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Footage from the Kickstarter funded PlayStation Revolution documentary will debut at the upcoming Evolution of Video Games event in the UK.

The PlayStation Revolution documentary is the next entry in the Bedrooms to Billions series by Anthony and Nicola Caulfield.

It will be broadcast as part of The Evolution of Gaming event, which takes place at the Science Museum on October 25. Tickets are available for £5 from the Science Museum’s website.

Attendees will also hear from panelists such as Sensible Soccer creator Jon Hare and Rebellion founders Chris Kingsley and Jason Kingsley.

The panel will talk about the arcade scene of the 1970s, the home computing boom of the 1980s, the 16-bit era, the Sega and Nintendo console wars and the birth of PlayStation.

Fans will be particularly interested to hear from former Sony Computer Entertainment president Phil Harrison and his thoughts on the future of gaming.

Hopefully this will include an insight into what the PS5 will be capable of and when we can expect a release date.

The PS5 release date has been the subject of much speculation, although the popular opinion seems to be that it will launch in either 2019 or 2020.

In comments reported by PSU, industry analyst Michael Pachter said: “I think that’s exactly when you’ll see one (PS5) 2019 or 2020, and if I had to bet, it’s 2020. 

“Sony’s making so much money with the PS4 that I think they’ll continue to milk it as long as they can milk it. 

“And I think the natural extension of that is the PS4 Pro becomes the default PS4, and they just knock that price down to $250 when they can and they keep selling it – a ton of those. 

“The PS5 is probably going to be their real 4K device, and so it just feels to me that they’re not going to launch the PS5 until sales momentum for the PS4 slows, and it just hasn’t. 

“So you certainly get through 2017, 2018, and I just don’t see it slowing in 2018 which should prop them to launch something in 2019. 

“If it slows in 2019, they’re probably launching in 2020.”

And the PS5 could already have its first blockbuster game, as Avalanche Studios hints at what’s to come for the next-gen.

While the PS5 release date remains a mystery, Just Cause developer Avalanche has provided further proof that the next-generation of consoles is coming.

And it looks like Avalanche will be at the forefront of the new generation of PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

The developer is advertising for staff to work on its next-gen sandbox engine.

“Avalanche Studios is currently looking for a senior programmer to join a small team developing our next generation open world / sandbox multiplayer engine,” reads an Avalanche job post.

Xbox news recap: Xbox One Fall Creators Update releases to all Insiders, Original Xbox Compatibility coming “really soon” and more

Welcome to our weekly Xbox news recap series, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Xbox. Let’s get started.

Xbox One Fall Creators Update now available

The full Fall Creators Update for Xbox One is out for all Insiders, offering the entire suite of changes to people who have thus far only gotten bits and pieces at a time. This should mean that the full public release of the update is imminent. If you aren’t an Insider member, you should be getting the update sometime within the month.

Original Xbox compatibility “really close”

In a new interview with Gamespot, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has said that Original Xbox Backward Compatibility is “really close.” He also mentioned that there are some compatible OG Xbox games that have not yet been announced yet – so, if your favorite original Xbox game hasn’t been announced yet, there may still be hope.

OG Xbox game Fusion Frenzy on Xbox One

Mixer is the new home for Paladins eSports

Mixer and Paladins – an Overwatch-esque first person shooter – are both generally seen as knock-offs of their big brothers (despite the fact that both of them are actually, in my opinion, pretty great on their own). It’s no surprise that they’ve banded together to try and carve out a better name for their brands. A new partnership between Hi-Rez games and Mixer has made it so that Paladins eSports will be exclusively broadcast on Microsoft’s streaming service.

Phil Spencer says Sony’s cross-play reluctance “not going away”

Xbox boss Phil Spencer recently had some choice words for Sony, which has recently gained the ire of many after being the only major player in the industry that’s resistant to giving cross-play to the gaming community. “If my friends have this console, they can’t play with people who buy another console. That’s a reason they go buy my console,” said Spencer. “That reason is not going to go away.”

