Destiny 2’s On The Comms, Destroyer of Worlds and Legend of Acrius guide

In your efforts to fight back the onslaught of Cabal in Destiny 2, you might’ve received an interesting item in your inventory called On The Comms. It sits in your power weapon slot, and if you take on the quest, you’ll have to run through the game’s first raid, Leviathan, to unlock the Exotic (yellow) shotgun, Legend of Acrius.

Getting access to one of the most powerful shotguns in the game is no easy task. There’s a handful of steps involved, so let’s show you how to beat the On The Comms quest and eventually, get you that exotic shotgun.

The On The Comms quest item

Like many things in Destiny 2, the On The Comms quest item is a random drop you’ll get after beating a Cabal soldier. But thankfully, since most of your time in the game will be devoted to Cabal, you’ll eventually get this item through normal play.

Once you get the the On The Comms quest step, head over to Nessus and fight even more Cabal. To get the Red Legion Communications items to drop, you need kill Cabal to receive random drops. Taking on any of the Public Events that feature Cabal is the best way to farm these items. (You can learn more about these events in our Destiny 2 Heroic Public Events guide.)

Once you get those drops, On The Comms will change into a new item called Destroyer of Worlds.

The On The Comms item changes to Destroyer of Worlds

The Destroyer of Worlds item has a one requirement: Complete the Leviathan Raid. Completing raids in Destiny games is no small feat. To give you a hand, check out our Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid guide.

After beating the raid, the Destroyer of Worlds item becomes yet another item called the Imperial Invitation. Head to the Tower near where Ikora and Hawthorne are. Head down some stairs and speak with Benedict 99-40.

The Emperor’s representative, Benedict 99-40

You’re far from done.

Benedict 99-40 will send you on a modified version of the Arms Dealer Strike. This version is no joke. It’s a 300-Power level strike and has the Prism modifier (where elements rotate and weapons with those elements are stronger) and Time Warp modifier (the map contains hidden floating squares of light, which when destroyed, add 30 seconds to your timer).

Getting your Power level high enough to deal with a level 300 strike is going to be hard. Thankfully, you can check out our Destiny 2 power leveling guide for help.

Finally, after you complete that strike, you are rewarded the Legend of Acrius, an Exotic (yellow) shotgun. Legend of Acrius deals piercing damage that can hit more than one enemy at a time. Sadly, it only has one shell in its magazine and doesn’t have many other traits.

To beef up the shotgun, you’re going to have to go on even more quests. Buckle up.

The lore behind the Legend of Acrius

Upon receiving the Legend of Acrius, you get yet another quest item called Back to the Bazaar. This quest will have you go back to the Tower to speak with Benedict 99-40, who then gives you a quest called Cabal Killer. To complete it, you must:

  • Kill 25 Cabal any way you like
  • Kill 15 Cabal at close range
  • Kill 10 Cabal without reloading

You can handle these quests in multiple ways. We recommend either playing the beginning of the Leviathan Raid again, heading the Trostland in the EDZ or returning to Nessus and doing the Cabal-related Public Events again. Accomplishing the last task, “Kill 10 Cabal without reloading,” is easy with the Legend of Acrius, so long as Cabal are bunched up and you can hit them with the shotgun’s spread.

After killing all of those Cabal, you’re still not done. Return back to Benedict 99-40 and it will have just one more quest for you, His Highness’ Seal. This quest requires you to get back into the raid to “eliminate bosses and complete the raid” to get Emperor Seals. You’ll need 100 of them.

At the time of this writing, the quest is bugged. Normally, the amount of dropped Emperor Seals you receive would only require about two runs of the Leviathan Raid to complete. But because of this bug, one player did complete this final quest … by beating the raid 13.5 times.

After completing the His Highness’ Seal quest, the Legend of Acrius will be complete. It’ll receive an extra bullet in its magazine, bringing it up to two, and it will receive a host of other upgrades.

Destiny 2’s weirdest Easter egg is a robot dance party (update)

Destiny 2 is a game filled with little mysteries. Sometimes those mysteries pay off, either in the form of in-game lore and items or with real-life signals from the dev team as to what their next steps are. I’m at a loss with this one, though. After showing it around to the folks in the office, none of us have any idea what’s going on.

I was running a loop on Io, in a region called the Giant’s Scar, trying to unlock the MIDA Multi-tool exotic scout rifle. The goal was to get 50 precision kills and 25 multi-kills on a single magazine and the easiest thing I could think of was to shoot Vex in their big shiny tummies for as long as I could stand it.

Destiny 2 - Expansion Pass artDestiny 2 - Expansion Pass art

The second expansion for Destiny 2 will have something to do with the warmind named Rasputin.

About 20 minutes in I came around a corner and, well … you can see for yourself in the video above. There’s four Vex that have been ensorcelled by some kind of floating, eight-sided object. There’s an option to interact, which I did, but nothing happened. I think my confusion comes through even though my mic was off. I looked high and low, and couldn’t see any other nearby options to interact or any changes that occurred after my interaction.

