squad or after you’ve finished the campaign and hit level 20; we found a Power Level of 200 and over made us strong enough for any of them.




More coming soon!

Destiny 2 guide, story walkthrough
Class changes, Exotics, levelling and more explained.

Destiny 2 guide, story walkthrough

Want more on Destiny 2? Our Destiny 2 guide tells you everything else know on the game so far, including every change big and small from the original. Elsewhere we explain how to get a Sparrow in Destiny 2, how Clans and Guided Games and Legendary Shards work, Crucible tips, a Destiny 2 Exotics list, details on the PC version and graphics options, how to unlock classes and subclasses, details of all Destiny 2 PS4 exclusives and everything we know about the upcoming Destiny 2 Raid.

Lost Sector rewards and repeatable loot

Lost Sectors typically contain several loot drops and a Token for that planet.

Though they are dungeons that can be cleared, they are repeatable (once a day) allowing you to get loot again.

However, it won’t be as much as the first time you completed it, and are more in-line with a loot chest you’d receive after an activity such as a Public Event – usually one Blue (rare) Engram with a Token for that planet’s Faction.


Lost Sector chests look a little different to regular ones.

Once you get so far in the story, you’ll unlock some additional systems and features, including Challenges.

These give you additional tasks to do in each mode, and in Patrol, once of these could include doing a Lost Sector within a specific area of planet, giving you further incentive to replay Lost Sectors you have already cleared.

Additional reporting by Matthew Reynolds

Nvidia GeForce MX150: New dedicated laptop graphics explained

Nvidia GeForce MX150 – Laptop graphics explained

A whole host of new laptops have been launched at the IFA 2017 trade show in Berlin, and many of them come equipped with Nvidia GeForce MX150 graphics. What is it, how powerful is it and should you care? We take a look.

Nvidia GeForce MX150 – Gaming performance

For many laptop buyers who like gaming, the promise of dedicated or discrete graphics is like a red flag to a bull: it means extra performance in the latest 3D games. The MX150 is a replacement to the GeForce 940MX that has appeared in loads of laptops over the last couple of years. MX150 was first announced in May, but it’s taken until the end of August 2017 to start appearing in laptops we can buy.

It’s also a replacement for any Intel HD (now called UHD) graphics hardware that comes baked into your laptop’s processor. Intel graphics have never been known for their gaming performance, so it’s easy to dismiss nearly every laptop without a discrete GPU as something to avoid.

Related: Best gaming laptops

So far, we’ve not had an MX150 laptop in to test, but Nvidia has provided some its own figures to give you a rough idea of what performance to expect. First and foremost, the MX150 is not a high-end GPU. Nvidia’s marketing material on the MX150 only makes mention of playing eSports games such as Dota 2, CS:GO, LoL and World of Tanks at Full HD resolution at 60fps. The company doesn’t make any claims about what graphical settings you’ll be running, although this point is fairly moot as we’d recommend you let Nvidia GeForce Experience software take over and do the heavy lifting to decide what graphics settings you should be running at.

So, eSports only, then? Maybe, but we can use some other data to see how more advanced games will run.

In our recent review of the HP Spectre x360 15, we ran some benchmarks on the included 940MX GPU. There we saw performance of 50fps in Dirty Rally at Full HD, Medium settings, and 30fps in Shadow of Mordor at Full HD. Nvidia claims the MX150 is 25% more powerful than the 940MX (and 4x more powerful than last-generation Intel HD Graphics 520), so from that we can take away that while this GPU isn’t designed for the latest AAA games, it can technically run them if you dial down graphics settings and/or resolution. Again, if the game is supported by GeForce Experience, Nvidia should automatically be able to set your game up for the best performance/eye-candy compromise.

Nvidia marketing material

The thing you should take into account here is that this GPU will often be found in laptops with relatively low-power 7th- and 8th-generation Intel Core CPUs. These chips will often be a bit of a bottleneck for your games – some more advanced titles such as Battlefield 1 – struggle without a properly beefy processor, no matter how good your GPU is.

Video and photo editing

The MX150 is a dab hand at photo editing in Adobe products, according to Nvidia. The company reckons you’ll be able to crop and remaster photos up to 2.5x faster than bog-standard Intel HD Graphics, and up to 4x faster colour remastering when working with video content.

