How Much Does the iPhone X Cost? Carrier Breakdown, AppleCare+ and More

It might seem fairly easy to figure out how much the iPhone X costs.. After all, even the quickest glance at the search engine of your choosing will confirm that Apple’s latest smartphone can be yours for $1,000 — or $999, to be exact.

But like a lot of seemingly simple questions, there’s more to it than what meets the eye. Depending on the capacity of the model you pick, the amount of protection you add and whether you need extra cloud storage, the price of the iPhone X could be a lot more than that $999 figure people toss around. If you factor in special offers from wireless carriers selling Apple’s phone, and your final bill could look a whole lot different, too.

With that in mind, here’s a closer look at how the iPhone X’s costs break down, so you know exactly how much you need to set aside for Apple’s top-of-the-line smartphone.

What does the iPhone X cost?

The iPhone X starts at $999. For context, that’s $200 more than what Apple charges for an iPhone 8 Plus and $300 more than the iPhone 8. Among Apple’s leading competitors, you can get a Galaxy Note 8 for $950 from Samsung, a Pixel 2 XL for $849 from Google and an LG V30 starting at $800 depending on which carrier you turn to. In other words, the iPhone X is the most expensive smartphone out there.

What about extra storage?

The $999 version of the iPhone X includes 64GB of capacity. If you think you’re going to need more room, you can opt for the 256GB version for an extra $150. That brings your bill to $1,149.

How much does the iPhone X cost at each carrier?

Apple’s pricing isn’t the last word on what an iPhone X costs. Each major U.S. carrier also offers the new iPhone, and while the full price matches what Apple charges, your monthly payment can vary from carrier to carrier, as the payment period varies.

Here’s what you can expect to pay for the 64GB iPhone X at each carrier if you opt to buy the phone in installments:

T-Mobile’s monthly payment is the lowest, at $30 per month, but you’ll need to pay $279.99 up front. The next-lowest monthly payment comes from AT&T, but it has the longest agreement, at 30 months.

With Sprint’s payment plan, you’re just leasing the phone for 18 months; if you want to own the iPhone X after the lease agreement ends, you’ll need to pay off the remaining balance on the phone. However, under Sprint’s plan, you can upgrade to the next iPhone after a year’s worth of payments.

Carriers also offer deals on the iPhone X, usually in the form of trade-in rebates, that can further lower the cost of your monthly payment. As of this writing, T-Mobile offers a $300 rebate on the iPhone X’s cost if you trade in an iPhone 6 or later; the rebate appears on your bill as a monthly credit spread out over 24 months.

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Sprint’s current rebate offer doesn’t require a trade-in — you just switch a phone number over to the carrier. That reduces your monthly payment on an 18-month lease from $41.67 to $22.22.

Can I add more storage?

You can choose a model with more onboard storage, but Apple hasn’t included a slot for microSD cards on its phones — and the iPhone X is no exception.

If you want storage beyond the 64GB or 256GB that comes with your phone, you can turn to iCloud. You automatically get 5GB of storage when you sign up for iCloud, and Apple gives you the option to add more cloud storage for a monthly fee.

Boosting your iCloud allotment to 50GB costs 99 cents per month. Apple also offers 200GB ($2.99 per month) and 2TB ($9.99 per month) options, which you can share with family members.

iCloud costs are optional, but if you think you’re going to need extra space to stash photos, music and other files, factor in that monthly cost to your iPhone expenses.

Should I get AppleCare+ for the iPhone X?

Speaking of optional costs, Apple lets you decide whether to add additional AppleCare protection to your iPhone. When you buy an iPhone, your phone is covered by a one-year limited warranty, along with 90 days of complimentary support. Adding AppleCare+ extends that coverage to two years.

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More important, AppleCare+ also covers you in two cases of accidental damage. You’ll still have to pay a service fee — $29 for screen damage, $99 for anything else — but you can save on the costs of repair.

Just how much do you save? It costs more to repair the iPhone X than any other Apple smartphone. You can pay up to $549 to fix damage to the phone such as cracks in the glass back. Screen repairs cost $279. In contrast, adding AppleCare+ raises your iPhone X cost by $199. And if you opt for Apple’s iPhone Upgrade Program, AppleCare+ is included with your monthly payment.

Wait, what is the iPhone Upgrade Program?

The iPhone Upgrade Program lets you switch to a new Apple phone after a year’s worth of payments. You’ll also get to enter your payment information before everyone else, which should help you breeze through Apple’s occasionally buggy iPhone preorder process. And as noted above, you get AppleCare+ coverage as part of the deal.

In exchange for all of this, you’re agreeing to a higher monthly payment. A 64GB iPhone X costs $49.91 per month for 24 months through the iPhone Upgrade Program. Otherwise, Apple offers the phone in monthly payments of $41.62 or $41.63, depending on which carrier you select. That extra $199 or so over the course of two years essentially covers the cost of AppleCare+ with the right to upgrade early thrown in.

The 256GB iPhone X costs $56.16 per month over 24 months when you get it through Apple’s upgrade program. Otherwise, the phone costs $47.87 or $47.88 depending on the carrier you select on Apple’s website.

What about an unlocked iPhone?

At this time, Apple isn’t selling the iPhone X unlocked. That figures to change once Apple builds more iPhone X units to meet early demand.