Thanks for joining us. To keep up to date with all the latest Xbox news, keep a close eye on our Xbox One tag.

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Pokemon Go Datamine Reveals Ruby, Sapphire Pokemon Coming Soon


Dusclops, Shuppet, Banette, Duskull, and Sableye are on the way.

A datamine of a new update has revealed that Pokemon from generation three are coming soon to Pokemon Go.

According to fan community The Silph Road, Pokemon Go update 0.79.2 (which was rolled out today by developer Niantic) includes a new loading screen featuring generation three Pokemon Dusclops, Shuppet, Banette, Duskull, and Sableye.

The update also adds sound files for the generation three Pokedex up to #386, as well as a badge to reward players for catching Pokemon from generation three, new music, various bug fixes, and more. The Silph Road founder dronpes posted the full list of changes on Reddit.

Pokemon Go's new Halloween background, datamined by The Silph Road

Pokemon Go’s new Halloween loading screen, datamined by The Silph Road

The third generation of Pokemon was introduced along with the Hoenn region in Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire, which originally came to Game Boy Advance in Japan in 2002 and the West in 2003.

For now, today’s information is only from a datamine and hasn’t been officially confirmed by Niantic. However, a recent Halloween-themed Pokemon Company blog post hinted at “catching new Pokemon to fill out our Pokedex” in reference to Pokemon Go, so evidence is mounting that a Halloween event including new Pokemon is indeed coming soon.

Last year, Niantic held a Pokemon Go Halloween event that offered double candy and increased spawns for Ghost-type Pokemon. The first hint at generation two Pokemon in Pokemon Go came from a datamined update in 2016 more than a month ahead of the first generation two Pokemon appearing in the game.

For generation two, seven baby Pokemon (and one evolution) were added to the game in December 2016, followed by the nearly complete release of generation two in early 2017. For now, it’s unclear if generation three will follow a similar staggered release or if they’ll be added to Pokemon Go all at once.

Pokemon Go most recently added Mewtwo and the three Johto legendary beasts, but still has not released the entirety of generation one or two. Pokemon currently still missing from the game include Mew, Smeargle, Delibird, Ho-Oh, and Celebi.

Andrew is IGN’s executive editor of news and currently has 243 Pokemon caught / 244 seen in his Pokedex. You can find him rambling about Persona and cute animals on Twitter.

Fisker’s ultra fast-charging EMotion saloon is coming to CES

Thought you’d wait for an old-fashioned ‘motor show’ to have a butchers at the new Fisker EMotion, did you? No, that’s not how the car reveal game works these days. You must flaunt it at a tech show. Which is why Fisker is bringing the new EMotion, with its fast-charging capability and self-driving prowess to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas come January 2018. That’s right, the EMotion will stand alongside new VR headsets and audio systems, rather than a hall of overpolished motor cars.

The technology behind the Fisker’s ‘real-world autonomous driving’ are the LiDAR sensors, which 3D-map their environment so the car can accurately identify obstacles, other road users, and so on. As carmakers struggle to integrate the massive amount of cameras, sensors and lasers/radars into the noses of their cars, Fisker’s going to make the centre ‘nosecone’ of the EMotion its trademark, proudly putting the LiDAR gubbins front and centre as a styling feature. 

Quanergy, the company providing the crucial technology, said: “Our leading LiDAR sensors will elevate the autonomous capabilities of the EMotion to support Henrik [Fisker’s] vision of a truly autonomous and connected experience in a luxury automobile that will further advance the world’s view of autonomous and electric vehicles.”

