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Video is one of the best ways to reach people. As content goes it is easy for people to understand, and requires less attention and work than reading an article does. Until recently, the strongest medium online for video was You Tube. As with all things online, times are rapidly changing.


Facebook Live

Live video is the latest enhancement added to the Facebook platform and comes with some great advantages. Not unlike the latest style or fashion trend, the world of online marketing and social media changes quickly. Video is a terrific medium for one of the most visually appealing industries on the market—fashion.


There are so many terrific opportunities for maximizing the benefits of Facebook Live to reach your fashion brands’ target market. What’s more, a recent enhancement to Facebook’s Live Feed allows Facebook Live videos to appear higher in Facebook’s News Feed. Being on top is a definitive advantage for fashion brands in the online marketplace. Some features work better depending on the type of fashion and your audience. With Facebook Live, videos can last up to four hours in length, so the possibilities and uses are endless.


Show and Tell

A technician at Luxottica’s eyewear plant in Italy manufactures eyeglasses.

CBS’ 60 Minutes ran a segment some time ago on optical frame manufacturing giant, Luxottica. One of the most interesting parts of the piece covered how eyewear is made and why some of its’ frames they make such as Tiffany, Prada, Oakley and other high-end designer labels can be so expensive. The actual Italian craftsmen in the factory were filmed using high tech equipment and precise jewelers’ loops to hand-set and individually place each Swarovski crystal into Bulgari eyeglass frames and sunglasses.

This exercise illustrates to the customer the time and engineering required to turn out a beautiful and quality product. This could have been an epic Facebook Live moment. Consumers enjoy the behind the scenes moments, especially if they feel they have been given an exclusive invitation.

Fashion shows during New York’s Fashion Week would also be a great opportunity for any fashion brand on Facebook Live. Consider just about any designer label offering a fifteen-minute look-see at what’s happening on the cat-walks of New York exclusively for their Facebook friends.

Imagine letting your brands’ Facebook friends know that they are invited to exclusively see from the comfort of their own laptop, the new styles for the upcoming Fall Fashion Season. Victoria Secret has been doing it so well they’ve made a live televised event out of The Victoria Secret Fashion Show complete with top-name emcees and musical entertainment. Just a tiny bit of that kind of consumer-based enthusiasm for a brand can move it forward by leaps and bounds.










Probably the most anticipated fashion unveiling of the televised era was that of Princess Diana’s wedding dress. The paparazzi were literally sneaking through garbage cans to try to find copies of her designers’ handiwork to leak them to the press. In fact, the designers loaded their garbage with false designs to throw the paparazzi off the trail so the real dress could be kept secret. One can only imagine the moment of suspense when Princess Diana stepped out of that carriage in front of the cathedral wearing her wedding dress. That’s a moment, the type of material, that Facebook Live dreams are made of.

Another great way to feature a fashion brand on Facebook live is to show a backstage preview of a fashion commercial shoot. Imagine a far-flung exotic locale, with a celebrity Armani model shooting a commercial on a beach. An advance invitation to this Facebook Live event could bring a crowd.

The added bonus is that all the hard work the marketing team has put in on the commercial and campaign not to mention the clients’ ad budget will go further. Because the brands’ Facebook friends are going to really connect with the commercial now whether it be digital, print, or broadcast. Connected brand fans are worth their weight in gold.

Another idea that is already in use is that of Digital Trunk Shows. These are amazing because the Facebook Live viewer no matter how rural or remote they are can now see your latest fashions as presented by the person of your choice in whatever setting you like.

Similar to the Home Shopping Channel, a fashion savvy brand champion can discuss the features and benefits of specific pieces of clothing while showing them live on Facebook. With today’s technology, it is even possible for the viewer to click on articles of clothing and have them added to their virtual shopping cart right from their own home. What a way to kick off the fashion season!

Live From Anywhere…It’s Your Fashion Brand!

Facebook Live allows you to engage your customers and followers in real time. This can make your customers feel important and even a part of the process. Having the LIVE logo by your video makes it more exciting, compelling and relevant for your fashion forward consumers. To make the most of your fashion marketing, let your audience know when you’re going live.

