Parrot Bebop 2 Electrical power: Vorstellung, Preis, Flugzeit

Parrot ist kein unbeschriebenes Blatt, wenn es um Quadkopter beziehungsweise Drohnen geht. Mit der Disco, Swing, Mambo und natürlich den Bebop-Modellen ist der Hersteller schon länger auf dem Markt unterwegs, auch wenn es Anfang des Jahres nicht so rund lief und ein Drittel der Belegschaft entlassen werden musste. Jetzt stellt das französische Unternehmen das neueste Bebop-Modell vor: die Bebop 2 Electrical power.

Parrot Bebop 2 Electrical power: 30 Minuten Flugzeit

525 Gramm wiegt die neue Bebop und ist damit etwas schwerer als die DJI Spark, aber leichter als die Mavic Professional. Der Hersteller verspricht allerdings auch 30 Minuten Flugzeit – doppelt so viel wie bei der Spark. Mit dem zweiten mitgelieferten Akku ergeben sich so 60 Minuten, die das Gerät in der Luft bleiben kann. Neu ist auch die schwarze Lackierung (matt und glänzend) der Drohne – wie der Hersteller betont. Aber nicht nur optisch soll sich einiges verändert haben. So sind neue Modi an Bord, etwa Cameraman (Human being bleibt im Fokus), Dronies, Auto Shots (vier vorprogrammierte Flugbewegungen für Landschaften), und natürlich auch Abide by me (Drohne folgt einem vorgegebenen Motiv). Fotos werden mit 14 Megapixel im JPG- oder auch DNG-Format aufgenommen. Movies speichert sie in Comprehensive-Hd-Auflösung mit 30 Bildern pro Sekunde.

In die Luft werfen zum Starten

Die neue Drohne soll sich zum Starten in die Luft werfen lassen – startet aber wie gewohnt auch vom Boden. Allerdings ist für den Luftstart vorab ein Tipp auf einen Button der App notwendig. Apropos App: Steuern lässt sich die Drohne for every Smartphone-App oder mit dem mitgelieferten Sky-Controller. Ebenfalls dabei ist eine FPV-Brille („First Human being View”-Brille), in der das Bild der Kameradrohne wiedergeben wird. In Deutschland ist so zu fliegen allerdings nur erlaubt, wenn eine zweite Human being – der sogenannte Spotter – alles im Auge behält. Generell sind beim Fliegen bestimmt Regeln einzuhalten. Im Sportmodus soll die Drohne eine Geschwindigkeit von bis zu 65 km/h erreichen.

Preis und Verfügbarkeit

Die Parrot Bebop 2 Electrical power soll noch im September 2017 erhältlich sein und 699 Euro kosten.

Destiny 2 Bright Engrams: here’s how much Silver costs, and what you can and can’t buy with it

Destiny 2’s microtransactions completely sorted out: Silver, Silver Dust, Bright Engrams and Eververse explained, complete with prices.

Alongside Destiny 2’s launch, the in-game microtransactions store, Eververse Trading Company, has opened its doors to sell Bright Engrams. Let’s break it down as part of our Destiny 2 guide series.

Tess Everis, the vendor at Eververse, will regularly hand out free rewards including shaders, weapon mods and even low-level gear. Her real function, however, is to sell and decrypt Bright Engrams.

Bright Engrams are Destiny 2’s loot boxes, can be earned for free in-game or purchased via microtransaction. The contents are randomised, similar to loot boxes in other games.

You earn Bright Engrams every time you level up past 20, or potentially whenever you reach a new faction reputation level with any of the NPCs that you can grind faction rep with.

If you’d rather pay up, Eververse accepts two in-game currencies – Silver and Bright Dust. Silver is purchased with real money and used to buy Bright Engrams. Bright Dust is obtained by dismantling items found in Bright Engrams, or sometimes as part of the contents of a Bright Engram, and is used to buy individual items.