Fisker’s previously revealed that the EMotion will be built around the world’s largest EV battery pack (hence its giant wheelbase) and ought to be capable of a 400-mile range. A new ‘Ultra Charger’ network promises you’ll be able to juice the batteries to the tune of 125 miles worth of driving in only nine minutes. With a base price of $129,900, this is no bargain Tesla rival, before you start with the Elon comparisons, but you can be sure this will ignite a whole new inferno of EV superfan mudslinging. Tesla Autopilot vs LiDAR. Ultra Charge vs Superchargers. Model S, Model X and Model 3 vs the EMotion. And that’s before the new Audi e-tron and Porsche Mission E arrive. At an actual motor show, perhaps…

There is certainly A Legend Of Zelda Live performance At The Sydney Opera House Up coming Weekend

In a several days’ time, the live performance hall of the Sydney Opera House will ring yet again with the chords of The Legend of Zelda‘s unforgettable soundtracks for the 1st time in a 10 years. Symphony of the Goddesses is the final result of a shut collaboration amongst the symphony’s creator Jason Michael Paul and Nintendo, and it’s an honest recreation of the original audio of the games — “as 1st-occasion as it will get”, states the producer powering it all.

Jason Michael Paul, probably best regarded in Australia for the Enjoy! A Online video Recreation Symphony series that toured in 2007, is dependable for bringing this Zelda live performance to the Opera House, in which it will operate for two exhibits on Sunday 29 October.

Unsurprisingly, he’s a extensive-time admirer of Zelda. “Like numerous, my journey by The Legend of Zelda began at 10 many years aged with the original gold cartridge and NES. I am specially fond of Majora’s Mask — a activity that has taken on a complete new indicating given that I enjoy it with my 10 calendar year aged daughter. Skyward Sword is a beloved [too] Nintendo requested me to create the 25th Anniversary orchestral CD that was unveiled with the bundle. It was an honor… Breath of the Wild is just simply wonderful.”

Enjoy! experienced some Zelda in it already, but this new live performance is all about Nintendo’s most liked series — it will aspect audio from Skyward Sword and Breath of the Wild as perfectly as the series’ classics like Ocarina of Time. A total orchestra and choir will be accompanied by a “stirring” video clip designed for the functionality. Understandably, Nintendo was “quite palms on” with the output. “When the perform is submitted and revisions (if any) are designed, then we only collaborate further on new submissions. Mr. Kondo and Mr. Aonuma oversee all the things and anything that is executed as portion of The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddesses — it is as 1st-occasion as it will get.”

There are 3 major factors, the producer-promoter states, in bringing video clip activity soundtracks into actuality by an orchestra like Symphony of the Goddesses will have: “…reimagining the scores to audio wonderful being executed by an orchestra and choir, selecting genuinely proficient humans that are equally as passionate about Zelda as they are about arranging and composing, [and] employing a whole lot of the themes and melodies and earning them audio bombastic and big-sounding.”

Whilst it’s likely that a whole lot of the Zelda orchestral parts will bring about nostalgia and strong recollections in listeners, the live performance may possibly also add a bit of deviation from the original soundtracks into the combine: “you will find a very little bit of both”, states Paul. The series has already operate in Perth and Melbourne. [Sydney Opera House]

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NBA 2K18 patch: PS4 update 1.04 arrives, coming to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch soon | Gaming | Entertainment

The latest NBA 2K18 patch has been released on PS4 today by the development team.

Unfortunately, the new 1.04 update is not yet available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch; 2K have confirmed it will arrive on other platforms soon.

NBA 2K18 has proven a hit with fans and has done well among critics, with high review scores given to the new sports title.

The launch on the Nintendo Switch looks to have boosted the new game as well, although a physical release has yet to land.

NBA 2K18 patch 4 is big in scope, providing updates and tweaks to large areas of the game.

One big announcement is the Classic Edition uniforms for the Bucks, Hornets, Lakers, and Suns being added to the game.

2K has told fans to look for these to be released in the next roster update and have also revealed that the NBA logo has been removed from the created uniform template in MyGM/MyLEAGUE, due to popular demand.