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Heroes of the Storm: Official Breakdown of Patch 28.2

<img width="760" height="269" src="" class="attachment- size- wp-post-image" alt="Heroes of the Storm Hotfix" data-attachment-id="1580199" data-permalink="" data-orig-file="" data-orig-size="760,269" data-comments-opened="1" data-image-meta=""aperture":"0","credit":"","camera":"","caption":"","created_timestamp":"0","copyright":"","focal_length":"0","iso":"0","shutter_speed":"0","title":"","orientation":"1"" data-image-title="Heroes of the Storm Patch" data-image-description="

Heroes of the Storm Maintenance

” data-medium-file=”″ data-large-file=”″/>Blizzard Enjoyment

Patch 28.2

There is extra likely on in Heroes of the Storm. It isn’t just the planning for Junkrat and its undoubtedly extra than a new hero highlight. The Heroes World Championship is rapidly approaching at Blizzcon. Heroes of the Storm is likely to be on the center phase and Blizzard Enjoyment is accomplishing their element to make positive the motion is on place.

Releasing these days is the newest patch, patch 28.2 to be correct, and it packs in really a great deal. It contains the vast majority of hero distinct improvements (buffs & nerfs) needed and just in advance of the explosive HGC Finals.

HGC Finals @ Blizzcon 2017 Before long Approaching & This is the Remaining Character Patch To Get Factors Completely ready

If your Blizzard Enjoyment and your game is picking up some magnificent momentum you double down on Heroes of the Storm. We have found a great deal of motion in the final week: a hotfix, a servicing session, and a new character announcement.

Factors are transferring immediately and if you aren’t up on the most latest adjustments you may be still left in the dust. That may possibly suggest lacking out on this decades a person million dollar prize pool, at the Heroes World Championship Finals, and which is no joke if you’re a expert group.

At dwelling the repercussions will be no significantly less psychologically severe, even though significantly less financially so. Get to observe and if you don’t choose up the improvements to HotS immediately you’re toast.

Let’s lay down the major improvements of Patch 28.2!

Heroes Go Up & Heroes Arrive Down

Heroes of the Storm, Blizzard Entertainment

HotS Patch 28.2

Assassins like Genji, Kel’Thuzad, and Lunara get a reduction for quite a few of their cooldowns. Kel’Thuzad roots you a little bit for a longer period and the gazelle’s wisp normally takes 2 hits to eliminate. Malthael normally takes a compact debuff on his health and fitness steal.

Abathur has improved spike damage but a for a longer period cooldown on Best Evolution. Nazeebo has quite a few improvements: total health and fitness is decreased as is regen, spiders dmg up, toads dmg down, ravenous spirit range improved, and new level 13 + level 16 reworks.

The developers have an extended note on Nazeebo and their way of thinking in modifying his health and fitness regen/spider builds. Probius gets some insignificant buffs to health and fitness and talents. Zagara’s maw cooldown is at last decreased!That is it for Professionals.

New Assistance Ana doesn’t get the typical article-release nerf and is only moderately modified. This is special considering her latest good results. Brightwing normally takes a number of hits as all spell armor, calming mist therapeutic, and section shielding are all decreased. Khara and Lt. Morales insignificant adjustments so just some servicing there. Stukov receives some awareness as properly with some enhance to pustules closing damage.

Warriors are modifying. Garrosh’s level 20 expertise, Dying Desire, no for a longer period raises Warlord’s Obstacle. D-Va receives a larger sized rework as Johanna just gains some a lot required HP she clearly didn’t have plenty of.

With these patches and repairing a bug making it possible for AI Backyard garden Terrors to become unresponsive Patch 28.2 comes to an fascinating shut.

Splatoon 2 Play Modes Breakdown – Feature

We’ve broken down the rules of each mode to create a simple guide.

The crazy success of the original Splatoon on Wii U came as a surprise to most people, and now the highly awaited sequel is sitting pretty on Nintendo’s new and shiny console. Many Switch owners have already been busy inkin’ turf, owning zones and making it rain for hours upon hours.

But there’s something odd about the online aspect of Splatoon 2. Being a 4 person squad-based shooter, it is obviously a very multiplayer-heavy experience. Joining up with your buddies to face the opposing bad guys is what it’s all about, but unfortunately the online options are convoluted and in some cases just plain weird.

Every different mode has different rules for how you can team up with friends or random online players, choose weapons in-between matches, or even when they are available to play.

But why is this the case? Some think it helps with the matchmaking process, but there is no concrete answer from Nintendo yet. Of course there is the chance that Nintendo could patch in different setups and rules, but for now Splatoon 2’s online friends and weapons rules continue to be confusing.

So what are the rules for each mode, exactly?

We here at NWR want to help you sort it out. For each online mode we have posed 4 questions to help understand it better. The questions are:

1. Can you choose your weapon in-between rounds without backing out of online?

2. Can you play with friends?

3. Can you play with random online players?

4. Is this mode available all of the time?

Associate Editors David Lloyd and Perry Burkum have created a nifty little graph to answer these questions for each mode of play. As you can see, the different rules seem quite bizarre. (And let’s not even mention the Voice Chat of the Nintendo Online app…) So what do you think of how Nintendo handled Splatoon 2’s online structure? Let us know in the comments below!

Chen – Breath of Fireplace Develop ! + Talent Develop Breakdown – Heroes of the Storm Gameplay

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