By the way, Eververse is first accessible upon reaching the Farm, Destiny 2’s first social space, but you’ll need to reach level 20 before you can begin purchasing Bright Engrams or individual customisation items.


What’s inside Bright Engrams?

Bright Engrams each contain a random assortment of goodies, as outlined in-game in Destiny 2. As you’ll see in the image above, there’s a wide range of possible outcomes.

The cosmetic items you’ll find in a Bright Engram can include weapon Ornaments, new armour, emotes, sparrows, ships, shaders, mods and more.

The armour sets will drop at level one, since being able to buy high level drops for money would be a bit dodgy, but you can then Infuse them as you would any weapons or gear in Destiny 2 if you like the look.

Duplicates are a possibility, but dismantling items found in Bright Engrams will net you Bright Dust. You can then use this Bright Dust to purchase the specific goodies you’re after, if RNGesus has not blessed you.

Silver prices and Bright Engram bundles

Now onto Silver. Prices and bundles haven’t changed from the days of Destiny 1. Here’s what you’ll be paying in real-money:

  • 500 Silver – $5, £4.50
  • 1000 (+100) – $10, £8.49
  • 2000 (+300) – $20, £16.79
  • 5000 (+800) – $50, £40

You use this Silver to buy a single Bright Engram, or a bundle of three or five. One Bright Engram costs 200 Silver, three cost 500 Silver, and five will set you back 800 Silver.

Silver is now live on the PlayStation and Xbox stores, accessible in-game or directly via the Destiny 2 page on the console storefront.

Destiny 2 is out now on PS4, and Xbox One.

Parrot Bebop 2 Energy — новый квадрокоптер с необычной комплектацией |

Parrot Bebop 2 Power

Лавры DJI на рынке пользовательских дронов не дают покоя многим разработчикам.

Компания Parrot представила квадрокоптер Bebop 2 Energy, стоимостью €700, который получил не совсем привычную, как для устройств такого класса, комплектацию.

Parrot Bebop 2 Power

Сам квадрокоптер Parrot Bebop 2 Energy весьма компактный и легкий (525 г). Лучи, при этом, не складываются.

Максимальная скорость полета, если это не свободное падение, конечно, составляет 64 км/м. Дальность действия родного пульта ДУ — до 2 км.

Пульт ДУ Parrot Bebop 2 Power

Устройство оснащено 14-мегапиксельной камерой c 3-осевой стабилизацией. Типоразмер сенсора 1/2,3” (типичный для таких устройств). Для фото доступна съемка в формате Uncooked. Максимальный режим видеозаписи — Comprehensive High definition.

Bebop 2 Energy содержит целый набор различных датчиков и сенсоров, включающий GPS + GLONASS, оптический сенсор отслеживания положения (может пригодиться при запуске в помещении), позволяющих безопасно и легко управлять устройством.

Присутствуют новомодные режимы облетов для видеосъемки, также квадрокоптер умеет автоматически отслеживать выбранный объект, снимать его и лететь за ним. Конечно, есть и более простые режимы возврата «домой», облета по заданному маршруту и т. д.

Parrot Bebop 2 Energy выделяется довольно интересной комплектацией.

Помимо самого квадрокоптера с пультом ДУ Skycontroller 2 и других мелочей, в наборе идет также два аккумулятора и FPV-маска Cockpitglasses 2.

FPV-маска Parrot Bebop 2 Power

Что касается FPV-маски Cockpitglasses 2, то в ней нет встроенных экранов для глаз. Она работает как адаптер, куда необходимо установить смартфон, экран которого и будет выступать для отображения видео, поступающего с камеры Parrot Bebop 2 Energy. Решение Cockpitglasses 2 напоминает Google Cardboard и ему подобные.

Заявленное время полета устройства составляет до 30 минут. С учетом, что в комплекте идут два аккумулятора, суммарно можно добиться времени полета до одного часа. Это очень неплохо.

