Motorola Interview: Moto Z Moto Mods Developer Program on Indiegogo, Hackathons

Also watch my initial video showing off the Moto Z and its awesome Moto Mods ( here is an Interview with Stephen McDonnell, Director of the Moto Mods Developer Program and with Christian Flowers, Engineer on the Moto Mods platform, talking about the plans that Motorola has to promote their awesome Moto Mods ecosystem, promoting ideas and innovative development through Indiegogo at and through Hackathons in New York, in the Silicon Valley and elsewhere to come read more at

Final Fantasy XV Judgment Disc Thoughts! – Dark Pixel Podcast: Ep28

We discuss FFXV’s Japanese Judgment Disc demo, ANOTHER potential delay for Zelda, Mario Run, FF8 localization and much more!

We post this podcast every Wednesday morning at 5:00am MT!

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– FFXV Judgment Demo Thoughts – 4:11
– Zelda launch delay? – 26:26
– Mario Run Release Date – 38:43
– FFXV media mix approach – 42:57
– FF8 translation – 1:04:33
– Why focus on RPGs? – 1:33:00

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Moto Z with Projector, Camera, Speaker, Battery Moto Mods

Lenovo Motorola Moto Z is an amazing new Smartphone, with Greybus (watch the video that I filmed with Greg Kroah-Hartman on their Greybus development for Google’s discontinued Project Ara: based data and hot-swappable power pogopin docking technology on an ultra-thin Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Smartphone design, with options to dock a TI DLP Pico Projector MotoMod, a Hasselblad True Zoom Photo/Video Camera, JBL SoundBoost Speaker and the Incipio offGRID Power Pack, all MotoMods that customizes and expands the functionalities of a Smartphone. An absolutely fascinating potential evolution for the Smartphone market, Motorola is developing a potentially amazing ecosystem for future-proof MotoMods that can turn your Smartphone into a Projector, into a point-and-shoot quality Camera, into an amazingly loud Speaker and that can expand its battery life easily. All these MotoMods are magnetically locked onto the back of the Moto Z. Now Motorola is also releasing the Moto Mods Development Kit to enable third parties to develop new MotoMods for the Moto Z, for example I hope someone makes an ultra-thin E Ink Mobius (flexible, plastic and non-glass) display for the back-size of the smartphone, a Kent Displays CH-LCD based notes taking back case and a LapDock Laptop Dock to use the Moto Z to power the Ultra-thin Laptop dock and desktop dock. The functionalities of Moto Z can also expand through the TurboPower fast charging USB Type C which I have used with USB Type C to SD card adapter, for example to upload videos from my SD card to YouTube. The possibilities with the Moto Z ecosystem are very, very interesting. But for these to get the attention of the consumers worldwide, I think that Lenovo/Motorola needs to lower the price of the bundles to around $599 for the phone including the Projector MotoMod, $699 including Projector and E Ink MotoMod, $349 or $399 for the Moto Z by itself (instead of the current $699). $699 should also be a bundle to include an ultra-thin and ultra-light small bezel 13.3″ Laptop Dock and Desktop Dock MotoMod and with the appropriate Remix OS like Android implementation through Android Nougat to support full Android Powered Productivity on the external display.

Zeitung Flex

Demonstration of Zeitung Flex™.
More info at

Zeitung comes as an OpenType Variable Font, but also as Zeitung Flex for those moments when OpenType Variable Fonts are not supported. For example in older browsers, but also in desktop applications. The Zeitung Flex extension allows you to work with variable fonts in Illustrator and InDesign (CC 2015+). This screencast shows Zeitung Flex in action in InDesign. Open the extension, and tune the weights precisely. See how the extension automatically controls optical sizes, or offers some typographic effects combining a large amount of weights. The variable font family is based on your preferred weight of the Regular style, and creates a related Bold and Light weight.

Of course hidden bonus feature has been included: the extension can actually handle switching back and forth to italics of multiple fonts. Some designers will be aware that InDesign by itself can’t do this. Selecting a text set in multiple fonts can normally not be made italic with one keyboard shortcut, but with Zeitung Flex this is easy peasy.

Note: This screencast was actually made on Mac OS X 10.9.5, an operating system which does not support the OpenType Variable Font format 🙂

In case you want to experience Zeitung Flex yourself, just download the demo from our website: