This Grand Theft Auto Online Player Meets With Community Members In Person

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The cool thing about playing in online communities is that you meet some really great people. This is particularly true with Grand Theft Auto Online, as it’s easy to form a crew and click with them once you complete several missions within the game.

Kotaku recently reported on such a crew, known as the Hillbilly Agenda, who actually act more as a family than a gaming clan getting stuff in the game. And they’re actually so close, the leader of the crew goes out of his way to meet others in person in real life, provided they’re loyal to said crew.

The crew actually consists of 30 players who mostly reside in the Tennessee area, and they’re looking for others to join them as they make their way across the game. While it hasn’t been established for long, it’s made up of members that look after one another.

A group called NoClip recently covered the adventures of the leader in a documentary series, who calls himself KnoxNerd, as he travels across the globe to meet these members in person and award them with gifts for being so loyal to the crew. As you can see in the picture above, these consist of fake vanity plates, similar to the ones featured in the game.

So how does KnoxNerd do this? With his own personal plane. He goes by the name of Warren Scott, and he’s actually shown quite a bit of devotion to his team, taking over 13 trips out of state and delivering over 30 license plates in all. You can watch the video below and see what this journey is all about, courtesy of NoClip’s YouTube channel.

Now, how does KnoxNerd know who his most loyal players are? Through stat tracking, according to the Kotaku piece. He’s able to see just how many hours players log in to Grand Theft Auto Online, as well as their rank and money earned. “Also, I’m a nerd,” he noted.

(Photo: Kotaku)

It’s definitely a great way to reward community within the game, and leaves you wondering just where Hillbilly Agenda will strike next. We’re eager to see where they go from here.

Grand Theft Auto Online is available now as part of Grand Theft Auto V, for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

Here’s How The Community Is Helping Hearing-Impaired Players With Raids

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Destiny 2 raid landing small (2)

For those players that are familiar with the raids in Destiny 2, it’s well-known that solid communication is absolutely imperative for a smoother gameplay experience. In another story of our just now made up segment of “Gamers Doing Good”, a group of Destiny 2 veterans are teaming up to make the game’s more challenging aspects more accessible for the hearing impaired.

This is actually carrying over from the first game, with what was called a community that formed called “Sherpa”, a way for players of all skill levels to enjoy the game’s more challenging features. With Destiny 2, this is targeted towards those with hearing disabilities when taking on events such as the Leviathan Raid. This raid is infamously tough, made even rougher by the addition of Prestige, the raid’s hard mode. Pair that with with a hearing impairment, to some it may seem impossible.

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The Sherpa Strategy

Below is the detailed “Sherpa” strategy list for more accessibility as per a post on Reddit:

“As someone who is fairly active in the sherpa community, I have been asked several times to take deaf players through the Leviathan raid. Although the new raid can be very unfriendly to the hearing-impaired, we (my clanmates and fellow sherpas) have found the following strategy to be particularly effective when tackling the Gauntlets encounter, even in Prestige mode.

For starters, we usually place the deaf player on Sun plate, which is paired with Dog plate for arrows. However, for Prestige mode, he would start as runner, then move to Sun plate for the last 2 phases. (Note that both the other 2 players for Dog/Sun would need to be comfortable enough with the encounter that later, when the deaf player is outside occupying a plate, they would be able to use the appropriate e-motes to signify which arrows Sun plate would eventually need to shoot)”

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Clearing-Adds Phase and Arrows Phase

To clear the adds, we like to have all 6 players start at Sun plate and clear all the adds. Then we move counterclockwise as a group to clear the adds on Dog plate, continuing to do the same on Axe and Chalice. Once we’re done clearing Chalice (the last plate), we all go back to our respective plates to take out the four Imperial Centurions (usually with Merciless). Then the four players on plates get onto their pedestals.

Arrows Phase – As Runner

The deaf player would immediately go grab the psionic charge at Dog to get teleported inside the obstacle course. To signal which arrows Dog and Sun would need to shoot, as the runner is approaching each barrier, he would simply SLIDE if any of the bottom circles are red, HOP (or JUMP) if any of the top circles are red, or just KEEP RUNNING if any of the circles in the middle are red. Of course, the players on each of the outside plates would need to keep a sharp eye out for these signals. The reason we do this is that the runner would be able to speed thru the course without breaking stride to e-mote. Also, its best to have him run first, because there are no holes yet in the obstacle course, making it easier for him to slide or hop.

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Obstacle Course Phase

“For the obstacles course, the team would be divided into a 3-person “ODD barriers” team, that would pick up orbs in the 1st and 3rd barriers, and another 3-person “EVEN barriers” team, which would pick up in the 2nd and 4th barriers. With the 9 circles in each barriers given numbers similar to a numerical keypad on a phone (1-9), players on each team are assigned either SMALLEST number, HIGHEST number, or MIDDLE number. That way, no call-outs are necessary throughout the entire obstacle course phase.

