How to Help Autopause Feature for Exercise sessions on Apple Check out Jogging watchOS 4

Here’s how you can established your Apple Check out (managing watchOS 4) to quickly pause an outside exercise when you end relocating.

Established Apple Check out to Keep track of Your Workout Only When You Are Moving. Here’s How.

There is no doubt in the fact that the Apple Check out is a legendary physical fitness tracker. Not only it allows you track a exercise in authentic-time but also shows precise metrics that support you check your working day and program ahead accordingly. With watchOS 4, those people physical fitness features are taken a move additional with the introduction of a new environment named Autopause. When enabled, your Apple Check out will pause your present outside exercise when you end relocating. This makes sure that only the ‘workout’ bits are recorded with anything else discarded. It’s a terrific way of pushing your self even additional and continue to be in the eco-friendly spot when it arrives to doing the job out. Here’s how you allow the function.

Help / Disable Autopause on Apple Check out.

Ahead of you go ahead, it is greatest to be aware that this function is unique to watchOS 4. It does not implement to older firmware. You can update your Apple Check out by going to Check out > General > Software program Update on your Apple iphone. Also be aware that the improve approach is not reversible. When you’ve current to watchOS 4, there’s no going back.

1. On your Apple Check out, press the Digital Crown to go to the home display screen.

2. Now pick the Settings app.

3. Scroll down and pick General.

4. Decide on Workout.

5. Help the Autopause toggle switch. Which is all.

This function is greatest suited for occasions when you seriously want to push your self for the duration of a exercise. I would not propose that beginners need to use it straight away. It’s greatest to choose your activity up a notch ahead of diving into this arena.

Personally, I find this toggle switch pretty, pretty helpful for those people who enjoy managing outdoor. But the a person function I would seriously enjoy to see in watchOS is the capacity to build a exercise schedule with manually established pauses as breaks. But I guess Apple has a thing like that reserved for a long run version of its wearable application. Until that time comes, let us make do with what we have nowadays. That way too straight away.


Google’s new gadgets bring artificial intelligence into your home | FOX 4 Kansas City WDAF-TV

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Google unveiled a bunch of new products at a recent event in San Francisco. The company is doubling down on its use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to infuse smarts into everything it’s making. Here’s a look at what they unveiled.

Google Pixel 2

This is the follow up to Google’s critically acclaimed smartphone of 2016. Pixel had the best camera on any smartphone I’ve ever tested, and many reviewers agreed. Google says they’ve improved the camera and made the phone waterproof. You can also squeeze the sides to activate Google Assistant. I’ll have a more in-depth review of this device in a future report.

Google Home Mini, Max

Google is expanding its lineup of smart speakers with two new sizes. Google Home Mini is a small $50 device that you can put anywhere in your home. It can answer questions, control smart devices and more. It sounds great for such a small size. Google Home Max is a giant version of their smart home speaker which accomplishes the same tasks, but has better sounding audio. There’s also a feature that lets the Max automatically adjust its sound to the room and its surroundings.

Google Pixelbook

This is a convertible laptop that runs the Chrome operating system. It will not run your typical Windows or Mac apps, but it will run Android apps like what you find on an Android phone or tablet. For this reason, it’s appeal is very limited, especially since the price tag comes in at $1,000. The neat thing is that you can fold back the screen or tent it so you can use it as a tablet or easily watch a movie on an airplane tray.

Google Pixel Buds

These are $160 wireless Bluetooth headphones that incorporate Google Assistant. This means you have fast access to answers and phone controls. Google also showed off a feature that does real-time language translation. You can talk to someone in one language and the buds will translate what you say in real time to them and vice versa. Although I have yet to try Google’s Buds, I really like Apple’s Airpods, and they work with Android devices too.

Google Clips

This is sort of like a GoPro but with intelligence built inside. This tiny camera has no screen or microphone – you just clip it to something and let it go to work. It learns who your family members and pets are and decides on its own when to shoot short little bursts of video. The idea behind the camera is that parents can capture more candid special moments with their kids (and be in the shots) or see the funny things your pet does while you’re not home. Sounds fun, but not at $250 – I’m thinking this should be closer to a $50 stocking stuffer.