Another roster boost will come from the five new shoes added to the game: BBB ZO2: Prime, Jordan CP3.X AE, Jordan Super.Fly 2017, Nike Foamposite One, and Kobe A.D. NXT.

And if footwear is not your thing, there’s plenty of other bug fixes that will likely prove very popular among fans, all of which can be found below:


  • Improvements to the CAP/Lab user interface.
  • New CAP facial hair: 18 new beards, 2 new mustaches, and introducing 8 facial stubble styles that can be mixed & matched with our various hair styles.
  • Girth now changes when adjusting weight in roster Create-A-Player.
  • Added eyebrows and eye colors to the roster Create-A-Player.
  • Detroit Pistons court floor updated has been updated to their new Platinum Equity floor.
  • Orlando Magic court floor has been updated.
  • Player names are no longer cutoff in the uniform editor when creating a uniform.
  • (Switch) Game no longer suspends when pressing the home button while in a Play With Friends locker room. This will prevent the accidental disconnects reported to us.
  • (PC) Coaches Clipboard timeout prompt will no longer appear off-screen on 21:9 monitors.
  • (PC) Mouse support has been added to the MyCOURT Customization menu.


  • The number of left ankle injuries should now be greatly reduced during user-played games.
  • Added more variety to the types of injuries that can occur in-game.
  • Attempting icon passing while posting up will no longer disengage you from post.
  • More responsive triple threat moves when crowded by a defender.
  • Fixed a dribbling issue that would cause escape crosses and hesitations to sometimes face sideways.
  • Made catching passes in the corner more reliable.
  • Made some improvements to the screen system to improve reliability and user control. 
  • Edited several off-ball ride/deny animations to improve user control and visual fidelity.
  • Fixed an issue with putback layups that would sometimes cause them to hit the front rim or bottom of the backboard.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause defenders to pop to a stand while lying on the ground after a hard foul.
  • Various improvements to the Teammate Grading system.
  • Fixed issues where defenders were set to GAP, ignoring user and ACE settings.
  • Fixed a hang that could occur when the ball boy picked up the ball while it’s in play.
  • “After Foul” animations updated to prevent hands from clipping into the head of another player.
  • When the offensive team wins a jump ball, the shot clock should now be reset.
  • Addressed a case where defensive settings inside the Coaches Clipboard were not sticking after being changed.
  • Fixed an issue where a player on the losing team would sometimes celebrate with the winning team when his team lost the game.


  • – On-Court shoes are now free for the given shoe company your MyPLAYER has a contract with.
  • – Updated MyCOURT murals for: Thunder, Bulls, Pelicans, Mavericks, Nuggets, and Rockets.
  • – Support for subtitles has been added for the on-court interviews following a played NBA game.
  • – The user’s VC balance will now correctly display the current VC total in the post-game recap following a played NBA game where the received teammate grade was D+ or lower.
  • – XB1 Silver and PS4 Non-Plus users can now play MyCOURT drills with AI players they invite over.
  • – The in-game framerate will no longer hiccup when the ‘My Matchup’ overlay is on the screen.
  • – Fixed a hang that could occur when the coach caught the ball during a live practice.
  • – The shot meter will now display when taking shots outside of the court while playing HORSE in your MyCOURT.
  • – Logos for the events on the event calendar app on the 2K phone should now always appear alongside the correct event.
  • – The Karl Anthony-Towns pre-game scene will no longer repeat every time you play him.
  • – Fixed a hang that would occur when selecting the “I’m always in rhythm” answer upon David Aldridge asking you how you were able to find your rhythm during the current game.

