Prince Eats Glass for Legal Empowerment

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It’s not every day that you see a prince eating glass! They usually eat with golden spoons right? Not this Prince! He gets involved and really helps by stressing the importance of funding startups. But why did he eat glass at our event for funders and investors?

Well, running a startup is like eating glass according to Elon Musk. We experienced that feeling while developing the first-ever for profit model for Legal Empowerment. So we asked HRH Prince Constantijn van Oranje to visualize that strong metaphor at our pitch for funders and investors at the The Hague Institute for Global Justice. We thank all who made that event possible! For us this is an important milestone after years of developing the model and eating glass. But it is also a starting point to get lawyers, funders and investors involved and create a movement.

You might wonder which problem we are trying to solve. Well did you know that there are 4 billion people worldwide who do not have access to justice according the UN Commission on Legal Empowerment? It’s a problem that is traditionally handled by NGO’s and lawyers who work partially pro bono. But with all respect to the hard work they put in, it will not reach the scale necessary to create a more just society. Therefore the ultimate goal should be to create a sustainable business model for legal empowerment.

XS2Justice Network International has developed the first ever profitable model for legal empowerment. The model is based on our proven practice in The Netherlands where we solve 90% of all cases out of court for a limited fixed fee. The model has been tweaked to local circumstances in Kenya and we are now ready to run a small-scale start up to prove that our model works in developing countries.

Our XS2Justice foundation has set up a fund that is used to finance education through SMS about basic legal rights with a free subscription. Part of the profit of the services offered are used to grow the fund, making it a hybrid model. The model is scalable but above all profitable which enables us to create access to justice for as many people as possible in the shortest possible time. Part of the model is to crowdfund court cases which creates leverage to solve cases out of court. To ensure the crowdfunding of court cases by lawyers worldwide, we created a Corporate Social Responsibility tool for lawyer that they can use for business development through social media.

Can we ensure that it will work? No! But a journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The social entrepreneurs behind this organization are convinced that it will work and our team has the necessary skills and experience to make it happen. Several experts and high ranked officials have looked at the model and confirm its uniqueness and mindboggling potential social and economic impact. But more important: people who live in developing countries get emotional and enthusiastic when they hear about our solution and ask us when we can start in their country as you can see in the Q&A under the link below to the footage of the event.

The reason we reach out to you is that we need funding to prove that our model works. We have a goal to raise 250.000 Euro’s to fund our small-scale start up in Kenya that is needed to validate our sustainable and scalable solution for Legal Empowerment!

So, if you don’t feel like eating glass yourself but would like to support those who have an appetite for it: Reach out to us and get involved!

Watch the full speech by HRH Prince Constantijn about the importance of funding startups and watch our pitch for lawyers, funders and investors to learn more about our model and the CSR tool for lawyers. To get instant access to all presentations simply register for free at: .

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