Introduction to Oryx Coin

Blockchain Empowered Startup Funding

Leveraging blockchain technology and information technology, the OryxCoin project is designed to provide startup funding through the Oryx Coin issuance. The ICO will be divided as OryxInfotainment, OryxScienceTech, OryxRealty, OryxFinance, OryxSports.

The Problem

From an investment perspective; In today’s world investing in a VC Fund is a long process. One has to stay vested in a fund for long period before gains can be realized.
The investor gets no exit option during the tenure of the fund. Investment into most VC Funds is a rich boy’s club with High Net worth Investors only, granted access to invest due to barriers of high minimum investment limits. This high dollar minimum investment prevents the general public from taking advantage of investing in VC Funds. There is also the issue of investors being deprived of an opportunity to invest into private closed VC funds or successfully running VC funds. Another problem is that when a fund has been closed for subscription and makes full deployment, investing in new exciting and profitable ventures is not possible once that fund is closed. From the startup perspective VC firms, Angels and private Investors take excess equity and leave founders with little equity on exit.

The Oryx Coin Solution

Venture Capital / Private Equity Fund investment married with the Blockchain based ICO.
Oryx Prive will issue tokens which become market traded digital assets and integrate to fulfil a particular use function within the Oryx Ecosystem. OryxCoin endeavors to address these issues by providing an exit option available to investors through the listing of the coin on an exchange, thus providing market linked pricing for their holdings. The investor thus no longer has to sit out the whole tenure of the VC Fund. It also provides access to investors who can take speculative calls on investment into OryxCoins. It will also lead to the creation of derivatives and hedging products derived from Oryx Coin. OryxCoin is also thus creating a new financial instrument and asset class. It also provides opportunity to investors who missed investing into a Venture Capital Fund as it may have closed for subscription, or an opportunity to invest into a fund that has made successful investments.

OryxCoin – Benefits

Oryx is the first fully integrated independent blockchain based equity model

OryxCoin is a robust, multi use, ‘mined’ digital asset coin, with significant future for the smart investor.

OryxCoin a decentralized crypto asset that has simultaneous use functions like a peer to peer digital currency, digitally backed asset, interbank ledger, and interbank currency movement, it will significantly reduce the conventional banking and transactional overheads and timeline inefficiencies, as well as security issues that factually plague classical banking

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