How to Disable Auto-Play in Safari on Mac for All Video & Audio

Disable autoplay in Safari for Mac completely

Many web users are not too thrilled about auto-playing media, whether it’s autoplaying video or autoplaying sound, or even an autoplaying ad, it can be annoying and frustrating to encounter as you browse the web. But don’t sweat it too much, because modern versions of Safari for Mac allow users to easily disable all auto-playing video and autoplaying audio content.

You must have Mac OS with a modern version of Safari or Safari Technology Preview to have this feature easily available. Safari 11 or later will include this capability, whereas earlier versions will not, however older versions of Safari on Mac can stop autoplaying video with a Debug trick described here. You can update Safari via the App Store Updates tab, and anyone can optionally download and install Safari Technology Preview if you want to run a beta version of a modern Safari version, it will install concurrently to the regular Safari release.

And yes you can also disable autoplay in Chrome, but we’re focusing specifically on disabling autoplay in Safari here.

How to Disable Auto-Play Media in Safari for Mac

This setting will completely prevent all websites from autoplaying any media, whether video or audio, in Safari on a Mac:

  1. Open Safari if you haven’t done so already
  2. Pull down the “Safari” menu and choose “Preferences”
  3. Select the “Websites” tab
  4. Click on “Auto-Play” in the General sidebar of the Websites tab
  5. Look in the bottom right corner of the preference window for “When visiting other websites:” and pull down the submenu to select “Never Auto-Play”
  6. Disabling Auto Play in Safari for Mac for all websites

  7. Optionally, set per-site settings in the ‘Currently Open Websites’ list above*
  8. Close out of Preferences for the changes to take effect

Now you can browse the web without having to worry about auto-playing media blasting unexpectedly .

You may need to quit and relaunch Safari for the change to take effect everywhere.

* You can set exclusions by choosing the per-site settings and allow specific sites to autoplay video if desired, or allow autoplay on every website except for a particular site, and so on. That’s up to you.

Disable Autoplay in Safari for specific websites

Help, I Don’t Have the “Never Auto-Play” Section in Safari Preferences

As specified above, if you do not have the “Auto-Play” settings section of Safari Preferences and the ability to choose “never auto-play” then you are not running a modern version of Safari that supports the feature. You must have Safari 11 or newer.

You can either update Safari to a newer version, or you can follow instructions to stop autoplaying video in earlier Safari builds.

What About Disabling Auto-Play Elsewhere?

Chances are good that if you don’t like Autoplay video in Safari, then you don’t like autoplay in general. Welcome to the club! You can read our various articles discussing auto-play and how to disable it for specific apps and services. Some of the more common places you might want to disable auto-play are:

Do you have any rants, thoughts, tips, or tricks about managing or disabling auto-play media, whether video or audio? Share them with us in the comments below.

OnePlus Won’t Take Away The Ease Of 3.5mm Audio Jack On OnePlus 5T

Right from the newly launched Google Pixel 2 phones to iPhone 8, all the shiny new flagships have abandoned the 3.5mm audio jack on their smartphones. Not many users are happy with the OEMs decision of leaving the universal audio jack on the devices and coming up with alternative audio connectivity like wireless earphones or USB Type-C headphones.

OnePlus, today, posted an image on Facebook and Twitter that makes a big deal about the presence of 3.5mm headphone jack on it. The company emphasised on the fact that its upcoming flagship will retain the 3.5mm audio jack, which has been stripped by the other manufacturers.

The image posted by OnePlus highlight the fact that all the devices by the company are complete with 3.5mm audio jack. The OnePlus One, OnePlus 2, OnePlus X, OnePlus 3, OnePlus 3T, and OnePlus 5, all of these phones have featured 3.5mm audio jack. The whole point of having an audio jack is that it is convenient for the users to plug in any regular headphones on the go. The image posted by OnePlus comes with a tagline – “What do our phones have in common?” That tagline is just to tickle the readers, as the answer is too obvious.

With the image posted on the official Facebook page of the company, we are now sure that the OnePlus 5T won’t let go of the 3.5mm audio jack. We are pretty sure that many users or potential buyers would be happy to see a flagship retaining the audio jack, unlike many others.

Expected to launch on November 16

The OnePlus 5T is expected to debut with a 9:18 display and bezel-less design. Regarding other specifications, the upcoming phone could come powered Snapdragon 835 SoC, 6GB of RAM, dual-camera setup, and more. The teaser poster for the OnePlus 5T was recently leaked online, and it shows the launch date on November 16. The company is yet to confirm this information, but most of the reports are also suggesting the launch date to be in the middle of this month


How the Audio to Videogame ‘Halo Wars 2’ Was Produced the Previous-Fashioned Way – Assortment

The Xbox recreation “Halo Wars 2” is shaking points up musically as the to start with game soundtrack in 12 years to file with American Federation of Musician union players on Twentieth Century Fox’s Newman Scoring Phase. There, composer Gordy Haab carried out an 80-piece orchestra past tumble. The recreation was released in February.