Shortly after this video ended, the object vanished and I haven’t been able to make it reappear. The cave is there, on the north east side of the region underneath the start location of an adventure.

Looking back at the video, you can clearly see the sigil for Rasputin, an artificial intelligence from the original Destiny. That same symbol has appeared on the official Bungie poster teasing the game’s first two expansions. I used the Shazam app to identify the music, and it appears that it’s a portion of Frideric Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks.

If you hear the music anywhere else in the game, let us know here in the comments. And if you have anything else to add to the Mystery Of The Dancing Robots, drop me a line.

Update: Turns out this impromptu dance party isn’t an Easter egg, after all. It’s part of a quest handed out on Io.

But it’s also symptomatic of new and improved infrastructure working behind the scenes in Destiny 2. Personal quests, public events and even story missions from the main campaign can and do take place live in shared environments throughout the game world. Hanging around in one place long enough to see something weird happen is a feature, not a bug.

Here’s The Backstory You Need For Destiny 2’s First Raid

If you blew through Destiny 2’s story and jumped immediately into the raid, you might feel like you skipped a chapter explaining what’s going on. Turns out there’s some backstory and an optional sidequest that bridge the gap.

On Wednesday, a ship the size of a planet appeared over Nessus. It marked the arrival of Destiny 2’s “Leviathan” raid, a six-person cooperative challenge that’s tougher than anything else in the game (even the Rat King quest). To understand why that ship is there and what your Guardian is doing aboard it, you should read up on some Cabal lore and, most importantly, play through the sidequest “Invitation From The Emperor” on Nessus.

Spoilers follow for the ending of Destiny 2 and the context for the Leviathan raid!

As it turns out, the Leviathan is the home of exiled Cabal emperor Dominus Calus. Calus was driven from his throne by Dominus Ghaul, the chief bad guy of Destiny 2’s story. After you bring down Ghaul at the end of Destiny 2, Calus turns up near Nessus with a plan of his own.

Some of that backstory comes from the Destiny 2 collector’s edition, which has a whole lore booklet that dives deep into the history of the Cabal empire. It includes a letter from Calus in which he laments his exile aboard the Grand Leviathan and entreats the reader, presumably your Guardian, to “execute my justice upon the traitors” and save the Cabal from “grey enslavement.” In the letter, he offers you power, weapons, purpose, and glory, all of which seem to await in the raid. Seems like this guy would actually be pretty stoked that your character offed Ghaul.

The in-game setup for the raid takes place during the side adventure “Invitation From The Emperor,” which is pretty short and worth playing through in advance of the raid. You can find it on Nessus; it’s one of the orange Adventure icons.

If you played it but forgot it, you can watch a playthrough by Critical Hit here:

I don’t want to spoil anything from the raid, but having that context definitely makes it make a lot more sense. I did a bunch of raiding last night but have only made it to around the fourth checkpoint. It’s pretty cool so far. We’ll have more impressions once we’ve played more.

Destiny 2’s Toughest Exotic Quest Is A Frantic Race Against Time

Think Destiny 2 is a little too easy? Good news: The quest for the Rat King sidearm is just the kind of extreme challenge you might be looking for.

Destiny 2 players will occasionally receive multi-step quests that, if they can finish them, will each reward you with an exotic weapon. In the first Destiny, the quest for the hand cannon Thorn was the most notoriously difficult one. Not coincidentally, it was also the most rewarding. After The Taken King expansion launched in 2015, the challenge to obtain the Black Spindle sniper rifle dethroned Thorn as the new toughest, most rewarding quest in the game. Now, there’s a new contender.

Over the weekend I completed all three of Destiny 2‘s currently completable exotic quests. I’ve got the Rat King, the MIDA Multi-Tool scout rifle, and the hand cannon Sturm. The Rat King was easily the toughest to finish, and the most rewarding.

It starts with a quest on Titan, one of the blue missions that open up after you finish the story campaign. It’s called “Enemy of My Enemy,” and it’s not too hard. At the end, you’ll get something called “Rat King’s Crew” in one of your kinetic weapon slots. It’s got a riddle attached, and if you want to solve it on your own, be my guest. If you don’t want to know how to do the quest, stop reading!

Here’s the solution for anyone who doesn’t want to work it out. You need to complete these steps, in order, with at least one other person who has the quest:

  • Do three patrol missions
  • Do two public events
  • Do two Crucible matches together
  • Complete the Nightfall with at least 5:00 left on the clock

If you already did the Nightfall strike, you probably read through that list thinking “Fine… no problem… easy… what.” If the first three steps are a piece of cake, the last step is a piece of rebar through the sternum.

Destiny 2 changes the formula for the Nightfall strike by introducing a timed element. Each enemy you kill adds some time back to the clock, but if the clock hits zero, you have to start all over. It’s not clear if every Nightfall will have a timer, but the next three will, at the very least. Next week’s will also have the prism modifier, Bungie just announced.

