Sunil Rao: The Indian startup ecosystem

Through a series of eye-opening statistics, Sunil Rao takes the audience through the changing face of the Indian consumer economy – the startup ecosystem and its impact, internet users vs consumers and the importance of identifying the next big online consumer market.

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ABOUT SUNIL RAO: Sunil is responsible for designing programs to enhance the local internet ecosystem by supporting developers, entrepreneurs and IT professionals to understand the endless opportunities of working on google technologies.

He is enthusiastic about proselytizing Googles tools and technologies, promoting technology adoption by startups and mentoring them in fields related to product management and go-to market strategies .

Before Google, Sunil was Country Head of the developer ecosystem at Nokia and was instrumental in setting up the Symbian ecosystem in India. He is widely acknowledged as an expert in the mobile app development space and a major influencer in building the startup ecosystem in India.

His latest passion involves exploring the limitless opportunities in the area of wearable devices which will, in the near future, revolutionise the way we communicate and interact with people.

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