Amazon Echo Controlling ISY99i (Insteon), Nest Thermostat, RainMachine, and Logitech Harmony Hub

A quick demonstration of the Amazon Echo “Alexa” controlling lights, thermostats, sprinkler systems, and even the home entertainment center.

This solution isn’t easy to setup. However if you want to put in the time and you know just a little about C# then you can figure out by first setting up the Hue Emulator:

Then you would need a middle layer like my C# webservice, the code for it is here:

Nest Thermostat and Protect – Voice Control

Tutorial and demonstration showing how to voice control (or automate) your Nest devices using VoxCommando version or later.

Supporting information and files can be found on our forum at the following address:

Grateful hat-tip: Scott M. Baker’s interface was very helpful to learn the Nest’s authentication and request syntax.