Sony Announces PlayStation 4 Star Wars: Battlefront II Bundles

There are a lot of great games coming out this holiday season. One of the biggest is sure to be Star Wars: Battlefront II. Since it’s such an important release, Battlefront II is getting the special edition bundle treatment on both PS4 Pro and PS4. Today, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced a number of bundles for North America and Europe. While most of these bundles are standard fare, one has a very unique design.

The North American limited edition Star Wars: Battlefront II PlayStation 4 Pro Bundle contains a customized Jet Black 1TB PS4 Pro console, a matching DualShock 4 controller, and a physical game copy. This system is emblazoned with the emblems for the Resistance and Galactic Empire. It also has the emblem of Inferno Squad, who you command in the game. The DualShock 4 controller has the emblems of the Galactic Empire and Resistance on both sides, as well as different Star Wars logos on the touchpad. Instead of a Jet Black finish, the European limited edition has grey coloring. The Limited Edition gives players access to Star Wars: Battlefront II three days earlier than the standard edition.

Speaking of the standard edition, this bundle comes with a 1TB standard PS4, a standard controller, and a physical version of the game. The North American edition of the standard bundle is rather basic, but the European edition is rather nice. Like the European limited edition bundle, this bundle also has a grey console (minus the emblems). As with its North American counterpart, the European standard edition bundle comes with a DualShock 4 controller and a physical game copy.

Expect the Star Wars: Battlefront II PS4 Pro bundle to drop on November 14 for $449.99. The Star Wars: Battlefront II PS4 bundle is set to release on November 17 for $299.99. You can pre-order both right now from Amazon.

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Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Cross-Play Doesn’t Sound Like It’s Ever Happening

Gamers have dreamed of the possibility of playing online games together with friends who have different consoles pretty much since Xbox Live launched in 2002. But while Microsoft has made some in-roads there with Xbox-PC-Switch cross-play, Sony has shown little interest in playing ball, and it sounds like the home console market leader isn’t getting any closer to coming around on the feature.

But that hasn’t stopped Microsoft from trying to win its most direct rival over. “We talk to Sony all the time. With Minecraft on PlayStation, we have to be one of the biggest games on their platform in terms of sales and gameplay,” Xbox executive Phil Spencer told GameStop today at the Brazil Game Show. “Same with Nintendo. The relationship with Nintendo on this front has been strong. They’ve been great supporters and we continue to collaborate with them. But I think Sony’s view is different. They should talk about what their view is…”

Before placing the ball firmly in Sony’s court and trailing off, Spencer referenced how Microsoft has managed to make cross-play work in some games with its second-biggest rival, Nintendo. This past E3, Microsoft and Nintendo announced that Minecraft owners could play with each other across Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Ditto Rocket League.

But while Fortnite had PlayStation 4-Xbox One cross-play enabled last night, it was apparently a temporary accident. So, is the dream a lost cause? Spencer deferred to Sony, saying he didn’t want to speak for the company, but he doesn’t sound too confident Sony is ever going to come around.

“I have a real struggle making comments about their motivation or timelines,” continued Spencer. “I know there is a certain view that says if my friends have this console, they can’t play with people who buy another console. That’s a reason they go buy my console. “That reason is not going to go away. So we’re putting Minecraft out there as one of the biggest games on any platform and allowing people to play together regardless of what device they bought. I don’t think everybody is taking that same approach to the ecosystem. So I’m never going to call anything a lost cause but I think some of the fundamental reasons and certain scenarios, they’re not really going away. So I don’t know what would change.”

From Spencer’s viewpoint, cross-play is a feature that makes gaming undeniably better for players and so he has “a hard time thinking why we shouldn’t go do this.” Sony, however, appears to feel there is a strong business case against enabling it.


Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Retribution DLC Pack 4 Now Available | Esports News & Videos

The fourth downloadable articles bundle titled ‘Retribution’ for Get in touch with of Obligation: Infinite Warfare has been introduced on the Xbox One particular and Laptop.

Initially introduced on September 12th for the PlayStation 4, the new map pack will aspect 4 new multiplayer maps, along with a new Zombies knowledge.