Nvidia marketing material

Should I buy a GeForce MX150 laptop?

Until we’ve tested one for sure we can’t give a definitive verdict, but we can offer some general advice. GeForce MX150 will probably find itself in thinner and lighter laptops than the full-desktop-style GPUs such as GTX 1050 and 1050 Ti. If you’re really after a gaming laptop, consider a thicker and heavier machine. If you want thin and light and want to play older or eSports titles, these new MX150 should fit the bill. Check back here when we have more on the MX150’s benchmark results.

Tesla’s Market Valuation Can Be Explained, But Is It Right? – Tesla Motors (NASDAQ:TSLA)

It’s irresponsible to take a position in a stance/argument in favor/against a stock without weighing the merits of the counter argument. Investors should only take a position in a company when it’s clearly apparent that the investor can argue the merits of both a long/short position better than the counter party.

Likewise, we’re re-examining the bullish investor thesis on Tesla (TSLA) and weigh the merits of it. Clearly, the stock has roared past our initial short recommendation from Q2’17, as it has become increasingly apparent (at least in the near-term) that the stock will trade upwards on news. Of course, Tesla has sold off on numerous quarterly earnings reports in the past couple years, which is why bears feel confident that a repeat will happen down the line.

However, bulls have reason to be confident too, especially when taking into consideration historical returns and the “visionary status” the investment community has given the company.

Tesla continues to rally, but risks remain glaringly obvious

The production of Model 3 and ramp-up of reasonable production volumes has put a wrench in the (prior prevailing) bear thesis. Bears speculated that Tesla Inc. wouldn’t meet its initial production targets in FY’17 and would experience numerous delays thus opening a window for competitors to enter the autonomous/BEV segment.

Those expectations by the bearish camp were clearly wrong, and it was never the basis for our prior sell recommendation. Clearly, we felt that there was a heightened possibility of material Model 3 volume contribution in FY’18. When presenting our prior financial model, we opted for the most bullish scenario in terms of volume, margins, and shareholder value creation. Even then, we could not justify the company’s current valuation.

Tesla already has priced in an aggressive growth narrative. It’s difficult to imagine shares trading much higher absent of speculative buying on each PR move made by Tesla and Elon Musk. Clearly, there’s an upper limit to which sentiment can drive valuation absent of supportive fundamentals/financials.

Thus, we believe that upon Tesla Inc. transitioning to a more mature auto company, the valuation will compress upon the realization that unit economics can’t keep pace with investor expectations. Furthermore, the dilutive impact from added capital raises to fund facility buildout adds risk to the equation. If the cycle turns, and demand worsens upon another major facility buildout, there’s the risk Tesla Inc. becomes over-leveraged and exposed to a weak consumer market paired with a less forgiving equity environment.

This extreme downside scenario is an eventuality. However, the extreme bullish scenario also is another eventuality that gets solidified with more time. The catch-22 situation between bears/bulls is difficult to navigate, because a turn in the macro cycle is a guaranteed reality that will eventually occur. Likewise, the historic returns and the ability to continue meeting shareholder expectation is not without merit and should not be discounted too severely.

The Elon Musk factor is real and it’s what’s prompting rampant speculation

The bulls have been rewarded by their patience as the stock has sustained a record rally ever since its IPO date back in 2010. Obviously, there are permanent bulls that have made astounding returns (45% annualized from IPO date) by banking on the Rolodex of Elon’s professional credentials/career accomplishments dating back to the early 1990s. The promise of electric vehicles was just as compelling seven years ago (as they are today), but investors shouldn’t expect stock performance to continue at such a brisk pace.

From years of experience analyzing and publishing equity research on Seeking Alpha, what’s clearly apparent with any momentum stock is how volatile and un-linear price gains typically are. In other words, to maintain a long-term position in a momentum stock, the investors would need a psychological edge to sustain a meaningful holding duration, or is an astute active manager that knows how to manage risk.

The two extremes argue two different points on Tesla as you have all witnessed on Seeking Alpha. The tactical allocators argue over near-term financial ratios/metrics and often cite risks pertaining to liquidity, competitiveness, and so on. The long-term holder feels comfort in his accumulated returns, quality of management and sustained execution. Bulls will never switch their positions, whereas bears haven’t either, as they cite financial data or arguments that are readily accepted by other bears.