Promoting your video in advance will whet your customers’ appetites and get them excited about what is to come. No one wants to miss out! Do this too far out and your customers forget about it, so really about 1-day in advance according to Facebook is the optimal time to tell your audience that something exciting is coming from your fashion brand. You’ll want some catchy copy to accompany your promotion to get their attention. You want to give them an idea of what’s coming without exposing your brand’s reveal.

Videos on Facebook Live can be found and replayed again for those who didn’t get enough of your brands’ style on the first play. For the marketing team, the benefits of instant feedback can be priceless. Having access to live reactions to product intros or re-imaginations of existing ones can help you check and monitor your progress. This can help you gauge the success of current styles or even those you think you’d like to bring to market in a new launch. Think of this feedback as a one on one focus group. This will help you keep your fashion content both tailor-made and engaging.

Facebook Friends Get Engaged

People love videos. Facebook Live gives your fashion brand the opportunity to re-energize your current followers and make raving fans out of new ones. Your followers can keep up with all your brand is up to right in their Facebook News Feed. Today’s shoppers are looking for instant gratification, and with live video, they can have those urges fulfilled with your brands’ latest styles and fashion renderings.

Once your followers, new or old, begin to share some of your fun fashion tips or other useful content, your fan-base will only increase. Be at the right place at the right time. Set notifications to let your followers know when your brand is going live so they can participate in your fashion brand event. When they are tuning in just to see you live, you will have true ambassadors for your fashion line that you’ve worked so hard to promote.

What’s more is your followers can click the “Live Subscribe” button at the top of your video and receive notifications when your fashion brands’ videos go live again. You’ll want to remind your viewers that they can subscribe to your videos and ask them to do so. Whenever possible, on Facebook Live, try to mention some of your subscribers by name. If you have customers asking questions that you feel you can answer effectively online, then by all means do so. This will only bring your consumer closer to your brand and cement a positive relationship.

Gone But Not Forgotten

Find a regular way to end your broadcasts so that you’ll be letting your audience know the show is over, but be sure to tune in next time for more. Developing a unique catch phrase or leveraging your fashion brand’s logo, motto or hard-earned street-cred will make them want to tune in to your brands’ Facebook Live videos again and again.

The more you go live, using Facebook Live, the more your audience will expect to be able to find interesting and stimulating fashion content. The more your audience engages with your site, the more customers you will have in the long run and the more sales your brand will enjoy.


Apple Check out Collection 3 assessment

The title says it all… I have purchased the two the Collection 1 and Collection 2 Apple Watches, taking them the two back again within Apple’s no-queries-requested return window. Every time heading into the partnership starry-eyed and hopeful. But eventually pinpointing that I did not need Apple’s smartwatch or I missed my old college timepieces. Perfectly, oops I have performed it all over again, the Collection 3 was calling my identify and I ultimately gave in and pulled the result in. For this produce-up, I won’t be diving very deep into the specs (that’s all above the Web) but a lot more into the experience as an old (emphasis on Old…) time look at male who enjoys tech equipment and fitness. 

I find that as I around 50, my workouts have become significantly less regular and not nearly as epic as back again in the day. Though I keep in decent form, old age is profitable. It is my hope that an Apple Check out will assistance stem the tide and empower me to raise the bar. Remaining an AR range cruncher, I find the authentic-time information a smartwatch presents me the two nagging and motivating.

Just after acquiring above the hump of no matter if or not to acquire a Collection 3, the subsequent issue is which Apple Check out would fulfill me the most. As I reported, I am a extended time look at male. Though (a bit) pointless in today’s environment of smartphones, I enjoy the feel/heft of a timepiece on my wrist. The aluminum and glass Apple Check out always felt a bit light to me, missing the bodyweight I have occur to want. So, extended tale shorter, I made a decision to splurge and get the stainless metal black activity Apple Check out with sapphire glass display. The stainless metal look at is only out there with LTE, which I do not know if I’d have picked if supplied the alternative. But in general, I walked absent with little to no regrets, that deep down I know I would have if I experienced purchased the foundation model.

I have benched my classic timepieces and been working with the Apple Check out for a several months. It really has motivated me to do a lot more. In my busy everyday living, I find myself going for walks the stairs in my constructing a lot more, hopping on the elliptical a lot more often in advance of settling down for meal, and most importantly…finding the time/strength/enthusiasm to run a lot more.