On this week’s Nightfall, “The Arms Dealer,” you have to make your way through a bunch of wide-open arenas, dunk some energy cores, blow up some tanks, and defeat a major asshole boss named Bracus Zahn, all while managing a rotating elemental “burn” modifier that forces your team to take turns as the party’s primary damage-dealer. Once you know what you’re doing, it’s not that hard to finish before the timer runs out. But finishing with 5:00 left is another thing entirely.

On Saturday two Destiny friends and I teamed up to get the final Rat King step done. We’d all done the Nightfall multiple times and were getting pretty comfortable with the strike, but even so, we had no idea what we were signing up for. It took us hours to work out a way to do it. If you want to see what immense triumph and relief looks like, watch this clip of us finally taking Bracus down:

In the end, it wasn’t a wild strategy or some secret shortcut that got us to the end on time—it was simple memorization, careful play, and a little luck. If you’re trying one more time tonight before the reset, here are the best tips I can offer:

The only shortcut you can take is when you reach the open area when you call your sparrows. Ride under the bridge and jump up the other side, and you can just bypass that entire fight.

Go under here:

And then climb up the platforms on the other side so that you can go straight into the next area:

Other than that, don’t take shortcuts. Kill every enemy in every room as quickly as possible, and it should keep your timer above 10:00 for the majority of the strike.

The most important thing is to melt the boss’s health at the very start of the final showdown. Save your supers for him, and when your element is up, hit him with everything you’ve got. You should be able to get him down to at least half health, which will cause him to bypass his first shielded phase after jumping up to his tower. That gives you a crucial second opportunity to kill him when he lands.

After we finished I saw a slightly different strategy on Reddit, where all three players saved same-element supers (Arc, in this case) for the boss and triple-teamed him the minute the arc burn went into effect. I’m not sure that would’ve worked for our team, since our supers were also very important for getting us to the room in the first place, but it sounds like a solid strategy if you can make it work for you.

If you can finally bring the boss down, you’ll be rewarded with an extremely weird gun. The Rat King doesn’t look like much at first glance. It’s a decent sidearm, but I don’t much care for sidearms in general and certainly wouldn’t roll with one in my kinetic slot. It gives you a few seconds of invisibility if you reload after a kill, which is funny and potentially useful.

Its most interesting attribute, however, is that it gets a buff when you’re near other players who are also using it. The buff isn’t much with just two of you, but with three, the fire rate jumps noticeably. The buff stacks six times, which suggests it’ll be useful in the raid, but at the moment there’s no way to team up with a full team of six to test how high the buff goes. Maybe it’s not actually that much better, but maybe it goes full-auto and spits explosive bullets. We’ll find out later this week.

As much as I’ve enjoyed Destiny 2’s story and post-story missions, part of me has missed the teamwork and focus that the first game’s toughest co-op challenges demanded. It was nice to feel that again, and it’ll be interesting to see whether next week’s Nightfall makes it easier or harder to get the quest done. Part of me hopes it’s easier, so that the people who didn’t manage it this week will have an easier time of it. Part of me hopes it’s harder, since hey, man, it was hard for me.

Destiny 2’s first raid is near, here’s how to get your power up ASAP

Destiny 2’s Leviathan raid unlocks on Wednesday, Sept. 13. You will need to get your power level above 280 if you want to get into the groups with the highest likelihood of success.

We’re going to tell you how to do so in the shortest amount of time possible. I’ve personally tested these strategies, and have reached a power level of 283 ahead of Tuesday morning’s weekly reset, the first in Destiny 2.

So there may be some new information here for you, even if you think you have a pretty good idea of what’s going on.

Weak Guardians can’t raid

Every activity in Destiny has a recommended power level. The fact that it’s called a “recommendation” may make it seem like it’s a polite suggestion, but that number marks a threshold below which players are penalized with a stacking debuff that quickly makes survival impossible.

In the original Destiny, every point of Light below the recommendation reduced your Guardian’s damage by 3 percent. So your damage was reduced by 45 percent if you were attempting to fight a boss with a recommended Light level of 300 and your Guardian was at 285.

Power levels in Destiny 2 work in a similar way to Light in Destiny. While the community hasn’t yet done extensive testing to see if there if there are any changes to the math, you can assume that you’re going to deal very little damage if you don’t at least get close to the recommended power level.

Destiny 2 - character screen of Warlock at 283 powerDestiny 2 - character screen of Warlock at 283 power

Try to power up as quickly as possible!

There are going to be many sub-270 power level Guardians on Reddit and in various forums complaining that elitist snobs won’t play with them, but that’s life. The last boss in Destiny raids has historically had a Light requirement that is the same as the Light cap itself. If that remains true in Leviathan and the final boss has a recommended power level of 300, your guardian with a 265 power level is going to be a serious liability. Your skill doesn’t matter at that point; the math is going to be working against you.