Source: TC2000

If Tesla Inc. were a standalone company (without Elon Musk) and requested the same financing terms, the company would’ve gone insolvent ages ago. Clearly, the market premium isn’t necessarily attached to future earnings, but rather the man behind Tesla Inc. Expectations on future earnings/sales and product development is set by Elon Musk. Bulls have little reason to feel threatened by the emerging counter thesis as they’ve made a lot of money by banking on Elon himself.

In other words, Elon’s a money-generating machine, and it’s hard to bet against this perception of value. Oftentimes in venture capital, funding is made on the merits of the founder and not necessarily the concept/idea or investment merits of the business.

Musk’s implicit value guarantee is far more convincing than whatever negative information could be cited about the company (from the perspective of bulls). Investors know Elon Musk can produce returns and are more afraid of missing out on his next revolutionary idea than they are threatened by near-term stock performance.

As you all know, PayPal (PYPL) was sold to eBay for $1.5 billion in 2002, and is now valued at $70.77 billion (today), post spin-off from eBay (Q1’15). In the years since its second IPO, PayPal has grown into a valuation that’s almost 2x larger than eBay (roughly), with eBay carrying a comparative market cap of $38 billion.

Elon was the co-founder of PayPal, and his prowess at generating investment returns through his direct participation in any publicly traded company should never be underestimated, especially by TSLA bears. If Elon held onto his original position, it would have compounded by 29.3% on average over 15-consecutive years between 2002-2017.

What Elon (likely) learned from selling PayPal? Patience. Other long-term investors are in a similar boat, as they’re not likely to find another investment vehicle that produces similar returns that’s also managed by a successful visionary of similar caliber (Jeff Bezos, Mark Zuckerberg, Reed Hastings are unlikely to restart, and serial tech entrepreneurs with a comparable track-record, i.e. Steve Jobs is no longer alive).

While Steve Jobs has the better track-record, it’s worth noting that Elon is the last surviving entrepreneur that can re-create success at similar scale to Steve Jobs, repeatedly. There are very few entrepreneurs that go on to create multiple businesses that can be valued above $10 billion-plus in the span of a couple decades. Steve Jobs’ separate business ventures (while successful) were nowhere near as successful or revolutionary as Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL).

In the end, Apple was central to Steve Jobs launching his successful efforts in computers, smartphones, music, online services, and so forth. Steve Jobs has proven countless times that his mere presence alone is worth billions of dollars. Hence, his intangible value was measured via Apple’s stock. A stock certificate in Apple (during the 80s or 2000s) was more like owning a Steve Jobs-backed currency than owning an actual investment, as people derived most of their confidence from Steve Jobs as opposed to the underlying company. Steve Jobs was what kept the balls rolling at Apple, like the way investors characterized the 90s by the Greenspan Put or the Alan Greenspan Era.

The mere association of Alan Greenspan’s name with respect to stocks during the record bull markets from late 80s to late 90s and early 2000s to mid-2000s kept investors confident in not only the stock market but also the U.S. economy and the U.S. dollar.

We think Tesla is a trading vehicle that mostly assigns a valuation to Elon Musk more so than the actual business. While speculative, it’s worth noting that Elon Musk co-founded the first payment network on the internet ($70 billion valuation), first electric/autonomous car company ($56 billion valuation), first grid scale solar/storage system company (Gigafactory 1 &2 combined with Solar City is easily worth $10 billion+ separately from autos) and SpaceX ($12 billion+ valuation).

Final thoughts

With so many successes, it’s hard to discount the momentum that Elon seems to generate by himself. Hence, investors are lured into something that cannot be explained using financial ratios, statistical relationships, or conventional business school pragmatism. In the end, Elon Musk himself is the store of value, whereas balance sheet/financial statement metrics are used to distract speculators from what investors are arguably investing into.

Investors are afraid of missing out regardless of risks/objectives on capital preservation. Psychologists often refer to this as the “fear of missing out.” But when presented with compelling evidence of historical market returns from other Elon founded companies there’s some rational basis to this. After all, no one has witnessed PayPal’s peak, i.e. Elon’s prior successful start-up is still going strong decades later.

