Sweat Technology: Local startup can mine data from sweat

NORWOOD, Ohio (WKRC) – A local startup says it’s unlocked the secret power of sweat.

Eccrine Systems, Inc. is pioneering sweat technology. The company, founded in 2013, has created a way to track certain biomarkers through wearable sensors that monitor a person’s sweat. They can detect whether people are dehydrated, sick, or even if someone’s medications aren’t working properly. They’re also doing studies related to ovulation monitoring and flu detection.

“We’re working on the ability to detect viruses and viral proteins coming out in sweat, so imagine the ability to have a patch to detect the flu,” says Robert Beech, Chairman and CEO of Eccrine Systems.

The company says the technology could replace traditional blood tests when it comes to monitoring things like electrolytes, sodium, potassium, chloride and cortisol.

“The idea that you could non-invasively–without having to stick anything in somebody or take something out–and continuously throughout the day start tracking these biomarkers that give you that level of information about what’s going on physiologically inside somebody’s body is really cool,” says Gavi Begtrup, CTO of Eccrine Systems.

The company has recently secured millions of dollars in funding including a major contract with the U.S. military. Eccrine is expanding its lab and workforce at its headquarters in Norwood. It’s still in the growth and development stage, but the product development phase is on the horizon.

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