Destiny 2 Is So Good And It Makes Me Feel Loony

Photo via Bungie

Early in the story campaign of Destiny 2, you are tasked with reclaiming a lost arcology, found floating in a methane ocean on the Saturnine moon of Titan, from a race of alien bug assholes called the Hive. After leaping around on some platforms, you plunge headfirst into an overgrown nest of Hive monsters, which only gets danker and more disgustingly cocooned in gross yellow goop the further you go. As you fight them off and blow up their egg sacs for some reason (ew), the churning metal score intensifies and soars and you can feel your heartbeat speed up and the waves of enemies keep coming and you’re popping their heads like bubble wrap and they’re surrounding you and you’re about to die but then somehow you don’t and finally you shoot the life out of their Hive God or whatever and it feels terrifying but mostly it feels awesome. That’s Destiny 2.

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Destiny 2: The Kotaku Review

As I struggle to fall asleep after a night of Destiny 2, the game keeps running through my mind.…

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However, Destiny 2 is not just a world-class first person shooter, it’s a farming simulator smuggled inside the body of an FPS. The “point” of the game is to beat challenges and kill aliens so you can acquire the best weapons and armor, so you can beat more challenges and kill better aliens, and on and on it goes, until you either can’t possibly get better guns or the sun swallows the Earth whole.

This loot treadmill is at the center of the game, and it’s not exactly to Destiny 2‘s detriment, since the game is built for players to fight with each other (and even against each other) and that interactivity necessitates differentiation. In fact, I can’t deny that chemical thrill I get out of seeing glowing purple orbs pop out of dead enemies’ bodies, like a child lunging at a loaded Christmas tree. There are so many cool guns in Destiny 2, and the chance to unlock, say, a badass hand cannon or that one sword everyone loves basically ensures that any sufficiently serious Destiny player will plug themselves into the loop and shoot for the head forever.

That said, holy shit, the loot cycle makes me feel like a lunatic. I don’t exactly have seven hours to devote to the six-person Leviathan raid, nor the energy to level up and get the infernal MIDI Multi-Tool which pretty much every enemy in PvP seems to be killing me with. I have dabbled in a few of the more hardcore MMO elements of Destiny 2, like the co-op Strikes or the PvP Crucible area, and they are undoubtedly fun, but the gulf between me (a casual video game idiot) and my Strike partners (who all seem to have cool wing armor and better aim than me) is harrowingly wide. Mechanical skill aside, I could grind/work my way up to put myself in position to be an ass-kicking world-destroyer. It’s possible, although the time and energy it would take just to catch up to whatever the meta is stresses me out just thinking about it.

Article preview thumbnail
The Five Best Guns In Destiny 2

There are a bunch of interesting weapons in Destiny 2. Auto rifles, rocket launchers, swords, and…

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Some people love this, and the hunt for exotic and legendary items is probably fun and certainly rewarding (if done correctly). As gameplay loops go, this one demands focus and multiple rolls of the dice. There’s chance involved, which makes me feel extra manic. The last Strike I took part in (a Strike is three-person co-op PvE mode that I completed with two random players) rewarded my 30 minutes of hard work with nothing better than a helmet. Needless to say, I did not get the fucking Rat King. God damn it.

After a week of playing, it feels like I’m just going to have to make my peace with missing out on the rawest shit Destiny 2 has on offer. I have neither the time nor patience to grind my way up to an elite power level, and I’m also probably not good enough at the game to offer much to any potential Clan or Raid team. The loftiest heights of Destiny 2 are off limits if you don’t get on the treadmill and run, which I cannot.

The good news is, you don’t really need to play Destiny 2 like a cultist to enjoy it. The story is robust and satisfying, with a very strong ending and a fleshed out villain (which I gather the first game lacked). I’ve only played a few FPS games and have spent most of my time as a healer in Overwatch, a cartoonish romp that isn’t really like Destiny 2, but this game has easily the best gunplay of any video game I’ve spent time with. There are so many different sorts of guns, and a trio of seemingly indistinguishable pulse rifles will probably each have a unique heft and recoil pattern.

