Pixelmator 2.4 for iOS brings full iOS 11 compatibility, including HEIF and Drag and Drop support


The iOS version of the image editing tool Pixelmator received an update on Tuesday, with version 2.4 “Cobalt” making the app fully compatible with iOS 11, including support for the HEIF format for images and the ability to Drag and Drop files into Pixelmator projects.

A useful addition for iPad users and part of the productivity additions introduced with iOS 11, the ability to use Drag and Drop makes it easier for users to incorporate other media into their Pixelmator compositions. Files can be moved individually or as a group into Pixelmator, including from Split View and the recent files pop-up window from apps located in the Dock.

The addition of High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) support means that Pixelmator is able to use photographs taken on an iPad or an iPhone using the format, instead of JPEG images. Apple introduced HEIF in iOS 11 to improve the compression of images, reducing the amount of an iPhone or iPad’s storage that photographs consume without losing quality, though apps also have to be updated to support images using it.

The Cobalt update also incorporates a number of bug fixes and other improvements, with the developers highlighting four of the main changes in its release notes. One fix related to the app unexpectedly quitting when “zooming in after starting a selection,” while another solves a problem where Pixelmator would occasionally stop responding after the user immediately tries reopening an image after closing it.

The development team also fixed an error where the composition would randomly disappear when layers are added or removed. Lastly, an issue where buttons in the Color and Format popovers would not respond to touches by the user has been cleared up.

Pixelmator for iOS is available in the iOS App Store for $4.99. It is compatible with the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch running iOS 9.1 or later, and takes up 138 megabytes of storage.

The update to the iOS version of Pixelmator echoes similar changes made to the macOS edition earlier in October. Version 3.7 “Mount Whitney” updated the image editor to be fully compatible with macOS High Sierra and added support for HEIF photographs, as well as a number of other integration and performance improvements.

Parrot Delivers Bebop 2 a Electrical power Increase – Folks Today 24

Parrot Delivers Bebop 2 a Electrical power Increase

Parrot Provides Bebop 2 a Power Boost

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France’s Parrot introduced this 7 days the Bebop 2 Electrical power, an upgrade to its by now nearly able Bebop 2 drone. The in-developed camera appears nearly similar to that of the last model, but as its name suggests, this upgrade has been given a boost in the electrical power. Pilots can now get flight time that will be really worth of an hour, whilst that will call for to be divided into 2 classes. Nonetheless, nearly 60 Minutes in the air with only single halt to hotswap the battery is not much too grungy.

Parrot Provides Bebop 2 a Power Boost

The Bebop 2 Electrical power comes with 2 x 3,350 mAh batteries that every single supply a flight time of nearly 30 Minutes amid expenses, indicating that the shopper in the air can get an hour if the 4-rotor drone is transported down to terra firma for a fast swap of the battery. Parrot has also picked out to comprise a Wi-Fi controller and a pair of FPV goggles in the box. The comprised Skycontroller 2 has a wireless tune of nearly 2 Km (nearly 1.2 Miles), while the camera drone has a blue flashing mild at the back that should help the shopper from a length to keep tabs on it.

Flight manage comes by way of the new FreeFlight Pro Android as properly as iOS app working on a tablet or smartphone of the pilot, and operates with the Cockpitglasses 2 goggles or the dual joystick controller. The goggles are properly-matched with the bulk of handsets (up to 6 Inches) and they place the shopper in the digital seat of the pilot, delivering a 96-degree look at subject. Flight details these kinds of as speed, altitude, and level of battery are confirmed in HUD model in the digital space.

The suite of sensors for Bebop 2 Electrical power know when the drone is remaining initiated from the hand, initially sifting the rotors slowly but surely when they are in the hand and pacing up when introduced up from the ground or into the air. A sport pilot type has been equipped for drone electrical power-participate in racing at nearly 65 km/h (nearly 40 mph) and an aerial approach has been produced for more managed and calmer flight.

Moto Z2 Play Battery Life (first 24 hours)

We’ve had some time to spend with the Moto Z2 Play, and one of the biggest questions with just about any device is how well does the battery stand up. Well, we’re back to share our findings with the Z2 Play in the first 24 hours of using the device.