Neighborhood / Playground

  • – New Player Edition NBA Nike Jerseys (and more!) in the NBA Store: Wade, Carmelo, I. Thomas, D. Rose, K. Thompson, D. Green, A. Wiggins, B. Ingram.
  • – The displayed VC balance should now correctly match what was earned after a played Playground game (the earned VC was there all along, but the balance was not always getting refreshed).
  • – A number of performance and stability improvements for the Ruffles event.
  • – Controllers Settings should now apply to Playground games.
  • – Gamertags will no longer cover the turbo meter in Playground games.
  • – Fixed a stutter that would occur when people are playing on the courts and someone levels up.
  • – The correct score will now be attributed to the correct team during in-progress Playground games when queued up on a Got Next spot.
  • – Shots will no longer queue up when playing the mini-basketball game in the 2K Zone, making it easier to develop a smooth rhythm.
  • – The Who To Guard indicator has been re-designed to make it easier for you to quickly identify the offensive player you should be guarding in Playground games.
  • – Player signature walks that incorporated a basketball will now correctly draw the ball when performed in the Playground area of the neighborhood.
  • – (XB1) Fixed an issue where the game became unstable when a team attempted to use custom Pro-Am Away uniforms.
  • – (PC) The shot release text will now provide accurate feedback when using a keyboard to shoot ball in the mini-basketball game located in the 2K Zone.


  • – Resolved Pro-Am Accessory issues that prohibited them from showing up correctly in the closet.
  • – Users will no longer earn progress toward their badges and cap breakers while the AI plays for them after fouling out in Pro-Am games.
  • – Fixed a case where users were not getting paid their full VC amount after Pro-Am games.
  • – When a team quits out of a Pro-Am game, the remaining team will no longer obtain the badge progress and progress of the team that quit out.
  • – The team overall will now calculate correctly on the loading screen of a Pro-Am game when there is at least one CPU player on the team.
  • – Fixed the issue where arena changes would fail to be applied the first time ‘Save Changes and Exit’ was selected when attempting to make changes to your Pro-Am Team Arena.


  • Users can now use strategy cards in Super Max games in MyTEAM.
  • – Strategy cards are now stackable, in quantities of 20.
  • – Non-NBA balls will now properly appear in your home court when set in the Edit Franchise menu.
  • – Users will no longer be automatically taken to the Edit Lineups menu after upgrading a player’s badge.
  • – Users that excessively foul in online multiplayer MyTEAM games will now get kicked and given a loss.
  • – The “Replace Player” option has moved from the Edit Player menu to the Edit Lineup menu for usability improvements.


  • The CPU will no longer override user-made decisions during the Qualifying Offers offseason time period.
  • CPU teams will now be more conscientious of when they should renounce the rights to their players during the offseason.
  • Fixed a hang that would occur for some users when they were signing a two-way player for the remainder of the season.
  • Fixed a soft hang during the draft in MyGM/MyLEAGUE when the user attempted to negotiate a trade.
  • Addressed a fantasy draft issue where certain players were being incorrectly omitted from the selected player pool.
  • Fixed a case where we were incorrectly determining that a user was trying to maintain the rights to too many Draft & Stash players (it would force you to release a player you should have been able to sign).
  • Addressed a case where a Draft & Stash player would appear on a G-League roster prior to his signing an NBA contract.
  • Identified and corrected an issue that would lead to the inability to load your MyGM file. For those previously affected by this, your save will now properly load.
  • Baskets will now count for the correct amount of points when the league approves the rule change that grants automatic points to be granted on shooting fouls (in lieu of free throws).
  • Attendance will no longer show as 0% for playoff games in the financial information menu of MyGM.

OnePlus 5T with an edge-to-edge screen could be coming real soon

The OnePlus 5 is still one of the best values in Android of 2017.
The OnePlus 5 is still one of the best values in Android of 2017.

Image: raymond wong/mashable

Inventory for the OnePlus 5, the best value for a premium Android phone, have reportedly dried up. All models of the phone are listed as out of stock on the company’s website, which could mean a revamped model is on its way.

According to a report from GizmoChina, OnePlus might be preparing to launch the OnePlus 5T, a redesigned version of its 2017 flagship with a larger edge-to-edge display to better compete with phones like the iPhone X, Galaxy Note 8, and Google Pixel 2. 

