Mafia 3 Let’s Play | Ep.1 Start Game | PS4 Gameplay 1080p

Mafia is back and this time we are headed back in time to 1968 where we take control of Lincoln Clay. A war vet who finds himself back home and it’s not the way he left it.

Welcome to part 1 of the Mafia 3 Let’s Play.

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But most importantly ENJOY THE STREAM.

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23 thoughts on “Mafia 3 Let’s Play | Ep.1 Start Game | PS4 Gameplay 1080p

  1. TheSmigko

    I pre ordered mafia 3 and redeemed the family kick back dlc but I don't get any of the weapons? can someone help me? on xbox one

  2. Poptart kearney

    its not that the driving is shit u got to think old cars no power steering and big boats of cars its great for the years of the cars

  3. Gebrüder Games

    Hey sagt mal wenn ich lets playe dann ist manchmal der sound weg bei den zwischensezenen ?!? hat auch jemand das problem von euch nervt mich ja mega und machnmal nimmt er gar kein sound auf aber ich höre alles auf der Ps4 bitte hilfe ?!?!

  4. Mark Magtoto

    i got the game today and lovin it but my problem is i can't listen songs in the car by the way how you operate the radio in cars


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