AT&T Samsung Captivate Preview – Galaxy S Phone

The AT&T Samsung Captivate – – An Android powered device, that provides access to over 60,000 applications from the Android Market. Complete with a large 4-inch Super AMOLED display. Powered by a 1GHz Samsung processor, the Galaxy S dazzles with amazing 3D graphics, faster upload and download times, and a rich multimedia and gaming experience.

Samsung Moment (Sprint) with Mobile DTV

John Godfrey, Vice President of Government & Public Affairs, Samsung, tells us about the Washington, D.C. Consumer Showcase of the Samsung Moment featuring Mobile DTV.

The Samsung Moment is available exclusively with Sprint and for the showcase has been specially modified to include a Mobile DTV chip and an antenna to pick up the live broadcasts from local TV stations.

Samsung Moment (Sprint) with Mobile Digital TV – CES 2010

Kim Titus, Director of Public Relations for Samsung Mobile, showcases the Samsung Moment with Mobile DTV at CES 2010.

Sprint and Samsung Mobile showcased the Samsung Moment at CES 2010 with a demonstration of the North American mobile digital TV broadcasting standard during. Samsung Moment, exclusively from Sprint, will receive live digital TV using Samsungs Mobile DTV Chip, the worlds first single-chip solution for the recently approved Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC) Mobile Digital TV standard. The ATSC Mobile Digital TV chip will allow Samsung Moment to receive live TV programming from local broadcast stations, including prime-time network programs, local news and sports and emergency alerts.

Samsung Mobile Charging Stations at CES 2010

Kim Titus, Director of Public Relations for Samsung Mobile, shows off the Samsung Mobile Charging Stations at CES 2010.

Samsung Mobile Charging Stations are outfitted with eight electrical outlets per station, allowing several people to re-charge their electronic devices at the same time for free. The stations are built to charge personal electronics designed for U.S. voltage (i.e., 120 volts) to charge mobile phones and other electronic equipment.