Most of the groups that will beat the final boss will consist of players who begin the raid above a power level of 280, and maybe even 290. Your odds of finding a group that will finish the raid if your power level is below 270 are very low.

Let’s explain how to get there.

The grind

The power level of your item drops is determined by the power level of your character’s current gear. Rare-quality (blue) drops will range from a couple of points below to a couple of points above your current gear, up to 260. You can slowly push your level up to that point by just grinding any activity with item drops.

Legendary-quality (purple) drops come from randomly dropped legendary engrams and from turning in tokens to vendors. These items will be five power levels above your current power level, up to 265.

The fastest way to generate tokens and blue drops is to farm heroic Public Events. These usually drop two blue items, a token and some Glimmer, and give you a low chance at legendary or exotic engrams.

Titan is the best place to do this. The area is small, but dense with spawns. There are plenty of other things to do nearby while waiting for an event to begin. To maximize your time while you wait, use a scouting report from Cayde or a Ghost that highlights loot chests.

You can also pick up Patrols in the area. The salvage Patrols, which have an icon that looks like a triangle, can be completed without leaving the immediate vicinity. The enemies that spawn during the Public Event will also drop Patrol salvage in many cases, allowing you to complete the Patrol mission while doing the Public Event. This will get you more experience points, Glimmer and tokens.

Only two kinds of Public Events spawn on Titan: the Weapons Exchange and the Witches Ritual. Most players have figured out the heroic trigger on the Arsenal Walker, and you can activate the trigger on the witch ritual by yourself.

The success rates for heroic public events are much higher on Titan than they are in places like EDZ in my experience. Some of those events, like the Glimmer Drill and the Cabal Excavation, have heroic triggers can be easily ruined by oblivious blueberries who don’t know what’s going on. Titan’s selection of only two events removes this issue.

You may want to consider using a Fireteam Medallion while you grind. These improve the quality of loot for your fireteam during public events, and they last four hours.

You can buy these from Tess Everis, but you can also get them without spending any real money on Eververse goods. You get one Fireteam Medallion free for finishing the campaign, and they cost 50 Bright Dust each after that.

If you dismantle a cosmetic item from one of your bright engrams, you can get about 100 Bright Dust. Buy more Medallions by dismantling any ships or Sparrows you don’t want.

Raising your power level with weekly lockouts and exotic engrams

There are four activities that drop gear that can upgrade your existing loadout past 270 power:

  • the weekly Flashpoint milestone
  • the weekly Crucible milestone
  • the Nightfall strike
  • the weekly clan XP milestone

The power level of the rewards you receive is determined by your the power level of the gear you already have. That means that if you collect one of these weekly rewards when your current power level is 240, your powerful gear reward will have an attack or defense rating of 247 to 248, and you will have wasted one of your few opportunities to push higher than 265 for the week.

If possible, you want to save these until you have already reached a power level of 265 from blue drops and legendary token turn-ins. If you do, your milestone rewards will have a power level above 270.

Collecting all four of these four rewards should get you close to a power level of 275 if you don’t collect any of them until you are 265. Join a clan, even if you’re not a social player, to avoid missing the clan reward. Reddit can be a good place to look.

You should strongly consider playing enough Crucible matches to get the weekly Crucible milestone. You can do it in the quickplay playlist, and you progress toward your milestone even when you lose. The pressure is low, and you might even have some fun.

If you like competitive PvP, Bungie is unlocking Trials of the Nine on Friday, Sept. 15. This high-stakes elimination competition requires an organized fireteam, and the best rewards in this mode will probably be restricted to players who can rack up a bunch of victories with few or no losses. But there also will be a fifth weekly milestone for Trials, and that loot will probably be accessible even to less-successful players.

So this is all going to be easy?

Hardly. The Nightfall milestone, which is a time-limited hard mode for strikes, is going to be the most difficult. But it’s still easier than the raid, and only has a recommended power level of 240.

But if you find raiding stressful — as many players do — the Nightfall milestone isn’t mandatory. You can progress all the way to 300 power just from doing public events for your weekly Flashpoint milestone each week, playing in the Crucible (even if you lose) and getting experience for your Clan milestone.

So you don’t have to go home if you’re not going to go hard. You can probably still reach the power cap of 300 before Curse of Osiris drops in December, even if you don’t bother grinding public events beyond your Flashpoint and you collect your weekly milestone rewards when your power level is below 265.

But you won’t be hitting the Leviathan anytime soon if you play that way.

Exotic quests

A quest, marked with a blue crown icon, appears on the map for each of the planets after you beat the campaign. These quest chains lead to exotic weapons.