It would seem odd for a company to release an updated version of its phone so soon — the OnePlus 5 launched to rave reviews only four months ago — but it wouldn’t be an unprecedented move.

Last year, OnePlus replaced the OnePlus 3 with the 3T less than half a year after its release, and it didn’t appear to hurt the company or its bottom line.

When I asked OnePlus’s head of marketing Kyle Kiang why it was launching the 3T so quickly after the 3, he told me the company’s small size and scrappiness means it doesn’t need follow annual launch cycles. It launches new products when they’re ready, and if that means it’s sooner than fans expect, then so be it.

The report claims the new 5T might come with a larger 6-inch 18:9 aspect ratio display with curved edges. The screen’s resolution might also finally get a bump up from 1,920 x 1,080 to 2,160 x 1,080. That makes it higher-resolution display than the OnePlus 5’s, but still short of the crisper displays Samsung and LG use in their flagship phones.

Not else is known about the purported 5T, except that it might resemble a Galaxy S8 with slim bezels above and below the display:

Depending on how you like your phones, that’s either extremely flattering or disappointing.

When OnePlus launched the 3T, it included a slightly faster processor, better front-facing camera, and larger battery. It’s possible a 5T could include improvements beyond the screen. What’s likely to remain is the dual camera system on the back, which enables Portrait mode like on the iPhone 8 Plus.

And if the 3T is any indication, the 5T could also cost more. OnePlus built its brand allegiance with premium design and specs with affordable pricing, but it’s already shown that it’s not against hiking prices with each new device. Even if you don’t like the higher pricing, OnePlus’ phones still usually cost hundreds less than competitors. With Samsung and Apple’s best phones now at the $1,000 price range, OnePlus has plenty of wiggle room between $500-$1,000.

We’ve reached out to OnePlus for more information on the OnePlus 5’s out-of-stock status. b028 0065%2fthumb%2f00001

New rumor claims OnePlus 5T is coming in November with an 18:9 display

We’ve been focusing a lot of our energy on the Pixel 2, Galaxy Note 8, and LG V30 as of late, but there are still a couple more flagship phones coming down the pipeline in 2017: Huawei’s Mate 10, which has been subject to plenty of leaks and rumors, and OnePlus’ next ‘T’ release, which has actually been kept well under wraps. Well, until today.

A new report from GizmoChina claims to have details on OnePlus’ next flagship phone, though I’m going to preface this article by saying they should be taken with a big grain of salt.

Related: OnePlus 5 review – the Never Settle promise lives on

According to the leak, the OnePlus 5T release date is set for some time in November 2017. That would certainly make sense, as 2016’s OnePlus 3T was also unveiled in November.

We’re also expecting the OnePlus 5T to sport most of the same under-the-hood specs as the OnePlus 5, which was just unveiled earlier this year in June. If you can recall, the OnePlus 3 and 3T shared the same design and most of the same specs, save for the upgraded processor and battery capacity. But if this new report is to be believed, OnePlus is taking a much different approach to its annual ‘T’ release.

The report states that the OnePlus 5T will supposedly feature a 6.0-inch 2,160 x 1,080 resolution display with an 18:9 aspect ratio. If you can recall, the OnePlus 5 came with a 5.5-inch 1080p display with a 16:9 aspect ratio. That means, instead of only upgrading a few key under-the-hood specs from the OnePlus 5, the company will use an entirely different design and display in the 5T. We’d expect that change to come with the OnePlus 6, but definitely not the 5T.

We’d expect OnePlus to upgrade the display with the OnePlus 6, but definitely not the 5T

What makes us question this report even more is the supposed leaked render of the OnePlus 5T, which looks an awful lot like the leaked OPPO F5 render that showed up a few days ago. Not only are the two renders nearly identical, the reported 5T image is shown with OPPO’s software, not OxygenOS. I think it’s safe to say that this isn’t an accurate representation of what the 5T will look like.

