Supply Has Not Met Demand For Nintendo Wii


Anyone who takes a great interest in video games can tell you exactly where they were on November 19, 2006. If they are a really serious gamer then most likely they were camped out overnight in front of the Toys R Us store located in Times Square, New York in an effort to be the first one through the doors when they opened early in the morning. That was the day when Nintendo Wii was launched and the race to get one officially began. It was a grand event that was highlighted by such things as a roving Segway scooter that held a custom made Wii console. People could play Wii games wirelessly while waiting in the line that stretched around the building.

Since that day the demand for Wii consoles has been much greater than the supply. In fact, if you wanted to purchase a console right now chances are your favorite department store, electronics outlet or Internet mall may be sold out of this product.

The publicity leading up to the release of Nintendo Wii was unanimously positive. This console is the fifth one released by Nintendo, and it is the successor to the highly popular GameCube console. Serious gamers had followed the story from the beginning when Nintendo Wii was first unveiled at the 2005 E3 event. It won the first of many awards at that show as they hit the ground running. From that day forward the massive amount of people who play video games worldwide could hardly wait to get their hands on one of these revolutionary consoles.

Nintendo Wii has outsold Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and PSP since its release a few months ago. The demand for this product is now through the roof. People of all ages are playing games on these units and the interest is growing larger every day.

Wii is number one in sales of video game consoles partly due to its price, 250 dollars which is about 2 to 4 hundred dollars less than its competitors. The main reason people are going bananas over this console though is due to its exiting new features like WiiConnect24 which enables the console to receive messages and updates over the Internet while in standby mode. But most of all it is all about the remote control.

The thing that sets Nintendo Wii apart from other game consoles like Playstation 3, PSP or Xbox 360 is its wireless remote control, known as the Wii remote. It is a revolutionary device that offers interactivity on a whole new level. This remote has a motion sensor that allows the user to get up off their seat and kick, swing, jump and dance their way through Wii games. No more hours of endless sitting. Gamers can now actually feel like they are physically in the game while they are playing their video games.

As the frenzy to buy Nintendo Wii consoles has increased steadily online malls and retail stores have struggled to keep their shelves stocked with this hot new product. Many people have accused Nintendo of purposely holding back on the amount of Wii consoles for sale to create a high demand for the product. These critics go further to say that the plan of Nintendo all along was to release plenty of these consoles in the fourth quarter of the business year to a public that cannot wait to get their hands on one of them because the product is so good, yet relatively scarce.

This week Nintendo announced that they would be ramping up production of Wii consoles. This means that there should be plenty of them available for sale during the fourth quarter of this business year. On the surface it would appear that the conspiracy theory crowd was right about Nintendo withholding production to create an artificial demand. However, there is no way to be certain if this is true unless you have a secret recording of the top Nintendo executives sitting in a board meeting as they plotted their diabolical plan.

The big question here is whether or not the drought will soon be over for video game enthusiasts who are thirsty for a drink of the new Nintendo Wii console. While no amount was given by Nintendo regarding how many more consoles they will produce, most people believe that the general PR message the company is sending out to the public is that you will not have a problem finding Nintendo Wii for sale at your favorite retail or online store from now on.

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