Stuxnet Worm Sponsored By West Country?


Original source : Stuxnet Worm Sponsored By West Country?

Malicious software (malicious software / malware) named Stuxnet, lately the craze. Iran became the country worst affected by this computer worm.

As quoted from the site Computerworld, at least, 30 thousand computers in the country were infected by Stuxnet. In fact, Iran’s atomic energy agency is rumored to have serious meeting to discuss measures to face this malware.

Stuxnet Worm Sponsored By West Country

Stuxnet Worm Sponsored By West Country

According to computer security firm Symantec, during the early spread of this malware, nearly 60 percent of all infected computers come from Iran. Many have speculated, that the malware is intentionally designed to cripple Iran’s Bushehr nuclear reactor.

The reactor is located in southwestern Iran, it has been become one of the things one cause of the high tension between Iran and the West. West, including the U.S., it is believed, that the reactor fuel from plutonium that can be processed into high-level and used to build several nuclear weapons.

Original source : Stuxnet Worm Sponsored By West Country?

Stuxnet itself is a very dangerous program. This worm targeting Windows computers that run the control systems of large-scale industries located in factories and other installations.

The control system is the SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) used in the installation of power plants, factories, oil pipelines, and military installations.

Stuxnet mentioned by computer security experts as the most complex malware ever. He makes use of four security holes at once in Windows system. This is the first time, a program that simultaneously threatened from so many gaps.

“Given the existing degree program type, we can say that the programming code is very, very complex. Programming This can only be done by misanynya a country, not a hacker who play around in his parents’ house,” said Eric Chien of computer security experts Symantec.

The same thing also expressed by the Russian computer security company, Kaspersky. According to him, the main purpose Stuxnet not to spy on the infected system, but to conduct sabotage. This indicates that the development Stuxnet supported a country with the support of a large cost, highly skilled team of attackers, a good knowledge of SCADA technology, as well as a strong intelligence data.

“This malicious program is not designed to steal money, send spam, or retrieve personal data. But this type of malware designed to sabotage the buildings, to damage the industrial system, “said Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer Eugene Kaspersky of Kaspersky Lab, in the official release received VIVAnews.

Furthermore, Kaspersky believes is a prototype weapon Stuxnet cyberspace. “I’m afraid this is the beginning of a new world. 90s is the decade of cyber vandalism, in the 2000s was the decade of cyber criminals. Now we enter a world that is really new, that the era of cyber warfare and cyber terrorism, “said Kaspersky.

Original source : Stuxnet Worm Sponsored By West Country?

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