Those are the only details that the report gave us about the OnePlus 5T, so perhaps we should use this time to speculate a little more about the upcoming OnePlus device.

Last year, the 3T featured the faster Snapdragon 821 chipset, which was a notable step up from the 820 found in the OnePlus 3. However, the go-to chipset from Qualcomm in 2017 has been the Snapdragon 835, which has powered just about every major flagship released in the US this year. Multiple sources say that Qualcomm has no plans to release a Snapdragon 836, which means OnePlus doesn’t have many options if it’s looking to include a faster processor in its 5T. But let’s be honest — do we even need a processor with more power than the Snapdragon 835 right now?

There’s also room for improvement on the battery front. The OnePlus 3 launched with a 3,000 mAh battery, which saw a big upgrade to 3,400 mAh in the 3T. The OnePlus 5 launched with a slightly smaller 3,300 cell, which could definitely be upgraded a few hundred milliampere hours.

What would you like to see in the OnePlus 5T? Upgraded battery? Camera improvements? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

This week’s top stories: New emoji coming to iOS, iPhone 8 camera tests, bug fix updates, and more

In this week’s top stories: Apple releases iOS 11.0.2 with an important fix for iPhone 8 users, a patent describes how Apple Watch could be used for measuring blood pressure, a macOS High Sierra supplemental update, and more. Read on for all of this week’s biggest stories

Spigen TEKA RA200 Airpods Earhooks Cover

Apple this week released iOS 11.0.2 to the public, bringing a fix for the crackling audio issue that affected some iPhone 8 users. Apple also pushed a macOS High Sierra supplemental update this week that brings a host of bug fixes and notable security enhancements. There was also an Apple Watch update for LTE users.

Hundreds of new emoji are coming to iOS soon, Apple announced this week. The company says the new emojis will be included in the next beta release of iOS 11.1 and include “more emotive smiley faces, gender-neutral characters, clothing options, food types, animals, mythical creatures and more.”

Renders this week also imagined the possibility of a larger 6.4-inch iPhone X Plus with the same notch and all-glass design as this year’s model. While that possibility should be taken with a grain of salt, it’s interesting to see what could be the future of the iPhone lineup.

These and the rest of this week’s top stories below.

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This week Benjamin and Zac discuss the new Beats Studio3 Wireless headphones, iOS 11.0.2 for iPhone 8 and watchOS 4.0.1 for Apple Watch Series 3, Apple Pay Cash testing, Nike+ Run Club’s watchOS app update, running with streaming music on watchOS 4.1, HomeKit updates including Philips Hue and Chamberlain products, the Sonos One event and AirPlay 2 support, HomePod’s latest competition, and more.

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Apple reveals new emojis coming with iOS 11.1, including “I love you” hand sign

Apple released iOS 11 barely a month ago, but emoji lovers are eagerly awaiting its first major update. Apple revealed a bunch of new emoji that will come to iOS devices with the release of iOS 11.1. The new characters are adaptations from Unicode 10, which added 56 new emoji.

A quick look into Apple’s new emojis shows a triad of new “genderless” emoji with various skin colors and age differences. The release also brings a group of new clothing emoji, which include a hat, scarf, gloves, and trench coat.

New food icons include broccoli, dim sum, pie, and a traditional “takeout” container. There’s also a selection of new mythical characters, including a fairy, mermaid, vampire, and wizard, for those of us who would rather live in a fantasy world whenever possible. Apple will also include some emoji announced on World Emoji Day (July 17), like Woman with Headscarf, Bearded Person, and Breastfeeding.

Arguably one of the most useful new emoji is the American Sign Language hand sign for “I love you.” It’s a welcome addition to the emoji library, as many activists have petitioned for it for a while now (just don’t confuse it with the “rock on” metalhead emoji that already exists).

Developer and public betas of the iOS 11.1 update will be pushed out next week, but there’s no word on when the update will be officially released to the public.

Listing image by Apple