As a precursor, it’s important to note that the Moto Z2 Play features a 3,000mAh battery which is rather paltry compared to its predecessor which featured a 3,510mAh battery. So let’s see how well the battery stood up.

How long did it last?

The battery lasted over 15 hours*

The reason for the asterisk is due to the fact that the Moto Z2 Play completely drained after I fell asleep sometime after 1:15 am. We started our day at 10 AM and unplugged the device from its charger at that point. During some heavier-than-normal usage. As for the final screen-on time count, the Z2 Play finished with 4 hours and 14 minutes.

Full Battery test results

After charging the battery up to 100%, I was using the Moto Z2 Play as my primary device throughout the day, which included the use of various apps, games, and more. Here are our hour-by-hour results of using the Z2 Play:

Hour 1 – 100% to 97%

  • In the first hour, we were just getting our day started, so there wasn’t really too much strain being put on the battery yet. My morning routine consists of checking emails, social media, and responding to any messages from friends/family/coworkers.
  • Screen-on time was not calculated for this first hour.

Hour 2 – 97% to 92%

  • The second hour was much of the same, and we really didn’t put too much strain other than “regular” usage on the Z2 Play. However, as you’ll see over the next few hours, this was the beginning of an interesting 5% trend.
  • Screen-on time measured in at 33m and 30s with 69mAh of power being used.

Hour 3 – 92% to 87%

  • This hour provided some type to check out some new apps that I had heard about, while also checking out some Twitter and replying to some emails. Since I work from a laptop, I have been using that for music playback leaving the Z2 Play in its stand on my desk.
  • Screen-on time measured in at 48m and 13s with 95mAh of power being used.

Hour 4 – 87% to 82%

  • You can see that the ESPN app has started to creep into the top 3 apps being used, and that’s thanks to the influx of sports information that I take in throughout the day. Being in 3 different fantasy football leagues, plus being a big Baltimore Orioles fan, I like to keep up to date on what’s going on.
  • The screen-on time came in at 52m and 45s with 103mAh of power being used.

Hour 5 – 82% to 75%

  • With this update, ESPN crept back into the number 4 spot on my apps using power, as I continued to work on various projects throughout the day. As you can tell, another boring hour in the books.
  • The screen-on time came in at 1h 8m 2s with 139mAh of power being used.

Hour 6 – 75% to 70%

  • What’s weird to notice as we continue on our travels, is the steady 5% drain. With the exception of hours 1 and 5, every other hour has been a steady 5% drain, so that may be something good to take note of if you’re trying to calculate how long the Z2 Play will last with light usage.
  • The screen-on time came in at 1h 17m 36s with 159mAh of power being used.

Hour 7 – 70% to 62%

  • As you can see this is just about the end of the day here, and there’s a slight spike in my usage over the last two hours of the day. This is normal for me as I move away from my desk and go run some errands before coming back home to chill out.
  • The screen-on time came in at 1h 35m 56s with 197mAh of power being used.

Hour 8 – 62% to 54%

  • Another slight spike in battery drainage came in Hour 8, as we continued to use some Snapchat and other apps a little more intensively than throughout the day.
  • The screen-on time came in at 1h 49m 55s with 224mAh of power being used.

Hour 9 – 54% to 42%

  • ESPN moves back into the top 3 most used apps here, using 5% of the battery, while the OS and Play Services stay in the top two spots.The battery status chart itself begins pointing in a more downward slope, estimating 6 hours of battery left (which was pretty accurate).
  • The screen-on time came in at 2h 34m 4s with 287mAh of power being used.

Hour 10 – 42% to 32%

  • A 10% drop in hour 10 was attributed to more chatting amongst friends while also just keeping tabs on the comings and goings on social media.
  • The screen-on time came in at 3h 1m 51s with 323mAh of power being used.

Hour 11 – 32% to 27%

  • In hour 11, we slowed back down to our standard 5% drain, and this is attributed to the phone just being on our desk, save for the random breaks that I would take from gaming.
  • The screen-on time came in at 3h 19m 4s with 346mAh of power being used.