Here are the three exotics you can earn:

  • On Nessus, you can help Failsafe learn what happened to the crew of the Exodus Black, and earn Sturm und Drang. Sturm is an exotic kinetic hand cannon and Drang is its companion legendary energy sidearm, with unique synergistic perks — kills with Drang give Sturm a damage bonus, and kills with Sturm reload Drang.
  • In the EDZ, you can chase down a group of glowing Fallen to stop their supply of performance-enhancing drugs and earn the MIDA Multi-Tool, a beloved kinetic scout rifle from the original Destiny. Its perks keep the radar on-screen when aiming down the sights and improve your mobility, as well as the Multi-Tool’s new legendary companion SMG, the MIDA Mini-tool, which also improves your mobility. You go real, real fast when you have both equipped.
  • Finally, on Titan, you can earn the exotic Rat King sidearm, which gets more powerful when other players on your fireteam are also using Rat Kings.

These quests aren’t particularly easy. Sturm und Drang requires you to decrypt five legendary engrams and an exotic. That’s a fair bit of grinding.

Destiny 2 - MIDA Multi-ToolDestiny 2 - MIDA Multi-Tool

The MIDA Multi-Tool in Destiny 2.

The MIDA quest has a recommended power level of 260, and requires you to find five scout rifles of rare or legendary quality to dismantle. Rat King requires you to complete a number of quest steps with other players who are on the quest, or who already have the gun, and it culminates with a quest to complete the Nightfall with five minutes left on the clock. That’s pretty hard! And nobody even uses sidearms!

Each of these will drop above your current power level, however, up to 300, so completing these quests will raise your power if you still need a boost.

A word about mods

Legendary-quality mods increase the power level of an item by 5. There are only two ways to get these mods until you reach a power level of 280, which allows you to buy them with Glimmer. You can find mods in Gunsmith packages and, sometimes, your legendary drops will already have one.

You need to check the details of every legendary you get from a reputation turn-in or an engram to see if it randomly has a built-in legendary mod. If it does, that means the item’s base power level is actually five points lower than the power level it displays.

We’re fighting for every point possible

So if you have two 265 helmets, but one has a legendary mod and the other doesn’t, the helmet with the mod is actually a base 260 helmet. If you infuse the 265 without a mod into the 265 with the mod, you’ll increase the base power level to 265. That means you’ll have a 270 helmet after the mod adds five points. We’ll take every advantage we can get.

Sometimes you just have to farm exotics

Exotic engrams drop infrequently during heroic public events. You can keep grinding public events for more exotic engrams, which can decrypt above your current power level.

This probably isn’t necessary for the raid, however. I was able to reach a power level of 283 after one week of lockout activities completed after reaching 265, and by completing the Sturm und Drang and MIDA exotic quests. I should be able to enter Leviathan close to 290 if I do the second week’s lockout activities. This should get me high enough to beat the final boss, after a couple of raid drops, even if he’s got a recommended power level of 300.

Second characters of the same class don’t seem to work right now

A popular gearing strategy in Destiny was to run two or even three characters of the same class. Two characters could pool their drops from lockout activities, since your characters can share gear through the vault. That meant you could have two Nightfalls and two raids each week.

This no longer works. If you complete a weekly milestone on a second character of the same class on the account, the rewards are currently decrypting at the same power level as regular legendary drops. We don’t know whether this is working as intended or is a bug, so you should avoid this strategy until it’s either fixed or we know for sure that Bungie closed the loophole for good.

The raid should be your goal

Whether you’re planning to scramble blindly into the raid the minute the doors open, or you don’t get there until sometime in November — when you’ve hit 300 power from weekly milestones and you’re playing in a group led by a patient and experienced sherpa — your goal in Destiny 2 should be to do Leviathan, at least on the normal difficulty level, while it is still current content.

Raids are the best part of Destiny. If you bought this game, you already paid for this experience. Don’t miss out on it.

Good luck, Guardian.

These are Destiny 2’s launch-day microtransactions

Destiny 2 launched today, and considering that we live in the year of our Lord 2017, it should come as no surprise that there are microtransactions. So what’s for sale on launch day?

After you complete the game’s third mission, “Spark,” you’ll find that Tess Everis has pitched a tent at the Farm. If you played the original Destiny, you’ll recognize her and her small business, the Eververse Trading Company. Things work pretty much the same way this time around: Players can purchase Silver from their console’s store. Everis sells items called bright engrams, which contain special loot. Hand the engrams back in for decoding, and out pops a random something from a discrete loot table.

The conversion rate is one bright engram for 200 Silver, three for 500 and five for 800. Here’s what it costs in both the PlayStation and Xbox stores:

  • 500 Silver for $4.99
  • 1,100 Silver for $9.99
  • 2,300 Silver for $19.99
  • 5,800 Silver for $49.99

We’ve got a gallery of the items that could drop from engrams purchased at Eververse on launch day, which include emotes, Sparrows, ships, Ghost Shells and weapon ornaments. There’s also the chance players could find a few new items that could prove controversial — they actually affect gameplay.