The flaws to investing into Tesla are glaringly obvious. However, the esteemed track-record of Elon, and his value contribution to the firm is a deterrent to short sellers. The market values Elon Musk higher than General Motors, not that Tesla Inc. merits a higher valuation than GM or Ford, for that matter.

He’s the second coming of Steve Jobs, he communicates confidence in his company like a Central Banker would communicate confidence in the economy, and his intelligence is undeniable. He’s a constant winner like Donald Trump (while bankrupting zero companies in the process). To young millennials he’s the real-life equivalent of Tony Starks from Iron Man (a super hero in the minds of everyday people).

Even when taking into consideration the intangible value Elon adds, we’re still not convinced by the underlying business fundamentals. We’re certain investors are pricing in a scenario that’s unreasonable, and given enough time, we think Tesla Inc. will decline in value substantially. However, that doesn’t mean the perma-bulls are necessarily wrong and the bears are right.

This is all a matter of investment timeframe. In the long haul (beyond five years), there’s tons of upside, but in the intermediate timeframe of 1-3 years, it’s difficult to imagine a more mature Tesla Inc. trading upwards on speculation over Elon’s tweets, or his comments on future products.

This strategy becomes less and less effective the more a company matures as it will become more difficult to sustain revenue/earnings growth as deceleration will become more evident. Eventually the optimistic comments on the future will start sounding like bogus corporate PR. Hence, we’re not jumping on the bullish bandwagon.

Eventually markets will catch onto this value disconnect (and as it usually does) redistribute and allocate resources based on market forces. Therefore, we think this pricing relationship between Elon Musk and Tesla Inc. will become less sustainable and doesn’t carry enough merit (as it once used to) to justify a long thesis.

Questions for the readers

Are you buying because you believe you’re paying a fair and reasonable price for the stock, or are you buying TSLA due to the perception of the company, brand, the founder, and so forth?

Leave your comment below, and don’t forget to hit that subscribe button, so you can read more of my articles!

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Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.

I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

The Call Of Duty World League 2017 Championship Explained

Over 19,000 Simply call of Obligation players competed during the yr, which can make the game the best console eSport to day. Only 32 groups have emerged to facial area off at the 2017 Simply call of Obligation Entire world League (CWL) Championship, Offered by PlayStation 4. The championship tourney starts these days at the Amway Heart in Orlando, Florida. Hosted by Important League Gaming Corp. (MLG) in partnership with Activision Publishing, the world’s finest groups from North America, Europe, and the Asia-Pacific area (APAC) will compete for their share of the $1.5 million function prize pool, the title of 2017 CWL Champions and to be named the finest Simply call of Obligation team in the globe. This week’s championship also completes the greatest yearly prize pool in Simply call of Obligation historical past with $4 million in overall prize dollars.

All the relevant facts are in the infographic above, but if the impression won’t load for you, we’ve acquired the group breakdown at the base of this publish for your viewing enjoyment.

“It’s been a fantastic yr for the Simply call of Obligation Entire world League with a lot more players competing than ever right before across the professional and amateur circuits,” mentioned Rob Kostich, govt vice president and common supervisor, Simply call of Obligation.  “And by means of our partnership with MLG, we’ve also ongoing to raise the bar in function broadcast creation offering hundreds of hours of content for viewing on MLG.tv.  From the millions of followers who enjoy and observe globally, it all comes down to this, an epic week featuring the best 32 groups competing at the optimum stage.”

This yr marks the initial time that the CWL Championships are held on the East Coastline, the match attributes all of the best qualifying groups from across the globe dependent on CWL Pro Factors, including CWL World-wide Pro League Phase 1 Playoffs winner Splyce and CWL Anaheim Open up Champions Luminosity. CWL World-wide Pro League Phase 2 Playoffs winners, OpTic Gaming will also get the stage in an all-out clash for the championship.

Right here are the teams for the 2017 CWL Championship:


Team A Team B Team C Team D
OpTic Gaming Staff EnVyUs EUnited Luminosity
Epsilon Esports Elevate Mindfreak Rise Country
Echo Fox Projekt Evil Staff Infused Supremacy
3sUp Mindfreak Black Deadly Gaming Staff Vitality


Team E Team F Team G Team H
FaZe Clan Fnatic Splyce Enigma6
Crimson Reserve Evil Geniuses Ghost Gaming Cloud9
Allegiance Str8 Rippin Millenium Staff MRN Black
Period Eternity Tainted Minds Staff Kaliber Rogue

Supporters can perspective all the action this week on the net at MLG.tv/CallofDuty. The match concludes on August 13th.

