TMARA From Start Up to Lift Off – 1 hour knowledge-sharing session 1 Nov

For Start-Up and Corporate Innovators.

From Start-Up to Lift-Off guaranteed.

Please join us if you:

1. Want to know, objectively and with certainty, if your innovation or startup is truly going to be a market winner.

2. Want an un-refusable offer, that guarantees you become a market ‘must-have’, to accelerate traction.

3. Want to take the above two certainties, and secure funding for your start-up or new innovation.

In one hour we can guarantee the above understanding…..

Our last 1-hour knowledge-sharing session was in JHB on Nov 1st

Event highlights to be shared include:

Overcome innovation’s biggest challenge, to get market traction!
Convert your innovative product / idea, into realisable value that counts for your market.
Pick the innovation winners with a higher degree of accuracy, and to know if yours is a winner.
The principles and practices of guaranteed market adoption.
Know what the market wants from your innovation(s), in advance of going to market.
Pivot towards hitting your market’s sweet spot, consistently.
Pick the potential winners consistently, and ensure early market adoption certainty for those winners, and funding becomes a synch.
Picking the winners and creating ‘market pull’ is a learnable, measurable skill.
Sharing how to pick the innovation winners and to master guaranteed market adoption.

Learn how innovators can master market adoption – to go from Start-UP to Lift-OFF consistently!

Our Vision

To solve a massive problem for the world – to improve the odds for Start-Ups, Entrepreneurs, Innovators and Funders

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