Insurance Assignment, Case Startup made easy by Crisitna

Life Insurance Assignment – How to get started. Life Insurance assignments are tricky, confusing and frustrating. They are also a direct attack on cashflow for every Funeral Home. Slow payments from insurance companies, requests for additional documents cause frustration and a loss of valuable time. Cristina Terc has verified, funded and helped resolve thousands of life insurance assignments for funeral homes and beneficiaries. This video gets you started. All insurance assignment and funeral funding questions are welcomed by Trinity Funeral Funding. Please share your comments about this video and feel free to contact us. About Assignments: Insurance Assignment Funding is a simple process where a 3rd party like Trinity Funeral Funding pays the Funeral Home the cost of funeral services through an assignment of proceeds from an insurance policy. Here’s how it works. A one page insurance assignment is completed by the beneficiary and the Funeral Director, a claim form provided by either the insurance company or Trinity, and a death certificate are sent. Trinity Funeral Funding will advise on what if any added forms are needed for each claim. Once these documents are completed the policy is verified (normally within a day or two), funds are wired to your funeral home. The payments from the insurance company are then sent to Trinity and any additional proceeds are sent directly to the beneficiary. For more information visit or call Cristina at 201-750-1117.

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