I didn’t play the first Destiny, and the sense I get from reading about it is that it was as enjoyable of a shooter as its sequel, but it was plagued by a nonsensical story and an actively hostile UI. Everyone seemed to complain about the game’s labyrinthine structure while still lighting 1,000 hours on fire. Destiny 2 has smoothed out these rough edges and streamlined itself. When I don’t feel like getting humiliated in the Crucible or don’t have the time to complete a full mission, there are plenty of smaller ways to spend time popping aliens’ domes open like piñatas, which, like I said, is fun as hell. Each planet acts as an open world of sorts, with public events surfacing and tiny side quests called Adventures. You can hang out, shoot a big spider-looking tank for a five minutes, get a bad piece of armor, then scram. Honestly, this is how I spend a ton of time in the game. Maybe someday I’ll get into a raiding clan and hop onto the treadmill in earnest, but I’m just going to shoot aliens for a while instead.

PARROT BEBOP 2 POWER: Go beyond the boundaries

Parrot has revealed the all new Parrot Bebop 2 Power, the fully equipped, new generation of its original world renowned quadcopter.

Lightweight (525g), robust, compact and accessible to everyone, the Parrot Bebop 2 Power embeds a wide range of technology and features that are ideal for a pilot or amateur aerial videographer.

  • New photography capabilities: for shooting photos or video footage like a professional
  • New piloting modes: Sport or video
  • New take-off modes: either hand throw into the air or take-off from the ground
  • New flight time: 30 minutes of flight time, or up to 60 minutes thanks to the two high capacity batteries included![1]
  • New comfort for immersive flights: FPV Parrot Cockpitglasses 2 goggles are compact, foldable and lightweight, and especially designed to put you in the pilot’s seat
  • All new designs: The new Parrot Bebop 2 Power has been redesigned with a deep matte black finish and a distinctive gloss coat, for a more stylish look
  • Parrot Skycontroller 2 controller gives you complete control, for a precise piloting experience, and a range up to 2km[2]…

The all new Parrot Bebop 2 Power will take you to new heights and creates an impressive piloting experience.

Bebop 2 Power lifestyle 1

Bebop 2 Power lifestyle 1

Availability and MSRP:
Parrot Bebop 2 Power is available in September 2017 at Argos, Maplin, and at

The Parrot Bebop 2 Power contains: 1 Parrot Bebop 2 Power, 2 high capacity batteries, 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2, 1 Parrot Cockpitglasses 2.
MSRP: £629

#LimitlessFreedom VIDEO

The high performing drone
Compact, lightweight (525g) and ultra-resistant, thanks to its fiberglass and Grilamid® structure, the Parrot Bebop 2 Power comes in a new Dual Black design, combining two texture effects; black matte and black gloss.

Easy to set up as it is to pilot, via the FreeFlight Pro, the Parrot Bebop 2 Power includes a Wi-Fi Parrot Skycontroller 2 to explore the world up to 2km!

The Parrot Bebop 2 Power embeds unique advanced technology and sensors to ensure a reliable and stable flight. Thanks to two new high capacity batteries, you can enjoy up to 60 minutes of flight time (30 minutes per battery[1])

Film like a pro!
Thanks to Parrot Bebop 2 Power, it has never been so easy to make aerial videos.

Capture beautiful landscapes, yourself and adventures with your friends. The drone’s unique piloting features, which are based on Artificial Intelligence, will help you to take truly impressive shots.

These features have been expertly created by Parrot engineers, who have developed a neuronal like network which is able to analyze live images captured by the Parrot Bebop 2 Power’s camera, and can recognize different elements of its surroundings such as humans and vehicles. This technology makes the Parrot Bebop 2 Power visual tracking much more accurate and the selection of subject to track much more simple and fast.