Theoretically, any smartwatch could do this for you (or much better yet sheer willpower) but our spouse and children lives in the Apple ecosystem and the Apple Check out only provides to the seamlessness of that environment. The look at will make an outstanding companion for all my Apple equipment from my Iphone to my MacBooks. WatchOS 4. and constructed-in LTE has surely improved the smartwatch experience generating the hottest Apple Check out as shut to an Iphone on your wrist (or Dick Tracy) that you can get these days. There are several LTE enabled Android/Tisen watches on the market place but they’re cumbersome and absence the refinement of the Apple Check out.

Perfectly, extended tale shorter, I’m keeping the Apple Check out Collection 3 for the following causes: refinement, material/develop top quality, improved Apple ecosystem experience, and additional enthusiasm. I’m continue to up in the air about activating T-Cellular LTE on it but I’ll carry on to ponder the usability and prospective effect on battery everyday living (which I presently find stellar, with 75% electric power remaining on a standard day and a lot more than 50% on a operating & streaming audio day). Over-all, I genuinely like the look at and have promised myself I won’t seem back again or put on my other watches until I get rid of 10 lbs and with any luck , rekindle my exercise session mojo. Wish me luck 😉 …

Resource: The sample for this assessment was purchased with my individual resources. Please visit their for a lot more details.

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Solution Information

Price: $649
Company: Apple
  • Exceptional material/develop top quality
  • Greatest smartwatch OS to date
  • Increased Apple ecosystem experience
  • Terrific motivational device
  • Crafted-in LTE

Apple Look at Collection 4: What To Anticipate?

The Apple Look at Collection 4 will move the smartwatch collection forward even more however immediately after the Apple Look at 3 was perfectly received. Surely the Apple Look at has become the world’s most recognizable smartwatch very fast nothing at all new for Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) considering its electric power and impact in the technology sphere.

Apple Watch Series 4
Impression By Sheeraz Raza

But in frequent with most units in the environment of gizmos, the Apple Look at 3 is far from great, this means that the Apple Look at Collection 4 however has significant room for enhancement. Numerous people will understand the benefit of enhancing this smartwatch, as it currently does a great offer very perfectly, however however lacks a check out vital spots of features.

Launch date

For starters, we can almost certainly anticipate the Apple Look at Collection 4 to be released in September 2018. Although the Apple Look at launch plan has been a lot less consistent than other Apple products and solutions, there is no rationale to believe that that it will be brought out any before than this year’s effort. It is probable that the Apple Look at Collection 4 will be introduced at the Iphone 9 unveiling event, forward of a equivalent launch date.


It is very likely that Apple will freeze the rate of the Apple Look at Collection 4 from the present generation, this means that the smartwatch will retail at $329 in the United States. This rate tag is for the little 38mm edition of the wristwatch, with other designs also readily available.

Having stated that, people should be cautious of the fact that the Apple Look at 3 was released a reduced rate issue than the Apple Look at 2, so with excess features also embedded in the fourth generation it would not be massively surprising if there was a delicate rate raise.

Self-modifying strap

A single of the vital features currently being connected with the Apple Look at Collection 4 is a self-modifying strap that would make the smartwatch a much more practical machine. Without a doubt, Apple has presently patented this technology, which features an increasing system which has the possible to deal the strap as expected.

This would not only improve the convenience of the smartwatch, but also enable ensure that sensors on the enjoy are able to obtain correct readings for some of its vital features. This would correlate neatly with a further patent that is in the general public area for an Apple wearable machine that has the potential to measure your respiration fee.

Round encounter

Apple has also earlier patented a smartwatch style featuring a circular encounter, and it wouldn’t be massively surprising if this observed the gentle of working day with the Apple Look at Collection 4 launch. A circular encounter definitely appears much more normal for a enjoy, even if the Apple Look at style is now conveniently recognizable all more than the environment.

Even so, Apple has demonstrated definitely no intention to alter the style of it smartwatch therefore far, and is notorious for generating significant number of patents that hardly ever basically surface in products and solutions.

Apple Look at Collection 4 features

Numerous of the features from the Apple Look at will without doubt be retained when the Apple Look at Collection 4 is released. This, we can anticipate LTE connectivity, GPS, a heart fee monitor, a water-resistant create and a high quality construction with a square display screen. It is probable that even if Apple does introduce an Apple Look at with a circular encounter in the Collection IV generation that the square style will also be retained as a obtaining choice.