An elemental weapon mod changes the element of an energy or power weapon, so it’s essentially a for-pay re-spec for a gun. Weapon stats armor mods will “slightly” enhance the stats of some of your equipped weapons. There’s also a chance to get character stats armor mods, which “slightly” enhance a character stat, such as how quickly your health regenerates. Finally, ability cooldown armor mods allow you to use your subclass abilities — the rates at which you generate grenades, melee attacks and super attacks — more often.

It looks like players who are willing to spend the money can get a bit more out of the Eververse in Destiny 2, but whether or not that translates into significant performance boosts for the money remains to be seen. It’s worth noting that bright engrams from Eververse will only give you rare (blue) mods, while you can earn better legendary mods in the game. One player on Reddit says that the Gunsmith sells legendary mods after you complete the Destiny 2 campaign, which would make Eververse’s less useful mods essentially obsolete.

If someone wants to loan me a couple hundred dollars, I’d be happy to find that out for you.



Watch Destiny 2’s incredible Japanese live-action dance trailer

To mark yesterday’s global launch of online shooter Destiny 2, developer Bungie teamed up with Japanese dance choreographers Furitsuke Kagyou Air:man to deliver three minutes of subculture appreciation in the form of an extended and increasingly ludicrous Guardian dance-off. The video starts off with what looks like a passable live-action television trailer, like the very one Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts produced for Bungie’s English-language marketing launch last week. But it very quickly sheds its air of seriousness as elaborate breakdance moves bleed into a giant, contagious dance battle between Destiny’s magic space warriors.

If you’re wondering what this has to do with shooting aliens with fancy firearms, as Destiny 2 mostly revolves around, it helps to know a little bit about what are known as in-game emotes. As is the case in a number of other online shooters like Blizzard’s Overwatch, emotes are special signature moves your character can perform to express a certain emotion, be it elation or sorrow or spite. In the original Destiny, Bungie designed elaborate emotes for players to earn or buy with real money that ranged from Drake’s “Hotline Bling” dance and Alfonso Ribeiro’s “Carlton Dance” from The Fresh Prince to funky custom dance moves for each of the game’s signature classes.

Dancing has always been central to the emote system in Destiny. It’s not just a popular way to celebrate a hard-earned victory or taunt your opponent in the game’s competitive multiplayer game modes, but also a way to communicate wordlessly with strangers in the persistent game world. This video manages to capture that goofy, lighthearted moment perfectly: when you see another human being out there in the world and your first and only impulse is to bust into a short-lived but bond-building dance-off.

Here’s A Ton Of New Lore On Destiny 2’s Cabal

Destiny 2 doesn’t release until next week, but at least one Collector’s Edition was delivered early thanks to Amazon Canada. The $250 bundle is filled with art work and lots of different knick-knacks, including a special booklet filled with lore that Reddit user Canadian decided to upload and share with the internet.

Bungie’s shooter MMO isn’t known for its deep and detailed storytelling, but that doesn’t mean fans of the series don’t greedily devour every new piece of backstory as it arrives. The latest dump, which comes via the booklet, is an extended dive into the Cabal, the game’s militaristic faction full of aliens who wear giant space armor and have the tiniest heads. Destiny 1 and its ensuing DLC expanded in detail on series’ three other enemy factions, but the Cabal previously hadn’t gotten that much attention.

Destiny 2 is meant to change that and the Cabal booklet is one place that starts. While a handful of pages and art comparable to an NES game manual might not seem massive by conventional standards, in Destiny terms its like the scene with the old guy near the end of the second Matrix movie. And contrary to the brofest feel of the latest game’s marketing, the post-apocalyptic sci-fi universe Bungie’s been developing has as much in common with Lord of the Rings as Starship Troopers.

Also, I’d say there might be minor spoilers ahead, but honestly who knows if any of this will even make it into the actual game. Bungie has said it’s going to try and incorporate more of its world building directly into the things players do in Destiny 2 rather than confine some of the most interesting story elements to item descriptions and Grimoire cards as was the case in the first game.

There’s a lot to dissect in the booklet, which is written in first person from the perspective of Dominus Calus, the Cabal’s emperor at one time, in the form of a letter. It paints a much more complex picture of the faction and its history in which the Cabal appear to have enjoyed periods of great peace and prosperity in-between bouts of war and conflict. There are parallels to the Roman empire, an obvious real world inspiration for the alien race which was responsible for lots of art and culture in addition to brutal campaigns of military conquest. In the opening portion of the letter, Calus writes,

“But might is not enough – for through all of this struggle, I kept the bonfires lit and the sweet wine flowing. To be emperor, you see, is to be the model of perpetual joy! A good ruler must live the life that everyone craves. For if an emperor cannot be happy, then what hope has anyone?”

From there the former emperor goes on to list everyone whoever betrayed him in an attempt to recruit the intended reader (it’s not exactly clear who that is, although it seems to be the player, i.e. a Guardian) into helping him plot his revenge. Chief among them is Ghaul, the big bad from all the Destiny 2 trailers and the beta who replaced Calus as the Cabal empire’s leader, but the list also includes lots of others, including Calus’ own daughter.

