Launch Talk with Dennis Pilarinos – Success outside of Silicon Valley!

On July 14th, 2016, we invited Dennis Pilarinos of Buddybuild, for a Launch Talk about success outside of Silicon Valley and how to build a San Francisco venture backed business outside of Silicon Valley.

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In this fireside chat Dennis gives you insight, strategies and solutions on:

– Assembling a team: So what’s it like hiring top talent outside of the Silicone Valley bubble? Where do you look, and are the pickings really slim like we’re led to believe?
– Establishing credibility: Do you need to work harder to gain respect for your tech when you’re not in Silicon Valley? What does that experience look like?
– Fundraising from top-tier Silicon Valley Venture Capitalist: How do the most respected VC’s look upon an abroad-based company? What are some common VC responses to a raising startup that’s located outside of the Valley? How might startups use their remote location as an advantage when fundraising?
– Connecting to customers: Investors aside, are there common objections from customers about being based outside of Silicon Valley? Do larger customers want to see at least a Silicon Valley office? Or is it the contrary: are there no objections at all? If many of your larger customers end up being in Silicon Valley, how often do you need to commute there to invest face time?

About Dennis Pilarinos
Dennis Pilarinos is the Founder and CEO of Buddybuild, a continuous integration, delivery and user feedback platform that was designed and built specifically for mobile app developers.

Prior to Buddybuild, Dennis held product and engineering leadership roles at Amazon and Microsoft. At Amazon, his focus was on building and running the teams responsible for the Silk Web browser UI for the Kindle Fire Tablet and Fire Phone devices. At Microsoft, he spent 9 years founding the teams that focused on defining, building, delivering and operating the Messaging, Access Control and Workflow offerings of Microsoft’s cloud services platform (Azure).

Dennis holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computing Science and Business from Simon Fraser University and lives in Vancouver, where he makes the most of its close proximity to Whistler, year round.

About Hussein Hallak (Moderator)
Hussein Hallak is an entrepreneur, author of Breakthrough Content Marketing and General Manager of Launch Academy. Hussein has built 10+ startups, mentored 100+ entrepreneurs, led 10,000+ hours of live workshops, presented tech TV to 40+ million viewers. Currently, he is the General Manager of Launch Academy, Canada’s leading tech startup Incubator, Founder of Supirio Inc, Director of Marketing at TEDxStanleyPark, Executive Director at TiE Vancouver, and Tech Panelist on Roundhouse Radio. He has been featured in Forbes, BBC, Entrepreneur, VancityBuzz, TextBook, Roundhouse Radio, and Notable.

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