Hour 12 – 27% to 23%

  • In hour 12 we saw an even lower drain, coming at 4%, despite performing many of the same tasks as the previous hours. Our battery status chart also begins to flat line just a tad, giving us some hope that we could extend the battery life.
  • The screen-on time came in at 3h 34m 4s with 366mAh of power being used.

Hour 13 – 23% to 17%

  • Usage jumped a bit again, as we started playing some random games (I love word puzzles) and this also marked the point where my online gaming session came to an end, leaving me looking at my phone for more and more information.
  • The screen-on time came in at 4h 0m 7s with 139mAh of power being used.

Hour 14 – 17% to 12%

  • Usage slowed down a bit again, coming back to our 5% battery drain level, with the battery status chart giving us under 2 hours before the lights were going out.
  • The screen-on time came in at 4h 8m 23s with 139mAh of power being used.

Hour 15 – 12% to 9%

  • The final update before calling it quits for the day comes at 1:11 AM. With just 9% left, this is pretty impressive considering the fact that we unplugged the Z2 Play at 10 AM.
  • The screen-on time came in at 4h 14m 26s with 139mAh of power being used.

Bottom Line: The Z2 Play will get you through the full day, but…

Starting from 100%, you can see that the Moto Z2 Play did just fine to get us through a rather long day, even if we started later than most others would. So if you extrapolate the numbers, you’ll likely want to charge your phone at around 10 or 11 PM, versus letting it go through the night without a charge.

Overall, the Z2 Play lasted for over 15 hours, which is considerably less than the Z2 Force, but we’ll definitely be back to share more information about the Z2 Play over the coming days. In the meantime, head over to the Moto Z2 Play forums and check out what’s going on over there! If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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Spacex Falcon 9 Block 5 targets 24 hour turnaround, no refurbishment reuse and relaunch a dozen times

Spacex Chief tech officer Tom Mueller discussed the next-gen Falcon 9, called the “Block 5,” which will have a reusable thermal protection that won’t burn up the heat shielding. It will also have retractable legs that will only come out during landing. The Falcon 9 Block 5 will have a 24-hour turnaround and be much cheaper and is expected to be flying by the end of 2017.

With a cheaper design comes a few tradeoffs. The Block 5 has a single Merlin engine on it, although it’s a fairly sophisticated version of the engine. It uses some of the same tech — like the guidance computer — from the Falcon 9 (which has 9 Merlin engines), though. Mueller says the Block 5 has a significantly lower cost but the performance is “marginal.”

The Falcon 9 Block 5 is expected to be far more reusable than the Block 3. Shotwell said a Block 5 booster could relaunch “ a dozen or so times.” The Block 3, by comparison, has an estimated life of two or three missions.

Shotwell said the Block 5 version of the Falcon 9 won’t need refurbishing, but will mainly undergo inspections prior to launch, streamlining the process compared to the first reused boosters.

Block 5 will feature:

For increased payload:
* 7–8% more thrust by upgrading the engines,
* an improved flight control system for an optimized angle of attack on descent, lowering landing fuel requirements.

For rapid reusability:
* Forged, more temperature-resistant titanium grid fins,
* a thermal protection coating on the first stage to limit reentry heating damage,
* a set of retractable landing legs for rapid recovery and shipping,
* a reusable heat shield protecting the engines and plumbing at the base of the rocket.

A recent analysis posted on reddit of Spacex costs with ten reuses suggests a maintained profit margin with costs that are about 40-50% of a non-usable Spacex flight.

SpaceX president Gwynne Shotwell told the Space Symposium conference that the cost of refurbishing the Falcon 9 rocket that originally flew the CRS-8 Space Station resupply mission last year for SES-10 was “substantially less than half” what it would have cost to build a brand new one. That’s despite doing a lot to bring the recovered rocket back to operational condition. The new Block 5 rocket that would not need refurbishment could deliver on the speed and cost saving for reusable rockets.