It is also probable that the Apple Look at Collection 4 will be built readily available in the two dimensions that had been integrated in the apple what is three launch. This, I anticipate 38 mm and 42 mm Apple Watched collection for units to be built readily available, though the Apple Shell out contactless payment technique will also make an visual appeal the moment much more.

This all provides up to a further impressive smartwatch Contender, but what new features will also be integrated?


For starters, Apple will consist of a new S for chipset in the Apple Look at Collection 4, which will ensure that the smartwatch is a much more impressive performer. It is also very likely hat the Apple Look at 4 will run watchOS 5, Although Apple has however to even commence functioning on this program technique.

Android compatibility

Some sources have suggested that the Apple Look at Collection 4 could produce Android compatibility in buy to make it a much more versatile performer. This would be fairly surprising considering that Apple has hardly ever specifically been enthusiastic about opening up its very own working technique, permit by yourself enabling its products and solutions to be suitable with other OS releases.

Battery lifetime of Apple Look at Collection 4

Even so, one particular area in which Apple is very likely to be beavering absent is the battery lifetime of the Apple Look at Collection 4, which should definitely be enhanced more than the prior generation of the smartwatch. Even though the Apple Look at definitely experienced a superior battery lifetime than the before releases in the range, it however operates out of demand instead fast. Definitely a wristwatch wants to final for three times at minimum on a solitary demand.

Conditioning monitoring

Even though Apple has built strides with the fitness-linked features integrated in its smartwatch range, the Apple Look at Collection 4 has the possible to develop on this however even more. Quite a few fitness monitoring features that have been shelved right until now could finally surface when the Apple Look at Collection 4 is released, with the machine able of monitoring respiration fee and blood oxygen ranges.

Enhanced Siri

Siri will also be enhanced for the fourth Apple Look at launch, with the up coming generation of Apple’s own assistant featuring superior command recognition technology.

Apple Look at Collection 4’s enhanced general performance

Even though the Apple Look at 3 is an enhancement on prior releases, it is however not pretty as slick as a lot of people would desire. Loading apps on the smartwatch can be a minimal sluggish, and the up coming-generation launch should definitely handle this to make the Apple Look at Collection 4 a much more practical machine.

Whether the specs of the Apple Look at Collection 4 could be elevated in buy to reach this remains to be noticed, but a minimal excess RAM and processing electric power definitely wouldn’t go amiss.

Halo Wars 2 – BtC 2v2 Open up Event – GRAND FINALS MATCH out?v=STEBx01phgQ

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New Kingdom Hearts Collection Spotted for the PlayStation 4

Kingdom Hearts

A retail listing for a special Kingdom Hearts bundle has surfaced in Germany that’ll hopefully lead up to an eventual worldwide release.

The listing for what’s currently being called the Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collection has appeared on more than one retailers’ site as of now, so it appears like the release of the collection is a credible one. However, without an official announcement seen from Square Enix or Sony yet, it seems like the reveal of the collection might’ve been leaked a bit early since it’s not yet available for purchase or preorder through retailers.

Spotted by, the listing for the Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collection has been spotted through the German Koch Media Shop. The collection also has a retail listing through the German Amazon store, though it’s sold through Koch Media Shop there as well and says that it’s out of stock at the moment. On Amazon, it’s being listed as the “Standard” edition though, so there may be more than one version in the works.

It doesn’t have a rating just yet, but it is being priced at 69.99 € at the moment, a price that’ll equal out to roughly $78 USD should it be released elsewhere. The listing also includes a release date that indicates the bundle will be available on Nov. 24, so if the information provided with the listing turns out to be true, Kingdom Hearts fans should be able to get their hands on the collection pretty soon.

While Kingdom Hearts is no stranger to receiving different bundles, this one appears to include a mix of games and movies. Below are all the products that’ll come with the Kingdom Hearts PS4 Collection:

  • Kingdom Hearts Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories
  • Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (movie)
  • Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix
  • Kingdom Hearts Re:coded (movie)
  • Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD
  • Kingdom Hearts 0.2: Birth by Sleep – A Fragmentary Passage
  • Kingdom Hearts χ: Back Cover (movie)

The collection hasn’t been confirmed yet for a release, let alone one outside of Germany, but an announcement will hopefully come with more details for the bundle.