Thanks to an exclusivity offer amongst Sony and Activision, the Xbox One particular and Laptop platforms did not receive the articles till Oct 12th, a full thirty day period just after the initial start.

If you are not an Infinite Warfare Period Pass holder, the new bundle will price $14.99 in your respective platform’s market to buy.

Underneath, you can come across a full description of every new map along with a teaser video clip for The Beast from Beyond zombies method.


• Carnage – A article-apocalyptic race monitor along the California coastline, Carnage features prolonged sight lines and environmental dangers like a hearth lure gamers can activate on command to roast their enemies.

• Heartland – In Heartland, teams will go head-to-head in a simulation of modest town America that is a re-imagining of the classic Get in touch with of Obligation: Ghosts map, Warhawk. Gamers can pop into the local ice product store for a take care of, and then choose out enemies down the road with a Black Gap Generator.

• Altitude – Established in a high-conclude, sky high purchasing shopping mall found on the edges of the universe, Altitude pushes teams about a chaotic middle exactly where fast flank routes are vital to victory. More options contain floating lush waterfalls that border the map.

• Depot 22 – Depot 22 is a watering hole at the conclude of civilization that focuses on mid-ranged encounters waged in a medium-sized, a few-lane map. Gamers can struggle in the cantina for near-quarter combat or have interaction with enemies wall-managing off of a going practice.


The Beast from Past: The Beast from Past, the final chapter of the five-part Get in touch with of Obligation: Infinite Warfare zombies knowledge, options the return of Willard Wyler, the enigmatic film director villain portrayed with voice and likeness by Paul Reubens (Pee-wee’s Massive Getaway, Gotham). Wyler when all over again has trapped the 4 protagonists inside of an all-new horror film, now established in a desolate navy station on a distant ice planet. As gamers start off to explore much more and much more contaminated crew customers, they’ll need to have to struggle hordes of the undead to uncover the reality and escape Wyler’s films when and for all. The Beast from Past also options new weapons, traps and much more, in addition to the hallmark Get in touch with of Obligation action, with Seth Eco-friendly (Robot Rooster, Austin Powers) as “Poindexter” Ike Barinholtz (Neighbors, Suicide Squad) as “AJ” Jay Pharoah (White Famous, Saturday Night time Live) as “Andre” and Sasheer Zamata (Saturday Night time Live, Within Amy Schumer) as “Sally,” all generating a return from the ongoing tale.



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Use R-Play to play ‘Destiny 2’ and other PlayStation 4 games with MFi controllers on iPad, iPhone

Bungie’s “Destiny 2” isn’t coming to the Mac or the iPad, but an iOS title called R-Play will allow you to take advantage of Sony’s Remote Play feature to play the game on your mobile device at home or away from your console. AppleInsider tries it out, after the weekly reset.

It’s easy to miss Lei Jiang’s R-Play. It’s not advertised well, and Google searches don’t turn up a lot about it.

But, AppleInsider staffers found it, and have been using it off and on since “Destiny 2” launched. We’re happy to say that it is a solid implementation of Sony’s Remote Play once intended for the Playstation Vita —but has the same limitations that the Sony handheld has.

LAN Setup

Configuration is mostly done on the PlayStation 4 itself. Players need to discover their user name on the Sony account. Following that, the feature is enabled on the PlayStation 4 itself, by entering the Settings menu, selecting Remote Play Connection Settings, and turning the feature on if it isn’t already.
Playing “Destiny 2” on your iPad at home or on the road is pretty nice.
After that, the player enters the user name in R-Play, plus the account passcode presented by the PlayStation 4 itself —and can start playing!

The settings on the app default to 540p and 60 frames per second —but as Destiny 2 is a 30 frames-per-second title, we turned it up to 720p and 30 frames per second without hiccup on our local area wireless network on a first generation 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a fifth generation iPad, and an iPhone 7 Plus.

The app allows for 1080p streaming from a PlayStation Pro, but as we spend our money on Apple hardware, we don’t have one of those.

Head out on the highway

R-Play also allows for play across the internet. If you’ve got an automatic port-forwarding router, it will handle the details for you. Fear not, AirPort Extreme users! The documentation for the app includes an in-depth procedure on how to configure this on your device as well.

