The Truth Behind Tech Start-ups with Dan Lyons

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The truth behind tech start-ups with novelist, journalist and screenwriter Dan Lyons. What is the truth behind the Silicon Valley hype? Is it solid business or a hot-air bubble full of ‘wantrepeneurs’? When Dan Lyons joined one of the buzzy Boston start-ups that typify the industry, he ended up with a fascinating inside perspective. Lyons is one of the lone dissenting voices amongst the tech hype, and reveals the dysfunctional culture that prevails in a world flush with money and devoid of experience.

Watch Dan Lyons, novelist, journalist and screenwriter, in our latest RSA Spotlight – the edits which take you straight to the heart of the event! Loved this snippet? Watch the full replay:

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3 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Tech Start-ups with Dan Lyons

  1. roidroid

    doesnt sound like startup problems. these are just MARKETING INDUSTRY problems. they're not real people in that industry.


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