  • Cameraman: Similar to a Director’s assistant, it will allow you to take perfect videos and photos effortlessly. Thanks to the Parrot Bebop 2 Power Artificial Intelligence, just double tap the screen on a smartphone to focus. Slide a finger on the screen to position your subject into the frame, guided by the line of force. Thanks to that you are fully focused on the piloting and the Parrot Bebop 2 Power takes care of everything else. Even if the subject is moving, the position will remain the same on the screen.
  • Magic Dronies: capture the ultimate ‘dronie’ using the Parrot Bebop 2 Power’s four automatic movements, which use visual recognition and GPS positioning of the Smartphone. The Orbit, Tornado, Parabola or Boomerang modes will select the visual effect you want, and make sure you’re in the center of the video or photograph at all times.
  • Follow Me with GPS and visual tracking: Integrated into the Parrot Bebop 2 Power, this feature gives the drone the capacity to follow your every step, record your adventures, and keep you in the center of the video – even during extreme sports activities!
  • Auto Shots: four pre-programed flying movements for capturing landscape views, including sophisticated photographic features and camera moves. Panoramas, travelling and other visual effects will be accessible in a flash thanks to 360, Reveal, Epic and Rise features.

High quality images
Parrot Bebop 2 Power is equipped with a customised wide angle lens and a cutting-edge anti-distortion technology, which provides bright and clear aerial shots.

Its 3 axis digital stabilization patented technology provides unrivalled stabilized images, reducing vibrations and aliasing effects. Its CMOS 1/2,3″ 14MPX sensor allows you to film in Full HD 30fps and to take JPEG and Adobe DNG Raw formats for retouching via a post-production process.

The new FreeFlight Pro app highlights a new and more ergonomic interface, including a photo and video widget.

The pleasure of piloting accessible to everyone!
Parrot has reworked the Parrot Bebop 2 Power’s piloting ergonomic to offer everyone the maximum of sensations that includes new features and smart piloting modes.

  • Take-off launch
    Parrot Bebop 2 Power guarantees a new flying experience that starts from take-off! The sensors identify if the drone is put on the ground or on your hand. If Parrot Bebop 2 Power is on your hand, click on the app or Parrot Skycontroller 2 take-off button and propellers will turn slowly. Throw the Parrot Bebop 2 Power in front of you and the propellers will accelerate until stabilizing the drone. It’s now awaiting your commands.
  • Piloting modes that suit each usage
    Parrot Bebop 2 Power has introduced two piloting pre-sets, adapted to the drone
    • Sport’ mode releases the power of the machine! This is ideal for experiencing an FPV drone race, reach 65km/h of speed and as a racer it will tilt at turns whilst remaining perfectly stable.
    • Video’ mode proposes settings that suit aerial video shoots. Movement and rotation speeds are controlled.

Each mode can be customised to suits your own piloting style.

  • Touch & Fly: Point a position to explore
    Touch & Fly is a navigation feature that allows you to select a position on the map and as a result, the drone will fly there autonomously.

Keep your finger on the map and you will add a point of interest.

An intense immersive experience
The new Parrot Cockpitglasses 2 are lightweight, compact, foldable and comfortable, thanks to its adjustable interpapillary distance.

Compatible with the majority of smartphones (up to 6’’), Parrot Cockpitglasses 2 place you at the heart of the action with a wide field of view of 96 degrees.

Landscape will pass before your eyes as you control your shoots perfectly benefiting of a precise image with no disruption.

Similar to a heads-up display, information from the flight are highlighted in front of you (e.g. altitude, speed, distance and level of battery).

A button allows you to switch to a sight view, meaning that you will stop the FPV mode without removing goggles.

Reliable and safe flights
Parrot has equipped the Bebop 2 Power with a number of systems that improve quadcopter reliability and flight safety:

  • A flashing electric blue light, on the back of the drone enables you to identify the drone even from distance.
  • The FreeFlight Pro piloting app, allows you to manage each flight parameters (speed, altitude etc) and place a geo-fence for limiting your flying zone that the drone won’t be able to exceed.
  • On the app or on the Parrot Skycontroller 2 just click the ‘Return Home’ button and the Bebop 2 Power will automatically fly back to the take-off point.
  • If necessary, FindMyDrone feature will indicate you the last GPS position of the drone and will guide you to it.