For the final blend, Haab also integrated a 20-piece choir, recorded at Skywalker Seem, and meshed electronic tunes established by Ending Move’s Brian Trifon and Brian Lee White. “We had an prospect to do a little something new, and then you stay up at night imagining ‘How?’ But involving Gordy and the Brians we seriously did produce a singularity,” reported Paul Lipson. He headed tunes at Microsoft Studios’ and 343 Industries, the device accountable for the “Halo” franchise, ahead of getting named VP resourceful at Formosa Team, where the soundtrack was developed. The soundtrack was released digitally, on CD and as a “blood red” marbled vinyl collector’s edition double LP, all from Sumthing Else Audio Is effective.

“I approached the score quite thematically, so each individual character had a topic, which was type of an outdated-fashioned, standard technique,” Haab reported, speaking at a Grammy contenders panel dialogue at the American Film Institute’s Mark Goodson Theater Wednesday. Whilst “Halo Wars” was released in 2009, with a score by Stephen Rippy, Haab reported for this iteration “we started out completely contemporary. The only callback to any topic was to the ‛Spirit of Fireplace,’” referencing the area ship, the ship in the recreation). “Otherwise all the tunes is completely new.”

“The tunes to ‘Halo’ is this kind of a pillar in the business,” said Lipson, noting that in an October survey by the recreation streaming services Twitch, “Halo” was voted the greatest videogame tunes of all time, with extra than 155,000 votes. “Adding a little something new was quite crucial,” Lipson reported, explaining it was his concept to mix a standard orchestra with chopping edge electronic sound. Particularly, he had been on the lookout for a project to operate on with Haab, whose scores for the “Star Wars” games “Battlefront” and “The Previous Republic” he’d extensive admired.

Haab reported it has often been a dream to file on the Newman phase. “I moved right here 17 years ago from Mechanicsville, Virginia, because I had often listened to that if you want to get into film tunes, you have to be in Hollywood, that is where all the greatest players are, and sure enough, that is a actuality.”

The mandate of integrating electronic and orchestral tunes introduced interesting troubles, Haab spelled out. “They’d play a seriously neat piece with a synth effect, passing by way of a filter, and I questioned, how can I get that same effect with the orchestra? So I’d play muting mixtures in the brass area, and pathing that close to so the mutes have been correctly the filter, and then combining that with some melodic product [Trifon and White] would come up with, and it would conter-align with a little something I’d come up with, and it seriously all in good shape jointly nicely,” he reported, by way of explaining a cue termed “Barren.”

The score essential a finish vary of musical emotions, ranging from fight-driven “face-melters,” as White termed them, to sensitive melodies and transcendent hero’s journeys, as was essential for the new character, an AI named Isabel “It feels like ‘Halo,’ but we’ve taken it ahead into the subsequent era of ‛Halo’” sound,” Lipson reported. “‛Halo’” is a billion greenback franchise,” included Trifon. “We felt the bodyweight of that, and respected the heritage whilst also striving to make certain that lovers get a little something new and contemporary.”

Google Home Gets 50 Kids Experiences, Including Disney Audio Game, Fairy Tales – Variety

Google is looking to make its Google Home line of smart speakers more family-friendly with the addition of 50 new audio experiences tailored for the little ones. This includes  games and activities produced in partnership with Disney and Sports Illustrated.

Some of the newly-launched activities are designed to be educational. For instance, there’s an audio experience produced by and a space trivia game. Google’s assistant now even knows how to respond to “Okay Google, help me with my homework.”

Others are more playful, and include Voice tic-Tac-Toe, Freeze Dance and Musical Chairs. Google has also partnered with entertainment companies like Disney and Sports Illustrated to bring kids experience to its smart speakers, including a game called “Mickey Mouse Adventure.”

Finally, Google Home is going to become a much better story-teller. The speaker can now be asked to retell most classic fairy tales, including “Snow White,” “Cinderella” and “Goldilocks.”

Google first announced the addition of these family-friendly activities at its “Made by Google” event earlier this month. At the time, the company also said that it had worked on improving speech recognition for smaller children who may not always pronounce every word as clearly as their parents.

The company announced one more step to turn Google Home into a family devices Tuesday: Parents can now add accounts for their children, thanks to Google’s Family Link program. This makes it possible to personalize the device for them while also keeping tabs on their activities.

Google first launched its Google Home speaker as an answer to Amazon’s Echo last year, and announced the addition of a $50 Home Mini as well as a $400 Google Home Max this month.


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