(Previous Updated August 9, 2017 4:38 pm )

The Full Nerd episode 27: Ryzen 3 is here, AMD Threadripper’s mystery chips explained

The Full Nerd episode 27: Ryzen 3 is here, AMD Threadripper’s mystery chips explained | PCWorld

“);});try{$(“div.lazyload_blox_ad”).lazyLoadAd({threshold:0,forceLoad:false,onLoad:false,onComplete:false,timeout:1500,debug:false,xray:false});}catch(exception){console.log(“error loading lazyload_ad “+exception);}});

AMD’s budget-friendly Ryzen 3 processors are finally here. In this week’s The Full Nerd, Gordon Mah Ung, Brad Chacos, Melissa Riofrio, and Adam Patrick Murray talk about whether the latest Ryzen chips deserve your money more than Intel’s Core i3 CPUs. Short answer: It depends!

The gang also talks about the mysterious extra chips lurking inside AMD’s Threadripper processors, with Gordon bringing the inside scoop from a source in the know. Threadripper’s premium packaging sparks a chat about how hardware boxes could learn a lot from birthday cards. Then we break open those boxes and compare Intel’s stock CPU coolers against AMD’s Wraith coolers. As always, we wrap thing ups by answering several questions straight from you.

We’ve embedded the full video above, or you can watch Full Nerd episode 27 on YouTube. (Toss us a follow while you’re over there!) If you prefer just the audio, you can also listen to the Full Nerd on Soundcloud.

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PS4 5.0 update explained: How to sign up for Sony’s PlayStation system beta | Gaming | Entertainment

A major system update for PS4 is in the works and Sony are asking for fans to test it out.

PlayStation player will be able to try out the PS4 5.0 update ahead of launch with a new beta, which will provide an advanced look at some of the improvements and new features being worked on.

The beta is now open for players to register for, with the testing phase kicking off in early August.

Users must be 18 years or older. Once the beta starts, registration will close.



“Beta testers for our previous major system software update, version 4.50, got an early peek at features like external HDD support, custom wallpapers, Quick Menu refresh, and much more before launch,” Sony explain.

“If you’re part of the program, you’ll receive an email with instructions on downloading the beta version of the next system software. 

“In order to sign up, you’ll need a PS4 with an internet connection, and access to a Master Account. And remember — you can roll back to the previous system software at any time.

“We’ll be back soon with an update on the features you can expect in the beta.

“Many thanks to everyone signing up — especially our returning beta testers! Your feedback helps us make the system software update even better.”

As mentioned above, Sony haven’t actually revealed what will be included but it appears to be an expansion that will include some improved features.

It also appears that the new PS4 update will have something to do with the PlayStation Now subscriber service.

The official registration form asks applicants to if they are or are not a PlayStation Now subscriber.

Being an active PS Now member doesn’t appear to be an active requirement, although this could change in the future if Sony update their information further.

As with previous system betas, those who participate will receive an email with info on how to download the update. 

It should also be noted that users will be able to roll back to the current firmware, if they choose to do so.

Final Fantasy 12 Espers – locations, strategies, hidden Espers and battles explained • Page 1 • Eurogamer.net

If you’ve played a Final Fantasy game before, you’ll probably be familiar with the concept of Summons. In Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age however, these are replaced by Espers, which perform in much the same way outside of the different terminology.

There are 13 Espers in total, and here in this guide will be taking you through each of those, including the hidden Esper locations, strategies, and battles, for any that don’t already appear within the main part of Final Fantasy 12’s story – which you can read about, along with plenty of other guides too, over in our main Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age walkthrough and guide hub.

What are Espers in Final Fantasy 12, and how do hidden Espers work?

You’ll first be introduced to Espers during the main storyline, and while you’ll pick up five just by following the plot, there are eight more hidden ones for you to find and defeat. If you’ve played other Final Fantasy games before you can think of Espers as XII’s equivalent of Summons, and you may even notice that some of them are reminiscent of bosses you’ve fought in earlier games.