Fly responsibly!
Expert and novice pilots should take responsibility when commanding a leisure drone and respect the rules and regulations.

To fully enjoy Parrot Bebop 2, Parrot recalls some usual rules:

  • Never lose sight of Parrot Bebop 2;
  • Do not approach or film people without their consent;
  • Be very careful to privacy;
  • Do not exceed the maximum authorized altitude in your country;
  • Do not fly near airports, military bases, industrial zones and other sensitive areas;
  • Do not fly over populated and urban areas;
  • Do not fly in rain, snow, fog, strong wind or at night;
  • Do not fly over stations, rails lines and highways.

Access safety instructions here

Parrot recommends you always take note of the local regulations.

Availability and price:
Parrot Bebop 2 Power is available in September 2017 at Argos, Maplin, and at

Pack content: 1 Parrot Bebop 2 Power, 2 high capacity batteries, 1 Parrot Skycontroller 2, 1 Parrot Cockpitglasses 2.

MSRP: £629

@Parrot #ParrotBebop2Power #limitlessfreedom

[1]Flight time for 1 battery fully charged. Flight time can change depending on drone use, manoeuvers and weather conditions.
[2]Please check local regulations before flying.

For more information, please visit or contact:

Vanessa Loury – Fabien Laxague /
Tel. +33 (0)1 48 03 60 58 / 89 83

Kaizo UK PR
Alex McDonald/Vicky Muxlow
Tel. 020 3176 4727

Founded in 1994 by Henri Seydoux, Parrot creates, develops and markets advanced technology wireless products for consumers and professionals.

The company builds on a common technological expertise to innovate and develop in three primary markets:

  • Civil drones: With recreational drones and solutions for professional use.
  • Connected objects: With a focus on audio and gardening.
  • Automotive: With the most extensive range of hands-free communication and infotainment systems for vehicles on the market.

Headquartered in Paris, Parrot currently employs more than 700 people worldwide and generates the majority of its sales overseas.

Parrot has been listed on Euronext Paris since 2006. (FR0004038263 – PARRO)

For more information, please visit

The Five Best Guns In Destiny 2

There are a bunch of interesting weapons in Destiny 2. Auto rifles, rocket launchers, swords, and weirdo reverse-tractor beams. But which guns are best? Here’s our list of the top five.

5. MIDA Multi-Tool

The exotic scout rifle MIDA Multi-Tool is pretty easy to get. It probably has the least stringent requirements of any of Destiny 2’s exotic quests. Once you get it, you’ll have a gun that lives up to its name. It’s got so many uses! Obviously, it’s good at long range. But it staggers enemies really effectively, so it’s solid at close range, too. You really don’t need to use anything else.

4. MIDA Multi-Tool

The best thing about the MIDA Multi-Tool is that it lets you keep your radar active when you aim down your sights. That puts it way above most other guns for PvP, particularly in the more intense modes on the competitive playlist or during Trials of the Nine. Destiny 2 has increased the time it takes for your radar to come back after you aim down the sights of a normal gun, making the MIDA’s radar perk that much more valuable. It’s a no-brainer.

3. MIDA Multi-Tool

There’s plenty of new stuff in Destiny 2, so it’s comforting to use a gun that we’re all already familiar with. MIDA Multi-Tool is one of several Destiny 2 exotics that Bungie carried over from the first game. It’s been floating around the meta since waaaay back in 2014, and it just wouldn’t be Destiny if that weren’t still the case. Sequels are all about using the same guns we’ve been using for three years, right? It’s so nice to stick with what we know.