You can read the entire booklet in plain text form at Destinypedia but the bulk of it appears to be laying the groundwork for the new game’s first raid. It would make sense if these “betrayers” as Calus calls them were bosses in different sections of Destiny 2’s end game, with ambiguous remarks from his letter like “Umun is afraid of the outside. See that her doom comes from within,” possibly intended as hints as to how to beat them.

Beyond just hinting at the game’s new raid, however, players have taken the contents of the booklet and used them to speculate about whether the Cabal are really bad guys in league with the Darkness or simply bystanders who were involuntarily roped into a larger struggle by forces like the Hive. Toward the end of the booklet, Calus himself waxes philosophical:

“For in my exile I have plumbed the secret places of the cosmos. Even my grand Cabal is only a single tooth in the great jaws of time. The universe is strange beyond reckoning and dangerous beyond courage. I have voyaged beyond the edge of reason, into the dominion of cold screams. I have seen our future written in the ruins of ancient fortress worlds. I have gathered up the moon-sized bones that tumble on the precipice of ancient singularities, and I have tossed them to scry our fate.”

Some of Destiny’s best lore came in the Taken King expansion in a number of unlockable fragments called the Books of Sorrow, and in many ways the Collector’s Edition booklet reads like a followup to that, with some fans interpreting parts of what Calus says as signaling that he’s discovered a secret to defeating the Darkness. Either way it’s perfect fodder for a gaming community known to intensely debate even the most minor details of the game’s extremely meager narrative.

Destiny 2’s power level cap is 300, and here’s how to get there

Destiny has two leveling systems. One is based on good old-fashioned experience points, and the other is based on your gear level. We’ve known for a while that experience levels stop at 20, but the gear cap – formerly known as Light, now apparently called ‘Power’ – was unknown until now.

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Recent leaks from the game guide indicate that power caps at 300. Your power is calculated by averaging the attack and defence values of each piece of gear you have equipped, and the game guide states that “virtually every source of gear can provide a steady stream of incremental upgrades – until you reach Power Level 260.”

This is similar to how gearing worked in the original Destiny – there was a cap on gear drops from basic activities, after which you’d have to face endgame content like the Nightfall and then, after another cap, the Raid, in order to keep getting stronger. 

Milestones in the Destiny 2 UI

So, how to push past the 260 cap in Destiny 2? “In a word: Milestones,” says the game guide. “Weekly Milestones are the best (and currently only) answer for the power level 260 plateau.”

‘Milestones’ is seemingly the umbrella term for all the live content that refreshes each week – this will include the Nightfall strike, the public event-driven Flashpoint, featured story missions, Strikes and Crucible matches, and probably more. In the original, there were limits on the loot drops from this content to ensure you couldn’t claim its rewards an endless number of times per week – expect similar time gates in the sequel.

So if you’re looking to get into the Raid as soon as possible once Destiny 2 launches – whether on console or PC – here’s what we suggest.

  • 1 – Complete the campaign. You need to do this anyway to unlock mid-game content, and if it’s paced similarly to the original, you’ll hit the experience level cap of 20 by its end or shortly afterwards.
  • 2 – Do anything except Milestone activities until you reach power level 260. There should be plenty to check out – world quests, adventures, Lost Sectors and so on – but if Milestones are the only source of post-260 gear, doing them before then is a waste. 
  • 3 – Once you hit 260, try to check off every Milestone activity before the weekly reset on Tuesday.
  • 4 – Over the weekend, make sure you pay Xur a visit. His Exotic gear is probably selling at the recommended power level for the Raid – it always used to. If you’ve somehow earned enough of his new currency, Legendary Shards, you can even use his Exotics to infuse your Legendaries.
  • 5 – Check off all the Milestones again after the weekly reset. We don’t know what the cap on non-Raid gear will be, but we’re guessing it’s 280, with normal Raid gear dropping up to 290 and Prestige mode gear finally taking you to the cap of 300. Let’s say 280 is ‘Raid-ready’.
    • If you’re still not happy with your progress, you could technically make another character and do the Milestones again with them. You’d have to complete the campaign again, but after that you can use gear from your main to boost your alt up to power parity immediately, so you can at least skip the gear grind. Make your alt the same class as your main if you want to share gear directly; otherwise you’ll have to use the infusion system.
  • 6 – The Raid unlocks on Wednesday, September 13. If you’ve done two weeks of Milestones and bought some gear from Xur, you’ve probably done all you can to prepare. It’s worth noting you don’t have to meet the recommended power level to attempt it, but you want to get as close as possible to make it easier on yourself. If you’re within 10 points, you should be okay.
  • 7 – Check out our Raid guide, which we’ll update as soon as we actually get in, for tips on completing Destiny 2’s ultimate challenge. If you’re looking for a fireteam, join our clan!

Halo Wars 2’s forthcoming co-op Firefight mode may possibly make you tumble in really like with the match

Halo Wars 2 acquired nowhere in the vicinity of the amount of money of attention it deserves, but perhaps its forthcoming Firefight mode will modify things a minor.

