Silicon Valley : Billionaire (by Nanoo Company) – iOS / Android – HD Gameplay Trailer


Silicon Valley : Billionaire HD Gameplay Trailer Recorded – iPhone 7
Silicon Valley: Billionaire by Nanoo Company
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Real-time online game! Start your own company in Silicon Valley!

Dreams do come true! Become the hottest CEO in Silicon Valley.
Grow your company to become a billionaire!

1. Grow your company!
Expand your business. Stack office spaces. Upgrade interiors.

2. Hire employees!
Hire, fire, educate, promote, vacation and more! Whoever said being a CEO would be easy?

3. Show us the money!
Not only make profit, but get investments and manage money.

4. Hit the jackpot with stocks!
Startups are everywhere in Silicon Valley. Make big money investing in other players companies.

5. Acquire other companies
Conquer Silicon Valley by merging and acquiring companies of players online.

You too can be a billionaire.
Create a startup company in Silicon Valley!

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