2. MIDA Multi-Tool

If you’re competing in Trials of the Nine, chances are most of your teammates are going to be using the MIDA Multi-Tool. You wouldn’t want to stick out, right? Of course not! Don’t be a weirdo! You can always equip a good auto rifle in your energy slot, if you really want to use something different from time to time. But let’s be real: if we could have our way, we’d just equip a MIDA Multi-Tool in both slots! We guess that’s what the MIDA Mini-Tool is for.

1. MIDA Multi-Tool

The MIDA Multi-Tool won our hearts years ago with its iconic “death stapler” firing sound, and we definitely have yet to get sick of it! It’s so refreshing to go into a crucible match and immediately hear that clipped thwack coming from every angle. Why use any other gun when you can use one that sounds this good? It’s a fair question.

Parrot Launches Bebop 2 Power Drone to Get on DJI Spark

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The Bebop 2 Power comes with two piloting modes: “Sport” for sky-significant races with a top rated velocity of 65km/h, and “Video” for taking pictures top rated-excellent footage. With the drone’s Wi-Fi remote, the Skycontroller 2, customers can pilot the gadget at a length of up to 2km.

Parrot Launches Bebop 2 Power Drone to Take on DJI Spark

Parrot Bebop 2 Power.
(Image: AFP Relaxnews)
Parrot has unveiled its new-era drone, the Bebop 2 Power, which has two piloting modes and new aerial taking pictures capabilities. With this product, the French company hopes get on its main rival DJI, whose Spark took the drone market by storm final spring. This new drone comes with all of Parrot’s most not too long ago designed and honed technologies. These notably provide new solutions for capturing in-flight footage and stills, with onboard impression composition guidance to get the finest out of amazing surroundings by preserving the appropriate matter in shot. The drone also has automated actions to get great “dronies” (selfies from the sky). The Bebop 2 Power has two piloting modes: “Sport” for sky-significant races with a top rated velocity of 65km/h, and “Video” for taking pictures top rated-excellent footage. With the drone’s Wi-Fi remote, the Skycontroller 2, customers can pilot the gadget at a length of up to 2km. The Cockpitglasses 2 headset — also included in the pack — presents an immersive in-flight experience for nearly soaring above landscapes with a 96-diploma angle of perspective. The pack is available for €699/$599.

Parrot no question hopes that this product will meet up with with the identical sort of enthusiasm as the DJI Spark, an effortlessly moveable gadget that’s billed as sensible, responsible and intuitive, available from €599 (or €799 for the complete kit). Like the Parrot Bebop 2 Power, the DJI Spark can be managed at shut array with a smartphone or at up to 2km with its remote controller. What makes the Spark first is its gesture handle technique, for getting certain aerial pictures by simply relocating your hand.

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One millennial spent $1,230 on Uber, food and makeup in just 2 months

When millennials aren’t eating away from home, there is a chance they are using meal delivery kits to make dinner. Services like Blue Apron and HelloFresh, ranging at $60 to $130 a week, deliver the ingredients to your home to save you a trip to the market and provide the recipes to go along. Last year, Blue Apron made between $750 million and $1 billion in revenue, Bloomberg reports.

Though I don’t use those food services, I am subscribed to one beauty service I discovered a few years ago in college, where there were no department stores in my town.

For $10 a month, I received five or six product samples, which would often included my personal essentials and a few “fun” products I wouldn’t typically seek out. Aside from this service, I spent less than $50 in the last two months on personal care.

In 2016, Mic reported that these subscription services specifically target millennials because of how curious we are about trying new products.

“This business is about the art of giving to yourself,” Marshal Cohen, chief industry analyst at NPD told Fast Company in 2015. “Millennial consumers, in particular, love the idea of self-indulgence, and subscription companies really understand this.”

From splitting the check to DIY adventures, “Young Money” helps you navigate tricky financial situations.