Part of the comprehensive documentation for R-Play

Part of the comprehensive documentation for R-Play

Fair warning —the PlayStation streaming doesn’t hand off well from Wi-Fi to LTE. Start playing after you’re out of range of your local area network.

With a FiOS Gigabit connection serving the connection, and a three-bar signal, our co-pilot had acceptable performance at 540p and 30 frames per second while whipping down I-95 well south of D.C. at 60 miles per hour. But, the latency for both sending the controller signal to the PlayStation 4 at the house and returning the video display to the user is a little high, so we don’t recommend “Destiny 2” activities like Iron Banner, Trials of the Nine, or the new raid that requires precise timing and execution.

Messing around in the “Destiny 2” world, or something casual yet explosive like “BroForce” though? Perfectly fine.

Data consumption can be rough too. If you’ve got modest caps on your LTE data plan, this may not be your best choice.

For want of L3 and R3

Breaking voice for a moment —I can’t adjust to on-screen analog game controllers. That out of the way, R-Play allows for MFi controller connections, like the SteelSeries Nimbus.

But, the DualShock 4 controller has more buttons than the MFi controller spec allows for —specifically, the thumbstick clicks. By default, “Destiny 2” characters sprint with a click of the left thumbstick and the lack of a convenient run puts an additional damper on high-stress events.

“Chording” is allowed, with multiple button presses invoking a L3 or R3 click. For games like Destiny, this isn’t ideal. This is a problem shared with the PlayStation Vita hardware, so it is not unique to Apple or R-Play.

There is no way to sync a DualShock controller with the iPad directly. There is a way to use it when close to your console with a convoluted procedure involving two PlayStation 4 accounts —but we can’t really recommend it.

Eyes up, Guardian

Sony has an official set of apps to use the feature on Mac and PC, but playing “Destiny 2” on your iPad at home or on the road is pretty nice.

All in all, we’re pretty happy with R-Play. “Destiny 2” is less of a time-suck than the original was, and it’s nice to be able to casually drop in on something while we’re waiting for a kid to come out of school, or to shoot some Fallen or Red Legion when presented with a five-minute break.

R-Play requires iOS 8 or newer, and is compatible with all the hardware that can run it, including an original iPad mini. It takes 9.1MB of storage space, and is $11.99 —a far cry less than a PlayStation Vita.

Black Ops 4 Rumored to be Call of Duty’s 2018 Title | Esports News & Videos

Sledgehammer Online games haven’t even launched their Contact of Duty title for 2017, but rumors of 2018’s title have already strike the web.

The three-yr cycle for Activision’s sequence now rotates amongst developers Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer and Treyarch. This provides each individual studio a complete of three several years to make a title, and like clockwork, they’re introduced the initially weekend of November each yr.

Infinity Ward’s Infinite Warfare launched in 2016 and it was a hard yr for Activision as their fiercely loyal supporter foundation showed for the initially time they’re not often heading to invest in a sport if the Contact of Duty label is on it.

Even with the setback, the company’s share cost wasn’t affected as well considerably, and with Contact of Duty WWII the most expected sport of the 2017 vacation time, issues are on the lookout back on keep track of.

For some analysts although, that usually means their notice has turned to the long run of the publisher, and market place analysts Cowen and Organization a short while ago downgraded Activision’s shares dependent on considerations more than the performance of the Overwatch League.

For most that monetary data is a very little unexciting, but 1 vital aspect individuals will be interested in is that the title Black Ops 4 was talked about as Treyarch’s Contact of Duty’s 2018 sport.


The data was presented during the report without comment, so it’s unclear if this was either a guess or an accidental leak of inside data.


Read Extra:


The Black Ops sequence launched on the 9th of November 2010, set during the Cold War, and went on to develop into the fifth greatest promoting title for the Xbox 360. The competitive scene was vivid for the sport in equally Europe and North America as unbiased tournament hosted tournaments across equally continents.

Black Ops II was launched two several years afterwards in 2012 and is broadly thought of 1 of the ideal Contact of Duty game titles of all time. The idea of the Contact of Duty globe championships was also launched, marking the initially time Activision hosted a real competitive event, such as a $1 million prize pool.