If you’re new to the franchise, though, they may need some explanation. These supernatural beings, once defeated, can be added to a party member’s License Board and then summoned during battle to help you out in a sticky situation.

When a party member summons an Esper, any other active party members are temporarily removed from combat – leaving just the summoner and the Esper, and this will remain the case until either the Esper or Summoner dies at which point normal combat will resume. They’re not quite as formidable as they were when you fought them, but they can certainly help even the odds if you find yourself in a tight spot!

When you add an Esper to a party member’s License Board only they can summon it, so when acquiring them it’s a good idea to spread them out a little, and some classes may have additional License Board abilities tucked behind certain Espers – so be sure to look at everyone before deciding.

Pokemon Go news: Event update, Anniversary Box explained and new raids reveal | Gaming | Entertainment

The new Pokemon Go Anniversary event launched this week and isn’t scheduled to end  until July 24.

It features a special Pikachu surprised with trainers  able to catch Pikachus wearing Ash’s hat from the animated TV show.

It has also been discovered that other Pokemon can be earned, with their very own head-piece.

Players on Reddit have found that other Pokemon hatched from eggs can also be found wearing Ash’s famous hat.

So far, the only other Pocket Monster found with the headgear is Pichu, who can be hatched from two-kilometer Pokémon Eggs.

There are also reports that Raichu can also be found wearing the hat and that evolving Pikachu means that they keep it afterward.

The surprisingly low key event also gives players the chance to buy discounted anniversary boxes. These anniversary boxes include Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls and Raid Passes.

Fans will be hoping that Shiny Pikachus also appear as the event goes on. With the Anniversary event revolving around Pikachu, and with recent rumours of a Shiny Pikachu emerging, we may finally get the next Shiny after Magikarp and Gyarados.

For those wondering what the new Pokemon Go Anniversary Box might be, Niantic have now given a full lowdown on it.

As confirmed by the development team today, the Anniversary Box is a new featured store item, which contains Incubators, Max Revives, Ultra Balls and a Raid Pass.

This new pack is only available for a limited time through the in-game shop at a discounted price, costing around 1200 coins.

In total, fans can expect these items: Six Egg Incubators , Six Max Revives, two Premium Raid Passes and 20 Ultra Balls.

It follows news that the studio are set to reveal more major Pokemon Go update news soon.

“Stay tuned for even more exciting news over the coming weeks, including additional information on Pokemon GO Fest Chicago this July, events hosted at select Unibail-Rodamco locations this August and September in Europe, and Pokémon Go events at the Pikachu Outbreak in Yokohama, Japan, this August,” a statement from Niantic reveals.

“It’s hard to believe that Pokémon GO launched just a year ago, and what an amazing year it’s been! Since joining us last July, you’ve demonstrated the true power of Pokemon Go and augmented reality gaming by searching for Pokemon in the real world, exploring on foot, building new friendships, and discovering new places right in your own neighborhoods.”

The popular Android and iOS title has a loyal following and a dedicated fanbase who like to know everything about the game.

And the latest Pokemon Go update may have brought fans an even bigger incentive in working together.

Pokemon Go Raids is the newest feature that requires Trainers to group together at Gyms to take down Bosses.

And what’s even better is that Trainers themselves are looking to make the next great tool for it.

The team at the Silph Road are putting together a new item called The Silph Road Radio, which aims to fill a gap missing from the game’s current build.

The TSR Radio is a new realtime tracker that instead of looking for Pocket Monsters, it’s used to help coordinate local raid groups.

Explaining their plans for the new program, a statement on the official Reddit page reads: “It’s the name of a Raid Beacon network that lets you know about local Raid groups getting together, and allows you to alert local folks in your area when you’re planning on taking on a Raid boss.

“In technical terms, it’s a real-time, web-socket-enabled map of Raiding groups, with a dead-simple anonymous RSVP system.

“This system will be alert-driven – meaning you won’t have to sit and watch it in your web browser at all times (though you can). 

“You just do you, and Silph will let you know when a Raid is getting together near you.

“This system is still in a very active state of development, but we finally achieved a “stable-enough” state that we wanted to get it in your hands to start taking advantage of.”

As mentioned above, The Silph Road Radio app is in the beta stage and will therefore suffer from some bugs.