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Дрон Parrot Bebop 2 Ability может до часа обходиться без зарядки – 3DNews


Дрон Parrot Bebop 2 Ability может до часа обходиться без зарядки
Французская компания значительно переработала в Bebop 2 Ability по сравнению с предыдущей моделью Bebop 2 программное обеспечение и аппаратную часть, но главной особенностью новинки, как следует из названия, является ёмкость её …

Destiny 2 Rat King guide

Destiny 2’s Rat King Exotic (yellow) weapon is one of the most interesting guns in the game. Getting your hands on the sidearm requires a fair bit of riddle solving and enemy slaying.

To show you how to get the Rat King and the secret to each Rat King puzzle solution, we’ve put together a simple guide for you.

We’ve also put together a list of every other Destiny 2 exotic for your browsing pleasure.


Before you start your quest to get the Rat King exotic sidearm in Destiny 2, you’ll need to handle some basic requirements. From there, you’ll unlock the starting quest for the Rat King and its subsequent quests.

Before you can unlock the Rat King quest, first you must:

  • Reach level 20 and beat the campaign
  • Complete the first mission of the Enemy of My Enemy quest on Titan

The start of the Enemy of the Enemy quest

Once you beat that mission, you’ll receive the Rat King’s Crew item, which appears in your kinetic weapon slot. When you hover over the item, you’ll see a small riddle and an objective that must be completed. Don’t be fooled. Even if you complete this riddle, there will still be three more to go.

Before you start working on your riddles, keep in mind that to complete them, you must either complete these riddles with a teammate who also has the Rat King’s Crew item or with a teammate who has the Rat King gun already. They must also have it equipped the entire time.

Rat King’s Crew quest steps and Old Children’s Rhyme riddle solutions

To unlock the Rat King in Destiny 2, you’ll need to solve some riddles. These riddles aren’t that hard to solve, but they require a few steps to complete them. Here are their solutions.

Quest step one riddle

“The Rat King’s Crew / Runs to and fro / Good girls and boys / Know where to go / Pick up your toys and darn your socks / On errands of woe, on errands we walk.” — Old Children’s Rhyme

The first Rat King riddle

To solve this riddle, simply partner up with another player and complete three patrols. You can do any three you like, but the quickest way to handle this is on Titan, the same place you get the Rat King’s Crew item.

Quest step two riddle

“The Rat King’s Crew / Goes arm in arm / To fight as one / To do no harm / So have your fun and run outside / Rally the flag and we’ll never die.” — Old Children’s Rhyme

The Rat King’s second riddle

The next riddle is as simple as the first. All you need to do is take care of two Public Events with a friend, and you’ll complete this second stage of riddles. If you’re still on Titan and no Public Events are spawning, just return to orbit, then enter the planet again.

Quest step three riddle

“The Rat King’s Crew / Goes four and four / With good good fights / They learn to score / Then three as one they stand upright / Return from past the wall and wanting more.” — Old Children’s Rhyme

The Rat King’s third riddle

The third puzzle for the Rat King is just as straightforward as the others. Get together with a friend and dive into the Crucible. After completing two matches, this riddle will be complete.

Quest step four riddle

“The Rat King’s Crew / Stands three as one / They see Night’s fall / And fear it none / But watch the clock as you scale the wall / Lest five remain hope comes for none.” — Old Children’s Rhyme

The Rat King’s final riddle

The Rat King’s final puzzle, unlike the others, is not easy. To solve this one, you must complete the Nightfall strike with five minutes left on the clock. Don’t get upset if this takes you several tries.

Once you complete the final puzzle, the Rat King exotic sidearm is yours.

The lore behind Destiny 2’s Rat King

Like every other Destiny 2 Exotic (yellow) item, the Rat King has some unique aspects. Its most interesting is its main trait, Rat Pack, which allows the gun to become stronger when nearby allies also have it equipped. This can stack up to six times, so if you run a raid, like Destiny 2’s Leviathan and everyone is packing the Rat King, you’ll all get a boost when you’re near one another.

Interested in more of Destiny 2’s rarest gear? Check out our Destiny 2 exotics list.