Our team was able to successfully complete the Gauntlets encounter without any barriers turning red in the arrows phase, or premature deaths during the obstacles course phase. We were also successful in helping our deaf clanmate beat the entire Prestige raid (although most of the credit for that would be due to his considerable skill). Hi, Descrution :)”

The full thread, and corresponding responses, can be read on the official post right here.

Destiny 2 is available now for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, with a PC release slated for October 24th.

The Call of Duty Community Are All for the Option to Drop the Bomb in SnD | Esports News & Videos

The begin of a Lookup and Damage round on Contact of Obligation can be one particular of the most essential, specially when deciding which human being on the attacking staff picks up the bomb.

As soon as picked up in the Contact of Obligation sequence, you don’t have the selection to set the bomb back down, with only the dying of your character allowing for a teammate to select it up.

Though a regular in-video game characteristic in other esports these kinds of as Counter-Strike: International Offensive to strategically identify which member of a staff will have the bomb, CoD has always lacked this seemingly essential attribute.

Despite the fact that one particular of the numerous subjects of debate for quite a few a long time inside the local community, no motion has ever been taken in purchase to implement these kinds of a trait, with the exact essential fundamentals always remaining the exact.

Nonetheless, the query was brought up yet again by Nick ‘TaintedSav’ Bobir, the Founder, and CEO of the Tainted Minds esports business, which led to us web hosting a Twitter poll in purchase to listen to the impression of the scene.


As soon as finished, in excess of 2,880 people participated in the poll, with an overpowering 64 percent of voters agreeing that the bomb should really be ready to be dropped inside the video game mode.


Alongside with the studies, we have provided answers and replies from local community users on both of those sides of the query.


What do you assume? Tweet us at the @DexertoIntel account with your impression on the make any difference.


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Call of Duty: WWII devs want to ‘win the hearts and minds of the PC community’

If you seem at Steam’s most-played game titles, it’s challenging to tell Connect with of Responsibility is one of the major activity series on the earth. Only Black Ops 3, unveiled in 2015, hangs out close to the base of Steam’s best 100 game titles by concurrent participant count, in the organization of 2007 strategy activity Medieval 2: Full War and 2010’s Fallout: New Vegas. There is no indication of 2016’s Connect with of Responsibility: Infinite Warfare, and though each individual activity in the series does continue to have at minimum some energetic gamers, none have experienced the keeping power of Personal computer-centered shooters like Workforce Fortress 2 or Arma. Sledgehammer Online games and Raven Software see Connect with of Responsibility: WWII as a prospect to change that.

“The Planet War II placing, and this activity in unique I assume, is really very well suited for the Personal computer neighborhood, in the way some of the the latest releases haven’t [been],” stated Raven CTO Dwight Luetscher, when we talked about COD: WWII’s imminent open up beta.

“We are genuinely seeking to concentrate on the Personal computer, and a lot more importantly concentrate on the Personal computer neighborhood, and provide a title that genuinely matches their expectations for what Connect with of Responsibility is and should be, and make guaranteed that we react to what they want as a participant. I assume this year there is certainly a renewed energy all over the Personal computer, all over this total title, each at Sledgehammer and Raven. We genuinely believe that this is the year wherever the Personal computer is likely to excel. This is the year that we are likely to give it our best shot to acquire the hearts and minds of the Personal computer neighborhood.”

Connect with of Responsibility: WWII’s Personal computer beta starts off this Friday, and I frequented Sledgehammer to try it out a little bit early—you can study a lot more about that here. Following a pair hours of multiplayer, I spoke with Luetscher and Sledgehammer studio head Michael Condrey about how they hope to get paid a more substantial Personal computer viewers, and what capabilities we can hope in the Personal computer version.

Luetscher walked me by way of COD:WWII’s Personal computer develop, which consists of a good variety of graphics settings. There is an FOV slider (vertical FOV, which defaults at 65 and tops out close to 100, while he says they’re open up to feedback on that). The framerate tops out at 250 fps. The activity supports 4K and ultrawide resolutions, which is a awesome contact. The final develop will also involve a video clip memory bar to clearly show how much VRAM your settings will gobble up.

A single of the most noteworthy changes to the Personal computer version, this time all over, is actually one thing that is been removed: autoaim for gamers who plug in a controller. The builders have as a substitute included the option for customizable analog sensitivity for each adhere, and a different pair of sensitivity sliders for each adhere for when you happen to be aiming down the sights. The Personal computer beta is a prospect to examination how very well controller gamers react to life with no sticky goal. An additional awesome contact: mouse sensitivity also has the option for a different Ads placing.