Halo Wars 2 launched us to new people, including the terrifying Atriox. It provides piles of multiplayer match modes, and a fulfilling, if a little bit abrupt, single player marketing campaign. Halo Wars 2 would not appear to be to have gotten the traction Microsoft may possibly have hoped for, most likely in element to its simplicity, designed close to controller perform fairly than keyboard and mouse. Continue to, that would not suggest Microsoft is performed with the match just still.

The forthcoming expansion, “Awakening the Nightmare” will extend on the original in a variety of ways. It provides an all-new marketing campaign, that includes the Banished faction, launched in the base marketing campaign. It also features the infamous Flood, who has once all over again become unleashed. The new marketing campaign will be very similar in size to the base experience, including new people and all-new Blur cinematics, that look just as stunning as lovers have occur to anticipate.

I was advised at Gamescom 2017 that Halo Wars 2 would have an effects on the sequence in basic, and could have implications for Halo 6. Certainly, Halo Wars 2 will take put concurrently with the activities of Halo 5, so some kind of cross in excess of is to be expected. Will the Flood appear in Halo 6, while? It truly is hard to say, but a person issue is for sure: they will appear in Halo Wars 2’s new Firefight mode.

What is Firefight?

Firefight is fundamentally an expanded edition of Blitz Firefight, which throws you into overcome versus infinite waves of encroaching enemies. In Blitz, however, you might be confined to device playing cards that occur from Halo Wars 2’s RNG card pack procedure, which feels restrictive. The new edition of Firefight is fully independent from Blitz, and is a new way to perform co-operatively with up to two excess good friends in Halo Wars 2.

Firefight is fundamentally Horde mode, taking put on a huge map, providing you whole access to each leader’s powers, models, and talents. You do not will need to be concerned about card packs or card levels, as it is a common PvE non-Blitz mode. Leverage your leader’s special capabilities and device powers to triumph over infinite waves of enemies that want to destroy the core you might be tasked to defend.

Firefight versus The Flood

The Flood, of course, is a parasitic organism that has tested alone to be a person of the largest threats in the Halo universe. Although it appears to be the Flood was mostly contained in preceding games, models have started spreading all over again thanks to the activities of Halo Wars 2, and the steps of the game’s major antagonist, Atriox and his Banished army. Many thanks to the ability of the new consoles, Microsoft has really ramped up the presentation of The Flood for Halo Wars 2, generating Zerg-like swarms comprised of hundreds of models, sweeping throughout the battlefield in a bitter frenzy.

As mentioned, Firefight tasks you to defend a single point versus waves and waves of all kinds of enemy kinds. Luckily for my fingers-on, I managed to get a taste of what to anticipate from The Flood.

In Firefight, very similar to tower defense games, it warns you which directional paths the enemy will choose on their assault in the direction of your base. There are a variety of kinds of partitions and turrets you can make, and Microsoft has additional a variety of kinds of partitions and traps to make it feel a minor dynamic. It truly is nearly like a top rated-down Gears of War Horde struggle, albeit with hundreds of models, fairly than dozens.

The 1st few of waves were not too hard, and Microsoft was eager to tension that the demonstration experienced been tuned in the direction of the effortless side for speedy fingers-on sessions at Gamescom, but even even now, the difficulty ramped up speedy. In no time at all, mountains of Flood swarmed my partitions and turrets, infecting my properties, and they even brought out a gigantic Flood monstrosity, which I would unquestionably sooner anticipate to see in Gears of War fairly than Halo.

Jogging at 4K 60 FPS with HDR aid in tow, Halo Wars 2’s Firefight is nearly like a movie match Cirque Du Soleil functionality, with spectacular colors, air-shredding light shows, and chaotic choreography. Albeit with the grace stripped out, and piles of Flood corpses thrown in.

Firefight is all about growing your defenses throughout the map, making use of your means sensibly, and working alongside one another with your co-op friends to endure as lengthy as humanly feasible. The actuality Firefight features infinitely rising waves need to result in some really amazing battles for you and your co-op friends, and it’s going to be exciting to see how well the Xbox A person handles all the carnage along with the Xbox A person X and larger-end PCs.

An unmissable addition

Halo Wars 2 has savored some really admirable publish-start aid, adding new marketing campaign missions, tons of new leaders, and other updates and tweaks. “Awakening the Nightmare” will serve as a much greater update, providing a marketing campaign close in size to the base experience, and the great Firefight mode, which need to confirm alone to be a welcome addition to your co-op gameplay lineup.

I am simply just intrigued to come across out regardless of whether or not The Flood is simply just there to support provide this expansion… or regardless of whether it is back again for excellent.

Halo Wars 2 is obtainable on Xbox Perform Any place for $39.99, with Halo Wars 2: Awakening the Nightmare launching in Slide 2017 at $19.99.

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