The most the latest Black Ops sport, quantity 3, was launched in November 2015, and was the initially sport to involve wall operating as aspect of the superior movement period.

If Activision and Treyarch were to release Black Ops 4, it would be the initially time in Contact of Duty record that they’ve launched a fourth sport in a sequence of stories, with the Fashionable Warfare sequence also on three now.

For all those dying to discover out 2018’s name, sad to say, it’s not likely we’ll discover out until eventually the center of 2018 when data is normally declared.

Resource: Cowen


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Microsoft Announces 4 New Xbox One S Bundles


Decisions, decisions.

Microsoft has announced four new Xbox One S bundles in a post on Xbox Wire, three of which are tied to specific games while the fourth is meant to highlight the company’s Netflix-like Game Pass service.

Each bundle will cost $279 and will include a 500 GB white Xbox One S, a wireless controller, 3 months of Xbox Live Gold, and 1 month of Xbox Game Pass.

The Ultimate Halo Bundle will include codes for both Halo 5: Guardians and Halo: The Master Chief Collection, giving fans access to every numbered entry in the iconic series so far. This bundle is exclusive to Walmart in the United States.

The Minecraft Complete Adventure Bundle will include download codes for Minecraft and the Minecraft Explorer’s pack, which features a number of skin and texture packs. The bundle also includes a download code for Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode Season 1 – The Complete Adventure.

The Rocket League Blast-Off Bundle includes a download code for Rocket League, the popular rocket-powered car-based soccer game from Psyonix.

Each of these bundles comes with one month of Xbox Game Pass, which gives players access to over 100 titles for $10 a month.

The Xbox One S Starter Bundle, however, includes 3 months of the service, giving players access to the vast library for an extended period of time.

Which bundle will you pick? (Image courtesy of Microsoft)

Which bundle will you pick? (Image courtesy of Microsoft)

Microsoft’s lineup of Xbox consoles will grow later this year when the Xbox One X is released on November 7, and if you didn’t know, each Xbox One X has a tiny Master Chief riding a scorpion inside.

Microsoft recently confirmed that those who upgrade to an Xbox One X will not be able to get a free Kinect adapter like original Xbox One S adopters did.

Brian Barnett is an IGN Freelancer. He is still rocking his original Xbox One. You can follow him on Twitter @Ribnax.

FIFA 18 TOTW 4 PS4 and Xbox One news: FUT Team of the Week lineup LIVE | Gaming | Entertainment

UPDATE ONE: The new FIFA 18 TOTW 18 lineup is now live on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

As mentioned below, the new FIFA 18 format includes EA Sports confirming the weekly Team of the Week roster ahead of time, usually around 3pm.

Following the International action this week, Tottenham’s Christian Eriksen and West Ham’s Marko Arnautovic were the two players who squeezed into the FUT lineup this week from the Premier League.

The new TOTW 4 group of players will be accessible on PS4, Xbox One, PC and the Web App until Wednesday, October 18, next week.

After which it will be replaced by another crop of players who have managed to shine.

ORIGINAL: The FIFA 18 TOTW 4 lineup has been unveiled this week by EA Sports, who have only selected two players from the English Premier League.

The new Team of the Week lineup of players will be going live on PS4, Xbox One and PC at around 6pm tonight.

This FIFA 18 TOTW 4 selection will be available to challenge for the next week, ending at the same time on Wednesday, October 18.

Robert Lewandowski leads the way in the FIFA 18 Team of the Week following the international break.

The Polish superstar has been handed an extra boost on his original 91 overall rated card after scoring four goals in two games to seal World Cup qualification.

He is joined by a range of international gems including Eriksen and Arnautovic, plus La Liga and Ligue 1 stars.