“Just in standard, I assume we have manufactured a lot of what I might get in touch with command tunings for the Personal computer version that are really precise to the Personal computer version, so it will be interesting to see how people react to that,” Luetscher stated.

The Personal computer beta follows a console beta from early in September, and Condrey talked about some of the feedback they’ve now acted on. The major changes heart on the map Aachen, established in the bombed-out German city.

We genuinely believe that this is the year wherever the Personal computer is likely to excel.

Dwight Luetscher, Raven Software

“Aachen was one wherever we ended up genuinely seeking to capture the harmful mother nature of this city warfare in Planet War II,” Condrey stated. “That map was genuinely intended to encourage a a lot more open up established of conflicts, a very little a lot more risky design, probably it was a very little a lot more influenced by some of the early franchise maps. And though it was significantly successful at that, from the console beta, the neighborhood felt like it was as well porous. It was challenging to genuinely realize your threat lanes, and they ended up discouraged by sensation unable to grasp the map that manufactured it experience strategic.

“And it was fantastic feedback. Our style and design intent was ideal, but the execution essential some do the job. It did not get much, but we boarded off a handful of home windows, we included some a lot more include placements to decrease the total of cross-lane firing, there ended up a pair chunks of the map wherever we experienced to rethink the method to these lanes, so you couldn’t get low-priced kills with these glitchy moments. And now it’s in the Personal computer beta, and it’s a good opportunity to see how fans react.”

There have been equilibrium tweaks galore because the console beta: UAVs are now more durable to shoot down with rifles, the molotov killstreak presents you much less flaming dying bottles to throw, weapon harm quantities have shifted, the range of points it will take to activate some killstreaks has adjusted. Even capabilities that have been common to Connect with of Responsibility for a decade at this position continue to need to have to be reexamined each individual year.

“A single of the types in the Personal computer, which may well audio minimal, but the strike marker audio result, which is a genuinely critical cue for gamers on irrespective of whether you manufactured a strike on someone, wasn’t functioning,” Condrey stated. “We imagined it sounded amazing, likely into the beta. The neighborhood did not, so we fully reworked that system, and now it’s in the Personal computer beta. Some of these could possibly audio like very little nuances, but on the holistic form of providing, there is certainly a lot that has adjusted.”

“It can be so a lot of facts, and you’ve obtained to get them all ideal,” Luetscher stated with a chortle.

“So a lot of facts,” Condrey included. “And classes you understand, and then things that change. Like early on in the activity, we ended up like, ‘why are the grenades so damn sturdy?’ Absolutely nothing experienced adjusted in the grenade values. Oh yeah, since you are not able to strengthen away from them. Simply because you you should not have an evasion mechanic any longer. Just merely taking away thrust, it appears noticeable now, but at the time, we ended up like, what happened? So you begin unwinding the check-ins, and figure it out…

“So yeah, all people of these game titles gets a lot more formidable, and the settings adjusted, and classes you understand and unlearn. It keeps us on our toes for guaranteed.”

Connect with of Responsibility: WWII is out on November 3rd. The Personal computer beta begins this Friday, September 29th. You can grab it on Steam.

Esports Community Divided Over Censor Joining the FaZe Call of Duty Lineup | Esports News & Videos

Esports Neighborhood Divided In excess of Censor Becoming a member of the FaZe Contact of Duty Lineup

It only usually takes a compact slip up with private info to send shockwaves throughout a group.

In the early hrs of Tuesday September 5th, Doug ‘Censor’ Martin exposed he was to be picked up by the FaZe Clan Contact of Duty workforce even though chatting to OpTic Gaming’s Seth ‘Scump’ Abner.

Censor didn’t know that Scump’s stream wasn’t muted, and with countless numbers watching, it didn’t consider extended for the clip to start out circulating close to the internet.

In excess of 20-four hrs afterwards and there is continue to no announcement from the FaZe Clan corporation, which signifies lovers are continue to in the dim about who will make up the lineup for Contact of Duty WWII when launched in November.

Censor is a four time winner throughout 3 diverse titles, successful his 1st occasion on Black Ops I with Quantic Nex-TT-hreat in 2011, and successful his last in late 2014 on Sophisticated Warfare with FaZe.

Focusing on his Youtube profession and making his character, he’s been absent from competing on a regular foundation for a variety of many years, earning the possible choose up by FaZe a dangerous a person.

We decided to poll the group on the final decision, and it appears the concept to convey him again is dividing opinions. In full, 46% imagined it was a very good concept, 45% imagined it was awful, even though the remaining 9% couldn’t determine.


It is, of training course, probable that Censor does not finish up signing up for the FaZe workforce, but with Sledgehammer’s Contact of Duty WWII title not launched until November, the Los Angeles based mostly model have plenty of time to determine who’ll make up the aggressive squad.


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