Arabsat will be the first customer for the Falcon Heavy when it begins commercial service in 2018, following a demonstration mission later this year.

Falcon Raptor

Shotwell has hinted at the possibility of a future version of Spacex rockets that could use the Raptor engines designed for transportation to Mars. Shotwell said Raptor, a liquid methane and oxygen engine for SpaceX’s interplanetary spaceship, has undergone “many dozens of tests” and is progressing well. “The original idea for those engines were to serve as a propulsion system for the big Mars system, but we are looking at the utility of it on the Falcon program,” she said.

Nintendo Download for August 24, 2017 – North America – NintendoFuse

Welcome to the Nintendo Download Mini edition!  In this edition, it seems they’ve decided to not only let the Wii U have back-to-back weeks with zero releases, but decided to let the 3DS have a dead week as well.  Not only that, but there are only three titles releasing today on Switch, because the headliner is dropping on August 29.  Let’s see what is in store for us today!


There is very little variety in the available titles. A few years ago a game called forma.8 was showcased for the Wii U and even offered a playable demo as part of the Nindies program.  This title is now available, but for the Nintendo Switch.  Uncover tons of secrets exploring the depth of space in a tiny spaceship!  The NEO GEO virtual console continues to expand with ACA NEOGEO Puzzled.  In case you are looking for a new puzzle game, then check out the line-drawing Piczle Lines DX.  Connect lines together to reveal the picture!

The long anticipated crossover adventure between Mario and the Rabbids is almost here.  Releasing on August 29 is Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle.  Four Rabbids team up with Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, and Peach to save the Mushroom Kingdom from some chaotic Rabbids. Battle your way with weapons, solve puzzles through four different worlds!

As always, the full release list is below, along with the prices, just below the slideshow of screenshots. If you plan on downloading any of these games, let us know in the comments!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

New on the eShop for Switch:

  • Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle — $59.99 *Available August 29*
  • forma.8 — $9.99
  • Piczle Lines DX — $14.99
  • ACA NEOGEO Puzzled — $7.99

Featured eShop Sales and Discounts on 3DS & Wii U:

Featured Activities:

  • For customers in the United States and Canada, PayPal is now available as a payment option for digital content on Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch! Linking your accounts will also allow you to use PayPal as a payment option on the Nintendo website when purchasing content for Nintendo Switch, Wii U and the Nintendo 3DS family of systems.

[Source: PR Email from Nintendo of America]

Sony perde ao e ter que indenizar consumidores de 24 modelos da famlia Xperia Z

A Sony inovou ao trazer a proteção contra água para o mercado de smartphones, em 2012, quando lançou o Xperia Z. No entanto, a companhia não foi muito clara ao dar a entender que o dispositivo era à prov d’água, e não resistente a ela. O que faz uma tremenda diferença, como o governo da África do Sul já deixou claro certa vez.

Após anos e com o discussion sobre a classificação IP já bem mais maduro, com a numeração bem mais clara hoje em dia do que na época (o Xperia Z tinha certificação IP56, e os flagships mais atuais possuem IP68), um grupo de consumidores americanos conseguiu vencer uma disputa judicial contra a fabricante japonesa.

Nada menos que 24 modelos Xperia anunciados como à prova d’água ou resistentes a ela foram listados na ação – curiosamente, o Xperia Z, que começou a confusão toda, ficou de fora. Usuários que tenham comprado um desses modelos podem optar entre três opções:

  • Extensão da garantia em até um ano, se o dispositivo ainda está coberto
  • Extensão da garantia para mais até seis meses, se já não tiver mais cobertura
  • Até 50% de reembolso como compensação se o dispositivo estiver listado.

Infelizmente, a solução só serve para consumidores americanos. Mas, caso você tenha comprado o seu Xperia por lá e ele estiver na lista, talvez valha a pena ir atrás dos seus direitos. Eis os modelos listados:

E aí, o seu smartphone ou tablet entrou na lista? Qual é o destino atual dele? Conta a história dele pra gente aí nos comentários.

