STS-118 – STS-Ambition – ROBLOX NASA Mission


Hello, everyone. This is NASA’S STS-118 mission that took place on Friday 2nd December 2016 at NASA’S STS-Ambition Launch Site.

This launch is dedicated to the Christian feast days: Bibiana, Channing Moore Williams (Anglicanism), Chromatius and December 2 (Eastern Orthodox liturgics).

This launch is also dedicated to Armed Forces Day (Cuba), International Day for the Abolition of Slavery, National Day (Laos), National Day (United Arab Emirates) and National Fritters Day (United States.)

This launch is also dedicated to DiamondLife522’s birthday. Happy Birthday, DiamondLife522!


Mission Controller – Separation Controller – GodGenius
Mission Controller – Ground Controller – GodGenius
Mission Controller – Launch Controller – GodGenius
Mission Controller – Orbit Controller – GodGenius

Astronaut – Pilot – Waseemq1235
Astronaut – Co-Pilot – Bay Doors – Waseemq1235

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