p2p payment express

The digitization of money and transfer innovative reinvention through newly introduced technologies such as technology chain block marked the beginning of a new financial era; generating transactions peer-to-peer and financial networks.

In this loan peer-to-peer becomes a trend both FinTech block chain and FinTech market.
More options for low-rank contractors and employees

In recent years, after the introduction of the block chain technology and a wide range of use cases, business owners and startups FINTECH began to study the possibility of implementing the flower technology platforms that could provide users access to funds banked.

The way banks work with investors to lend money to the average person is quite transparent. The fact that this traditional method uses the poor is known, due to a strong business model returns to their investors banks.

Economically and conceptually, this model banks have worked to investors high-level or high-end, due to favorable returns they receive.

However, this meant that the low rank of entrepreneurs, workers and others seeking to borrow money from banks are limited in their options.
Venture capital start coming in

The birth of FinTech, and the technology of the block chain Bitcoin started a revolution and disrupt the tradition of the loan and recently, this is a trend in many countries.

Since early 2016, a number of chain blocks and FinTech startups venture capital funding and attention of financial investors for their business model offering opportunities to borrow money to people on average while receiving the same benefits investors by financing or granting of banks with their money.

Companies like easy Markets and market bill, which received millions of dollars in funding last week, processes for companies and entrepreneurs a way to access money without having to deal with regulations and process of complex libraries.

eg bill market, reached a market share of about 13% on P2P alternative financing market is developing rapidly in their industry.

Their growth has led to increased interest to investors, making the company a funding of US $ 10 million move earlier this week to be safe.

With investors and entrepreneurs to gear P2P lending, a new trend of FinTech can be established, particularly in financial centers, including London and New York.

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