  • O Sony Xperia Z5 Compact ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia Z5 est disponvel na Americanas por R$ 2.279.
  • O Sony Xperia M4 Aqua ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia Z4 Pill ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia Z3 Furthermore ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia M2 Aqua est disponvel na Americanas por R$ 842.
  • O Sony Xperia Z3 Compact ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia Z3 est disponvel na Americanas por R$ 2.349.
  • O Sony Xperia Z2 Pill ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia Z2 est disponvel na Submarino por R$ 2.299.
  • O Sony Xperia Z1 Compact ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia Z1 ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia Z Extremely ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .
  • O Sony Xperia ZR ainda no est disponvel nas lojas brasileiras. Para ser notificado quando ele chegar .

(atualizado em 04 de agosto de 2017, s 20:10)

9to5Toys Last Call: 27-inch 5K iMac $1,399, HP AirPrint Inkjet $40, HDTV 50-mile Antenna $24, more

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9to5Toys Lunch Break delivers the best deals every day of the week at 12:30PM EST. This includes price drops on all sorts of Apple products from iPad to MacBook and everything in between, as well as HomeKit gear, accessories of all kinds and so much more.

You’ll also find our daily coverage of the coolest new gear and gadgets from across the internet along with our New Toy of the Day, product reviews, giveaways and app sales. Head below for today’s top deals and most interesting new products in the world of tech and beyond…


Last Call Updates:

Learn to code with Swift and the UBTECH Jimmy DIY Robot for $110 shipped

Get a 5K 27-inch iMac for nearly the same price as a regular 5K display: $1,399 (Tax in NY/NJ)

HP OfficeJet 3830 All-in-One Printer w/ AirPrint $40 shipped

AmazonBasics Ultra Thin Indoor TV Antenna with 50 Mile Range: $24 Prime shipped

Best Buy offers Apple’s iPhone SE 32GB with prepaid service for $150 shipped, more

Apple Watch Series 1/2 now $70 off with all color options starting at $199, more

iTunes $100 gift card for $85 with email delivery from PayPal

Nearly every iPad model is on sale today at Staples and B&H

B&H discounts 2017 iPad Pro models by up to $70 (tax NY/NJ only)

B&H knocks $500 off Apple’s 2016 15-inch MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar (Tax NY/NJ only)

Best Buy and B&H take up to $525 off 2016 MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar

Apple 2017 13-inch MacBook Pro w/ Touch Bar gets $150 discount (Tax NY/NJ only)

Massive iOS Final Fantasy Sale: titles now 50% off starting at just $4 + more

Hands on with Colorware’s custom controllers for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4

Hands-on: Dodocase Durables Sleeve for 10.5-inch iPad Pro [Video]

Quick Review: Lenovo’s 10000mAh Bizer power bank has style for a premium

9to5Rewards: Anker Bluetooth Audio Package w/ Speaker + Headphones [Giveaway]


Smartphone Accessories: iPhone 7 Protective Charging Case for $25, more


HEXA is a highly maneuverable six-legged robot that will be available soon

Nintendo unveils the new Splatoon 2 Switch bundle for North America

DWTS 24 Facebook Live Week 2 (03/27/17)

Dancing with the Stars´s Facebook Live before the show begins April 03, 2017.r
Dancing with the Stars´s Facebook Live with Normani Kordei, Val Chmerkovskiy, Witney Carson, Nancy Kerrigan, Mr. T and Kym Johnson March 20, 2017.r
Backstage, after Week 2 of Dancing with the Stars, Rashad Jennings and his pro partner Emma Slater chat with DWTS Season 15 winner and Access .r

Moto Z2 Force Battery Life (initially 24 hrs)

Now that you have found our unboxing of the Moto Z2 Force, it’s time to converse about some of the additional important queries with regards to the unit. The biggest complaint that I have found with regards to the Z2 Force is its compact battery, as it comes in at 2,730mAh whereas the unique Moto Z Force showcased a 3,500mAh battery.

Which is rather the change in energy, but I’m in this article to give everyone a glimpse at how everything’s been operating in my initially 24 hrs with the unit.

How extensive did it very last?

The battery lasted 22 hrs and 10 minutes.