The official FIFA 18 Starting XI for TOTW 4:

GK – Sergio Herrera – CA Osasuna – 71>78

RB – Lichtsteiner – Juventus – 82>84

CB – Granqvist – FC Krasnodar – 80>83

CB – Árnason – Aberdeen – 70>78

CAM – Eriksen – Tottenham Hotspur – 87>88

CM – Matuidi – Juventus – 85>86

ST – Wagner – TSG 1899 Hoffenheim – 79>82

LM – Arnautović – West Ham United – 82>84

ST – Sanabria – Real Betis Balompié – 78>82

CM – Goretzka – FC Schalke 04 – 82>84

ST – Lewandowski – Bayern München – 91>92


GK – Agliardi – Cesena – 70>78

RB – Odriozola – Real Sociedad – 74>80

CM – Whiteman – Doncaster Rovers – 63>73

ST – Murphy – Nottingham Forest – 72>79

ST – Boutaïb – Yeni Malatyaspor – 71>78

ST – Júnior Negão – Daegu FC – 63>73

ST – O’Donovan – Newcastle Jets – 63>73


RM – Kramarić – TSG 1899 Hoffenheim – 81>84

ST – Altidore – Toronto FC – 76>81

RM – Elyounoussi – FC Basel – 78>82

LM – Zuber – TSG 1899 Hoffenheim – 75>81

ST – Cahill – Melbourne City – 70>78

The new FUT lineup follows a big FIFA 18 update launched by EA Sports for PS4 and Xbox One last week.

The FIFA 18 update 1.03 is available to download now and brings with it changes to keepers and shot accuracy.

The FIFA 18 patch weighs in at 1.2GB and fixes a number of Ultimate Team issues for FUT fans and brings in some big gameplay changes.

The headline feature is reducing shot accuracy and increasing the reactions of goalkeepers in certain situation.

The tweaks to shot taking and goalkeepers in FIFA 18 should make goals now more difficult to score.

Race ace Jann Mardenborough controls 196mph Nissan GT-R using a PlayStation 4 gamepad while flying in a HELICOPTER over Silverstone

THIS life-size remote control supercar might just be the best toy EVER.

The one-off Nissan GT-R/C – with a top speed of 196mph – can be controlled by just a PlayStation 4 gamepad.

 Jann controlled RC Nissan from helicopter flying at low altitude


Jann controlled RC Nissan from helicopter flying at low altitude

And race ace Jann Mardenborough took to the joystick to show off the prototype around Silverstone – designed to mark the release of the new Gran Turismo Sport video game.

But he wasn’t just sat on a sofa in his pants – instead Jann took to the skies in a helicopter to chase the car.

The GT-R/C has a standard 542bhp V6 engine and uses four robots to operate steering, gearbox, brakes and accelerator.

Six computers in the boot update controls 100 times a second.

 Jann had a regular PS4 controller to hand


Jann had a regular PS4 controller to hand

But in the helicopter, Jann was using a regular PS4 controller that you use to play Gran Turismo or Grand Theft Auto in your living room.

His inputs on the tiny gamepad were transmitted wirelessly to the Nissan tearing around Silverstone.

The only other gadget for Jann was a LCD display mounted the helicopter’s cockpit to show the car’s speed.

It was the perfect opportunity for Jann to show off his skills after he made it to the top tier of racing after impressing in Nissan’s GT Academy that takes amateur gamers and gives them a shot at real-life motorsport.

 GT-R/C hit a top speed of 131mph in the hands of Jann


GT-R/C hit a top speed of 131mph in the hands of Jann

Jann’s prowess on the legendary video game led to a full time race seat and a spot at Le Mans.

No stranger to a gamepad then, Jann clocked a fastest lap of 1 minute 17 seconds with an average speed of 76mph, hitting a top speed of 131 mph.

 Jann was just a few seconds off the pace of a normal driver


Jann was just a few seconds off the pace of a normal driver

By comparison, a “regular” driver averages 83mph around the circuit.

Jann said: “This was once-in-a-lifetime, truly epic stuff. The GT-R /C has brought my two worlds together – the virtual of gaming and the reality of motorsport – in a way I never thought possible.

 Supercar cockpit uses four robots hooked up to wifi


Supercar cockpit uses four robots hooked up to wifi

“The response from the car when using the controller was far more engaging than I thought it would be.

“Driving a full-size, remote-control GT-R to 131mph at Silverstone whilst chasing it down in a helicopter was an unforgettable experience.”