Surprisingly, despite the Moto Z2 Force getting put to its limitations in the initially full working day, the unit lasted my pretty much 24 hrs, coming at a minor above the 22-hour mark. This is very remarkable, even if the full display-on time “only” comes in at 3 hrs and 48 minutes.

Whole battery Test Effects

I billed the battery up to 100% and then employed it through the working day with a assortment of applications, video games, and settings. Listed here are the final results:

Hour 1 – 100% to 89%

  • The initially hour was used ending the setup of my applications, together with signing into my a variety of applications. This time also was used perusing the Community forums for Android app, as nicely as other people these kinds of as Snapchat and Instagram. I also had Spotify rolling through the hour, participating in some of my beloved tunes!
  • For comparison sake, the screen was turned on for just about 48 minutes all through this time period of time.

Hour 2 – 89% to 76%

  • This time around, I used additional time listening to some Spotify, when also examining out the comings and goings on Twitter and the athletics world. I also was examining out some a variety of threads on the Community forums for Android app again and other applications on my unit.
  • For Hour 2, the display on time jumped from 48 minutes to an hour and 27 minutes.

Hour 3 – 76% to 67 %

  • As you can see in the screenshot, we are on a regular decrease as I continue on using the unit when I’m listening to some Spotify prior to heading out with some friends for evening meal.
  • The display-on time for this hour was 1 hour and 52 minutes.

Hour 4 -67% to 54%

  • Hour 4 marked the period of time of time that I went out to evening meal with some friends, and that’s in which Snapchat jumped into the battery utilization chart. I was also using some pics at the bar I was at, when snapping some fascinating conversations with my buddies.
  • For hour 4, display utilization jumped to 2 hrs and 21 minutes. (There was a good deal of time using Snaps and other photos.)

Hour 5 – 54% to 41%

  • In this hour, we switched from using Snapchat as significantly, to chatting with a couple individuals in this article at Phan, together with our fearless chief, Rob. Which is why Slack moved up into the leading 5 of battery-hungry applications.
  • At the end of Hour 5, display-on time elevated to 2 hrs and 50 minutes.

Hour 6 – 41% to 33%

  • Via Hour 6, we ongoing conversations by means of Slack, when also using a pair of additional pics and chit chatting with friends prior to heading dwelling from evening meal.
  • Monitor utilization jumped to above 3 hrs, coming in at 3 hrs and 2 minutes.

Several hours 7 by means of 9 – 33% to 24%

  • As you can see from the graph, items started out to degree out a little bit above the very last couple hrs, as I was not on the Z2 Force just about as significantly as earlier in the evening. The most that the unit was getting employed was for a timer and random Facebook messages coming from my friends and relatives.
  • Monitor on time at 24% was at 3 hrs and 8 minutes.

Several hours 17 by means of 21 – 24% to 18%

  • This was the unexciting time for everyone else, but an fascinating period of time of time to see how nicely the Z2 Force held up right away. Involving midnight and the time of the higher than screenshot, the unit was placed on a close by nightstand and was employed as my alarm to wake up in the early morning.
  • As one would anticipate, the display on time stayed the similar right away.

12:47 PM – Battery Depleted

  • Involving the very last look at in and the battery dying, I took care of some emails and do the job messages, when also examining in on social media to see what was heading on in the early morning.
  • The closing display-on time depend arrived to 3 hrs, 48 minutes, and 27 seconds. The energy utilization of the screen was calculated to 333mAh.

Bottom Line: Z2 Force Lasts Whole Day

Starting up from 100%, the Moto Z2 Force was in a position to deal with significantly of what we threw at it, ending with 3 hrs and 48 minutes of display on time. All-in-all, the battery lasted 22 hrs and 10 minutes prior to it resolved to throw caution to the wind and go out prior to its future cost.

We’ll have to see how this stands up above the future couple months, but I’ll definitely be back to give everyone an update on what I come across. In the meantime, head above to the Moto Z2 Force forums and look at out what is heading on above there! If you have any queries, truly feel free to leave a comment and we’ll get back to you ASAP!

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